Rise of Almighty

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What Kind of Grandma?

"Yug, Help me to hold him down"

a man covered in red plate armour shouted.

"Wait!, try your best to hold it down until my relic completes to observe air".

Yug replied while holding a blue colored staff,the upper part of staff is spherical in shape and had several holes, It was currently sucking air present in the surroundings.


A winged white tiger with black patterns on it threw itself at the man with the red armour

"Damn Avatar, do you think I will loose to you"

"Ultimate Defence"

The red armoured man shouted,Instantly the armour began to glow,it is looked as if the armour is source of light itself soon a spherical shield formed from the light which has some runes carved in it,the runes began to rotate forming a great defence.



The winged tiger struck at the spherical light shield created by red armoured man.



It lifted it's palms and pounced at the man, the shield and the tiger collided many times, every time they matched sparks were generated

"Yug,are you done? I can't stop it any longe........"

"Swift Tornado"



wind around the tiger started to rotate,


In the blink of an eyes the tiger was enveloped in a huge tornado

"It is trapped,let's begin the offence"

Yug wore an expression of calmness as he described the situation.

Yug waved his hand in air


two rods each with one sharp end appeared.

"catch it,Zumen"

Yug yelled while throwing one of the rods towards red armoured man.

Zumen held the rod and along Yug,they began to pierce the tornado not really the tornado but the white tiger inside it.


The tiger shouted in pain but still these two guys continued to pierce it.

"Guys if you don't mind I would like to join the fun"

A foreign voice appeared out of nowwhere.

"Who is there??"

Two fellows while continuing their assault on the target in front of them still blurted out the question.

"Not someone important"

Henry actually did not want to disturb them but actually he had to, as he found the clothes that made him to run,hide and even almost took his life barely hanging near to a rock near the tornado. If these fellows could not finish off the tiger fast then the clothes might be sucked into the tornado with very high probability of being torn apart.

Henry could not afford that outcome,so he barged in,as Henry do not own any weapons he just picked up nearby rocks and began to throw them at tornado.

The two guys currently battling the beast but they did not forget to pay attention to the this new comer.

seeing him throwing rocks and pebbles towards them

"Fuck..Are you out of your mind?"

Simultaneously both of them yelled.

"No,I am not,just helping you"

Henry's reply was filled with an apologetic tone.

"Damn you"

they cursed out loudly at the same time in synchronization.


Yug got hit on his head as the rocks began to scatter from the tornado,their momentum disrupted.


The winged tiger retaliated and jumped towards Zumen.

Without a second thought Zumen yelled

"Ultimate Defence"

Zumen formed shield of light and at the same time Yug recovered his calmness and both of them turned defensive.

"Oops,Sorry I did not expect that"

Henry's voice sounded and it somehow seemed to be very hateful to both of their


Naturally Henry did not stand IDLE,he grabbed the clothes and finally felt that he accomplished something.

After seeing the two people fighting so vigorously with the winged tiger.

"Oh! you guys were holding back"

Anger,Rage no word could describe the peak anger of the duo,they started fighting the winged tiger not only with full strength but also in a reckless manner.

Henry accomplished his task so he got no reason to involve himself in others business,he tried to slip away silently but fate was not on his side. The duo in their anger killed the winged tiger in no time

and when the tiger was about to die,it emitted light then turned into a petal which is mostly looked like lotus petal and then it scattered.

This phenomena caught Henry's interest in turn he forgot about running away.

"You are still here"

After finishing of winged tiger,the duo approached Henry,Henry nodded his head

"What's with the beast?m"

Is this guy in nuts?He is asking us questions like nothing happened.

the duo thought.

Suddenly the duo did also forget about the previous incident as they noticed something weird as the guy standing before their eyes was wearing a mini skirt and a jacket.

What the heck?Why this guy dressed like women?don't tell me...

similar thoughts ran through in both of their minds

"Hey you,what was that just now?"

Henry took steps towards them while unknowingly the duo began to take steps in backward direction.

But Henry was faster,Henry thought to touch Yug's weapon and lifted his hand to do so.

"Don't touch me "

Yug backed off.

At the same time Zumen while

"Who are you?"

