Rise of Almighty

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Arrival of Master Khush


An eagle carrying a human in it's claw can be seen descending on to top of a volcano.

The eagle descended on the edges of volcano where land is present.

As it reached the land,it threw Henry to one side.


with a sound,Henry's silhouette landed on the ground.


The eagle roared as it began to be engulfed in black smoke.

"Aaaaa, it hurts"

Henry complained as he observed the smoke carefully.

the smoke began to dissipate slowly revealing black coloured dress, a white hand.

Slowly the air around was cleared,

A beauty stood in place of Eagle, everything she had on her body is black colored except her skin which is pale white but the most dangerous part on her body seems to be her face as Henry could not move his eyes away from her face, if looks could kill she could have killed Henry millions of times.

But all of a sudden she fainted.

Henry recovered his senses.

"Looks like,I'm free but where should I go"

As Henry thought, he tried to make himself comfortable with the surroundings while looking for a way to get away.

The land was hot, specially Henry felt his feet burning as he is not wearing any foot wear.

After moving here and there Henry decided to move in a certain direction to get away from volcano.

But when he decided to get away, his gaze moved towards the unconscious beauty.

"Fuck....I won't be a good man if I leave a woman alone in this forest"

The volcano is actually present in a thick forest indicating that it had not been erupted for a long time.

Henry approached the sleeping beauty,

"What a charming face"

Henry sat down near her like a statue, his heart did not want to move his eyes away from her face.

"Only if I had her as my wife" Henry's thoughts wandered.

After a while,


Henry's stomach gave out signals for hunger.

"I have to go and find some food "

Henry stood up as he decided to find the food.

"But I can't leave her here alone"

Henry lifted her body and carried on his back

in search of food.

"She smells nice".

While at the Village

Village chief duku summoned all the elders to a meet in order to resolve a way of finding Henry.

Outside of village Chief Duku's residence a big table is laid and a bunch chairs were present around it.

On the chairs a few elderly people can be seen to be seated, village chief Duku sat at one of the corner, to his right March Butterfly sat, and to his left grandpa Luo while uncle Gen stood a little bit far away from chairs but for some reason holy lady Mantra was not here.

A maid came while carrying a tray of juices, and started to distribute them to everyone one by one.

" we should mobilize the villagers to find Henry"

Uncle Gen put up his opinion.

"I agree"

"I agree"

"Me too"

When series of acceptance followed

"I refuse "

An old man stood up shaking vigorously with a stick to support his feet.

"Elder Fua, what's the meaning of this?"

Uncle Gen asked for the explanation,but the next moment

"I refuse"

"Me too"

"Same here"

Series of refusals followed.

" Don't misunderstand me Little Gen, I just don't want to put to lives of villagers at stake for an unknown boy, who's roots are not clear."

Elder Fua justified.

"Elder Fua, he is not some nobody, he is a fellow villager and one of us "

Another Elder argued.

Elder Fua looked at the person who spoke

" Chi chu, everyone here knows your business of selling wooden goods in Palamuru city, you are speaking for that boy just because you want him to teach you to make that moving chair he made for Zia,don't you?"

Chi chu surprised as he never expected anyone to announce his intentions.

"Whatever motive Chi chu got is secondary thing, but what Chi chu said was right.Henry is not a nobody, he is one of us we should save him "

Uncle Gen demanded.

"Haha...little Gen, I know you got quite close with that kid if you want to save him, just go by yourself, but don't drag entire village into abyss"

Elder Fua replied.

"How am I dragging the villager to the abyss?, please explain."

"Little Gen, didn't you see that creature ?it came here for him, do you think the villagers can fight it even when we saw that a battle master could not defeat it ?"

Elder Fua pointed his finger at March Butterfly as he said.

"Yes, Elder Fua is right."

"We can't risk lives of others "

"No, we shouldn't abandon a fellow villager"

"Villager?he did not even born here"

"He is just a child, a poor child, we should rescue him."

The table divided into two factions one supported Gen and one who stood opposite to him.


Village chief Duku's voice silenced the noisy and bustling atmosphere.

"I would like to ask opinion of esteemed battle master here"

March Butterfly who was drinking juice paused, and kept the glass on the table,

She stood up and said

"Dear elders, you don't need to send villagers as I don't want to repeat the tragedy of battle of woods"

"My master will be arriving here in no time, I will assure you the safety of Henry"

"Then we will leave everything to miss March Butterfly, does anyone have an objection?"


"What? You oppose my decision"


Uncle wanted to open his mouth he was immediately shut down by the village chief.

