Rise of Almighty

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Holy Lady's Divination

"Berlin, Berlin, are there any updates?"

A voice was heard through a spherical object.

"No, sir ."

Berlin replied.

"Then keep on waiting"

"Yes, sir."

Berlin and the rest of the reporters were standing at the village entrance awaiting about the news related to sensational expert Henry.

It had been 4 hours since they left, Berlin felt that he could not wait any longer, but his boss wanted him to wait, so he got no other choice after all his daily needs depends on his job.

Another hour passed, the reporters began to loose patience, two more hours passed , some reporters who could not endure anymore gave up and left the place, and after one more hour only 5 to 6 reporters can be seen.

Berlin was one among them.

After 30 more minutes, Berlin lost his cool too, He gave up, and when he wanted leave

"Look, look, who is here?, Isn't it Mr.Berlin"

A voice which Berlin could never forget was heard.

"Mr. Gen, what brings you here?"

Berlin immediately asked.

"What's with your head Berlin? Why can't uncle Gen be here? It's our village, can't we even roam in our village?"

Buntoo who was next to Gen criticized.

"Shut up kid, didn't your parents teach you manner?"

Berlin was angered.

(Inner thoughts : How dare a mere kid to give me lessons?)

"Oh..Berlin, look at you I haven't thought you would be such a childish guy who could not even endure taunts of a child"

Uncle Gen defended Buntoo while also teaching Berlin about his narrow mind.

Berlin was caught in a dilemma as he could not figure out what to reply, so he became silent, and ignored Gen.

" Some adults only know to take advantage of age to treat the younger ones badly, such adults should be killed"

Buntoo shouted out as loud as enough to be heard by the nearby people.

Berlin was in rage, but he was not a fool.He knew if he fights back now, he would prove Buntoo's words to be true.

The time passed, it was almost night

"Looks like they won't be coming any time soon.Uncle Gen I have to go, I promised Red Lap and Zumen to be at Lady Mantra's home by the evening"

Buntoo said.

"Lady Mantra's home? but why?"

Gen asked.

"Did you forget? today's is once in a decade divination "

Berlin reminded.

"Holy shit, how could I forget such an important day.Let's go, I am coming with you."

Gen and Buntoo went inside the village.

Berlin who was still standing solo reporter got curious. Once in a decade divination? what is that?


The sphere moon rang.

"Berlin Repor....."

"Cut the crap, hurry up capture the divination live, the rest channels are broadcasting it while you are fooling around"

Angry voice sounded from the sphere moon.

"But Sir, I am waiting for March Butterfly to be back"

Berlin reasoned.

"Stop bull shit excuses, Is there anyone apart from you waiting for them?"

Hearing it from the sphere moon, Berlin looked around.

"No, sir."

" Then why the fuck are you waiting idiot? hurry up broadcast that divination live"

"Roger Sir".

The sphere moon became silent.

"Damn Boss, someday I will punch you "

Berlin cursed.

Berlin went into the village,

The villagers are moving towards a certain home while each of them held a livestock with them, some carried chickens, some bought goats and so on.

"Sphere moon go live with caption Once in a Decade divination. "

Berlin ordered.


"Going live.."

"Hello, my dear viewers, I am Berlin and today I am broadcasting the ritual of once in a decade divination from Lost Tomb village, let's get some information about it"

"Hello sir, could you wait for a moment, I want to so you few questions "

Berlin called out to a man who carried a goat on his shoulder.

"Me? "

The man turned towards Berlin as he asked for the confirmation.

"Yes, sir"

Berlin cleared the doubt.

"Sorry, I don't have time for the nonsense"

In the city where people were watching the live broadcast specially the broadcast by Berlin.


"Serves him right....hahaaa"

Berlin's channel has become quite famous after they broadcasted the fight between Henry and the second strongest battle master of the city.

"Sorry sir to disturb you"

Berlin apologized to the man.

The man did not even glance at him.

"My bad, that wrong call"

"Let's talk to the old grandma there"

Berlin found a grandma among the crowd and moved towards her.

"Grandma, can you tell me what this divination is about?"

The old continued to walk, ignoring Berlin.


No reply from her. She continued to walk.

"Oye Grandma"

Berlin shouted, but she still ignored him,

"That was another bad luck "

Berlin assured his viewers,

meanwhile another Reporter appeared next to the grandma, and he asked

"Miss , can you tell us about the devination?"

"Surely, it would be my pleasure"

The old lady replied.

This was broadcasted by Berlin's channel.

"Haaaaaa haaaaaaa"

"Haahaaa ha"

The viewers rolled on the floor with a laugh.

In an office of Palamuru City,

"Damn you Berlin, you are making my news channel into comedy channel. "

An old bald fat guy cursed.

"Uhmm..uhmm..Let's try that kid now"

Berlin approached a kid. The kid had a lollipop in his mouth.

"Hello, little guy may I know about you?"

The kid did not reply.

"Hello, I am talking to you"

The kid still did not reply.

"Hello, I am Berlin, may I know about you"

Berlin dragged lollipop out of the kid's mouth.

