Rise of Almighty

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A Single Word Shakes Entire City




blood flowed out continuously like unending fountain.

The red scene made the spectators to close their eyes,they could not look at the small silhouette lying down on the floor and blood flowed out continuously from his neck.

The environment turned silent and amidst the silent environment the silhouette raised his hand while looking at the sky.

"I am not a Coward and I won't run away"

The simple and volume less voice echoed

in the atmosphere,then silhouette closed his eyes taking his last breath.




A women rushed towards the dead body and put his head into her embrace and started crying while her tears rolled down on the red silhouette in her embrace.

this women is none other timmy's mother,

Ivar who was actually pushed aside by Timmy stood,tears were rolling down from his eyes..


"Why did you do that?"

Ivar approached Timmy's dead body and questioned him even though he knew he did get the answer just a few moments before his death.

"I am not a coward and I won't run away"

These words still echoed in the ears of the spectators.

"Hahaa what a fool he was"

the fatty smirked for Timmy's foolish act to give up his life for his friend.

"Now it's your turn "

The fatty continued to point his sword towards Ivar.

a little girl among the crowd came out and stood in front of Ivar blocking the sword and shouted

" I am not a coward"

"Girl move aside or I will kill you too "

the fatty tried to scare the girl

In reply she shouted

"I am not a coward"

"Looks like you are fool too then die "

the fatty had intention of killing the girl then an old man who could not even walk properly stood in front of girl and shouted

"Nor me"

"I am not a coward"

One by one people came forward while shouting

"I am not a coward"

seeing this scene even the mother of Timmy stopped crying and as if she were speaking to Timmy said

"Look Timmy look no one here is a coward"

"No one here is a coward"

"We are not cowards"

"I am not a coward"

Soon the fattys were surrounded by mad villagers who does not fear death.

"Boss,looks like we have to leave"

One of the fatty suggested.

"Why should I leave?I am not afraid of these ants"

The fatty who wore gold armaments replied.

"I am giving you all a chance to backdown now if you don't then I will use my battle relic"

but the villagers as if heard nothing continued to chant

"I am not a coward"

The fatty realized that he could not scare the crowd with just words so he activated his relic by saying


The armaments on him started to shine,the gold light began to become brighter and brighter,the light was dazzling,it blocked everyone's vision and when everyone regained recovered from momentary blindness they saw that everything within one meter range of the fatty turned into gold.

there were no more people who continued to chant

"Haa...haaa...haa..,I have warned you all but you all wanted to play hero"

"Now I will kill all of you"

the fatty held the sword tightly, the eyes of him revealing his mindset, he did not consider these villagers as equal to him or as human for him the villagers are like useless creatures who needs to be killed.

"Zomuto, stop rampaging"

With a voice from afar,


At the critical moment, an arrow shot down exactly just a few centimeters away from his toes.

Zomuto drenched in sweat and he looked at the direction where the arrow came from

"You...you are March Butterfly from team Sahara"

Zomuto was surprised and soon regained his composer then he threw the following question

"Why are you meddling with my business?, Are these ants really that much important to you such that you want to challenge team Righteousness?"

"Zomuto, I can't let you kill the innocent anymore, make your decision to back down for to fight me to death"

Hearing March Butterfly Zomuto shivered as he knew that March Butterfly was not only part of team Sahara but also the third strongest Battle Master of Palamuru city.

"Boys,let's go"

Zomuto did not waste much of time as he knew he had no chance of defeating March Butterfly, being a defensive battle master is also one of the reasons for him to not to get into a fight with March Butterfly.

The group of fatties left the village while villagers had tears in their eyes and when they left the people who turned into gold statues reverted back to humans.

March Butterfly walked towards the dead Timmy and there also someone tagging along with her,

"Holy Lady"

The villagers bent on their knees and paid their respect to the holy lady of the village Mantra.

March Butterfly stood there, facing the dead Timmy she dropped to her knees and said


"I am ashamed of the activities done by a fellow battle master, I know one innocent life is lost here, we are battle masters and we are supposed to be protectors of humanity and one of us to kill a fellow human is a big disgrace to the name battle masters, I apologize you because I was late, I apologize for not being able to save a life, I know my apology won't bring this child back but still please forgive us, we failed you and we failed humanity."

