Rise of Almighty

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The Strong Ivar

'''Author's note:- This would be the biggest chapter so far and I haven't rechecked it so you will definitely find some gramatical errors and this chapter is dedicated to all the farmers out there,enjoy reading.'''

"Kid wake up"

"wake up you free loader"

an old man shouted at a young guy lying beside him

"Let me sleep"

Henry used to wake up late since he was in his vacations.

"Wake up or else I will kick you out"

old man got serious and pulled the blanket which was being used by Henry


Henry clenched the blanket tightly and refused to let it go.

The old lost his patience,he went out and brought back a bucket full of water


He poured it on sleeping Henry.

Henry jolted out from his sleep and suddenly sat while spreading his legs

he looked with angry eyes towards old man Luo

"Stop glaring at me in such a way kid,I told you that you had to help me the fields if you want to live with me"

"Come on,hurry up and stand up we have to reach the plots "

Henry helped himself to stand up and then he did exit the home

seeing that even sun has not rose yet

damn old man.... he cursed inwardly but he still let himself to be dragged by grandpa Luo to the plots

The agriculture plots lie towards the west of the village about around 6km away,

Henry struggled to walk 6 km, when Henry finally reached the agriculture plots he fell down to the knees to take short break but alas he could not as the grandpa Luo went inside a hut situated between the plain field and brought a pickaxe and handed it to Henry.

"Kid,look at this land it so plane and now you need to farm it"

Henry was surprised since he thought that he would help old man Luo,he never expected that himself need to do all work alone and thus old man did not even explain what to do?

"Senior,I don't have any experience in it"

Henry wanted to skip doing all these damn work so he indirectly refused Luo.

"You kiddo,No one is born in this world with pre experience,You will gain experience once you start working so stop slacking off and get to the work"

grandpa Luo paused for a while and then continued

"So,stop slacking off and I will be coming here to monitor your progress time to time"

"wait,It means are you not staying here?"

Henry questioned as soon as he heard those words from grandpa Luo

"why would I stay here?,I still got other lands to take care off"

then grandpa Luo waved good bye to Henry walked away.

Henry was left alone in the empty field,

Henry did not know how should he even start farming even though he read about irrigation and farming during his schools days in biology but he was not much interested in it so he learnt it temporarily only for the sake of examinations and never had any practical experience on it like his grandma who was a farmer and his sister who did help her.

Henry decided to observe other fields around and learn from others so he wandered the neigh boring fields but the neighboring fields are not plain land like him instead they were lush green with different kind of plants there were people in the fields.

some were watering the lands,some just roaming while looking at each and every plant,some were just lying under trees and there are also children who were running and playing.

looking at such a peaceful village environment

Henry felt relaxed and he finally felt much better and he was enjoying the sensation of peacefulness and he lost the sense of time.

Soon afternoon arrived and the sun was shining more brilliantly

"Kiddo,looks like you are enjoying"

Henry nodded and then he felt the voice to be familiar

"Senior ..."

"Kiddo,I left you here to make the land fertile but you were wasting time,I think you don't want to stay at my home anymore"

"No,Senior no......."

"Then why didn't you start the work at?It' has already been noon and here I left you in the early morning"

"Senior,this junior is ignorant of farming so I was roaming around to learn how to start my work"

"Did you learn anything then?"

grandpa Luo was not showing any mercy towards Henry.

hearing the last question from the grandpa Luo,Henry did not have any answer to it so he stayed quiet

"look at how paled you are,you did not learn anything and wasted time such a useless guy you are"

grandpa was really cruel with his words,

Am I really useless?,No!

but grandpa is not wrong so I might be really useless

Henry began to doubt himself.

"kid,I will give you one last chance and hurry up cultivate this land for me,you need to successfully produce paddy here or you are going to be kicked out in a month and remember you have got only a month to do so"

Henry was shocked he did not expect to hear such a cruel condition from grandpa Luo

while pointing under a tree grandpa Luo said"I will be going then and you can sleep there at night".


grandpa Luo started to walk away

"wait..wait you damn old man"

grandpa Luo long gone while ignoring Henry

Henry found himself in difficult position since he had not got any prior experience or knowledge in growing crops,he resumed to observe the nearby fields to learn to cultivate crops

he searched and finally he found a plain field like his,he went into the field and started his research,he noticed that the field looked to be plain on surface but it retained the traces of being plowed.

Henry searched around for the owner of the land but he could not find anyone so he gave up and went back to his farm and while carrying the pickaxe.

Henry could not go back to the village to sleep so he found suitable place under the tree and cleaned the area where he decided to sleep and laid down there.

