Rise of Almighty

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Team Sahara

Note: The chapter with Fishloving birds is optional, and it is not much necessary, so I will skip it for now, but I would provide general description about it.


"Finally we are here"

"That was close call with those Fishloving birds"

Fishloving birds, as the name states are fish lovers, they are small birds whose size is same as that of a palm, their lethality lay in their saliva, which is strong acidic in nature.

When the group was returning back to the village, the cat snatched a fish from the mouths of Fishloving birds, it took quite an effort to escape from them.

The night descended.

"What's happening?"

Henry was confused as he entered the village, he found no one.

According Henry's knowledge the villagers usually gather together at night, share their experiences, knowledge and have fun together.

But today, there was not a single person.

As Henry continued to be in confusion.

"Hail Holi Lady"

"Hail Holi Lady"

"Hail Holy Lady"

A joint chants could be heard from a place, which was emitting the presence of a big fire.

The group first walked towards grandpa Luo's Home, as they need to change dresses, all of them wore half burnt dresses except Master Khush, specially it's true for March Butterfly, she was always at the front even when fighting the dragon or Fishloving birds, so her dress was damaged more than that of Henry,

Her gorgeous legs were revealed here and there, this is not embarrassing to her as she wore shorts many times, but still today she was embarrassed, she never expected it to happen, when she fought with Fishloving birds after being out of arrows to use, a bird spat on her chest revealing her nipple along apart of her breast, she was covering that area with a hand.

"Senior, here you go"

Henry entered the home, grabbed the dress that was given to him, and handed it to March Butterfly.

"Senior, I will wait outside until you change your dress"

Henry was not a pervert, he was a more of a gentle man with an overbearing of genius from his earth, Henry started calling March Butterfly Senior after they had a conversation in the forest, according Henry Senior means grandma but according to March Butterfly it's something thing good.

"I will be back in no time"

March Butterfly smiled as she entered the home, the home did not have many rooms it got only one room which contains every thing.

The room was dark, March Butterfly struggled a little to find the lamp, and lit it.

She undressed,

"What's this?"

She found a very dark colored scar of size from the burns on her body, the earlier mood of her happiness was gone, it was replaced with a worried look, after all young women were too much concerned about their looks.

"I will eat you alive when I meet you next time".

She cursed, it was not known whom she did curse.

"Master Khush, was Rewlong really strong?"

Henry asked.

While coming back to the village, Henry enquired about battle of woods, but Master Khush escaped reasoning of not knowing much, and suggested him to talk about it with March Butterfly.

When Henry was about to collect information about the Battle of woods, he got interrupted by Fishloving birds.

And they had difficult time dealing with these palm sized birds.

Now Henry got a chance to know about Battle of Woods, he did not want to drop it.


The door opened, March Butterfly walked out, then Henry got in to change his dress.

After completing their work, the group headed towards the direction of chants.

"Brother Henry"

Redlap shouted out after seeing a silhouette coming towards them as he dropped chicken drum stick from his hands which was almost entered his mouth.

Zen who heard Redlap's shout rushed at Henry

"Brother, brother you are alive "

"Don't leave me like that again "

Zen hugged Henry with a firm grip as small tears rolled down from his eyes.

Henry felt little bit emotional, he was touched.

Zen was the one whom Henry was most close with,

"Don't cry, nothing would happen to big brother, didn' t I tell you I would become one of the best battle master, how could I die so early?"


Henry consolidated Zen.

"Boss, stop crying it won't look good, if you don't stop crying, I would say to the people that you are not my boss, you were possessed by a cry baby"

"munch munch"

Buntoo entered while holding fifteen to twenty chicken drum sticks, five to six in his mouth, the remaining in his hands.

"Brother, take this "

"Boss stop crying, and take this "

Buntoo handed a drumstick to Henry, then he pulled Zumen away from Henry, and forcefully put 3 drumsticks in his mouth.

"What about us ?"

Master Khush asked out of jealousy.

"you old guy,

if you want it, go and get it yourself from that shop"

Buntoo replied while pointing at one of shop in the temporary market made only for the occasion.


Master Khush angered.

"Sir...I was just kidding"

Buntoo handed a chicken drum stick to Master Khush.

"where is mine?"

March Butterfly, who was left out asked.