"Go away , don't come near to my son

Timmy my Timmy...."

Timmy's mother could not hold her tears anymore and began to cry.

"You..people like you are the reason for my son's death, forgiveness cut the crap"

As she said it, she grabbed March Butterfly's veil and threw it aside "Slap"

she slapped March Butterfly.


Mantra who was watching from the sidelines intervened as she picked up the veil and handed it to March Butterfly.

"Rimu..it's not her fault"

"holy lady, my poor boy...

My timmy...

My timmy..."

The poor mother went back to Timmy's dead body and continued to cry while hugging Timmy.

Ivar who was standing in shock recovered his tranquility and he cried while repeating




The rest villagers are also stood in silence, time passed and finally, everyone calmed down.

With a sound from her staff, Holy lady Mantra requested everyone's attention.

"This kid Timmy is the real hero of the village, he lost his life for the sake of a fellow villager, we need to honor his bravery and death, so I am inviting all of you to come and participate in the grand final ritual of our hero Timmy, I will consult the chief for carving his name on the hall of heroes"

She paused a minute then continued

"Timmy did not die, he leaves as long as the village exists and his friend whom he saved is life, so let's chant his last words again"

"I am not a coward"

Holy lady Mantra shouted out.

"I am not a coward"

"I am not a coward"

They chanted many times before they left, Mantra convinced Timmy's mother and they carried Timmy to the village chief's home.

Now there were only three people present in the scene, they are Zia, Ivar and March Butterfly.

March Butterfly approached Zia with slow steps while sitting down she lowered her head in front of the chair where Zia sat.

"Senior Zia, If only I have arrived earlier"

Zia was not a little girl as she returned to her usual self but the scars of the incident can still be seen in her face.

"You are called March Butterfly right, you don't need to think too much about it, and why are you calling me Senior, I am not much older than you".

Zia while looking at March Butterfly replied.

" Senior Zia, I call you senior because your legend along sir Rewlong still resonates through the entire battle master's world."

As March Butterfly praised Zia, her eyes sparkled.

"So you know me"

"Senior Zia, you are kidding right you are the dream of many battle masters, the right hand of sir Rewlong."

"I haven't expected you to recognize me, by the way, why did you come here"

"Actually I came here to take back my dress"

"Dress? who took your dress"

"Someone called Henry"

"So are you that famous grandma?"

As Zia asked her face filled with shock.

"I am no grandma...that shameless bastard "

"You are here anyway let's go to my home, Henry went to the city to sell paddy. He will be back by tomorrow you got to weight anyway so you can sleep at my home if you don't mind"

"Thank you, Senior Zia"

Zia, March Butterfly and Ivar then departed to Ivar's home.

At the same time in another location

"We are finally here"

Henry along the villagers finally reached at the entrance of the city, the city was protected by gigantic walls and at the entrance it is guarded by battle masters.

The battle masters we're only allowing the people only who held the identity card of Assasin domain into the city.

Henry and other villagers got in after they presented their identity cards, when Henry got in, his eyes laid on a signboard on the signboard

"Welcome to the city of milk, Palamuru.

The word Palamuru derived from two words Paalu stands for Milk and Uru stands for Village from ancient Demi language, Our heritage from ancient times made us the milk supplier of the entire Assassin domain."

"Brother Henry, are you surprised?"

As Buntoo said this he laughed without making any sound.

"Surprised? why should I get surprised?, Isn't it pretty normal for the cities to have a history"

"Kiddo, it is not normal because most of the cities stood from ancient times got destroyed due to internal and external conflicts but only a few remained till now among them Palamuru city is one"

Uncle Gen explained.


Henry reacted with an understanding notation.

"Gen,why don't you show these kids the city while we will go and sell the paddy?"

Grandpa Luo suggested.

"Good idea old Luo, yo kiddos you all come with me"

The group divided, Gen dragged Henry, Zen and Buntoo to his side then they bid farewell, and began to explore the city.

The city was different compared to village, very rarely one can find wooden homes here most of the homes are made up of rocks and they are spacious and each home had at least three rooms, the ground of entire city is made of marble stones.

As the group moved forwards they saw different types of houses

"Uncle Gen, look at these houses, they are so big and good looking"

Zen shouted out of curiosity.