"Cooo coooo"

"Cock a doodle a doo"

The birds were chirping,the cocks were roosting and amidst of these sounds Henry woke up.

It was still early,the sun had not risen yet.

Henry approached nearby river,He saw a a lot of people on the side of the bank

some were bathing,some were washing their farming equipments and some were trying to dig a tunnel on surface level to take water to their fields. It was lively atmosphere there.

Henry do not want to involve himself with these old fellas specially his ego does not allow him to do it,In earth Henry only interacted with people of his caliber that's other engineers and scientists apart from his family members he never interacted with other poor and uneducated people as deep down he found their occupation below his.

Henry took a bath then wore same clothes and went to check out the other empty field apart from his field which was found yesterday.

When Henry appeared in the empty plot he saw a familiar small figure and he was pulling the plough by using brute force on the plot.

Isn't he one of the kid that followed Zen?What is he doing?why is he pulling the plough by using bare hands?I thought it should be pulled using cows.

Henry's mind ran through several questions but there was only one way to know answer so Henry approached the kid.

similarly the kid noticed Henry's presence but did not greet him,

"Hello kid,Aren't you Zen's friend?"

Ivar nodded but did not utter a word out

"My name is Henry and may I know your name?"

Henry introduced himself while asking for other's Identity

Ivar was expressionless as usual

After not getting an answer from Ivar for some moments Henry doubted hus approach but at this moment

"I am Ivar"

Ivar introduced himself.

"that's a good name"

Henry complimented but Ivar was cold as usual

"Why are you doing this?,Where are your parents?how could they allow you to work alone?"

Ivar did not reply and as usual neither he did show any expression on his face and continued to pull the plough

Henry did not go further in his enquiry and he paused his questions

"At least let me help you"

Henry pushed Ivar aside and put the plough on one his shoulder and held the hand of plough with both hands (I am using hand for the plough which is usually tied to cows and leg is the sharp part of the plough used to make ground suitable to sow seeds)

"Look at me,I am going to do it in no time"

Henry boasted then tried to pull the plough




seeing the seriously observing boy

why can't I pull it?No I refuse to give up

"Aa ..Aa...."

Henry put much force

but still was not able to move the plough an icnh


Henry tried again since he did not want to loose face specially he could not accept the fact that his physical strength could not even amount to the kid's.

Henry struggled and struggled and finally he was able to pull it an inch and then he dropped to the ground out of exhaustion.

Henry thought Ivar would laugh at him or even make fun of him but Ivar did not do anything similar like that instead he brought a glass of water for Henry.

Henry was astonished and gladly accepted the water

The silent Ivar opened his mouth and said "Farming is not easy as you consider it to be"

Henry did not refuse his words rather he found the wisdom and mindset of a kid behind the words

He is mature,Henry thought.

Henry did not stay there after having the small rest instead he came back the his plot and began to try to plow the land using pickaxe instead of the plough.

It was as hard as using plough but Henry messed up many times using pickaxe,

Noon arrived Henry was sweating crazy so he stopped the work and sat under a tree for a while,when Henry was relaxing he still remembered the incident at the morning so he went to check on Ivar.

When Henry arrived at the plot owned by Ivar he saw a scene which he would never forget for rest of his life.

The kid was still pulling plough under the scorching sun,his clothes long turned wet due to sweat emitted by him but he still continued to pull it.

Henry felt ashamed of himself and he thought about his weak resolve

I would not loose to a kid,Henry went back but he did not use pickaxe now but began to pull the plough

Henry continue to struggle and finally was able to pull the plough to some extent then he could not pull any longer and sat on the ground.

"kid you are working hard"

following the voice grandpa Luo appeared,

"Senior to be frank I don't want to be farmer,I wanna be a Battle Master,I think I don't need to do this shit"

Henry clearly expressed his opinion on farming and he stated his goal to grandpa Luo

"Hahaha...kiddo,you want to be a battle master,that's quite a dream you have got

I will check wether you are qualified or not,spar with me tomorrow morning here if you defeat me you are free to do whatever you wanted to do but if you can't defeat me just close your mouth and farm the land"

grandpa Luo looked to be furious he disappeared while living behind a mud pot filled with rice

Henry took the pot and had the rice then continued to pull the plough after taking rice as if Henry acquired energy he was able to pull the plough with less efforts than the efforts he used before.

Time passed the noon became evening Henry somehow able to pull the plough continuously,Henry stopped as night approached then He checked on his progress and terrified as he found he couldn't even plough 1/64th of the land

Henry's hands were shaking,his neck was aching so he did not dare to think too much about farming,he went under the tree and took some rest.

after having enough rest,He went to Ivar's farm to check on his progress

It has almost been dark but still Ivar was pulling plough


Henry shouted loud.