"Big sis, I have something special for you"

" Redlap hurry up and bring that"

Redlap moved away, and came back within a minute with a plate containing a bunch of chicken legs, covered with some leaves.

"Big sis, these are for you, the leaves here are very special, there were even stories on it, long ago an ugly girl accidentally ate these leaves along pork, guess what had happened to the girl?"

"what happened?"

March Butterfly's interest piqued.

"People called it as once in a life miracle, she shed her ugly skin, her face got reshaped, and she turned into most beautiful woman of those days, it is said that she was so much attractive at the extent of covering her face all the time just like you"

Buntoo praised.

"Is that so ?"

March Butterfly asked.

"big sis how could I lie to you?, do I look like a liar ?"

Buntoo put up an innocent face.

He looked too innocent,

"My bad, my bad, I will eat them right away"

March Butterfly grabbed a chicken leg, it was covered with leaf, from it's looks it looked delicious.

March Butterfly finally put that piece in her mouth, it felt very good at the beginning, but all of a sudden

"Aawwww water, water....."

March Butterfly yelled.



Buntoo and Redlap burst into laughter.

"You wait"

Feeling familiar sensation, Buntoo and Redlap ran away.

" Wait, you kiddos"

With a stern face, march butterfly began to chase them.

Everyone smiled including Zen who was crying a while ago.


A voice of a old man called him out.

"Grandpa Luo"

Henry shouted as he moved towards the old man,

" I was worried, did you know?"

Grandpa Luo put up a serious look.

"Of course, How could not I?"

Henry said as he moved his eyes up and down on the Grandpa Luo, Grandpa Luo's eyes seem to be drained devoid sleep.

"Haha..kiddo, Grandpa Luo was so worried about you, he did not even had a proper meal"

Uncle Gen walked in.

"You shut up"

Grandpa Luo wanted to shut his mouth.

"Haha old Luo, don't pretend to be strong, I know you even sneaked out to follow this master here to rescue Henry, but got caught by me"

While pointing his finger at master khush, Gen said.

"Gen, if you don't shut your mouth I will reveal your other affair to Layla"

"Wait, wait you can't do that"

Uncle Gen was sweating as he said.

"Then shut your mouth"

Old Luo played well making Gen to shut his mouth.

The observers including Henry saw everything that happened.

Henry lost respect towards Gen.

"Hahaha...good, good as long as you are ok"

Grandpa Luo said.

"Mr.Luo, can you explain me what happening here?"

"It's the ritual of the decade, Holy land mantra has just divined about future of a fellow villager"

"Divination?,ha ha there is no such a thing as divination "

Master Khush said it out.

"Master, you do not need to be rude if you din not believe me, but don't make fun of us"

Buntoo said immediately.


Master Khush corrected himself.

The night passed,

On the next day, a few silhouettes can be seen to be standing outside village.

"Brother Henry, take me with you , I also want to come with you"

"Brother Henry, if you are taking the boss with you then you have to allow me to follow you too"

Buntoo requested.

"Shut up you kiddos, none of you are allowed to come"

Master khush, who was watching the scene being unfolded from the sides shouted.

"But why? "

Zumen asked.

" Do you think my team Sahara is something that anyone can join?"

Master Khush said.

Buntoo nodded his head in agreement without speaking out,

Master Khush wanted to give beatings to Buntoo but held himself back.

"Zumen, Buntoo I am not going far way, we will occasionally meet, so don't be stubborn "

Henry tried to pursue them.

"Then why is Ivar coming with you ?"

Zen asked out of jealousy

"Yes, yes..why is Ivar allowed?, it is unfair you are biased, Team Sahara is too cheap they allow discrimination, I thought it would be some high and mighty team, I dreamed it as some great team but it turned out to be ordinary just like other teams"

Buntoo looked at the Ivar as he added salt.

"Hmm...about Ivar, he is a part of team Sahara, I accepted him as my disciple along Henry so he could come"

"Then accept me as a disciple too"

Zen requested.

Master Khush did not reply.


Zen continued.

Master Khush remained firm.

"Boss, stop begging that old fellow, he does not know what he is dropping one of great chance "

Buntoo added.

At the moment

"Hurry up, hurry up the reporters are here"

A villager shouted from far back.

