Rise of Almighty

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Back to The Village

"Eliza,Eliza where did you go?"

"Grandma where are you?"

"What's that?"



"A meteor"

"I will protect you,

I won't loose you guys again,I will protect my earth"

As if his feelings seemed to to be answered,Henry felt that his heart began burning then he himself turned to a man covered with fire and charged at the meteors

"I won't let you destroy my world"

Henry shouted out loudly as dashed through meteor

"Wake up you kiddo"

"wake up"

the world seemed to be crumbling due the voice and it made Henry to slowly open eyes.

where am I ?

Was it a dream?

Henry questioned himself as he saw familiar roof.

I can't move

Henry tried to get up but he realized that he could not as he found himself tied to a platform by means of chains.

Henry turned his head and frightened hell out of himself after seeing that he was surrounded by human skulls and fire was lighting in fire pits between every two skulls

What the heck is this?

Henry perplexed then He saw an woman with disorderly hairs and black clothes sitting on her two legs,holding some ash in one of her hands while closing her eyes she chanted something

"Wake up"

With a shout,she threw the ash at Henry's face




Henry was not coughing intentionally but due to the smoke around him which existed in air.

Hearing the coughs

"Oh! you woke up"




Henry replied while coughing.


With a shout she lifted her hand threw more ash at Henry




what are you doing?stop I am awake"


Henry requested her but as if she did not listen to Henry's plead she continued to grab ash in her fists then with a shout


she threw it at Henry.

"Caugh...cough ....."

When Henry saw that she was going repeat the steps again

"Stop,I am awake stop it"

Henry pleaded this time with a lot of respectful tone

But he got a simple reply

"I know"






Henry wanted to cry but could not

Am I going to die in such a way?while coughing?


Henry's emotions were in turmoil.

At the same time the woman stopped the task,extinguished the fire then she began to pack the skulls in a ragged cloth piece,after packing the skulls she left through the door without even glancing back at Henry,

After she left,a few silhouettes entered the room,there are some familiar faces among them one of them was the old man Luo whom he met first when he landed in this strange world then there are the little devils then an unfamiliar man whose clothes are not old but looked decent and seemed to be energetic,he was not old not too young either he looked to be in his middle age.

The middle aged man looked very enthusiastic and wore a smily face and he was the one who walked towards the unmovable Henry first all others followed him which showed his position is as above all others including old man Luo.

He looked at Henry then he glanced at Luo

"Untie him"

Grandpa Luo ordered and it is swiftly carried out by the little devils,Henry reclined to the ground for sometime before asking

"who was that woman?"

"She was much much better than you perv,She is Aunt Mantra she excels in purifying the bodies and souls,She is the most innocent and pure soul in the village"

Zen praised Mantra along criticizing Henry

Henry was about to teach Zen a lesson

grandpa Luo opened his mouth

"Don't mind Zen he is still a kid,by the way I still do not know you"

Henry struck back to reality that no one from the village knows his name and he refused to be called perv,degenerate so he felt that it is very urgent to introduce himself

"I am Henry,I don't remember my past but I only know my name and nothing else"

Henry does not want to reveal the crazy incident,well if he did people might also call him madman along perv so he pretended to not know about his past.

The middle aged man who was silently watching all of this unfold from sides spoke

"No problem,old Luo described us how they found you and most importantly you saved the children of the village from the bear we are very grateful to you from today you are resident of our village and a fellow villager"

"Thank you mr. ,sorry I don't know your name "

Henry showed respect to middle aged man.

"Hahaa,children now a days are know how to talk to elders"

the middle aged man commented and he continued

"I am Duku, the chief of the village,the village is named as Lost Tomb village we don't the reason for it's name but there might be quite hidden history to it"

"Sir Duku,I am very thankful to you to accept me as a villager,I have not known that you are the village chief if I misbehaved in anyway please forgive me"

Henry was really a master in management,he inherited the art of management from his father and whenever his father was busy he used to interact with the customers and clients and learnt the way of interaction in the process.

"You sure are a good kid,let me take my leave then"

saying it to Henry the village chief turned towards the exit and walked out and grandpa Luo escorted him to the door.

Now the only people remaining in the small home are grandpa Luo,little devils and Henry

"Kid, I am sorry I was so angry back then when the cat ran away with the clothes and thank you for saving Zen,he is the only relative I have left in the world"

grandpa Luo apologized sincerely while also thanking him to show his gratitude

"Senior no problem,it was my mistake to begin with"

"By the way kid where did you get that dress? you got some weird taste"

Henry was naturally wearing the skirt and the clothes given to him by March Butterfly in the cave

"Senior,this dress was given to me by a grandma "

then he narrated a story in which he met a helpless old woman in the forest and she was struggling to find all the ingredients and how he helped her to gather all ingredients and in return she offered him dress after finding out Henry roaming around naked.

"Looks like she is a good,let me meet this grandma of you"

while pointing at the clothes lying in the corner grandpa Luo said

"since you are living with us from today,you are allowed to wear them and you are not staying here for free you have to help me out in fields and I will be going out to arrange the food"

grandpa Luo left the home and then the little brothers surrounded Henry

Zen opened his mouth"you perv,thank you for saving us"

following the words all of them bowed to Henry showing their gratitude,

Henry moved near to Zen,while placing his hands on the shoulder of Zen he said

"You guys were really brave instead of running you fought back,if the kids like you willing to fight a bear for the sake of your friends then me being older than you can't be left behind..."


the cat interrupted Henry


Zen charged at the cat,the cat panicked and jumped on window flew out,the kids began chasing it leaving only Henry

Henry quickly changed his clothes one of the shabby looking clothes and while lying on the bed where he woke up into this world first time,by looking at the ceiling he muttered

I am a great engineer,I will use my knowledge and combine with battle relics of this world and I will become the ultimate battle master so my journey begins from now to be the greatest battle master.

Time passed the day fell and night approached

grandpa Luo brought back some rice and milk,the cat drank the milk while grandpa Luo,Henry and Zen had the rice then they slept but there was one peron among them who could not sleep,his thoughts revolved around battle relics after some great amount of thinking about relics soon he did fell sleep as well.

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