But Ivar's focus seemed to be somewhere else and he continued to pull.

"Ivar,stop you are overdoing it"

Henry called out Ivar again but Ivar did not stop and continued with his work

Henry rushed towards Ivar and pushed him to the ground then Henry pulled his arms and checked his palms

Henry's pupils were out seeing the red palms of Ivar

"Ivar,why are going too far?Is it really necessary ?"

Henry questioned but Ivar was silent as usual but he slightly nodded.

Henry was used to his responses but seeing him nodding,Henry stood there like a statue.

Ivar freed himself of Henry and went towards the plough to pull again but at the moment a man appeared a few meters afar from them and shouted

"Ivar,your mother is calling you,she said to not to put too much pressure on yourself and asked you to come back to home immediately"

Ivar ran towards the guy and joined the group of villagers leaving for the village.

The group of villagers left towards the direction of the village along Ivar but this guy appeared in front of Henry

"Are you alright?"

The stranger asked Henry.

"I am "

Henry came back to senses.

"Where is Ivar?Where did he go?"

Henry asked the stranger

"He went back to the village and you might be the new guy Henry who joined the village as said by my brother"

Henry nodded.

"Well I am Gen,the brother of village chief and you can call me uncle Gen"

Gen said about himself and continued

"Ivar is such a poor and unfortunate child,I know how you feel"

"Why? and what's wrong with Ivar?"

Henry when he saw he can finally know the reason behind Ivar's stubbornness he asked the question as quickly as possible..

"So you don't know anything"

Gen was astonished but he regained his composer

"Of course you would not know anything after all you are new here"


"Just remember that Ivar lost his father in the battle of woods three years ago and his mother lost her legs making her a cripple"

"They used to have a maid,the maid took care of them but no one knows what has actually happened recently she left them so now all the responsibilities fell on 7 year old Ivar"

"The villagers provide their family food to eat but still there seemed to be a part of Ivar's personality which does not like to take help,So this is how he turned out"

The tone narration about Ivar is crystal clear when it was narrated by Gen.

"What's battle of woods?"

Henry wanted to know about this battle which created such a tragedy


why don't you ask about it directly to Ivar's mother?,I have to leave good bye kiddo,see ya later"

after giving the suggestion Gen departed.

Henry returned to the tree where he lived and found a mud pot with rice placed there,Henry ate the rice and laid down.

Henry wanted to sleep but he could not as his mind was filled with various thoughts about Ivar but gradually Henry fell asleep.

"Kiddo wake up,don't you want to be a battle master?"

"Kiddo,If you won't wake up now then you will remain as a farmer for the rest of your life"


Henry muttered in sleep

"Hell no"

Henry woke up with a loud shout,

"Oh,you woke up come on let's spar"

grandpa Luo seemed more enthusiastic about fighting with Henry then Henry himself.

"Senior,once I beat you don't cry,ok"

Henry walked along grandpa Luo soon they stood at centre of the crop field facing each other.

Henry was the one to make first move,grandpa Luo stood there like a statue.

Henry formed a fist with right hand and moved it towards grandpa Luo's face

"Too straight forward"

grandpa Luo stopped Henry's punch with ease and held Henry's hand tightly

Henry bent a little then rotated both of his legs

"Too late"

Henry said.

grandpa Luo was hit by the legs but he did not move as if he was bitten by a fly hit him

"Too weak "

grandpa Luo easily lifted Henry and threw him down.


Henry cried out in pain

"Senior,Let me try again"

Henry refused to give up at first he lost to kid and now he did not want to loose to an old man

My pride will be nothing if I can't defeat an old man

Henry charged with a kick on right leg of grandpa from side ways,ganpa Luo did not move he stood there until the kick almost collided with his leg

When Henry was about to land an hit on grandpa,grandpa Luo crushed Henry's left feet


Henry's kick missed and he fell down while his head was bent in front of grandpa Luo.

"Look at you,You can't even defeat this old man but you want to be a Battle Master,Dream on"

Henry backed off and shouted

"I refuse"

then he charged at grandpa Luo again and he was beaten by grandpa again,Henry charged at grandpa once more and this time grandpa beat Henry to pulp.

"I will visit you daily to spar with you,if you defeat me you are free to become a battle master and if you can't don't forget to have a good harvest before the given time"

Briefing the words,grandpa Luo left the scene.

Henry was tired so he took some rest then as usual he visited river for a bath,he did not come back instead he went to Ivar's field and waited for Ivar.

Ivar was late this time and when he came he saw Henry but pretended to not to notice him,Ivar approached the plough and began to pull it.

"Ivar listen to me,let me help you"

After interacting with Ivar Henry realized he is a complicated introvert.

