Rise of Almighty

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The Day When Everything is Changed

Mark Henry is an outstanding student of Oxford University,He completed his high school at the age of 10, B.Tech at the age of 14, Masters at the age of 16.

During the vacations Mark Henry went to his grandma's home in country side with his little sister.


"Hurry up and wake up, let's help grandma to pick the cotton from her crop fields"

A sweet melodious voice can be heard.

"Eliza,how many times should I tell you to call me big brother?"

"And now the time is just 9:00 Am,let me be asleep for a while"

Mark Henry murmured and put the Pillow on his face.

"You lazy guy,Aren't you ashamed for being the genius?,Can't you wake up and help grandma "

"I am going to the crop field, do whatever you desire to"

Mark Eliza's face turned red with and spat sharp words.

She left while stamping foot on the ground.

...After 10 minutes

Mark Henry woke up and murmured

"This silly girl won't let me rest, Looks alike I got no other choice"

Mark Henry stood up and moved out of his room,

In spacious hall filled with plants and birds

he saw the cleaner and asked him

"Uncle Kevin,When did grandma go to harvest the cotton"

"In the morning around 6:00 Am"

Kevin replied.

"Hmm...thanks for the information"

Henry expressed his gratitude.

"If you are planning to go to cultivation field, I will drop you there"

Kevin spoke with humble voice.

" I don't want to trouble you uncle"

Henry said immediately.

"No,no you won't be troubling me, I will be going home,So I will drop you to the field on the way "

Kelvin smiled while seeing the manners of the boy,who was not even arrogant for being number one genius of the country.

"I will depend on you then uncle"

Henry said.

Kevin and Henry together walked out of the home and sat in an old gray colored car.The car had started and was being driven towards the cultivation field of grand mother Mark Maria.

After travelling around 30 minutes the car stopped near a cotton crop field of area 5 Acres


The door of the car opened and a scholarly young handsome white boy around age 16,who wore a blue T shirt and black jeans pant emerged.

He is none other than Mark Henry.

Henry turned towards car and said

"Thanks uncle"

Henry had always been good to those who treated him with good will and respect and he always ignored them who treated him in harsh way and hostility.

Kevin felt that he was being respected more than required and he opened his mouth

"No need to thank me,I will be leaving now,Take care"

Kevin started his car and left.

Henry turned around and began to walk into the cotton fields

He walked for about 4km then he found a few servants plucking the freshly produced cotton.

He searched for his grandma and sister for about one and half hour and found nothing.

So he went to nearby servant,who was plucking the cotton,

"Aunt,Can you tell me whereabouts of my grandma?"

Henry asked politely.

She raised her head and astonished for a while then replied

"Your grandma went to her friend's house to take care of small paper work"

she continued to pluck the cotton without glancing back at Henry.

Henry moved away from there and he started to walk in random direction since he know that his grandma and sister are safe,he naturally thought that her sister accompanied by her grandma so he no longer cared about them.

Bored Henry's vision some times fell on the rocks,insects,trees

When his vision fell on the sky

He saw a black dot first then as it neared he thought it as object

But when the dot neared further to the earth,Henry's pupils constricted

He saw a living body falling down.

His intelligence told that it was not possible for someone to fall down from the sky at the height higher than Aeroplane's usual flying attitude unless or until he/she fell down from rocket his hunger for the knowledge activated.

Unknowingly his legs began to move and he ran towards the direction where the person was going to fall.

While looking in the sky he ran like a wild beast when it sees free food without need if hunting

Henry entered the nearby forest while looking in the sky.

He ran through poisonous plants,stumped on a snake in the way and finally he fell in the pond.

All his clothes and the body covered in mud but he didn't care about it and looked in the sky while rubbing his eyes with his hands.

But he was disappointed he can't find the trace of falling person.

Henry moved further when he took a step out of the pond,he felt something fell on his back then it climbed up on his shoulder


Henry turned his head and saw a white colored cute adorable little kitten with brown ears and blue Colored eyes sat on his shoulder,It was cute enough to attract all the male cats in the vicinity.

