Rise of Almighty

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"Big sister kavya, what are you doing?"

"Big sister, wait"

"Big sister, don't be so angry"

A woman was taking her steps forward as fast as possible, while there seem to be some young folks following her.

"What's happening?"

"Who is she?"

"Who are these guys that following her?"

"I know who they are, they are battle masters"

" you are right, they are battle masters from team Sahara"

"Why are they chasing after a woman?"

"Who knows?"

"Looks like they are trying to stop her"

"Something interesting is going on, let's watch"

The bystanders went after the group.

"Big sister, it's a small matter, leave it "

Kavya turned towards Zumen who spoke the word.

Seeing the sharp eyes, Zumen refused to show his face, turned his head to the other side.

" Big sister you are causing an unnecessary ruckus"

Kavya did not reply, continued to march.

"Look, look, she is heading towards public bathhouse"

The public bathhouse is founded on a hot spring, there are only erected wooden walls but there is no roof covering it.

It's one of the favourite places of the Prince, the prince had a special chamber for himself in the bathhouse.

So it is guarded heavily by the battle army of the city, a battle army of the city consists of battle masters and normal folks recruited from the domain, both of them got their own roles to play.

The ones who positioned as guardians always are battle masters except some exceptions due to internal hierarchy.

"Captain, a woman is rushing here"

A soldier of the army approached Captain Jack.

"Isn't it just a woman, what so special about it?"

captain Jack thought this small piece of information as too small, not worthy of his attention.

"No, she does not seem to be normal, I saw a few people trying to stop her "

The soldier gave out the explanation.

"Let it be, it does not look like any big deal, why are you panicking too much?"

Jack questioned.

"Captain but those people who were trying to stop her apparently are battle masters "


When he heard the sound, Jack stood up from his seat to rush out.

"What did you do? don't you understand a woman? This place is restricted, only men are allowed here"

A soldier tried to explain things to Kavya while trying to stop her with his hands.

But Kavya looked like being possessed by something, she caught his fingers


and snapped them.


followed by agonizing pain, the man screamed.

Kavya let go of him after breaking his fingers.

Even after being conscious with the capability to move around, the man still crouched and stayed in that position.

He had been printed with deep fear in his heart.

"You woman, stop right there"

A soldier threw a ball.


The ball expanded a little, it opened as if it cut into half to some extent then it sucked Kavya inside it while closing itself from the middle.

"Big sister"

Henry cried out.

"Haha Henry, you don't need to worry about big sister"

Seeing Henry be in worry, Zumen said.


When the soldier about to pick up the ball, it began to vibrate violently.

"Tak Tak, tak "


The ball exploded revealing the figure of a muscular woman.

" unbelievable, she broke the imprisonment ball"

" glad we are here on time"

A man was breathing heavily out of exhaustion, not only him there are many people like him who ran towards the place of incident.

"Sphere Moon go live"

The man called.

" Hello, hello, this is your Berlin, I am currently at the public bathhouse, we are bringing you absolutely breaking news...."

When the booming was heard,

Jack pulled his ass out of the comfort zone,

While reaching the scene

"Captain Jack"

The soldiers greeted him,

Jack nodded,

"Tell me about the situation"

"Currently, agent Matthews is engaging with her".

Mathews who threw the imprisonment ball stood there in shock,

" give me the way, I don't have much time to waste"

Kavya shouted, but Matthews did not move an inch.


With a shout, Matthews threw some dust from his pocket on Kavya.

"You guys, who are watching the show now, be prepared to see the splendid ability of sir Matthew's gloves".

An underling of Matthews shouted.

When the dust fell on Kavya, she did not feel anything.

continued to move at Mathews,

" how?"

Matthews got confused, it should not be possible.

According to him, he increased the weight of dust to an extent that a human could not handle it, but the monster in front of him moving freely as if his attack had no effect.

Matthews lifted his hand to touch Kavya, but as he lifted his hand


With the sound, a slow pain flowed into his chest.

Matthews fell.

