Rise of Almighty

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Idiot Girl

"Redlap, I can't see anything"

"Yeah, Redlap"

"Are you sure that guy entered the cave?"



it's too dark, I don't want to go further ahead"

"Boss let's go back "

The communication between the kids continued as they continued to walk.

"Timmy,don't be afraid as long as I am here nothing will happen to you,just count on me"

Boss kid assured Timmy

"Boss Zen,I know you are here but what if suddenly some wild animal like tiger charges towards us in this darkness or some ghost hunt us"

Timmy described his concerns to everyone.

"you dummy, don't you know who your boss is ?"

" I am brother of the great battle master Rewlong,the battle master's blood runs through my veins"

"if a ghost dares to face us, I will beat it down until it remembers it's mommy and if a beast dares to attack us I will roast it alive to fill my appetite"

Zen continued to boast while they were taking steps forward into the cave.

"yes, boss is invincible, forget about ghosts and beasts,he can even kill devils and gods alike"

Buntoo replied.

Buntoo is the most loyal &blind follower and bootlicker of Zen in the village, If Zen boasts about him he always extravagant it further to beyond lies.

Buntoo, Zen, Redlap,Timmy and Ivar are very popular in the village for their nerve wracking services,wherever they went together,they created troubles and one such incident is they stole the clothes of women which were placed near the river bank while the women were bathing and didn't give it back until the village elder himself handled the situation,no one in the village dared to ignore their presence specially when these little devils are one's doorstep.


the other two guys followed with a weak voice while actually they were scared specially Timmy whose steps are a lot slower while his body was shaking uncontrollable manner while Ivar did not open his mouth nor did he show no expressions at all sticking true to his nick name silent devil.

the little devils continued to move forward in the darkness,suddenly


a big roar is vibrated throughout the cave it looked as if the the cave is shaking


Timmy was the first one to react by freking out,he could no longer control himself and immediately ran towards the direction where they came from.

"stop Tommy,I am here,you don't need to panic,stop"

Zen shouted out loudly by turning around but actually he himself was shivering.

not only Tommy,but others did also turn around and about to run

"where do you think,you are going?,don't even think about returning to the village until we beat down the lecher who fooled my grandpa and bring back my brother's clothes"

but forcefully stopped by Zen.

and the group continued


another gigantic roar shook the cave,

"Don't be terrified,I am here"

even though Zen was trying hard to not be frightened,his body is shaking wildly but he still trying his best to look as fearless as possible on outside

"guys,let's conti....."

before he completes his sentence


something fell upon on his shoulder,his face turned ugly while he grinding his teeth


Zen was the first one to ran back


others followed.

at the same time a silhouette arrived at the scene

"wtf with those roars,damn cat please don't mess with the beast"

and he moved forward,this silhouette is none other than Henry,he is very depressed after loosing his closed ones and the earth but now his luck is so bad because of a cat which came together with him.He never thought that he would be in such a pitiful position where he did not have any clothes to cover his body.He,the next Einstein landed in such a state and the anger towards the cat he held is already crossed his limit if given a choice he might skin it alive.

Henry continued to move forward while his every step is with caution and careful planning even though he can't see anything in darkness,still human eye could grasp movements of shadows,Henry was using this ability to it's fullest along his other senses to avoid random accidents.

as Henry moved on,

"oh,shit not now"

he felt his tank filled up and needed to unload it right now,he started searching for a suitable spot,first he thought of the walls of the cave as the best option but immediately he rejected his idea by thinking who knows when a beast ambush him from the wall specially insects like bees,Henry was searching for the right spot by wandering around but his pipe refused to be blocked


Henry took a deep breadth and finally relieved his urge as he was still in his tiny happiness

"aa...where is this water come from?"

a female voice sounded.

"no,wait this is not water,it stinks,my clothes have been ruined"

Henry's face turned stiff and halted his job.

damn my luck,why it always happens to me ? just why?

Henry inwardly cursing his luck,Henry tried his best to stay calm and does make any movements and noise.

while on other hand the female was coming nearer and nearer to Henry

"Damn,it stinks like hell,where this stinking water comes from?"

"Wait something stinks much more "

She closed her nose with her delicate fingers and blinked once to concentrate and finally she can vaguely see a shadow exactly about 30 cm away from her.

What is this?Is this a beast? or a rotten statue? her thoughts are wandering here and there.

"Let's find out"

After saying this to herself,she took a long breath then she put her hand on her back and took out a bow and an arrow,she put arrow on the string and pulled it back then released it.


The arrow passed by just a hair length distance away from Henry's head on right side.

Henry suddenly jolted.