When Henry had free time he used to study about introverts as they are interesting species worth to be studied,people often called them either weird or dull guy and assume introverts as less intellectual but the truth was quite opposite that introverts are more intelligent,it is just that they did not like to show off,they didn't want to argue with fools who can't accept other's opinion and the truth, the con of being introvert is they were more emotional beings,they were mostly antisocial but can't mingle with the people they have met recently.

Without waiting for the approval of Ivar,Henry pushed Ivar aside and started pulling the plough.

When Henry tired Ivar took over the work,after having enough rest Henry forced Ivar to give up the plough again to him.

Afternoon Zen arrived with pot full of rice and this time he brought it for both Ivar and Henry.

Henry and Ivar both continued to work hard after eating rice.

In the blink an eye 15 days passed,during these days Henry sparred with grandpa Luo on every morning but was not able to defeat him and the rest of the time he spent with Ivar and he did not care about his farm also he developed quite a good relationship with little devils and uncle Gen,Uncle Gen often visited them and even provided them seeds to sow.

On this day Henry was watering the small plants in the field and Ivar stood next to him

"Ivar,I want to visit your mother as I discussed with you yesterday"

Henry declared his intentions,Henry along farming was planning to build a tractor for himself and a wheel chair with hand paddle for Ivar's mother,He did already build the blue prints but he tricked Ivar into contacting his mother reasoning that he needed to see Ivar's mother to complete the blue print.

Ivar simply nodded.

In the evening Ivar and Henry reached the village,Henry felt nostalgic,he was separated from the village only for about

17 days but he felt like it has been years may be due to all the sheer amount of physical work he has done,Henry did not realize but he developed quite muscles and there were even signs of forming six packs.

Ivar showed the way to his home soon they appeared outside a tattered hut,Ivar went in first then he came back indicating Henry to go in.

Henry went in,It was dark inside but there were candles lit at every corner then Henry saw a silhouette sitting on chair.

When Henry saw her face he could not move his eyes away,she was beautiful and charming and morever she looked too young.

Henry knew that the women sitting in the chair is none other than Ivar's mother she had no legs but she was charming,attractive and too young to be mother.

"Too young"

Henry blurted out.


The Women smiled with small laugh

Henry's heart began beating fastly for some unknown reason.

"You must be brother Henry,Ivar talked about you a lot these days,please take a seat"

Ivar prepared a chair for Henry in advance,Henry sat on it.

"Brother Henry,You have just said "Too young",Did you mean that I should be old hag?"

Ivar's mother started teasing Henry.

"I don't dare...."

Henry replied.

"Brother Henry,Why don't you dare?you have never met me till now,How could be you so afraid of me?Do I look very scary?"

Ivar's mother was really hard on Henry.


Henry's voice was weak but still can be heard.

"What do you mean by no?So you dare to think me of old hag"

Henry was sweating.


She smiled.

"Brother Henry,don't worry much I was just teasing you"

Her beautiful face sparkled when she said it.

"You can call me sister Zia,I ain't much older than you as I am just 24,I became a mother early because I was married at 16 and gave birth to Ivar at 17"

"Sister Zia,if you don't mind,may I ask you something"

"Of course"

"Sister Zia,you are too beautiful"

Henry blushed when he said it and he continued

"Even though you have lost your legs,there would be line of people who is ready to marry you,Haven't you ever thought about it?"

Hearing Henry,Zia fell silent then she looked at Ivar who was standing beside Henry.

"Ivar could you go out and play"

Ivar understood his mother's intentions and left the scene.

Zia looked at Henry and then she narrated

"My parents were very good to me,they loved me a lot,I had very great memories with them until my mother died,I was small just around 8 years old,I was sad but this did not hurt me much,For me the real hell began when my father remarried,My step mother is a vile women,she married my father for the sake of property,she treated me worse than human,she used to cook food and hide them from me,she used to feed me only the left overs from the last night and when she had a kid,she began treating me more worse,she treated me like a slave,she used to abuse me and made me to take care of the little kid,while I was starving,I have to feed the small child with cooked and hot food and my father he was happily leaving with his new family and did not even bother about me,she wanted to get rid off me so she forced me to marry to an 40 year old guy fortunately my husband turned out to be good,he was very understanding and even let me pursue my dream to be a battle master but three years ago....."

she started crying

Henry felt guilty for asking that question.

"Sorry,I could not control.."

Zia after she realized she looked to be weak to Henry controlled herself

"I understand"

Henry was really feeling sorry for her,the actual goal of him coming here was to ask about the battle of woods but he did not want to ask about it anymore

"I don't my child to go through the same phase as me,so I decided to be single"

she finally answered Henry's question.