"You bitch, what did you do?"

The soldiers encircled her,

"Look, Henry, Isn't this scene look quite familiar to the one four days ago"

"Now listen, these guys are going to suffer much worse since big sister does not have a broom now"

"red blaze"

a blazing red shot fired from a gun carried by one of the people who surrounded her,

at the same time


another guy activated his battle relic, the metal rod in his hand turned to sticky liquid like glue and engulfed Kavya,




a sword, another gunshot, and a toothed jaw charged at kavya.

she had to take five attacks simultaneously, it's almost impossible for her to escape without a single scratch.

"it's over"

"poor girl"

even the audience began to feel sympathy for kavya as they know no matter how much skilled a battle master is, facing multiple battle masters without anyone's help is almost impossible.

that was the general opinion of the people who have not seen many battles.

Henry wanted to help, but it was not possible since there was around 200metre distance between them, and Ivar was not there either to make use of his relic.

"Don't worry"

no, these words were not uttered by Zumen but March Butterfly, who also stood nearby.

kavya who was amidst taking all attacks was the calmest person.

people still continued to watch, they wanted to know how is this woman gonna deal with the current situation.

"Daddy, daddy look, she flew up"

a little cute girl around 3 yelled.

Kavya actually did not fly, she jumped and the jump was not normal,

"Look, look she flew up, unbelievable is she even human? She did not just fly alone she even somehow grabbed agent Matthews with her"

Berlin reported.

"Matthews was already in pain because of broken ribs"


Matthews swallowed his saliva, he realized that he tried to stop the wrong person, he decided to not to interfere with the business of this woman even if he loses the job.

Kavya reached the pinnacle of her jump and began to descend down.

"Soldiers, be ready"

Jack showed himself with an order.

"Captain Jack is here"

The audience recognized Captain Jack, he is quite famous in the city, he also got a nickname "strict baldy", the reason is he is bald and very serious when it comes to following rules and regulations.

On hearing the order, around 100 soldiers who were guarding the place readied their battle relics.

" if you got guts, attack me right now when I am in the air"

Kavya shouted.

The soldiers looked at Jack, but Jack did not give the order.

A soldier launched his bow without the order, this soldier is the same guy who praised agent Matthews a few moments ago.


The arrow hit, but it did not hit kavya instead it hit agent Matthews,

"You idiot, what did you do? Can't you see she had planned to use Matthews as meat shield from the beginning?

A soldier beside him lectured.

" Sorry sir Matthews, I couldn't think as I was taken by emotions, I really did not mean any harm"

He shouted.


A few people chuckled.


With the help of a meat shield, Kavya descended without any problem.

She looked at the group of battle masters, using Matthews, she sped up and started punching everyone.




A continuous sound chain of cracking bones was heard.

The bodies fell like raindrops,


Jack shouted as he put himself in front of Kavya.

"Big sister, do you need help?"

Yug checked.

"You guys stay away, I will beat you up if you interfere.

Kavya proclaimed as she threw Matthews body to her left.

Kavya knew that she had to take this fight a little bit serious, she should not underestimate the enemy.

Jack walked a little, bent, and put Matthews into his embrace.

No one could see that he was holding a locket in hand and it was shining brightly.

She is dangerous, well it's a good thing that she did not know about my battle relic, I have absorbed enough pain to summon a big phantom and a few small phantoms.

~~Jack's thoughts.

But Jack did not realize that he unintentionally released his secret out while thinking about it

So you are a summoner, I just got to take you out.

With the thought, Kavya charged at Jack.

" you are courting death"

Jack shouted, he thought of moving back to dodge, but somehow he slipped, and fortunately, he was able to dodge a punch on his head.


Jack shouted.

The locket in his hand stopped emitting white light instead started emitting black light.

The surroundings became dark for a moment.

"Roar" a loud toned roar

"Roar" a medium-toned roar

"Roar" a very small toned almost like Rat cry were heard.

a three-headed dog stood there.

around him, a few soldiers in black armour were also got summoned.