"They are mansions of battle masters, if a battle master gains enough credits for the domain, the Assassin academy will award them with a mansion in their desired city,"

Gen explained as he touched his beard, Gen showed them various buildings before they felt hungry and to have lunch they entered an inn.

There was an empty table and it was soon occupied by Gen&co.

"Waiter, Come here"

Uncle Gen called the waiter.

"Yes, sir"

while answering to the call the waiter approached Uncle Gen.

"Tell me the menu"

"Milk Rice"

"Milk Hippot"

"Milk fish"

"Goat Milk"

"Grand Milk Twister"

"Ultimate Power Milk Funda"

"Superior milk beverage"

and the special dish

"Fabulous Chicken Meat Milk Noodles"

So sir, place your order.

"Hahaha...Kids, then which one we should order"

Gen could not even remember those weird names so he asked the kids.

"The special dish sounds cool I want that"

Zen shouted.

"Me too"

Buntoo did not loose to Zen in terms of volume.

The three turned their heads towards Henry.

"I can eat anything, I don't mind the same dish"

hearing Henry's response, Gen immediately ordered 4 special dishes.


,your order will be ready in no time"

the waiter reassured and moved to the next table.

"bro, have you heard the reporters still surrounded team Sahara's headquarters."

"don't tell me that they are still waiting for the expert to show up?"

"yeah bro, yesterday team Sahara even announced that they will introduce the expert to the city soon"

"hahaha..you still believe their excuse to hide the actual reason behind killing the guardian which even Prince even could not kill"

"bro, there is definitely an expert involved in the incident"

"you fool, how can they hire even an expert? did not you see their headquarters is just shabby looking wooden warehouse?"

while two guys sitting in the next table conversed, Gen&co heard it,

"So that's how they defeated the guardian of lotus relic, by the way aren't you guys were near the relic's cave during that time, did you meet team Sahara?"

Uncle Gen looked at the trio for an answer,

"Uncle Gen I did not see any battle master"

"Not me"

Zen explained followed by Buntoo.

"I have..."

Henry was about to open his mouth,

"Brother, I missed you and finally you are here"

A stranger walked towards Henry, He wore a happy looking wooden mask to hide his identity.

Henry recognized him, he could not forget this voice.

"Who are you? I did not recognize you"

Gen stood up from his seat as he threw his question.

"Oh!brother you recognized me,don't you?"

The stranger looked at Henry as he found himself in pinch, he does not want to reveal his identity which will cause quite ruckus.

Things happened on the day when they returned after killing the guardian.

"Fuck..how could I recognize you when you insist on keeping damn mask on your face"

Uncle gen was quite irritated, he pulled the mask and threw it to the side revealing the stranger's face.

"Mommy isn't that Zumen?"

"Zumen, that Zumen from team Sahara"

"My eyes are not blind, it is Zumen"

"Hurry let's get his autograph"

The entire inn filled with noises and soon Zumen was surround by a sea of people.

Some asked for his autograph, some asked to him a hug and there were even women who proposed him.

That was Zumen, when did I become his brother?

Gen was still confused.

"Sir, here is your order"

The waiter brought them the dishes covering with steel lid and decorated with veggies at sides.

The waiter soon placed the dishes in front of the four,

"Sir, before opening the lid I want you to pay the bill"

The waiter said.

"I will pay it later"

Gen refused to pay the bill

"Sorry sir but that's our policy"


But his stomach said something else.

"Tell me the price"

Gen was feeling bad but he had no other chance.

"One dish costs 70 gold coins, and 4 dishes equals to 280 gold coins"

The waiter told the bill while he put smile on his face.

"Are you kidding me?I can buy two cows with 70 gold coins and you are saying that this dish is equivalent to two cows, kids I don't want to eat here let's go somewhere else"

Gen stood up and talked towards the exit,

"Wait, sir you could not go out like this, you need to pay 40 gold coins for cancelling the order"

The waiter blocked Gen&co and asked for cancellation fee.

"Move aside, I am not paying you even a penny"

Gen refused to pay.

"Sir, please pay us the amount else we will call battle masters"

The inn owner rushed to the scene when she saw the customer to refuse to pay the fee.