"I request you to look after Ivar and don't let him over work"


Zia was not a young women when she talked about Ivar she would become a loving mother and she pleaded Henry.

"Sister Zia,you do not need to plead me,Ivar is like my brother I will definitely take care of him"

Henry assured Zia.

"Thank you"

Zia thanked Henry then she called out

"Ivar,Ivar please give some water to brother Henry"

"No,no..I will take my leave"

Henry rushed out after saying good bye to Zia.

When Henry came back outside he saw Ivar.

Henry said his good bye to Ivar and returned to his farm.

The next day Henry began working on his farm officially,He started pulling the plough using physical force as he usual,the difference was that Henry could now pull the plough quite easily when compared to his previous self,his physical strength had tremendous growth but still it was tiring so he think of building a mini tractor for the task but he lacked sufficient assets,he wanted to go to Palamuru city to buy them but he was not allowed to go out as he did not get his identity card as a villager of Lost Tomb village.

Henry came to know about them from uncle Gen,Uncle Gen often visited him and Ivar and helped them in many aspects,He also described importance of identity cards,if you do not have one then you are not allowed in any city of Assassin Domain,Assassin Domain is ruled by Assassin Academy and the cards were issued by Academy itself,village chief Duku has applied for Henry's identity card but it got delayed due to the conflicts between Assassin Domain and Arrow Head Domain.

Arrow Head Domain lies next to Assassin Domain and they often had conflicts over the border which includes Palamuru city and the village itself,the battle of woods also related to these conflicts and these are some things Henry forced out from Uncle Gen but he still could not force him to describe about battle of woods.

While Henry was pulling the plough

"Haha..kiddo I have got what you asked for"

Henry heard the familiar voice and he stopped working,looking at uncle Gen,Henry said

"Uncle Gen,don't start talking just give them to me"

uncle gen was quite talkative guy,his mouth would not stop 24 hours he talked about all useless things from ants to monsters,gods,devils and so on...

"Haha..kiddo don't be so impatient,they are in this bag"

Henry grabbed the bag and said

"You can go now"

"Kiddo,I am your uncle at least you serve me something before asking me to get out"

"There's water in a pot under the tree you can have it and then just leave"

"kiddo at least thank me "

"I am very grateful to you uncle,please you can leave now"

Uncle Gen left and Henry resumed his work,In the evening Henry opened the cloth bag and took out an Iron sheet and a bottle filled with oil.

Henry gathered some wood and poured oil on the wood then lit a fire,He put Iron sheet on it and heated it until it became red then he used pickaxe to break the red sheet to pieces after having them cool down he picked up the pieces then he made them into half moon shape using a hammer ,Henry heated these pieces again and joined them and finally he completed his task and put it to cool down.

It was already late,Henry was tired so he fell asleep.

Henry woke up early and waited for grandpa Luo

"kid,you are fighting me daily but still you could not defeat me nor you started cultivating crops,so you want to be kicked out from village"

grandpa Luo appeared while lecturing Henry.

"Senior,you don't need to worry"

even though Henry said it,this thing was bothering him a lot as he was too much distracted in helping Ivar that he forgot about himself.

"Senior,I will defeat you this time"

Henry shouted and charged at grandpa Luo.

Henry and grandpa Luo sparred for sometime but still current Henry lost to Luo time and time again.

Henry realized that he still was not match for grandpa Luo,he could not understand how grandpa Luo was able to anticipate each and every move of him.

Henry's routine was simple to wake up,to spar ,to work, and then sleep,he followed this routine for next 10 days,during these 10 days Henry overworked himself,time and time again he broke through his physical limits.

On this day Henry called out the little devils.

"Timmy,carry it carefully"

Buntoo warned Timmy,

"Buntoo,you don't need to show concern I know how important these wood are for brother Henry "

Timmy was dissatisfied with Buntoo,Timmy still remembered the incident of bear and he also knew how Buntoo acted loyal and strong outside but when the boss was about to die Redlap stayed but Buntoo who used to lick boss all the time ran away,Timmy does not know why he began to dislike Buntoo when he himself ran away at the moment of crisis.

The duo were carrying wood as they proceeded through forest soon they reached the village farming fields then they appeared in a field which is mostly a barren land

"You guys are back"

Zen welcomed them back and carried the load towards Henry.

Henry was busy in cutting down the wood and making them into different shapes with pickaxe,It was difficult task but not impossible,Henry made the wood into different shapes

"Brother Henry,you said that the thing you are making is important,but I can see different things not one"

Redlap raised his doubt,

"Redlap,I haven't done yet,wait until I completed it,itwill be big surprise"

Redlap did not raise more doubts,

"Brother Henry,you are awesome you must be making a deadly weapon which can even destroy the sun and moon"

"Looks like Buntoo is back"

Henry habituated to his exaggeration so he detected him just by exaggerated words.