"Then the meeting concludes here"

The people began to disperse except March Butterfly, Gen and village chief Duku.

March Butterfly was seated in the same place, Uncle Gen sat opposite to her while village chief Duku did not get any changes to his seating position.

"When will your master be coming?"

Gen asked.

"He will be here in no time"

March Butterfly replied.

"Is your master strong?"

"It depends"

"What's your plan?how are you going to defeat that creature?"

"We will figure out something"

Series of questions asked by uncle Gen and their answers by March Butterfly

"What's your master's name?"

"My name is Khush"

A burly man walked in through gate.


March Butterfly stood up and bowed to him as a form of respect.

"Little Fly, you did well, I saw your fight on communication channels "

Master khush patted on the shoulders of March Butterfly.

"Thanks for your praise master, but I still lost "

March Butterfly replied.

"Little Fly,Winning and Losing is pretty common, what really important is the lesson you learnt when you either won or lost"

Master khush taught to March Butterfly as he supported her to stand up.

"Let's go and save Henry"

Master khush said.

"Wait, can't you at least wait a minute, we haven't talked yet "

village chief Duku expressed his desire to have a conversation.

"We can talk later, when it comes to some one's saving someone, other works should made trivial except the things required for the rescue operation"

March Butterfly and Master Khush walked out from the gate, and when they did, they encountered little devils.

"Big sis take us with you, we want to save brother Henry too"

Zen spoke while Buntoo, Redlap and Ivar stood behind.

"Stop messing, you should go and play somewhere else, the place where we are going is dangerous"

March Butterfly tried to pursue them.

"But we want to come"

Zen requested again.

"I said no"

March Butterfly rejected and as they about to move

"Sis I have got a relic and I can use it too, please bring me along I would be a great help to you"

Ivar called out.

"Kiddo, what did you say? You got a relic "

Master khush glared at Ivar.

"Yes, It is my mother's"

Ivar replied.

"Let me look at it"

Master Khush asked.

Ivar took out a belt from his pockets and wore it.

"Look uncle , this is my relic"

Ivar pointed out the belt.

"Hmm....that's definitely a relic but you are underage, so you can not be allowed to use it, where is your mother ?how can she give out a battle relic to a child?"

Master Khush began to shout.

"I am here"

With a response, a lady sitting on a moving chair appeared.

"You are..."

"Master, I am Zia "

"You are that Zia?the right hand of Rewlong"


"So you did not die ?"

"Almost did, but my husband saved me"

"Oh..but it does not mean you could give out a weapon to children to play"

" He demanded it to save someone, I believe that,as a human even if you are child you could take up a sword to save a life "

"Such a bold statement, I like it. Yo kiddo you can come with us"

Ivar:" "

Ivar became silent again.

The trio departed towards the direction where eagle took Henry.

A few moments ago

"Reporting Sir, looks like the master behind formation of team Sahara arrived here"

"Yes Berlin, keep an eye on them,and keep me updating about the situation, we have to recover our losses from that stupid interview"

"Roger sir"

similarly other reporters are also waiting a chance to get news then all of a sudden the reporters saw the trio going out of the village, they began to follow the trio.

"Sir, I am following them "

"Good Berlin"

Berlin along other reporters were about to step out of the village


An arrow landed just a few centimeters away from them, the air pressure from the arrow sent Berlin and the reporters who were at front sent flying back.

"Look look there is note on the arrow"

A reporter walked towards the arrow and took out the notes and read it.

"What's there in the note?, tell us too"

The rest demanded.

"If you love your job so much, then be ready to die for it "

It was a threat, an indirect threat.

"How dare her?"

"Does she think she can do anything for being battle master?"

The reporters could only curse but did not dare to follow the trio.

Meanwhile, in a certain place a silhouette carrying a woman can be seen moving around.

"Finally found em "

Henry looked up and found bunch of bananas on the tree, he put the woman down, and climbed up the tree, grabbed the bananas, peeled them and began eating.

Henry was so hungry that he did not realize that he stepped on her hand,

The sleeping beauty finally opened her eyes when she could not endure the pain any longer.


She shouted loudly.

"Who is there? "

Henry who was eating bananas jolted and subconsciously responded.

"Me, you idiot. Look where you are standing"

She replied but this time the voice was not loud.

"Oh..you woke up"

Henry surprised but he seemed to crush her hand in surprise.


She cried out in pain.

"Who are you?,How do you know me? and why are you moaning?please don't moan, people will misunderstand ."

Henry answered.

"You brat, I am not moaning..aaaaaaaa"

Unconsciously Henry moved his leg.