Zumen asked him again,this was straight forward question asking him about his identity.

"Me?,I am Henry and I live in nearby village"

"Are all the villagers are weirdos like you?"

As Zumen wanted to ask something Yug interupted.

"Do I like weirdo?In what angle so?"

Hearing the term weirdo Henry began to loose his coolness

"Look at your dress"

Zumen said while he pointed his rod towards Henry.

"Oh,this is"

Henry scratched his head then replied

"Actually when I entered the forest from the village,I saw an old and helpless grandma cooking alone while sitting under the tree,I offered her help and gathered all the required materials but one was missing,I suggested the old woman to start cooking while I bring back the last integradient and when I returned I saw that grandma was on fire,I immediately ran towards grandma undressed myself and................."

Henry halted narratating the story.

The duo who were listening so attentively and had been eagerly waiting for the next part felt disappointed as there was not a single sound from Henry.

"Bro...what happened next?"

Yug taking his pride down asked in a respectful way.

"Do you guys want me to continue?"

"Yes,we do"

Henry questioned while Zumen replied.

"You know so much about me,but I don't know anything about you guys"

Henry indirectly asked for their identity as Henry knew that the first step to socialize is about knowing the other person on edge.

Getting the meaning behind the question,Zumen opened his mouth

"We are Battle Masters from the nearby city Palamuru"

"Battle Masters?What the heck are they?

and why are you here?"

Henry back to back threw the questions at Zumen.

Fu..this guy does not know about Battle masters,Does he take me to a fool?

these are inner voices of Zumen but he did not dare to show it on his face

"Bro,I see you don't have any idea about Battle Masters let me tell you how they originated listen to it very carefully"


Henry asked him to stop and closed his eyes

"What happened?"

"Bro,Are you alright?"

despite being able to listen to Zumen,Henry did not open his eyes for five minutes and when Henry opened his eyes he said

"Nothing,I was just praying you continue"

Praying!!my ass,Zumen cursed inwardly

but still started to depict the history

"Long long ago,it is said that there were some humans with super natural strength and power,they used to fly in air like birds,they could cut the mountains like cutting grass and there were even some who got the power to destroy the world,it is assumed that their source of power is something called cultivation but something happened likely to be a big crisis in which all of them perished,Some them refused to perish without leaving behind their legacy so it is not clear how they did it but they put all their powers into their beloved weapons or precious objects that's how relics are born"

"Relics?what the hell are they?"

Henry raised his doubt.

Damn you,don't you know you know relics? look at your eyes you are still staring at Yug's relic like you want to swallow it.

Zumen gritted his teeth while his one hand touching the armour and a finger of other hand pointed towards the staff of yug he said

"Brother,these are relics"

"Oh.....so these toys are relics"

Henry nodded his head in approval with the above words.

Toys?these are toys? Zumen wanna cry but could not.

"Are these the same as the one which are empowered by powerful and deity like figure?"


Zumen finally understood that Henry is really ignorant about these things and was not pretending after hearing his question.

"I thought so,these toys are jus useless like you two"

Henry's words filled with his approval but to the duo this sounded like an insult.

You bumpkin,what do you know about us?and what basis you dare to judge us without any knowledge about history and battle masters itself.

Zumen want to say these words out but he really wanted to know more about the grandma as he had fantasized many times doing that thing with old women.

"Brother,let me continue I am not yet"

Zumen requested Henry.

"ok,you can continue"

Henry sat down after saying it as Henry felt his legs were paining a little.

"The relics which were formed by those so called powerful beings also known cultivators are called as cultivator relics,the relics which we got currently are artificial relics made by the Scholar Academy after several years of research on cultivator and natural relics and natural relics as the name implies formed within the nature itself,there is no proper proof how they formed but it is believed that after the crisis the residual energies from the dead bodies of the cultivators is absorbed by the land producing natural relics and those who use relics to battle are known as Battle Masters regardless of whatever be the relic is "

Zumen finally concluded the long boring history.

"Why are you here in this cave?what about the beast just now?"

Henry immediately asked without giving Zumen a break to take breath.