"I am not paying, you move aside, if you don't then I am going to make my way"

The waiter stood there without moving an inch.

"Miss Simran, please let them go they are my guests"

Zumen who was drowning in crowd of fans kept an eye on Henry&co.

Seeing them in trouble, he came voiced his opinion even while facing his fans.

Why that guy is helping me? Am I really his brother?

Gen could not understand the things which were happening.

"You are sir Zumen's guests, Sorry I did not know that, you can eat whatever you want for free. "

The inn owner turned polite and he glared at waiter flared eyes.

"No, I am not in a mood to eat anymore"

Gen was acting more aggressively.

"Sorry, sir is it because of this waiter?"

The inn owner glared more fiercely at the waiter while the waiter kept his head low.

Gen did not reply,

"Are your eyes blind, apologize the guests "

Simran roared over the waiter.

"I am sorry, it was my mistake"

The waiter apologized but inwardly he was cursing his boss.

Gen still stood there without moving,

"Sir please"

Simran was still trying to persuade Gen,

"I need compensation, pack the rest of your stock and send them to the farmer's den"

Haha..this is such a great chance, how could I miss it? Gen had his own thoughts.

Pack the rest of the stock, is he for real?that would give me loss over 2000 gold coins

The inn owner was hesitating.

"Miss Simran , please fulfill their demands, I warranty you that you won't suffer from any losses"

As Zumen said it, he was finally able to take care of his fans approached the inn owner and whispered something in her ear.

"I agree"

The inn owner agreed.

"Hahaha...brother thank you for your generosity"

Gen came forward and hugged Zumen without any prior action.

It was sudden hug, there were his fans present he could not mess things Zumen acted along

"Brother I missed you a lot, It was just small thing for the big hand you lent us back then"

Hahahaha, Henry you are still pretending to not know me and this old guy wanted to be my brother, look how would I trap him

~~Zumen's thoughts.

Mean while a man sitting far at the corner of the inn opened his eyes and looking at the scenario,

"Reporting sir, Zumen from team Sahara is currently at Lovelock inn and he called a guy his brother, and they even hugged. This guy most likely to be the expert who helped the team to defeat the guardian,

Sir, what should I do?should I follow them? Waiting for your orders."

He talked to the white spherical device.

"Berlin, you told me such a good news, don't just follow them but also connect your Sphere-moon to the communication channel we will broadcast it live"

"Roger sir"

Both the channel owner&Berlin were excited because they were just a start up and could not compete with the long established rivals,every time they got any breaking news it had always been snatched by a big firm.In the business of reporting, the channel which fetches more breaking news gets more views and they earn more gold while also gaining the popularity and recently their funds had been running low, if this had been continued, they would have to close their channel but this incident might save them from collapsing completely that's why everyone is so excited.

"Connect to the channel"

Berlin said to the spherical thing in his hand.


"Established the connection successfully"

The sphere-moon replied in a mechanical voice.

"Go live"

Berlin continued to command

"Going live...."

"Please tell me the caption"

The sphere-moon replied.

After thinking for quite a while Berlin said,

"The suspected expert, the brother of Zumen"

"Caption noted...."

"Going live after count down of 10,please put sphere moon's face towards the target"

The device is not just spherical but also had a mouth, eyes and ears.

While Gen&co sat in a table, Gen sat next to Zumen and was chatting.

Zen was hungry he could not hold back himself any longer and he immediately took the lid out revealing the special dish

"What the heck is this?"

Zen was shocked and blurted out.

Gen who was comfortably chatting with Zumen turned his attention towards the dish,finding the dish looked like roots of a dried tree sprinkled with milk,

His mood turned grim, he took a piece and kept in his mouth, that thing tasted like nothing.

How this thing costs so much?it's even worse than plain rice , better that these things are free or I would have been duped.

~~Gen's thoughts.

Gen was cursing the food but did not say it out but some one did

"Yuck , this tasteless thing costs 70 gold coins"

and the one who spoke was Buntoo.

Simran who was seated in the same table when heard Buntoo, spilled out the water she was drinking.

"Customers, you can't insult our dish"

she could not take the insult because she was the one who made this dish.

"Dish?this is not dish this is crap which is worse than spoiled cheese "

Buntoo was direct.

