Rise of Almighty

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Unknown Land


......Henry woke up while crying out loud and if anyone would have looked at him currently, one could easily observe that his gloomy face with pained expression.

Henry did not care about his surroundings for about 10 minutes as he still found his body burning.

When Henry came back to his senses,

he immediately recalled the unbelievable things that happened to him along his sister's naughtyness, and the smiling face of his grandma,the happy days he spent on earth,the elders of him who had great expectations on him for being next Einstein.

Specially when he thought about his sister, her cheerfulness, her smile, his time with her tears began to roll down from his eyes.

After a few minutes Henry hardened his heart and looked around, and he found himself inside a room usually made up of wood, when Henry looked up he can see the ceiling is made up of a bunch of dried grass

As Henry was still looking around


The door opened and


A cat ran into the room.

"Hey kitty,this not fair" while uttering the words a child walked in.

Henry who was looking around the room turned his vision towards the door and saw a boy who looks around 6 years old standing there,Henry looked into his eyes and similarly the child looked back into Henry's eyes



The child yelled.



what happened?"

an old man rushed inside the room.

Henry saw the old man and the old man saw Henry,Both are staring at each other very seriously.Henry observed that the clothes of old man and the child are of little historical clothes of the earth,He took notice of that they are not shirts instead their clothes are plain with no buttons which extended from top to bottom.

It was silent atmosphere no one talked,


"So,you are awake"

the old man broke the atmosphere.

Henry nodded his head,

"Thank you verymuch senior for helping me"

he bowed his down towards the old man

which shows his gratitude and respect for the old man.

Seeing the respectful gesture of the kid in front of him,on serious face of the old man suddenly a smile can be seen.

"Good,good, I am only doing which a true human needed to do,you don't need to be too courteous"

The old man all smiles.


"Senior,you are such a good human being,Senior if you don't mind please tell me how did you find me"

Henry straitened his face and eagerly looking towards the old man for an answer.




When old man about to open his mouth,

"Stop flattering grandpa,we found you in red forest nakedly lying on the ground,

who knows what actually you were doing"

The child yelled in anger while ridiculing.

Henry did not mind the child but he can't help but check his body,his cheeks turned red as he found himself wearing nothing but only covered with a blanket.

Then Henry looked at the old man with question marked face



"As you know this old man is poor,so this poor soul unable to afford to lent you a set of clothes"

But Henry did not believe him not affording a set of clothes as Henry can see bunch of clothes lying in the corner of the room.

seeing Henry's gaze towards the clothes lying in the corner

"Stop dreaming about those clothes,you lecher"

kid shouted.

At the same time


The cat raised its head from the clothes and first looked Henry,then at the kid and at the old man.

"meow meow,meow meow"

It seemed to say something and then it looked at Henry and grabbed a set of clothes with it's mouth



It ran away outside from between the legs of the old man.

"Stop! stop!"

The kind face of old man turned red and yelled loudly


The cat did not look like it heard anything and soon disappeared from the sight.

"Awww... ",the angry old man turned towards Henry and shouted "Isn't it your cat?".

Henry was flabbergasted due to sudden turn of the events as he was still thinking that the old man would give him guidance about his current place,elderly teachings but unexpectedly everything turned upside.

"Go,get me back the clothes"

The old man gripped Henry's neck,lifted him and kicked him out of the door.


The door has been shut down.


Henry was cursing inwardly,His eyes moved from top to bottom,finding the blanket covering his body he took a deep breath in relief.

But the minute happiness did not last long


the door opened again.

"You lecher,I am taking back my blanket"

The kid pulled the blanket in the next instant


the door closed,


the wind blew,Henry felt chills and finally he realized his current predicament,He is standing fully naked in front of door of a small wooden house and there are people around him.

The people were whispering something,Henry looked toward them but they avoided his gaze by looking around but Henry turned other way they started looking at him again probably they are looking at his bare naked body.

Henry covered his front part with his hand out of embarrassment,

"You old man,I won't forgive you and wait I will bring back the clothes and teach you guys a lesson"

Henry was naturally angry but the old man did help him so he could not repay him by stealing his things.

Technically,Henry did not do anything wrong but the cat did,It does not matter whether the cat belongs to him or not as the cat came along with him after the destruction of the earth.In his heart Henry is responsible for the actions of the cat as a fellow earthling.

Now Henry started walking,as he walked he realized that he is probably in a small village while Henry was walking he heard many voices

"mommy look at that guy,haahaaa...."

"shut up Bintu,Don't get close to that guy,he is pervert "

Henry did not mind and continued to explore the village.


A familiar voice was heard,

Henry stopped his steps and looked back

and found a 6 kids holding 5m long sticks each.

"You can fool Grandpa Luo,but not us"


The kids moved forward and began to beat up Henry with sticks,

Henry could not let them beat him nor he wanted to hurt them so he tried to catch and hold the sticks.



sticks landed on his body,Henry was able to hold 3 stcks but two landed on his body one at the back and other at the front,specially the front of Henry made him realize the true pain.


a shadow brushed past,

Henry's anger sky rocketed he couldn't contain it any longer and began running after the shadow,

"Chase him"

The hateful kid shouted.

The children followed Henry.


The cat entered forest while carrying something with it's mouth


it climbed tree and jumped on another

"Damn Cat, wait"

A naked silhouette can be seen chasing after the cat and climbing the tree but when he put his hand on particular branch of the tree

"Zee zeee....."

Henry suddenly had an omious feeling about it then a pack of bees appeared

"fucking cat"

Henry cursed and began to ran randomly,Henry approached a lake


Henry dived into it and waited for sometime and when he finally found no bee was around he came back to the surface.

"Damn Cat"

Henry roared.


Not far away from Henry,The cat was looking at Henry with a mocking expression.


Henry ran towards it,the cat began to run again

After some time of chasing

a black colored figure appeared outside a cave

"That bastard cat went inside the cave,You wait once I catch you I will skin you alive"

Henry entered the cave,

At the same time a kid appeared outside cave and shouted

"Boss boss boss"

4 more kids appeared.

"What happened Redlap?"

"I saw him entering into the cave"

"Are you afraid?" the kid who is supposed to be boss asked


others answered "Then let's go"

Following the voice everyone entered the cave.

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