"If you are not moaning then who is moaning?you liar "

"What's wrong with this women? She moans for no reason"

~~Henry's thoughts.

"Get Away"

She finally pulled herself up and pushed Henry aside.

"You animal, look what you did to my hand"

She showed her reddened hand.

Henry at last realized his mistake and put his head down.

"You are damn brute and my brother asked me to marry you"

She complained.

"Your brother??"

Henry questioned.

"Look at you , you don't even know that my brother asked you to meet him within a week"

Of course Henry knew about this matter,

"You are Rita...the sister of the Prince"

Henry identified her in no time.

"Haha looks like you got tiny brain"

Rita said.

"Why did you kidnap me?"

Henry asked.

"Who would like to kidnap you a nobody like you?"

"Then why did you do?"

"Because my brother likes you, he will make me to marry you, I love my brother so I can never refuse him"

"What it had to do with me?"

"Everything .If you die,

everything would be resolved just like the men who were selected by my brother before you "

"Psychopath, Madness"

~Henry's thoughts

"I should deal with her carefully, a single unpleasant sentence can send me to death"

Henry gulped down saliva.

"Miss Rita, I will refuse if your brother ask me to take your hand "

Henry said.


There was a silence for a moment such as even one was able to hear winds

The expression on Rita's face turned into a smile

"Looks like I am saved"

~~Henry's thoughts.

But the next moment

"How dare you?"

"How dare you to refute my brother? You disobedient subject should die"

They turned 180 degrees as she erupted in anger.


She turned into Eagle without any black smoke, grabbed Henry and flew towards volcano.

Henry who was firmly gripped by her claws could feel the change in temperature as they neared the volcano, For the first time in life Henry regretted having a mouth.

An eagle showed up on the top of volcano and it threw an object into the volcano.

"I am going to die just like that, no, even if I die I should die while fighting not in such a pathetic way, please save me

someone save me....please"

As if Henry's prayers heard he was engulfed by millions of gray colored bubbles,

"Just in time, kiddo hold me tight"

When Henry was about to fell into lava he was caught by a man with oxygen tanks like objects on his back, he had two pipes connected to the tanks from which the gray colored bubbles were being made and these bubbles were being controlled by spraying guns.

This man is none other than Master Khush.


"Little Fly hold on, I am coming"

Master Khush pointed the guns at down side and swiftly flew up while being surrounded by bubbles.


March Butterfly fired another arrow but it missed again as the target was in motion in air and also she was exhausted because of heat from the volcano.

"So this is that damn creature, kiddo observe me how I am going to kill it"

Henry could only observe as he found that he got no energy to open his mouth.

Master Khush was flying while facing the eagle, the eagle also took notice of master khush.

"Damn creature, Die"

Master khush pointed his two guns towards eagle, the guns began to create a bubble unlike the small bubbles this was bigger one, it grew up as big as eagle, it tapped and trapped the eagle inside it.


The eagle let out a final shriek before it was completely imprisoned inside the bubble.

Master Khush landed next to March Butterfly.

Seeing Henry's curious eyes on his relic

Master Khush explained.

"Kiddo, listen.These bubbles which my relic can generate, are called as bubbles of void.They got the capacity to nullify atmosphere of any kind such as fire, water and air, but these bubbles are vulnerable to physical attacks specially attacks from sharp and piercing objects, and unlike normal soap bubbles, there is no air inside the bubble ."

"Now you understand,don't you?, The only fate awaiting it to die of suffocation".

"Master, only if this was as simple as you have said"

March Butterfly said,

"What happened little fly?"

Master Khush asked but he did not need the answers as he saw the bubble turning black, his experience gave him alarm.

immediately he summoned multiple bubbles to as a protection and also held March Butterfly into his embrace while carrying Henry on back he flew up keeping some distance between the bubble and them.


With a big roar, A fearsome snake like creature with glittering scales, and a phenomenal fiery breath , black with long claws and sharp teeth appeared.

"Dragon, Dragon!!!!"

"She can also transform into a dragon"

Henry who could not speak was able to do so after being shocked.

The dragon opened it's mouth and breathed out fire.

Fortunately the bubbles were able nullify it.

at the same time, Henry felt an unknown connection to something , Henry closed his eyes, he felt small threads as thin as strings connecting him, March Butterfly , Master Khush, a small guy and few rocks and woods, among them there was a big rock, he could also observed that he could perceive state of others minds whose he got connected with along estimating their size and distance between each and every connection.

"Oops, it realized that fire won't work on my bubbles"

The dragon open it's giant mouth to swallow the trio as a whole, the bubbles which were protecting them breached one by one and it was about to swallow them.