"Let me explain it"

Yug came forward and began his explanation

"The beast which you actually saw is not a beast at all,it was just a petal of the guardian of natural relic lotus which transformed itself into the beast and this cave is where the natural relic lotus resides and.."

"So you two stupid greedy masters arrived here in order to hunt down a natural relic"

"Stop kidding,do you think natural relic is any cabbage such that anyone can pluck it?,screw that In whole history only five people were able to obtain natural relic each"

"Then you guys are such a brain less fellows who does not know life from death"

"You moron,we are here to practice "

"Practice?what kind of practice do you great masters need?"

"Of course we are preparing for champion league"

"Champion league?what is that?"

"You bumpkin,you don't even know that?Champion league is..."


Zumen shouted loudly and interrupted the conversation.

Yug who lost his coolness regained his composer after hearing that shout.

"Sorry brother that information is available to only Battle Masters"

Zumen explained himself.

"Ok,I understand and earlier you fought with only a petal of guardian,so natural relics got guardian"

Henry's mind actually bugged with this question.

"Not guardian but guardians we don't know the exact number but we are currently facing the weakest one"

"I see then why hell are you guys wasting your time here?let's go and defeat it"

fuckkk you are the one keeping us here all the time Yug wanted to say it loud but thinking twice he swallowed his words.

"We are actually waiting for our team mates"

"No need to wait any longer,We are here"

a famine voice sounded followed by a beautiful girl looked to be in her 20's with a face looked like a jade and slim waist carrying Iron bracelets in her hands,she wore mini blue dress revealing her slim legs adjacent to her there was another girl but she covered her face with mask and wore a black frock covering her whole body from top to bottom carrying a bow she did not look like anything special from a single look but somehow she felt familiar to Henry specially that Henry recognized her but pretended to not to recognize her and there was also a man who revealed his muscled upper torso but had metal gloves.

"And this is?"

pointing towards Henry the beautiful girl asked the duo

"I am their partner and my name is Henry,pleased to meet you"

Henry introduced himself.

Fuckkkk when did we become your partners?what the hell are you saying ?

looking at Henry and his attire and duo the beauty did not reply to Henry but said

"I did not know that you had such hobbies"

"Aloo,listen to us,this is misunderstanding"

Zumen want to justify himself


Yug supported Zumen

"You guys don't need to worry,I don't mind such things neither others"

while saying these words she glanced at two beside her.

they nodded in return.

"Aloo,please listen..."

"Zumen,stop blabbering we are getting late,let's go and defeat the guardian"

the muscular man shouted and these people moved further in"

"Henry!!what the hell did you say?"

Zumen could not handle his rage anymore and shouted out.

"I said we are partners,aren't we?we are just about to go and defeat the guardian so that makes us partners right?"

Henry reasoned.


Zumen could think of words to reply

"But people will misunderstand"

Yug joined.

"They are nothing but fools,if they misunderstand"

Yug could not find any other words to refute and uttered

"Let's follow them"

The trio slowly started to follow them.

after taking some unknown amount of steps the group rejoined,Aloo once a while began to look at Henry.

"What's wrong sister Aloo?"

"It's nothing March Butterfly,it just feels like I have seen that dress some where"

March Butterfly shuddered hearing this and said

"Don't think too much,there are multiple similar dresses out there"

"May be you are right,but still the combination is looking very similar,let's forget about it for now"

The group travelled for a while before halting in front of a white looking lotus,Henry on their way came to know all of their names March Butterfly,Aloo,Zumen,Yug and Diode.

"Prepare for the battle"

Aloo warned

"Charge "

the group moved near to the white lotus leaving Henry a little back.

Henry began to observe them.

Zumen was the first person to move straight forwardly towards the lotus

"Ultimate Defence"

Zumen activated his ultimate move from the begining itself while Yug and Aloo hid behind him,March Butterfly placed herself in a quite safe place she lifted her bow and shot a normal arrow.

sensing approaching arrow the lotus flew in air and released a petal in the direction of the arrow.

the petal and the arrow collided,arrow broke into two halves while the petal moved straight at March Butterfly,March Butterfly reacted quickly and dodged the petal mean while Zumen arrived near the lotus,the lotus as if saw Zumen,it's small and thin roots dug deeper into the ground.