Kavya did not panic, she hit the soldiers one by one giving no hid to the three-headed dog.



"Roar"(very small)

the beast showed anger after being ignored,

one of its heads opened the mouth and spat fire out.

the fire did not just aim at Kavy but also the soldiers got caught in it.

"Big sister"

even March Butterfly exclaimed out.

"I'm ok"

A voice travelled out from the fire reassuring the team.

When the dog stopped spitting the fire, it felt a heavy weigh on its cheek.

Kavya punched, the head moved to reveal the other. She did not stop with just a simple punch, she landed sat on another head pulled its ears.


The dog roared in pain.

Kavya did not show any mercy, she continued to punch, kick the dog.


"Roar, roar"

The onlookers felt pity for the dog.

After taking a bunch of beatings the dog gave into submission.

With a smoke, it vanished.

" That puppy was pretty stubborn, do you got something else?"

"Haha hahaha. "

Jack laughed madly.

" I never thought that the time to use it would come too soon"

Jack said as he inserted his hand into one of the pockets of the shirt,

He took out a tablet and swallowed it.


Jack cried out,

The face of Jack began to form changes, he formed a third eye on his head.


Jack's hands began to expand including his whole body


His dress was torn off as his body continued to enlarge.

He became big and big, especially his stomach was expanding much faster.



Jack's silhouette changed to a one-eyed giant.

"Miracle, Miracle Captain Jack turned into a giant, will the intruder survive? Let's see"

Berlin continued his work.

Kavya was surprised but did not dwell on thinking how Jack turned into a giant but for a moment she went blank.

Taking the advantage, Jack lifted his giant hand to crush kavya with his palm,

"Ultimate Defence"

Zumen who got the air of danger stood in front of Kavya and defended her,

Zumen spat out a mouthful of blood even if he had shield protection when the palm and shield collided.

Kavya grabbed Zumen collar from the back and threw him far away.

"Thank you but that was not necessary"

"Yo Jack, you really surprised me with unexpected transformation, it's has been a while since I have gone all out"

As she spoke, she took little jumps, moved her hands up and down touching elbow, in other terms, she was warming up.

Finally, she put one of her hands on her neck,

Moved the head right and left

"Come, let me see your power"

Hearing continuous words of provocation, the one-eyed giant lifted leg and kept it back

The land beneath made movements, most of the onlookers fell to the ground.

A giant punch approached Kavya.

Among the onlookers, a woman carried a 3-year-old girl in her hands.

"Mummy, will the badass sister would be ok?"

The child asked her mommy.

"Mommy dunno for sure"

The woman replied.

Kavya lifted both the hands to defend herself, she was forced to slide back...but, she was able to take the punch.

"Is that all have you got?"

Kavya said.

The giant Jack tried to pull his hand back,

He tried once, but could not pull back

tried again, but still could not pull back

Then he felt himself being pulled.

Kavya pulled the giant, lifted him into the air

"Mommy mommy, will the giant be ok?"

The girl asked again.

"Mommy don't know for sure"

The women replied with a shocked expression.

"We are witnessing something that has never been seen"

The reporters were busy in their work.

Seeing the giant was about to destroy the whole bathhouse, the people ran away from there, these are the people who are initially taking bath here, when they heard the commotion outside, everyone came out to look"

Among the people, there was a familiar guy here, his name is Ryulu, after being thrown into the drainage of faeces, he took bath multiple times, but he still smelled like shit, he went to team righteousness for the sake of asking for revenge, they refused to help him stating that they are preparing for the annual tournament, which held to replace the current battle master rankings of the city and to select the team to represent the city in Champion League.


Kavya smacked the giant to the ground,

She climbed the body of the giant, launched a series of punches and kicks on his belly.


She folded the giant's hand.

Standing on the top of his face placing one of his legs forward with half-bent knee and the other at back, Kavya declared her power to the world.

"The giant is down, the winner is the badass big sister of the team Sahara"

Git reported.

"A human defeated a giant"

Chimney announced.