It's definitely is a beast,the girl thought and when she is about to launch another arrow

on the other hand Henry's face turned pale he could not hold it in any longer and


This again,no this is not water

she observed the beast standing front of her carefully and after seeing the source of the water i.e the thing hanging at the bottom of the beast

this is pee?

How dare a beast to pee on me?

killing intent was being emitted from her eyes.

"You beast,I will cut your ***"

I am done for,I provoked a disaster this time,there is only one way!

Henry dashed past the girl by ignoring her and began move faster and faster

The sudden movement made her to be in daze for a few seconds,

"wait,do you think you can run off just like that?"

She shouted,she had never been humiliated to such an extent by anyone before,this is such a disgrace to any human regardless of gender,In the rage even though she could not see properly she held her bow tightly and began to shoot randomly towards Henry.

Henry while fleeing felt chill on the back but he did not dare to look back as he remembered the arrow that almost killed him.




As Henry ran arrows flew from around Henry,

Henry drenched in sweat.

This can't be continued,I should be doing something ,She has been chasing me for over 20 minutes already,sooner or later an arrow may hit me and also my stamina is running out.

over these 20 minutes,Henry escaped from the grasp of death many times,luck played a lot of importance for him to be not to be injured until now.

Henry realized about his current situation he kept on pressuring his brain to find a solution and finally his wisdom kicked in.

Henry began to increase his pace rapidly and disappeared from the vague sight of her

"Where is this damn beast go?"

The silhouette stopped and started to search around,her steps became slower but she still held bow in her hand,she shot a few arrows randomly again.


an arrow landed exactly in front of Henry.

Damn bitch,Henry cursed in his heart.

Currently he is lying on the floor facing the land,Henry could not describe his pitiful situation right now even after many years Henry could not let go of today's terror of being hunted down by a girl.

I should first get rid of damn bow,Henry planned.

Henry began to crawl very slowly and began to search for pebbles finally he gathered three pebbles and about to search for her whereabouts,

"Woohhh!! Fu** beast where did it hide?"

she walked next to Henry,Henry tensed up as his silhouette is just an inch away from her legs.

wait,the smell

she closed her nose,as the smell was too close she thought

It might be around here.

"Damn Beast,If you are a man come out and face me"

She was trying to provoke the beast even after knowing that the beast can't understand her actually the purpose of doing it so just to vent her anger out,but contradictory to her believes,

"You Idiot girl,I am right here"

she heard an answer and saw a silhouette leaping up towards her


Henry smashed her head using pebbles.


out of pain she dropped her bow.

chance,Henry whispered and did not loose the oputunity by

grabbing the bow ,he stood firmly facing her.


"You are not a beast"

She trembled while asking.

"Who told you that I am a beast?Isn't it your own assumption?"

"Then why are you naked??"

Hearing the question Henry pondered as almost forgot himself being naked.

"wait,How do you know that I am naked?"

She did not reply but pointed her finger towards Henry's thing

Sensing someone pointing towards it Henry's thing erected proudly as declaring to the world that Yes,I am here.

"you idiot girl,What are you doing? don't try something bad,I am not that type guy,move your hands away"

Henry spoke out loudly.

"Me Idiot?and I am trying to do something?it's you shameless bastard roaming around naked...."

The girl finished her sentence immediately by objecting Henry.

"Then,are you really not planning anything??"

Henry voice pitched low when he questioned her.

"Why do I plan on doing something????,Are you some kind of celebrity for me to opt for such under handed methods?"

she does not wanna back down at the same time her thoughts revolved.

what am I doing?why am I chatting with him?and why the hell I seemed to be as villain while actually he is the one who ruined my clothes and humiliated me and why am I reasoning with him?


Henry released his breath,

"To think that I misunderstood,sorry "

Henry bent his head down in a respectful way to show his sincerity.

watching the shadow of person bending in a respectful way it seemed as all of her anger dissipated for a movement and she said

"No problem".

"Ok,then I will take my leave "

Henry about to leave,

"wait,give me back my bow"

"why should I?"

"Because it's mine"

"Forget it,it's mine now"

"No,give it back"

"What do I get if I give it back??"

The girl froze hearing it and she couldn't object to Henry if he wanted to trade so she had too

"What do you want?"

"Nothing much,just some money and enough water to take a bath "

" I don't have money nor water "

"then forget the bow"

Henry began to run,seeing him run she tensed up as the bow is very important to her as it's her battle relic as a

battle master and specially when it was gifted to her by her in name brother who is like a real brother to her.

"Stop,I got water but not money you can ask for anything in place of money"

"Stop,you bastard"

"I said you to stop"

"If you don't stop then I will pierce an arrow from your heart"

Henry continued to run by pretending to not to hear anything,as Henry began to move farther and farther from her and about to fade away from her vision,a terror ran through her

"No,,,,Please stop"

Henry stopped.