All of a sudden as thick as diameter of a mug long white roots torn the ground and arrived near the Zumen to hit him with full force.

Zumen stood there without moving and protected Aloo and Yug

And March Butterfly continued her long range attacks

one hit,two hit,three hit....

Zumen stood there as the roots him multiple times,now two roots approached at him simultaneously but this time seemed to be little bit difference Aloo held the rings of hand cuffs in both of her hands each and as soon as the roots hit Zumen and began to retreat Aloo dashed forward and successfully put the bracelets on the tips of two roots which were currently preparing for the next attack

after placing the bracelets,Aloo shouted

"Lock Down"

two chains emerged from two bracelets and connected together then

unexpectedly the roots stoped moving not only the roots but also the lotus,it is as of lotus paralysed but that was not the case because the petals of the lotus paused in mid air neither fell down nor moved front and backwards.

Henry concluded that this skill stops time for a particular individual that is whoever be wearing the bracelets.

Henry was astonished but others did not,grabbing the opportunity Diode who was hiding all the time appeared beside the lotus and started punching lotus madly

"Rapid Boost"

the metal gloves of Diode enlarged and boosted his punches



with every punch there sparks flew,soon others also approached the immovable lotus and started hitting it.


Henry praised.

it looked as if the lotus was about to be defeated on the surface but slowly

the immovable lotus began to emit gray light and instantly it created a strong repelling force


Along the gray waves all of them repelled back,the lotus began to float much higher and it became so aggresive such that it began to hit all of them with roots extending from the ground without giving them the required rest.

Only two people were exempt from this assault they are Henry and March Butterfly.

March Butterfly did not stand idle,she held her bow and put an arrow into it while releasing the arrow she shouted

"Fire Arrow"

the arrow began to burn but it did not disintegrate instead carried the fire power towards the lotus.

the descending fire arrow as it hit something in air repelled back towards her

"Ice Arrow"

March Butterfly launched another but this one emitted coldness and looked like as if it is made up of ice


the ice arrow collided with the fire arrow and neutralized it.

seeing that March Butterfly could not do anything

"Over,it's over.....we are gonna die"

Aloo uttered the words in despair.


Diode was still resisting the attacking roots,seeing Aloo in despair he shouted

"Don't give up"

The silent Henry finally acted "You still have chance to defeat it,so don't give up"

Listening to Henry,Aloo felt disdain and shouted

"You creep,you don't know anything how can we win when we can't even escape from here"

"You can if you follow my instructions,just give it a try either way you do not have other choice"

Henry's words filled with a sense of pursuasion.

"sis Aloo,let's do as brother says"

Zumen who is along yug defending the right side of Aloo supported Henry.

"Zumen,how many more times can you use ultimate defence?"

Henry asked.


Zumen replied.

"More than enough,Yug you focus only on observing air such that you can create a dense and powerful tornado,Diode prepare to use your powerful punch I don't if it exist but I believe it so,March Butterfly distract the lotus with your arrows and use only normal arrows "

Henry gave orders after orders

"Zumen jump up and use your ultimate defence"

"Ultimate Defence"

Zumen jumped and yelled and as expected a spherical yellow colored shield formed around him the only difference was that now he seems to like tapped in yellow ball compared to to previous times where his sphere shield covered from top to bottom but extended up to only his toes.

"Diode use your most powerful punch"

"Great Smash"

the glove of diode became much larger but the movement speed and attack speed of diode did not decrease at all


sparks flew as the punch hit the sphere,the sphere flew straight forward towards the direction of the lotus.

As the sphere began to decrease the distance between itself and lotus,Zumen felt that he broke through many barriers of strength but the force is still keeping on increasing as he neared the lotus,finally Zumen's momentum stopped

and his shield scattered he was repelled backwards into air.


Henry just called him but Yog knows what he had to do

"Supreme Tornado"

A giant air tornado formed,this tornado was much larger and denser than previous one.

Zumen was badly injured and he had been bleeding because of the repulsion force,Zumen thought that it was over but suddenly he felt that he did not crash into ground instead was caught by an air tornado and he was spinning inside it.