But before Henry takes any action


A loud thumping sound was heard

then the grass and foot steps sound which was coming nearer nearer can be heard.

Without delaying anymore Henry began to run again,he thought that this cute looking kitten is very vicious it provoked some wild animal in the forest

Henry ran and ran but the foot steps neared him more for every second.

Finally when Henry exhausted he turned back

From around 10m away he saw a wild wolf rushing towards him,Henry then saw a big banyan tree,he did not hesitate and started to climb the tree

soon the wolf also reached the tree and it also began to climb up

Henry climbed up the tree like a monkey and finally he stopped at the branch which is nor too thick and thin and sat there


Following the sound Henry looked downwards and saw the wolf falling down.

The falling wolf caught nearby branch with his two front legs and tried to climb up again

The wolf fell again when he tried to climb the branch from where it fell down.

The wolf persisted and tried and again but failed every time finally it gave up.

Seeing this from the top of branch Henry relieved.

Henry turned caught the cute kitten in his hands and lifted it upwards facing its face with his face

"You little guy,How did you provoke the wolf?"

Henry shouted with anger.

But when he saw fear in the eyes of kitten

He first thought that he might really have scared it but when he looked at the cute kitten again he saw that the kitten was looking in the sky.

Following the gaze of the kitten Henry looked at the sky.

"....Oh my god....."

Henry cried out in fear....

He saw the originally blue colored sky turning red with flames and felt the change in temperature then he saw many meteorites falling down

He felt chill in his heart,It looked like Apocalypse.

When a meteorite fell his nearby area he saw the originally green area reduced to black crater,He saw many lives turned into dust,The animals in the forest started to shout and run...

"Is this the end?"

"Am I going to die just like that ?"

"I have always dreamed to something for the humanity like Einstein,J.J Thompson"

Various thoughts ran through Mark Henry's mind

When Henry saw a meteor falling towards him,

Henry knew that death is closing to him

he closed his eyes.


Sound of blast then


The sound when heard by Henry,he opened his eyes and first looked at his whole which covered with mud then he turned his head and saw the little cat on his shoulder

"Am I alive?"

Henry thought then he put his right hand on his chest at left side

"Lub dub lub dub..."

He heard sound of his heartbeat then he thought

"Am I dreaming ?"

He pinched his left hand with his right hand and yelled


"Are you OK?"

When Henry heard this sweet and foreign voice he lifted his head and saw a silhouette flying in the air 1 meter away from him

Henry was shocked before he could open his mouth


The sound vibrated and flames enveloped all his surroundings

Henry noticed that the flames were being resisted by other flames which were being emitted by the mysterious female in front of him.

This scene made him to remember the TV shows like Avengers,Dragon Ball Z,Naruto,One piece...

"Could super natural powers exist?"

Henry thought to himself

The red colored surrounding soon turned black and many big rocks can be seen

Henry was no fool he realized that the last blast destroyed whole planet and the remaining atmosphere would soon disappear.

When henry saw the silhouette falling he jumped from tree and caught her in his embrace and when looked her closely at her,he realized that she was peerless beauty,she had a perfect attractive body with snow-white skin,The most noticeable fact was she has pupil yellow color surrounded with red color.

"I am sorry ,everything is happened because of my father and I was too powerless to stop this destruction which occurred because of them"

"I got very less time,the only thing I can give you is my core flame which is wasted on me.I hope you can show its real might in future"

.....These words were spoken by her with difficulty following the words she grabbed Henry's neck and kissed him.

"Meow,Meow "

The cat cried and jumped away from the shoulder of Henry.

Henry's body is boiling and a lot of heat is being released from his body pores but henry is actually feeling warm and he can sense that something is being transfered into his body from the beauty who is kissing him .

After a while she released Henry

Her face was pale and it looked like she was being close to death,her body began to be transparent

Seeing it Henry wanted to open his mouth but before he did,she touched his chest

Henry felt like he was being enveloped by an invisible energy the cat returned on his shoulder immediately.

Soon Henry's & cat's figure vanished from the sight.

The pale beauty slowly disappeared while regretting her powerlessness.

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