"Hahaha..Buntoo I am making something big but not for destroying something "

Henry after listening to Buntoo clarified the misunderstanding,he does not want to be guy who likes destruction and killing.

"Zen give me that part"

"Redlap hold it tightly"

"Buntoo watch out for thieves"

"Timmy carry it without being afraid "

The work was progressing swiftly

"And here is the final touch "

Henry took a chain and integrated it to the thing he made"

"Brother Henry somehow it looks like a chair"

Zen asked.

"Yeah it is a chair"

Henry cleared Zen

"But brother Henry you said it would be a big surprise for Ivar,how could a chair can do that?"

Redlap questioned.

"Just follow my orders you will understand"

Mean while today was harvest day for Ivar when Henry became busy with his farm,Ivar was alone so he had to harvest two days to collect and put all the paddy together.

Soon Ivar completed harvesting,he cleaned his hands and face with water and departed towards the village

"Ivar wait"

but he was stopped by Buntoo and Redlap

"Ivar,boss Zen asked us to sweep the road which leads to village give us a hand"

Buntoo said.

When did boss Zen decided to do good work?Sweeping the raw road it would be just waste of time,Isn't it?

Ivar was surprised and shocked with myraid of thoughts.

"Ivar,why are you dilly-dallying hurry up take this broom and help us"

Buntoo handed Ivar a sweep.

Ivar did not want to do this thing but he had no other choice bcz he enjoyed his time with these friends of him,he could not say no to him.

then the trio started to walk while sweeping,

"Aren't they little devils?what are they doing?"

"Holy shit!!Am I seeing wrong?,they are sweeping"

"Fuck are they mad?they are sweeping a raw road "

Similar exclamations can be seen from passers.

After exactly half an hour

Buntoo and Redlap stopped sweeping and said

"Let's stop"

Ivar didn't get it,why they had to stop now,


this was the first time Ivar questioned their decisions as he found these instructions completely different than usual ones.

"Because I said so,but if you wanted to look like a fool you can continue,we are going "

"Let's go Redlap"

Buntoo and Redlap walked away

Ivar could not understand a thing,he threw away the broom then he rushed to the village.

Ivar rushed to his home and when he went in,his heart began to beat faster and faster,he could not find his mother.

He ran outside and started shouting


"Mother,where are you ?"

Hearing the shouts all the neighbors surrounded him and questioned

"Ivar,what happened?"

"I could not find my mother"

"Everyone let's search for her"

The villagers halted their respective works to search for Zia.

The always silent Ivar shouting out loudly itself shows his seriousness about the matter,finding her nowhere inside the village,Ivar decided to go out and search

when he about to step out


He heard his mother's voice,Ivar turned around without delay and saw his mother coming towards him.

yes,she was coming towards him when Ivar saw her smile all he felt relieved and specially when he saw her to be joyful and her happiness.

Zia came near Ivar using wheel chair,

"Ivar,look look mommy can walk now"

"Thanks to brother Henry,he is such a genius"

Zia while showing off her wheel chair praised Henry.

Tears of joy fell down from Ivar's eyes and first time he was smiling and looked to be happy

The spectators also felt happiness just by looking at the scene playing right now.

While every one is celebrating Henry slipped away,

Henry returned to his farm to sow seeds he hardly left two more days to complete the task but it looked to be almost impossible.

Two days were very less in a blink the deadline for crop production is arrived for Henry.

It was not possible to make seeds into plants naturally in two days,Henry was not able to do so either,In the evening grandpa Luo arrived.

"Kiddo,it's time to pack and get out from here"

grandpa Luo's tone was serious and loud.

"Senior,please give me some more time"

Henry tried to ask for more days.

"You want me to extend the deadline,dream on"

"If you are a man leave now or I will kick you out myself"

grandpa Luo looked to be hell bent on kicking him out

"Senior please....."

grandpa Luo did not reply.

Henry knew that his pleads were useless only thing he can do now was to leave the village.

Henry did not want to leave,he had very sweet memories here and he did already consider the village as his home and he was crying internally while packing the necessities

"Old Luo,don't be ruthless"

"Old Luo,How can you do that to such a good kid"

"Old Luo,You want paddy right then I am willing to share my harvest with Henry"

"Me too"

"Old Luo,I am going to gift him all my production"

The group of villagers who were at the river came forward to help Henry and defend him

"Kid,Half of my harvest is yours,you can have it"

"Haha mine too"

"kiddo,your uncle described your situation to these guys and they all came here to help you"

uncle Gen was also there and he told Henry the truth.