"Diode enter the tornado and be ready to use your fully powered punch when I call you"

Diode while dodging the roots jumped into the tornado and he was also spinning in it.

"Aloo,take your bracelets and be ready to use lock down on yug when I ordered"

Henry actually caught the bracelets when they were repelled by the lotus

"Aloo now"

"Lock Down"

the air in the tornado stopped rotating and diode found himself at the back of Zumen


Henry called out.

understanding Henry,Zumen immediately summoned his ultimate defence


"Great Smash"

Diode charged at Zumen

"Unlock him"

Henry said loudly.

Aloo understood and unlocked Yug,air began to spin again at the same time an yellow meteor emerged from the tornado and dashed towards the lotus.

Zumen who was in the centre of storm felt no pressure this time to break through barriers this time,Zumen overjoyed and immediately took out his rod and held it,he appeared in front of the lotus in no time and pierced it with rod

"March Butterfly use fire arrow now"

"Fire Arrow"

a red colored a fierce arrow flew straightly at lotus and it hit it making the lotus to drop to ground

"What are you guys waiting for?"

Henry brought these lost minds into reality and Diode was first one react and cleared his way to the lotus by punching the roots aside,the other members reacted them.

with full assault from the team poor lotus who lost it's most precious power the repulsion field could not strike back and it finally fell and vanished.

"Fuckking guardian see your daddy is the one who defeated you"

Among all the member the one who was most happiest was none other than Zumen and also he was the one whose injuries were more severe than anyone else he forgot about them as he cried out with happiness.

At the same time

"Congratulations Battle Masters Aloo,Diode,Zumen,March Butterfly and Yug from team Sahara for successfully defeating a guardian of natural lotus relic"

A voice sounded all over the world.

In city Palamuru,In an inn a man was drinking alcohol all of a sudden he spat out alcohol.

"fuck did I hear wrong?"

"What the hell are you doing ? clean that thing"

The manager of inn was raged.

"wait?have you heard the battle tower announcement just now?"

the man asked.

"Of course I did,team Sahara defeated a guardian"

the inn manager was smiling while he said it.

the man still had confused look,seeing the confused look,the inn manger

sarcastically showed a screen projected from a badge placed in his palm projected horizontally.

"look here"

He pointed on the screen which showed team Sahara and information about each individual in it

"not there,here"

the manager pointed his finger at specific

par where it is written team Sahara,Palamuru city.

"Haha,they are from our city,It has been 7 years since a team defeated a natural relic guardian from our city".

The manager was proudly saying it out then all of a sudden his mood switched and he shouted

"Clean the mess you made and get out of here,we are expecting more customers here now"

"You want me to clean,go to hell"

The broke the wine jar on the table and stood and went out

"Hmm...that was close"

With a deep breath the man spoke to himself

"How the hell did they do it?I just sent them there to make them know about the reality but it turns out that may be I don't know much about their strengths,whatever be the case when they come back I would ask them myself"

the man smiled and walked away.

In the cave

Aloo still couldn't bring herself to believe that they won.

After hearing the battle tower announcement she yelled out while leaping into embrace of March Butterfly

"We won"

"We really won"

"We defeated a guardian"

"Yes,Sister"March Butterfly confirmed.

"Yeah,we won it's all thanks to brother...."

as Yug said the sentence he looked for Henry and could not able to find him

"Where did the brother Henry go?"

Henry slipped away while they were celebrating as he accomplished his task of getting the clothes back and he got to return to the village gave them back to that damn old man.

As Henry approached outside he saw another scene this was not that shocking as the one he saw just now but nontheless it was still shocking

he saw a group kids and a cat trying to fight back with a bear.

A few moments before Henry came out of the cave ,the entrance of the cave was strictly guarded by the little devils Buntoo,Zen,Redlap,Timmy and Ivar

"Boss the pervert is taking so long to come out,we should go back to home first"

Redlap lost his patience after waiting for hours outside the cave and expressed his opinion.

"Redlap,you don't have even a inch of patience,don't you understand it's that leacher's plan as he is afraid of us and specially the boss so he could come out"

Buntoo rejected Redlap's suggestion

"Boss run run...run"

Timmy came back running after he went out to take care of private business while

shouting as if he saw something


Timmy was so afraid that he could not even complete the word.