Henry heard a voice, the trio vanished and a big rock appeared there.


The rock crunched to dust by dragon with ferocity.

Mean while the trio appeared around 6km far away from the volcano near to a rock then this rock was also replaced by a silhouette none other than Ivar.

Ivar held pebble and said "replace"

The pebble was replaced by a bunch of bananas.

Ivar put the bananas near them, Henry and the rest grabbed them, and about to take a bite


They heard the strong roar of the dragon.




Henry coughed.

"Don't be afraid"

March Butterfly said as she beat on his back.

"I am not afraid"

Henry replied as he continued to cough.

"You guys eat first "

Master Khush ordered.

After they done eating,

"Thank you kiddo "

Master Khush thanked Ivar.

"Ivar that connection, is that your doing?"

Henry asked.

Ivar nodded while he showed his battle relic.

"Can you explain me how it works?"

Henry really interested in this relic as he found it completely different from other relics that he had seen till now.

"Let me explain, that thing is called as thread connector, not everyone can be able to use it efficiently, it allows the user to connect with other people by means of threads, after being connected the user and the people whom it got connected can be able to perceive changes in temperaments, physical size estimation and distance between them but a thread only connected to a person who is nearer to the user or the other member who got connected to the user, the other limitation it's scope being limited to 3km radius but the most important ability of it to interchange the positions of connections whether they are living persons or just physical objects is not matter"

Master Khush explained.

"Master you are forgetting that dragon will be here soon"

March Butterfly reminded.

" we can take care of the dragon, I have got a plan listen to me"

Henry started explaining his plan to them.

"nothing less expected from the person who helped a noob team like team Sahara to defeat a guardian,It is dangerous but worth a try"

Master Khush praised.

After an hour

"Roar "

The dragon appeared in sky,

"If you are looking for me, then I am here."

Henry talked out loud while waving his hand exposing his position as if he had met an old friend.


As expected with a roar it spit out fire, Henry was prepared.

Master khush nullified the fire with his bubbles.

At the same time An arrow was shot in north,

While Master Khush confronting the dragon,

"Thread of connection"

Ivar's belt released a thread on to the back of of giant dragon, The giant dragon felt something on it's back, it realized that it could sense people.

(The plan:

Henry:Ivar listen closely , as far I know about your relic one can severe the connection by locating the thread of connection on the body but the dragon can't do that since it's large size even if it knows where thread of connection is, so we will use this as an advantage, March Butterfly will fire an arrow which is in connection with you, as you can sense it's trajectory and momentum first you will replace yourself with the arrow then you will replace March Butterfly and Master Khush with the pebbles you were carrying, at this moment March Butterfly fire another arrow, now before you replace your self you will replace the dragon summoning near to you all then immediately you will replace the position with the arrow again then you will call March Butterfly and Master Khush again,

same goes with the dragon repeat this process until you find suitable place to dump the dragon and come back in the same way remember that we should not give damn dragon enough time to attack "


first Ivar disappeared, at his place the arrow which shot just now appeared, then as planned Master Khush and March Butterfly disappeared the next moment

The dragon was confused, so it did not kill Henry even it could do it easily now, while it was still in confusion it disappeared.

The plan executed very well thanks to Ivar's familiarity with his relic, In the forest an arrow flews and when it loses momentum and hits something a child appears then two more people appear followed by dragon and when dragon shows up the child vanishes then these two people followed by dragon, some times dragon confronts with the duo.

After 40 replacements, Ivar assumed that he travelled more than 80km away from Henry,

"Time to dump the dragon here"

(The plan:

Henry:-The most difficult part comes when you got leave the dragon far away, at this moment you three got to be together and defend yourself from possible attacks, a small mistake here can cost you the life)

"Replace, Replace"

The duo appeared.

March Butterfly shot an arrow towards her east

(The plan:

Henry: Remember that dragon is intelligent, once you three gather together, the distance between you and dragon is roughly 2km which practically 200m distance to the dragon, it got enough time to attack, it would breath fire because you will make it to do by provoking it with your arrow since you all have been connected it knows what the arrow used for, so it won't spit fire on you because it knew that it would useless as long as Master Khush is present, so it would go after your arrow)


The dragon is clearly visible in the sky some far away, with the roar it opened it's mouth and spit the fire.

The fire was not aimed at the trio but the arrow which was shot by March Butterfly

(The plan:

Henry: When it tries to deal with the arrow, Ivar would severe the connection to the dragon and March Butterfly use the chance to shoot another arrow towards opposite direction of the decoy arrow)


Ivar shouted, then dragon felt that it could not sense the threads or the people,


An arrow flew west,

The dragon was in dilemma, so it did not notice.