"You said that you will fulfish any demand"

Henry asked for the confirmation.


She replied.

"Then how about a set of clothes?"

Henry was serious when talking about clothes as he does not got any.

"I don't have male clothes"

"Why don't you have male clothes?"

Henry questioned to her reply.

Who does he thinks I am?Some sort of cloth seller?poor girl inwardly murmuring herself.

"Then you should compensate"

"What type of compensation do you want?"

Henry pondered for a while then he said

"As concerned of clothes I can manage yours even though it's far from enough so give me your clothes and a kiss"

"You,you,you....want my clothes"

Henry nodded.

"Shameless bastard,don't you have even a bit if shame"

Henry's expression remained serious.

looking the serious face she gritted her tooth and finally took out a pouch and opened from the pouch a glass containing water and a set of women clothes appeared.

"Take these"

She threw the clothes towards Henry and Henry caught them.

"And this"

Henry approached her to take the glass and she handed it to him.

"I want water to bath but not to drink"

even though Henry could not see properly in darkness he can deduce the size by it's vague picture.

"You bumpkin,place this on the ground it will expand to bucket size including volume of water"

she thaught Henry.

"Oh..,"Henry nodded in understanding and "what about these things where did you keep them I don't see any big bag on you?"

"I kept it in my spatial pouch"

"looks like a good product"

"don't you dare to have any thoughts on it?,it's mine"

"Don't worry,I won't"

She placed her palm with opened five fingers indicating Henry to return the bow

"Not yet"

"I gave you what you wanted,you should stand by your promise"

"No,you did not,did you forget about the kiss?"

"What did you say? 😠😠😠"

She raged again.


"when did I agree on that?"

"then forget the bow "

"no...give a minute "

She calmed herself but her feelings are out of control.

"Wait here,I will go and take bath first I am stinking I think you won't mind but I mind the cleanliness"


Henry disappeared before she opens her mouth.

Henry did not go much farther he just took a 20 steps away from her and sat down can this thing really expand ? with these thoughts Henry gazed at the glass on his hand.

Let's see,Henry confronted himself and he placed it on the ground.


Henry surprised as he saw the glass to turn into a bucket,

Oh there are really many magical things in this world,that so called spatial pouch looks good to next time I will bargain it from her.

Henry chuckled.He observed that it had 2 buttons and he pressed one of them


The upper closed part of the bucket disappeared and the water was hot and boiling,Henry wanted to place his hands into the bucket but he halted as of some realization,then he searched the area for something and finally took the bath and wore the clothes.

After waiting for quite while for Henry,the poor girl had many thoughts

such as did he dupe me?,Why is he taking too long? What should I do if he does not come back?

as she still lost in her thoughts she heard

"Where are you?"



She jolted,Henry came near to her by following the voice.

"Are you ready?"

Her cheeks turned red

"Don't you want bow?"

"I want"

"Then are you ready ?"


Henry closed into her following her approval,Her heart began to beat faster

5 inch..

4 inch..

3 inch..

as Henry decreased the distance between them,her heart began to race faster and faster and finally when Henry's lips are almost near to her lips,she closed her eyes.

she never thought her first kiss would be something so crappy because as a girl she had always been dreamed of having a handsome and outstanding boy friend and the scene of her first kiss dreamt to be very spectacular and romantic but not be like filled with darkness and the one who was going to take her first kiss is complete jerk but not handsome guy.

unknowingly a tear rolled down from her eyes,she waited,waited and waited but surprisingly could not detect any sign of kiss,after waiting for long opened her eyes and tried to locate Henry but Henry vanished,then she heard a voice

"You idiot girl,did you really think that I need your kiss,how naive?I was just kidding,don't forget to take a bath you are stinking" from far away.

She turned towards voice but could not find anything,and when she remembered about the bow.

you liar,she cursed but she took a step forward she stumbled upon something she sat and tried to identify the object

she smiled as she found bow and she also felt other objects one of them is the glass

You want me to take bath with this empty vessel! I ain't idiot while talking to herself inwardly she lifted the glass but finding it still half filled she delighted and found it unbelievable.

Henry finally after getting rid of her began to search for the cat again,he walked aimlessly and finally his steps suspended as he saw three entrances one of them is bright showing presence of light while other two remained dark.


The cave shook again,as sound was being vibrated from every corner of the cave Henry could not find the actual source.

Henry finally decided to enter the cave where light is present so at least he can escape,if there is a beast residing inside it.Incase of other caves if a beast resides there,it is almost impossible to escape.

and then Henry entered the bright cave.

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