"Another expert found at team Sahara is team Sahara planning to crush other team's thoroughly "

Berlin shouted, he was made a joke out of himself many times due to team Sahara, he formed quite a grudge with them.

The CC(Communication Channel) became quite busy with breaking news and broadcasted videos.

In the whole broadcast, a woman standing on the face of a giant was embedded into the hearts of the public.

The customers of the bathhouse were about to live,

"Wait, no one should leave"

Kavya jumped down from the giant's head as she declared.

"But why?"

A man among the crowd dared to question.

"Do you think, I bet all these guys just for fun? Do you think it's my hobby?"

Kavya questioned.

"Someone offended me here, I am here to find him"

Kavya said her real intentions of coming here,

Ryulu who was among the crowd shuddered

Is she still had a grudge from four days ago? no that should not be the case, hope that must not be the case.

He started praying.

" Some one beat up my little brother Ivar , when he refused to hand over the potatoes he bought for sister Aloo, I would like you to volunteer yourself"

"If you show yourself up, I will show you some mercy"

Kavya declared.

The tensed up Ryulu breathed out "she is not here for me".

The atmosphere became tense, as expected you won't show yourself " Ivar".

She called out.

A nearby rock blurred and was replaced with a child of around age 7, he has swollen face with several injuries on his hands and legs.

"Ivar, who was the one that best you up?"

Ivar looked at the people,

"Forgive me"

A middle aged man bent down while shouting.

"Mam, please forgive me, I did not know he was your brother"

The man begged.

"So you beat up kids and steal things from them"

Kavya shouted.

"No, Mam no, actually my wife gave me the money to buy potatoes, I could not hold my thirst.So, I bought a bottle of wine instead leaving no money for potatoes "

Kavya interrupted him with

"Then the scum of your face saw a kid carrying potatoes, taking the chance you beat him up and stole them."

"Such grateful act you performed"

Kavya clenched her fists as she lifted him up.

"Forgive me, I beg you please "

Kavya wanted to punch him.

"Big sister, stop I will punish him myself"

Ivar said.

Kavya threw that guy towards Ivar,


Ivar slapped the man,




After four continuous loud slaps, Ivar stopped.

"Big sister, let's go "

The storm finally subsided, in the crowd someone recognized Henry and said

"Isn't it Expert Henry?"

The reporters had sharp ears, they immediately gathered around Henry.

"Mr.Henry why did not you help this sister?"

"Mr.Henry you were the one who is most close with Ivar, why didn't you go on rampage like her? Don't you got emotions?"

"Mr.Henry among you and this sister, who is more powerful?"

"Mr.Henry, would you have been able to defeat the giant Jack without lifting a finger?"

"Mr. Henry today is your deadline to meet the Prince? Did you meet him?"

"Mr.Henry are you really an expert or a fake one?"

"Mr.Henry can you tell us your experience of Master Khush saving you from that transforming creature?

"Mr.Henry why are you silent? Answer me"

Questions after questions bombarded at Henry,

Henry was in bad shape, he went out just like Ivar to buy potatoes, but when he came back he saw angry sister rushing out and everyone was trying to pursue her, he joined the group without knowing the reason.

Henry did not know, what should he say? did he say he didn't know? that was not possible

or did he have to say that he could defeat the giant, that would be a big lie.

" The prince summons Resident Kavya, Captain Jack and Sir Henry to his Palace immediately to give accounts, and requests the reporters to cooperate"

A loud announcement was made.

He was saved, Henry breathed out his the tension, but he knew the real challenge may start now.

Jack turned back to human, but he could not move he has to be carried .

"Haha little brother, I have to go"

Kavya said to Ivar,

"Big sis, why did you go to such extent?"

Ivar questioned.

"It was not a big deal, did you forget my promise? "

While replying to Ivar, she did not look like the woman who destroyed a bathhouse, beat up a giant, confronted multiple battle masters alone at all.

Hearing the announcement, the reporters gave a way to Henry.

Henry along Kavya walked towards the Palace.

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