"Replace "

Ivar disappeared, Ivar took out two pebbles from his pocket.


but in a hurry, he mistakenly cut the thread of connection of a pebble.

one pebble disappeared producing Master Khush.


Ivar cursed.


Ivar disappeared.

It happened in no time, Master Khush realized that something was gone wrong.

March Buttery who was waiting to port out felt the mistake when she saw only Master Khush disappeared.

She held her bow but the dragon was almost in front of her,

"Ice Arrow"

She shot an Arrow emitting chilly winds towards the dragon, the dragon did not even spit fire instead with it's normal breath it burned down the arrow.

"Too powerful"

March Butterfly realized that she underestimated the dragon, and they survived till now just because Master Khush.


The dragon about to spit fire,


March Butterfly heard the voice, she shuddered because she can sense herself being replaced by Ivar.


March Butterfly wanted to severe the connection but she little chance to do so, her figure vanished leaving a small silhouette.

Ivar looked at the dragon with sharp eyes, he knew that the next moment he would die but he does not want to close his eyes just like when he fought Zomuto.

"Sorry Brother Henry, I failed."

The silent Ivar shouted.

The dragon opened it's mouth and about breath fire out, it felt thorn in it's nose, making him to miss the target.

Ivar who was waiting to die, observed the changes the dragon burnt down few trees but not him.


The dragon roared.


A cat can seen to be jumped out from the nostrils of dragon.


The dragon roared again indicating it's mightiness.


As if it did not want to accept lose, the cat shouted and jumped on eye ball of the dragon and scratched it.


The dragon cried out in pain.

The time bought out by the cat did not go waste, Master Khush made two connections to his nearby rocks.


A thread emerged from Ivar's belt and connected to the cat

"Replace, Replace"

Ivar and the cat disappeared.


The dragon roared and spit out fire in anger, the fire destroyed the nearby land, it turned a the trees into ashes in no time.


The dragon roared again before flew up and move away in the sky.

The entire fight between the cat and dragon, cat escaping and dragon raging because of it was seen by few survivors in the forest who came here for purpose but almost lost life while some of their comrades were unlucky and burned to the ashes.

A few years later on this destroyed land a village would be erected with the name Dragon and Cat village spreading tales of a heroic cat fighting dragon to save it's comrades , it would soon become a big city and leave it's name in annals of history.

"Replace, replace, replace, replace"

After consecutive replaces,

"Are you ok, kiddo?"

Master Khush enquired.

Ivar nodded.

Master Khush lifted the cat which was resting on Ivar's shoulder and while facing the cat he said "So, this cat saved the day, thank you very much."


The cat nodded and slipped away from his hands and went back to rest on the shoulders of Ivar to rest.

"Whose cat is this?"

Master Khush questioned.

"Brother Henry's"

Ivar replied.

"That kid, not only he is abnormal even his cat is abnormal ,both are crazy"

Master Khush murmured.

"Replace, replace, replace, replace........replace"

After series of replaces with the arrows shot by March Butterfly, they finally found Henry.

When Henry saw them he knew that the plan was a success and when he saw the cat , he doubted something went wrong.

" You, kiddo while we almost died in your crazy plan, here you are enjoying bananas"

Master Khush teased.

"No...I mean I gathered them for you"

Henry corrected himself.

Master Khush took a banana and started eating.

"Kiddo, I did not get chance to introduce myself, I am Khush, people refer me as Master Khush, and I am the founder of team Sahara, I would like you both to become my disciples"

Master Khush took in air,

"Are you willing?"

It was sudden, but Henry did not panic.

Henry wanted to be a battle master, when the opportunity is in your door step, only few would reject it.

"Yes, I am willing "

Henry dropped to knees and bowed his head

Ivar did not say anything he followed Henry and bowed to Master Khush.

"Good, once we get back to the city, I will organise disciple ceremony"

Master Khush threw the peel of banana as he said.

"Master, what actually happened?, How did you almost get killed?"

Henry finally asked.

"It's like this"

Master Khush explained everything.

"Haha..Little Henry, I also know that you knew that dragon, I would like you to tell me about it when we reach home"

"Master. . . but how did you?"

"You slipped your tongue when that creature transformed into dragon, March Butterfly may not have noticed but I did"

"So that's how.."

"Enough talking eat this"


Master Khush inserted bunch of bananas into Henry's mouth.

The group after having bananas departed towards the village.

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