But Timmy did not need to explain it


a bear was running towards them

out of nowhere Ivar appeared beside them and pushed Zen,Timmy back and


"Run,I will handle the bear"

Timmy was the first one he began to run without looking back,Buntoo hesitated but soon he did also ran away,Redlap waited there for the decision of Zen.

"No,I won't be running away leaving you to die"

Zen decided to stay back and Redlap approved it.

"Ivar,let's fight it together to death"

Zen picked up a rock from the ground and threw it at bear

"You wild animal,come and fight me I am brother of a battle master,Don't run away now"

and provoked it.

Responding to Zen's provocation the bear changed his target and ignored Ivar moved towards Zen.

"Seeing the bear rushing towards him,Zen panicked"

no matter how high and brave he acts Zen was nothing more than a 6-7 year old kid.


a cat jumped on the head of the bear barely saving Zen

"Kitty , run away you can't defeat him"

Zen played with the cat when Henry was

unconscious he had developed quite the relationship with the cat.

"Meow Meow"

cat showed it's rejection as it continued to scratch bear


The Bear lifted his and pushed the cat away and in anger it jumped directly towards Zen.

The panicked Zen fell to knees and was crying and finally closed his eyes as bear came near and near

"You ok"

Henry asked Zen

Zen opened his eyes but he did not see the bear instead found himself in the embrace of a man who was wearing women's clothes and when he saw the face of the man

"You pervert,what did you do?where did you get these clothes from?you lecher I knew you were not good"

"Cut the crap take these clothes and run back to the village"

Henry handed the clothes to Zen

"These clothes"

"No, I don't want to go"

Zen refused

"You have to even if you don't want to go"

Henry said and pointing at Redlap and Ivar Henry ordered

"Take him and scram back to the village"

Henry put Zen down and threw a marble towards the bear while retreating a little bit deeper into the forest


The animals are simple,so it followed Henry.

Redlap and Ivar grabbed Zen and ran towards the direction of the village.

Henry observed that he does not got much energy left so he climbed nearby tree after moving little deeper into the forest



as the bear could not climb the tree it roared while trying it's best to climb the tree the after effect was instead of climbing it is actually pushing the tree

The tree is falling,What kind of strength this brainless animal got?

Henry cursed at the same time he appreciated his decision of not fighting on head on.


The tree broke along the tree Henry did also fell down,The bear was almost on Henry.

Henry seemed to be helpless.When the bear opened it's mouth to eat off Henry

"Eat this"

Henry threw sand then he held a little sharp branches of the fallen tree and moved them towards bear's eyes

the edge of both branches almost approached bear's eyes but suddenly Henry fatigue reached it's peak after running several times and he fell down

"Damn,my body is so fragile"


the bear roared and as usual it opened it's mouth

"looks like today is your day"

Henry said.


an arrow pierced through the bear's neck,the bear fell down lifelessly.

Henry was beneath it but he could see the arrow and there was a note attached to it and on the note

"Don't you dare to die shameless bastard before I kill you?"

---- March Butterfly.

Henry put up a smile then he fainted.

In the far away mountain a small group consist of five people were moving

"Wow,you saved brother Henry,such a long range attack and such a precision"

Zumen praised March Butterfly.

"Oh,by the way why did you save him none of us able to recognize him from the distance between us,how were you able to?"

Diode asked.

"Nah!I just know it's him"March Butterfly did not explain.

"wait!! I remembered "

Aloo jumped up and down in excitement

"Sister,what happened what did you remember?"

Zumen's curiosity piqued.

"Actually I remembered that the clothes that guy was wearing,aren't they yours?"

Aloo asked March Butterfly

"Mine?no they are not mine" March Butterfly refused to accept but her cheeks turned red.

Zumen &Yug recalled the story Henry said after meeting them then they immediately questioned at the same time.

"Sis March Butterfly,don't tell me you were that grandma?that kind of of grandma?"

March Butterfly displeased as they compared her to an old women but still she asked

"Which grandma?what kind of grandma?"

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