"Customer, I understand your dissatisfaction but please don't behave yourself"

Simran was raging inside as this kid was first one to call her cooking a crap, no one had done it before nevertheless in front of many people.

"I ain't going to this shit"


The plate broke as buntoo pushed it down from the table.

"Get out"

Simran was truly enraged

"Miss Simran.."

"Get out, you too"

Zumen, Gen&co were thrown out,

"What's wrong with that lady"

Buntoo spoke again.

Everyone looked at him with weird eyes,

Zumen, Gen & Henry does not know what to say as Buntoo was just 6.

"That inn owner could not even handle blabbering of 6 year old"

Gen spoke.

"Yeah Zumen nodded"

They got no choice other than blaming her.

Somewhere in the city.

"Hahaha haahaaa, look, look ,They got kicked out"

A man shouted, "what the hell? what's happening?" Hearing his shouts the people gathered and then they saw a virtual screen on which few people can be seen

"Hello, this is Reporter Berlin from channel Toyo,

I am currently at Lovelock inn and the people we are currently looking at are Zumen from team Sahara and the old guy there is Zumen's brother also suspected to the expert who became quite famous recently."

"They have just kicked out by the owner, I am going to follow them to solve the mystery revolving around the expert"

"This is Berlin, I have just walked out from the inn and I am currently following behind Zumen and the suspected expert"

"They stopped, looks like something is going on, they divided, the expert seems to be separated from the group, looks like he is planning something big,I am going to follow him"


In an office

"Boss, this time we have lost to cover the news in time"

A woman rushed in the room where a man was leaning on chair.

"How could you loose?, Is it Hunt?Reader?BCC?"

The man who leaned on the chair jumped up and asked.

"No, sir it's Toyo, your brother's channel"

The women replied.

"That clown? How did he beat me?Which news is he covering?"

"It is about the expert"

"Rimu, do you believe in the existence of expert?it was just a bluff by team Sahara to hide the real reason behind and anyway some of our reporters surrounded their headquarters so don't worry"

"Boss what if the expert is real"

"Rimu,don't overthink that clown never had luck on his side"


"The expert is moving towards the team Sahara's headquarters and I am following him and we are almost there"

"He stopped he changed his direction"

"That's brothel!"

And all of a sudden the screen went blank,

"What the hell?why did he stop casting"

"Brothel damn, looks like that guy went there to relieve himself"

"Mommy,what's brothel?"

Some viewers disappointed and some felt relief and some were embarrassed like the women whose child asking her about the brothel.

"Berlin, why did you stop broad casting?"

The sphere-moon roared.

"Sir, this is brothel I can't cast it"

"So what if it is brothel?just cast it"

"Sir, think about the children, it is not suitable for them"

"You don't need to worry too much, their parents will arrange something and there is nothing wrong for the children to know a few things about it, they would do it anyway sooner or later and stop reasoning go live back right now, we never had these many viewers before"

"Yes sir"

"It's back,Berlin is back"

The crowd who was watching the screen in the group gathered in front of screen again

"Sorry for the interruption, here look"

As Berlin said he moved sphere-moon to and fro showing the area

There were women standing in front of each door while wearing cotton dresses without undergarments.

"Look there he is, the expert "

"He is waiting outside"

"Someone came out from brothel"

The viewers on the street roared

"She is Julio's mother"

"Julio, that guy, the second strongest battle master of the city after the Prince"

"So rumors were true that Julio is a bastard and his mother is a prostitute"


" Layla, this is for you "

Gen took out a wooden box and opened it revealing a silver ring.

"Gen..but I can't accept it"

Layla refused his gift but her expressions showed she does not want to reject him.

"Is it because of your son?, I will talk to him, you should not worry"

As he said that Gen grabbed her waist and kissed her on the lips.

"You bastard move away"

With a shout,Julio punched Gen,

Julio when he saw his mother live on communication channel and her actions with a stranger he was raged, he did not get angry because she was with other man but because the rumors of her being prostitute and him being bastard had been proved.


"You bitch shut up"

"You are suspected to be the expert who helped team Sahara, let me see how much of it is true"


Julio activated his battle relic, his long black gloves began to pull the nearby rocks


Outside the headquarters of Sahara

"Git,it's breaking news hurry up and go to brothel "

"But sir"

"I said hurry up"

"Ok sir"

"Brother, where are you going?"