"Mommmmmmy............, this uncle stole my lollipop.....mummy "

The kid cried out.

The villagers who were moving around stopped ,and when they saw Berlin holding the lollipop.

"You damn creature"

"How could you do that?"

"Should we beat him up?"

"No, we should rather sacrifice him instead of livestock"

A series of curses spat out by them.

Berlin put lollipop back in the kid's mouth and said, "it was a misunderstanding"

"It was intentional, not a misunderstanding"

"No....no, it was a misunderstanding"

"If you do that again, then we will call battle masters"

"No..no..I will never do that"

The crowd dispersed.

Berlin wiped out the sweat from his forehead.

"Uncle, earlier you asked my name right, I am Redlap"

What do I do with your name then?eat it? Berlin condemned inwardly.

"Uncle, I know I am a star and you are a reporter, and my fame bought you here to interview me"

"Yeah, yeah"

Berlin nodded.

Somewhere in Palamuru city

"Hahhaaaa, damn this is too funny"

"Never heard of such a funny reporter"

Back to the Village:

"Can you tell us about this divination?"

Berlin got to the point.

"Mr.Beelin, mind your tongue. It's a great divination, not some random divination."

Redlap replied.

"Ok, It's a great divination, tell me about it"

Hearing it, Redlap opened his palm indicating that he needs money.

"Beelin, it will cost"

"Damn......." Berlin was on the verge of shedding tears.

Berlin took out a gold coin, and put it in his palm.

"I need five"

Redlap said.

"You..."Berlin could not control himself any longer, he wanted to grab Redlap.

" momm..."

Berlin was brought back to senses just by the word mom,

"Wait, wait here is your money"

Berlin reluctant to part away from the money, but he endured it as he handed four more coins.

"Thank you, uncle Beelin"

"It's Berlin"

"Ok, Beelin"

"Forget about, tell me about the divination"

"So it's like this............."

The viewers in the city:

"Haaaaaahaaaaaa, I could not take it anymore, I will die of laughter, this news channel is more entertaining than so called entertainment channels."

"Hahahaha..this is the first time I am seeing a civilian to get paid for a news report "

"The kid is clever"

"Well done, that's how kids should be"

"Well played"

As the viewers continued to watch the topic got serious,

"It's a tradition passed through ages by the family of Holy Lady Mantra, We believe that she was gifted with special powers to connect with the almighty, and once in a decade she can forsee future of an exceptional villager of the decade, but her words would not be direct they would be twisted, could not be understood until we see one or two of them to become true, In the last decade she made divination about Rewlong but no one knows that it was Rewlong until he became famous and died which did fit her divination perfectly.

Her words about Rewlong were.

Redlap stopped.

" What were the words? Why did you stop?"

Berlin got curious as he knew who Rewlong was, he was not only famous in entire Assassin Domain but also heard by the people of ArrowHead Domain.

"Give me 5 more coins"

Berlin gulped down saliva as he put five more coins in his hand

Her words about Rewlong were,

°°' A leader will shine, always defeating large with few, saving the land his charm spreads far lands, he would become the lost legend with his demise°°'


Berlin blurted out. Actually he did not know about the literature, but he could identify the beauty behind those words, they exactly determined Rewlong.

"Hello, viewers, did you hear those sentences? , they were foretold exactly at the same day as today about a decade ago"

"When they were told, Rewlong was in his teenage, he did not even arrive at Palamuru city nor he knew that they were describing him, and today we will see one more such a divination"

Berlin did not forget to add spices to the curry.

"Redlap, How about the sacrificing animal thing? Can you tell our viewers about it?"

Redlap spread his hand forward, showing need of money.

"I understand "

Berlin put 5 more coins in his hand.

"It's about time, I am going uncle Beelin, find about it yourself once you get there"

Redlap ran away.

"Hahaaahaaa that kid did not forget to scam"

"I feel sorry for Beelin, oh it's Berlin"

The viewers had their fare of enjoyment.

Berlin was feeling like he lost, he delayed neither, he reached the place of divination

On the ground a big circle was made, inside it multiple circles are made, and at the centre a fire was lit surrounded by human skulls.

A lady looked to in her 40's wearing gray robes walked towards the fire and shouted

"Let's Begin"

Following the words, the villagers immediately put the the live stocks on bigger circle and cut the throat, the blood flew out from them as the animals continued to struggle, the blood from half dead animals flew from circumference of bigger circle to lower ones eventually reaching the centre where fire was lit.

Lady Mantra closed her eyes as she chanted

something then she said out loud.

°°°' The death of the ruler, the descending sun wrecks Havoc,the strongest will appear to end the unending cycle of the ultimate evil °°°'

°°°' The death of the ruler, the descending sun wrecks Havoc,the strongest will appear to end the unending cycle of the ultimate evil °°°'

°°°' The death of the ruler, the descending sun wrecks Havoc,the strongest will appear to end the unending cycle of the ultimate evil °°°'

"That's the divination, such a bold words I would like to see them becoming true, would you to too? The broadcast ends here, thanks for watching."

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