While yesterday It was Ivar and his mother who were surprised and today it turned out be his turn.

"Thank you all,Thank you"

while wiping out tears Henry thanked all of them.

"Kiddo look at them,they all came here to defend you"

"stop crying,I just wanted teach you some lessons of life,nothing beats practical lessons"

"kiddo listen carefully

--->The village is home and every one in the village are closed ones.

---->Farming is not shit,It is just like the occupation of Battle Masters.

---->Being Battle Master one can save lives and being being Farmer one can provide continuation of life.

---->Battle Masters need to cooperate and understand each other and farmers also need to work together in many occations

---->Battle Masters need to learn how to use their relics and we need to learn how to use our tools for farming.

---->If a crisis or a war breaks out both Battle Masters and the Farmers play major role for the outcome.

You wanted to be a Battle Master right,You can be one but don't underestimate farming which feeds the world while farmers themselves had to fight against whether and the nature for it."


"Call me grandpa"

"Grandpa I understand,I was wrong,please forgive me"

Henry bent down in front of grandpa Luo.

"Hahaha..as long as you understood"

"Let's go"

Seeing the situation turned to be good others began to leave

"Wait,I have announcement to make"

Uncle Gen shouted out.

Every one looked at him at anticipation because last time when he made announcement he brought free supplies from Palamuru city.

"We have gained ourselves a fellow new villager"

Most of the villagers did not get it but those who did understood what the announcement is about.

"Henry,please accept your Identity card"

Uncle Gen called out.

Henry did not want waste time and accepted card from uncle Gen's hand.

The card was very weird forget about picture there was not even his name,it was just plain circular red colored metal.

"And I also invite everyone to attend the a small function in our home for gaining a new villager during night,Hope you would come"

"Gen,we will we can't miss those delicious food right"


The villagers answered.


Uncle Gen cursed.

The villagers then dispersed.

"Old Luo,I have to go too to make the preparations"

Uncle Gen left.

"Let's go home"


Luo and Henry went back to home.

The evening the village chief's home was bustling,they prepared a huge pot full of rice and wine made up of rice all the villagers including village chief Duku,Gen,Luo,little devils,Mantra and Henry attended it.

The next day

"Ivar,why are you not coming?"

Zen asked Ivar.

"I have to take care of my mother"

Ivar answered.


we are going then,Zen replied.

"And about you Buntoo?"Zen shifted his target to Buntoo.

"Brother Henry is such a genius I am willing to follow him for the rest of my life forget about such trivial thing of going to Palamuru city to sell paddy"

Buntoo boasted as usual.

Yesterday during the function some villagers reached out to Henry asking him to come along with them to sell the paddy and he will be getting his share as they promised.

"Redlap what about you"

Redlap nodded.

"Timmy...where is he?"

Zen could not find Timmy so he questioned about it.

"Boss,actually Timmy drank a lot of wine yesterday and bow he is having stomach issues"

"I uderstand"

Zen nodded in understanding.

The little devils then walked towards village exit which leads to the forest.

There were many horse carts carrying paddy,Henry was awaiting for the little devils while he sat on the back of one of the cart.

Seeing the little devils coming,Henry slid down and welcomed them.

"Don't you welcome us"

following the voice two people appeared they are grandpa Luo and uncle Gen.

"You old fogies coming with me"

Henry said,Henry became quite close with them.

"whom did you call old fogy?"

uncle Gen was raged but grandpa Luo did not mind.

"Old Luo,Gen stop chatting we are going"

the rest villagers wanted to hurry as they had already been quite late since the price of paddy depends on the supply if they would last one to supply paddy as supplies are full they would be paid less.

The group immediately began their journey to Palamuru

"Brother Henry,Have a good Journey"

The silent Ivar while standing in the people who come here to say good byes shouted out.

"Thank you"

an answer came from top of a cart.

Mean while everyone looked at Ivar as if they had seen ghost but Ivar was expression less as usual.

At the moment a girl came running towards Ivar and whispered something in Ivar's ear,Ivar turned pale and ran into the village.

A few minutes ago:-

Zia after getting the wheel chair often went out to have a fresh air while roaming around the streets of the village,she could move forward using a pedal on right hand of the chair and can change direction using a needle on left side of the chair.

She was roaming and all of a sudden a group of four fatties surrounded her from all sides

"Finally found you"

a fatty laughed out in joy as if he found a treasure.

"We went to your home but you were not there"

Another fatty opened his mouth.

"Who are you guys?and why are you searching for me?"

Zia asked for their identities even after knowing that these guys did not have any good intentions.