"Kiddo's we got to go, I left a present at grandpa Luo's home for you all, hope you like it"

They climbed a cart of horses and left the place.

In the village

"Ziya, why did not you say good bye to Ivar?"

The neighborhood women asked Zia who was sitting on a wheel chair.

"I said him good bye at home, he might have had a change of heart if I go down to say good bye, I don't want him to be prisoned around me forever, I want him to fly and achieve big things"

The cart travelled through the woods soon the big entrance of Palamuru city appeared,

the cart was allowed to be passed through the gates without any entrance check up.

"Are you surprised?"

March Butterfly questioned after seeing astonishing look on Henry's face after they passed the gates.

"The battle masters of Assassin domain does not need any security check up, look at the emblem here"

She showed the stitched emblem in the shape of two swords crossing each other on her clothes,

"This one represents battle masters from the Assassin domain, as long as people see the emblem, they identify us and respect us unlike a bumpkin like you"


Henry nodded.

They travelled from familiar routes until they reached a torn wooden house,

The house was not too big nor too small, but it was shabby.

"Come this way, this is our head quarters "

Master Khush called out Henry and Ivar.

Henry and Ivar approached the front door, and when they opened it.

Henry observed a shadow flying towards them, as the shadow neared he understood that it is not some shadow but a man.

Henry was facing his back, so he did not know who actually is he? but he looked familiar.

Henry had no dodge, he pushed Ivar aside


The body crashed into Henry sending both of them in few meters back.


The man cried out in pain after he landed, but he did not feel much pain as he expected.

"Are you ok?"

Realising that he was sitting on someone, Diode opened his mouth with a question about wellness.

"How can I be ok unless you stand up?"

Henry said with in a difficulty tone.

"Oops, forgive me"

As Diode stood up, he also supported Henry.


Hearing the voice,


Diode called out,

"Master, I am glad that you are ok"

Diode worried tone was heard.

"Cut the crap, and tell me who beat you up?"

Master Khush showed sense of anger.

"That...after other teams realized March Butterfly and you were not around, they barged into the head quarters with challenges, specially team Righteousness, and without waiting for our reply they began attacking"

"Who dares ?"

Master Khush raged as he rushed inside,

Henry, Ivar and the rest followed.

As Henry walked through narrow path connecting 6 different rooms

"Aaaa... Aaaa"

" Aaaa."

The familiar figure of Yug appeared.

"Yug, where are they?"

Master Khush asked.

"They are in senior sister's room, Zumen is also there"

Henry approached the injured Yug, the wounds we're not fatal but are not light either.

Henry found himself being filled with anger, it has been a while since he was angered last time, he wanted to avenge Timmy too, when he came to know the perpetrator behind this incident is team Righteousness, he could not hold back.




Henry rushed towards the room which were filled with noise, he pushed the door

There was man standing in a circular shield along a woman, this man is none other the Zumen, the woman was tall and had muscular body, she wore pink dress which covered her body from top to bottom, the dress was not any special just a normal one.

"Big sister, are you ready?"


Zumen removed his ultimate defence.

The woman ran into the group of battle masters, she was alone and facing over 30 battle masters, but there was not any hint of panic on her face, she was carrying a broom whose handle is made up of cylindrical wood.

She looked confident.

"Scissor slash "

A giant scissor formed from light and pressed towards the woman's neck,

The woman just tilted her head and avoided it,


The battle master who released that attack was surprised, before he could attack again he felt pain in his chest, he looked at his chest, found that he was hit by the wooden head of the broom.


He fell down in pain,

Everything happened within few moments, other masters were late to realize that they should not underestimate the enemy.

Another guy, carrying a sword charged at the woman from the back, the woman dodged it,

"Haha, do you think that was my real attack"

that man said.

"No, I never thought this pathetic one as your real attack"

The woman replied.


The man shouted, the sword's blade turned into multiple sharp strings, it turned back into sword next moment, and the man fell unconscious after being hit by broom on the back of his head.

"Lighting Strike"

Electric arcs were raining towards the woman, astonishing thing is that she was able dodge every strike.


The woman who initiated attack said out as she saw a broom approaching her face.

She was sent flying back.

The remaining masters increased their pace of attacks, they attacked at her simultaneously.

"Ultimate Defense"

Zumen appeared in front of his big sister and shielded her,

The different types of continuous large ranged hits on shield made it impossible to observe what's really happening inside the shield.