Git asked another reporter who was near to him, I am going to brothel, something interesting is happening there, I got to cover it.

And all the reporters who were blocking team Sahara disappeared as they rushed towards the brothel

"Hahaha..we struck rich Berlin we struck rich never in history any other channel single handedly hit these many views"

The boss of Toyo was the one who is most happy.


"You only know how to dodge"


Another rock separated from brothel and fell in the place where Gen was standing before.

Julio also known as king of rocks because his relic allows him to control rocks freely as he wish, he can make them fly, combine , reshape and so on.

"Face my next attack expert"

"Rock Manipulation"




The brothel began to demolish as all its rocks started to flew out, some people who realized something is wrong stopped their business and covered their bodies and some were very high in taking pleasure and did not notice anything and continued.

Soon the whole brothel demolished revealing several naked figures and semi naked figures,

In a home,

"Daddy,daddy look at mother, she is live on channel Toyo, but she is not wearing anything and there is someone with her and he is also not wearing anything and they are touching each other"

A four year child looked at his father while shouting excitedly after finding her mother on CC, as he remembered his mother's words only big people can only appear on CC.

Contradictory to the innocent child, the father's face was stiff and serious.

On the street,

A fat lady was emitting aura of fierceness

"Isn't that lady Mio"

"Look, that guy there that bald guy is her husband"

A man pointed out a baldy on the screen who was surrounded by three naked women.

But when he said it, he felt chills he saw the fierce gaze of lady Mio and shut his mouth.

Similar things happened in several places.

"Gen,dodge this one if you can"

as Julio shouted he formed two big hands with the rocks he extracted, they are big enough to cover a ground floor home, these hands floated in air.

The hands clapped together and tilted downwards in the direction of Gen

"Old Luo, looks like I got to break the promise"

Gen said to himself.

But as the combined fingered palm about to descend he was pushed to the side, and the one who pushed him did also move opposite side and barely dodged the assault of gigantic hands made up of rocks.

"Who are you?and why did you save him?"

Julio shouted as he did not like his judgement to be disrupted by outsider.

"I am the expert whom you are searching"

Henry declared.



Expert my ass, do you take me to a fool? , you are just a kid and thinks yourself as an expert but you did grave mistake by declaring yourself as expert, now you have to die too"


With a loud bang, Julio moved forward along his hands formed from rocks

But when Julio took next step he heard the word


As if the word itself got invisible power Julio realized that he lost his sense of legs then he saw he could not even move his hands, he looked at Henry but he saw a youth who wore a devil's smile on his face.

Julio fell.

He fell to the ground and could not make even a single moment.

The viewers were gaped in shock,

"What the heck happened?"

"He fell just like that"

"Isn't second strongest in the city, he could not even put up a fight"

"He was defeated before even confronting, is that power of an expert?"

"All took him a single word to defeat the second strongest"

Even the people who found their partners cheating forgot about it for a moment.

The whole city was in uproar, this had never been happened in the history of palamuru city.

"Berlin,Berlin you damn boy it's the biggest time to get profited, make a report"

Berlin who was opened his mouth just brought back to the reality by his boss

"It's Berlin, did you guys see that?we found the expert, a real one and he did not even use relic to second strongest"

Hearing the report the crowd were even more shocked, he did not use relic then how did he do that?an armed guy defeated a battle master this had never been happened not only in Palamuru city but also in the entire history of the Domain.

"Look, I am also holding relic detector "

Berlin showed a pen like device and it is not detecting any relic on him.

"It is not detecting anything it happens only when one does not got any relic or one has natural relic, having natural relic is not possible so there could be only conclusion he does not got any relic"

"It opened a new window of mystery that is how did he defeat him?we will discover it next time until good bye"

Berlin finished his final sentence before turning off the broadcast.

"Brother nothing less expected from you"

Zumen walked towards Henry with a smiling face.

"Kidd,how did you do it?"

Uncle Gen asked

"Yes brother, how did you do it?"

Zumen also wanted to know how his brother created one more miracle.


You give me too much credit I did not do anything, it's all thanks to Zen and Buntoo".

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