"Who are we?you do not need to know just remember that your husband Chenli borrowed some money from us,we are here for the repayment"

A fatty who wore many gold armaments all over the body said.

"How much is it?give me the time I will pay you back"

Zia requested after knowing that she was at fault.

"I have already gave you enough time,you have to pay me now or compensate me with something else"

While looking with his indescent eyes Zia's chest,the fatty who wore a lot of gold on him said.

"I beg you please give me some time"

"You bitch you still need more time,boss look at the chair she was sitting it is unique we can sell it for quite high price"

The other fatty who was eying the chair from the begining urged the fatty with gold armaments to take the chair.

The fatty with gold armaments did not notice about the pecuilarity of the chair till now,After hearing his underling his eyes fell on the chair.

"You have got some good chair give it me"

The fatty asked Zia.

"No..not the chair.."

Zia refused.

"Then I will take it my self"

The fatty with gold armaments neared the chair,extended his hand and grabbed Zia's hair


Zia cried out..

The fatty then lifted her up while grasping her belly tightly.

"Release me...,Release me"

Zia struggled in fatty's embrace.


"You bitch shut up"

The fatty slapped Zia and ordered her to shut up.

Zia began to cry after all she was delicate lady,at this moment she remembered her childhood.

"Hahaa...look at her,She is crying.."


The remaining fatty's made fun of her.


The fatty with armaments slapped her again.

"Stop crying,Bitch..you look awful when crying"

"How dare you?"

Seeing the scene a child shouted and ran towards the fatty with armaments from a large distance.

"Boss Shall I take care of him?"

One of the fatty recommended himself.

"Catch this bitch,I will handle this little brat myself "

The fatty threw her towards other fatty's and they held her tightly.

"You must be her son,let me see what you got"

The fatty with gold armaments shouted towards Ivar.

Ivar appeared just a centimeter away from the fatty and punched him and then kicked him.

The fatty did not move and let Ivar continue.

Ivar continued to punch,kick and whatever be he is capable of.

"han..han .."

Ivar was out of breath in no time

"looks like that's all you have got,I was expecting much more,sadly I don't have much time to play with you"

The fatty punched Ivar in stomach without showing mercy.

Ivar felt like his organs and bones inside him crushed,he was in pain,Ivar bent but still refused to fell down,he looked up in the eyes of fatty with his murderous red eyes.

"What are you glaring at"

The fatty kicked Ivar on his face,Ivar flew back to some distance and fell.

"Now let us continue "

The fatty shifted his gaze back to Zia.

"I have not lost yet"

From the back Ivar shouted and got up again.


The fatty retraced his gaze to Ivar

"No..Ivar run..run Ivar"

"Nothing will happen to mommy,run Ivar run""

Zia cryed out.

"No Mommy,I can't"

"If I can't protect you now then I will regret living for the rest of my life"

Ivar declared his stance.

Meanwhile people gathered around them as spectators no one came forward to help them.

"that's quite declaration kid,show me what you got then"

The fatty praised Ivar and continued




He kicked and punched Ivar many times,Ivar was bleeding bleeding from top to bottom but still he was standing up every time he fell,the tenacity of the kid made the fatty to fear.

"Plaese all of you help us,I beg you please save my child"


Zia was begging the spectators.

Ivar finally could not get up and fell to the ground

The fatty then turned towards Zia

"Hahaha...you are begging these people..haha..."

"They all are damn cowards they won't help you,look at this badge the fatty displayed a badge,may be all of you recognized it"

"Yes,I am a battle master if you dare to interfere in my business then you will get killed too so don't blame me for your stupidity"

"Hahah...You bitch look at them they are damn cowards who knows only how to to run away"

Hearing these words some of the spectators clenched their fists but still did not dare to act.

"You all are here for spectating,right?,then let me show something interesting,a women's body,hope you are all exited "

After the fatty made his declaration,he glanced one of his subordinate,understanding meaning behind it he unsheated the sword on him and gave to the fatty.

"No ."


"please somebody.."

Zia was still pleading but there was not a single man who stood up for them.

The slowly approached Zia who could not even make a single movements as two fattys held her tightly,the fatty pointed his sword at Zia's clothes and was about to slice them off


A hammer hit fatty's head from behind,the fatty was truly hurt this time,the fatty was pissed

A boy covered in blood from top to bottom stood there glaring at the fatty.

"Damn you son of a bitch"

the fatty roared and rushed towards Ivar and threw his sword towards Ivar's neck

still Ivar was standing there without the fear of death without closing his eyes and looking in the eyes of the fatty showing no signs of fear

"How strong"

The spectators who saw the scene uttered in their hearts and when sword almost hit Ivar all of them closed their eyes,

"SPLASHHH ....."

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