The battle masters thought that they could win, so they poured their attacks more violently.

meanwhile they did not realize that a broom was approaching them silently,


"What happened?"


" Aaa"

One by one everyone got hit by a broom, some became unconscious and some dropped to ground in pain, while some other

could not even utter a word.

Henry, who saw all of this scene, swallowed his saliva.

"Who is she? How did she defeat over 30 battle masters with only a normal broom?

Can I be like her?"

Henry's mind started wondering.

"So these guys are the one who dared to challenge my team Sahara"

Master Khush came.

"Yes, master"

The woman bowed.

"You did well Kavya, now throw them all into the junk yard of the city"

Master Khush ordered.

"Yes, master"

Kavya nodded.

She stood up, walked towards the people lying on the floor she lifted two people at a time without any difficulty, threw them to a side.


The members who were conscious felt pain,

"She is our big sister Kavya, she was born with super natural strength, although she is not part of team Sahara, she's the first disciple of our master"

March Butterfly murmured in Henry's ears.

Kavya went out and brought a giant trolley used for carrying junk, she began to grab each and every outsider from the head quarters, and threw them in the trolley.

When she was about to grab a person

"No...you can't do that to me, I am from team Righteousness"

The person argued.

"So what?"

She asked.

"You will regret doing it so"

The person continued to black mail.

"Master, this guy says he is from team Righteousness, what should I do?"

Kavya asked her master's opinion.

Meanwhile the person smiled thinking that his card was working, but he actually he did not know what was coming from him.

"Oh...he does not deserve such treatment then, he deserve much better, throw him in drainage of faeces"


The smile of the person turned into grief and he was taken separately by Kavya.

When Kavya returned no one dared to retaliate after witnessing tragic end of a guy from team Righteousness.

The trolley was pushed by bare hands, she dumped everyone into junk yard, and returned to the head quarters.

When Kavya returned, everyone gathered in a room,

Almost all members team Sahara are present there including Aloo, who was not there before.

"Let me introduce you to our new members,

This Henry most of you already knew him, and this little guy is Ivar, welcome them with claps"

"clap, clap....."

"Henry and Ivar, this is Zumen, this is Yug, this is Aloo....."

One by one Master Khush introduced them to each other.

Everyone clapped.

"I will go out, you take your time to familiarity yourself"

Master Khush walked out from the room.

"So you are Henry"

Kavya walked towards Henry,


Henry replied.

Henry was suffocating as Kavya got too close to him, she began to touch his hands and legs without permission.

Henry was not feeling well as he never was touched by anyone from other gender.

"You are too thin"

She said after inspecting Henry.

Henry had quite well built body after he had done farming but still it was thin when compared to monster in front of him.

"Junior brother, I am Kavya, you can call me big sister Kavya, If some one bullies you just say a word to me, I will beat them up for you"

Her voice was sweet as she said these words.

Henry was touched.

"Senior sister, you were cool when you defeated those guys with only broom without any battle relic"

Henry praised.

"Junior brother, you are overestimating me, I was using this battle relic"

She moved the hairs covering her ear, there seems to be a ear machine.

" this is my battle relic, it allows me to hear the thoughts of the people, animals and any leaving being"

"And they were all noob, no one was really skilled master among them, if I face a true skilled master, it would be really hard for me to defeat one itself forget about more people"

Kavya explained.

Henry understood, but still he knew it was not a piece of cake to dodge, plan counterattack even after knowing where attack will come from, what kind of attack it would be, his respect towards big sister Kavya increased a lot.

"Stop talking about those fools, let's eat some potatoes chips"

Aloo brought potato chips in a tray,

"You went out to buy potato chips again"

Kavya asked.

Aloo nodded.

"This time potato chips saved you"

Yug said as he took an handful of chips from the tray.


A cat came out from Henry's luggage,

Seeing just chips and no meat it went back into the bag.

"Your cat us cute"

Kavya grabbed the cat out of bag.

"Meow, meow..."

the cat struggled to free itself, but it could not.

" Junior brother, she is dirty, I am going to clean her"

Kavya said as she force fully took cat

"Meow, meow..."

The cat called for help but everything was in vain.

Finally I got someone who could control the damn cat

~~Henry's thoughts.

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