Rise of Almighty

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The Grand Funeral



"The reporters are swarming into the office"

In hurried manner a man came running towards another man sitting in a chair who wore a golden crown on his head , his clothes looked like modern blazers.

Before the man who barged inn could say more

"Reporter Tim greets prince"

"Reporter Git greets prince"

"Reporter Chimney greets prince"

The reporters rushed inside and one by one every reporter sat on one knee while bowing to the prince as they greeted.

In the world of battle masters prince is a title granted to the strongest battle master of the city.

One can replace the current prince by challenging him, after winning yearly individual city tournament.

The prince had power over military affairs such as moving all the battle masters in the city around,he can decide official posts and their candidates in other words he got full command over the battle masters of the city.

"I know why you all are here, Isn't it about the expert right?"

"You all want to know how he defeated Julio, but you would be disappointed because I don't know it myself"

Hearing it, the reporters turned gloomy.

They came here rushing because when they reached the brothel everyone dispersed, no one was there nor even Julio.

They all gathered here in the hope of grasping some news specially related to the expert from the strongest battle master of Palamuru city.

"But I can give you some breaking news, listen carefully You all know my sister Rita,don't you?, she says that she likes the expert, so I am requesting the expert to visit me in a week, hope you won't make me to use other methods"

While wearing a warm smile on his face Prince made announcement which contains hidden threat and explosive news.

"Rita, Prince had a sister?"

"Sister? She is not sister, she is a devil"

"How come?"

"You dunno the guys whoever she liked, found murdered in a cruel way, their bodies found with severed heads, heart taken out"

"Poor expert"

Two people somewhere in the city while viewing the communication channel had the conversion.

"look ,look,there is another news on expert, it is apparently about his identity"

In an inn when others were watching news about Rita's crush on the expert on a big virtual screen

"It's on Toyo channel"

"Isn't it the same channel that broadcasted the fight live?"

"Hurry up put on this channel"


"This is Toyo channel, we have uncovered the identity of the expert"

Berlin sat in a chair inside a studio as he described the topic.

"The expert we know is not even a battle master, he does not got any particular occupation at all"

"He worked as a farmer and the reason he came to the city is to sell paddy"

"Let's know more about the expert through our chief guest"

" you all know our chief guest , but still he need an introduction, right?"

There was a man sitting opposite to Berlin embracing a cat on his lap, seeing this man

"Isn't he that man, who got an affair with Julio's mother?"

"He was the suspected expert"

The viewers chattered.

"Mr. Gen please introduce yourself"

Berlin asked Gen to introduce himself.

"Ahem!I am just a normal villager from LostTomb village, also the expert is my fellow villager and here is the cat it belongs to the expert"

While introducing himself Gen did not forget to introduce the cat sitting on his lap.

"Expert's cat, it may not be ordinary"

Audience were thinking.

"Mr. Gen may I know the cat's name"

Berlin's interest also piqued after knowing the identity of the cat.

"The cat......hmm..."


Gen: Henry, control your damn cat, it is eating out all the fishes the villagers caught from the river

Henry : It is not my cat

Gen: You have told me many times already and you also said it followed you here ever since you woke up, while you lost your memories, it still followed you so of course it's yours.

Henry : Whatever, anyway it won't listen to me

Gen:May be it is not obedient one any way what should I call this trouble maker?

Henry:whatever you like

Gen:kiddo, It is your cat not mine, give it a name

Henry:Call it Lucky Charm then

Gen:Lucky Charm?? (It only brings bad luck )Are you sure?


Back to the present

"The cat is god of luck, so it's called as Lucky Charm, once the cat was roaming in the village and it was accidentally trapped in a tunnel , it shouted for help and when the near by villagers heard it we go there and we discovered that the cat was trapped inside a pile of gold coins."

As Gen said he paused

"What happened then? "

Berlin was curious after all he was a reporter whose monthly payment is no more than 100 gold coins.

"Of course we took all the gold and donated it to the expert"

Gen described as if everything was real.

"Expert again, does the esteemed self got a name, may the world know about it?"

Berlin continued his queries.

"His name is Henry, a villager of Lost Tomb village"

Gen answered.

"But sir, there was not any record of Henry in the previous year data of the village"

Berlin does want to give full advantage to Gen as he was thinking lucky cat? do you think my audience as fools? Henry a villager?I did my homework too.

"Mr. Berlin you are right, Henry joined us recently but we don't know where he came from as he does not remember his past"

Gen tried to explain but there was interruption.

"Sir Gen, what do you mean you don't know his origins, what if he was a spy sent from Arrow Head Domain?"

Berlin's face turned serious as she asked the question.

"No..He is not spy"

Gen regretted his previous answer

"How can you be so sure?"

Berlin did not back down

"Wait, he can not be a spy I saw him dropping down from the sky in the forest, and when he fell from the sky he had wings on his back, the cat was sitting on his shoulder, the stars were shining too brightly making the night as a day"

Buntoo appeared as he wanted to handle the situation.

Who is this kid?how dare him to barge in live conversation?Berlin got quite irritated but still put up a smiling face

"Hello mr, may I know your name and can you elaborate the situation you talked about Henry more precisely"

Berlin was boiling internally but he knew he could not loose his cool in a live broad cast.

"Mr? Who is mr? "

Buntoo questioned.

"Of course it's you"

Berlin wanted to slap this kid right here

"Haha...you are not qualified to know my name"

Shut up damn kid, I will skin you alive

Berlin was raging internally.

"But for the sake of reputation of brother Henry, I will tell you my name, open your ears widely you should not miss the once in life time opportunity"

"Screw him....once in life opportunity, my ass"

"Who the hell this kiddo thinks he is?"


Some viewers were enraged and some found it amusing.

"I am the great Buntoo of Lost Tomb Village, I slaughtered gods and angels who stood in front of me,I destroyed the worlds which does not please me, I saved this world countless times by putting my life on the line"

Buntoo introduced himself as expected.

"Haahaa..this kid's boasting levels are in other level"

"Killed gods and angels , you are describing it as if you really did it"

Some viewers cursed while majority find it cute.

"Ok, Mr.Buntoo can you tell me how did you meet the expert Henry?"

Berlin asked it again even after knowing that he would get a lie as answer as he had no other choice

"Actually I was having fun with my ten beautiful girl friends in the forest"

Buntoo paused.

"This kid,doesn't he know any other things except boasting?"

The viewers were pissed.

"And then one of my girl who separated from the group shouted in shock, I was worried about my girl and immediately rushed there"

Buntoo took a pause

"Then what I saw some unbelievable things, I saw a star falling down and it paused after coming down to some extent and instantly turned to a human with white wings, I felt an holy aura in the light unknowingly I knelt down and when I turned around I saw not only me but also all of my girls knelt down while bowing the white figure in the sky"

Buntoo took another pause

"The white figure in the sky slowly descended and he was not conscious, his eyes were closed but some how it appeared as if he can sense us all, soon he stood facing me and then fell to the ground while his wings vanished, that's how I met the expert brother Henry"

Silence, the viewers went silent,

"Isn't it utter lie? Why does it seems to be true"

"Hahaha...this kid got quite the skill to convince people and making them believe the lie as truth"

The experienced merchants soon figured out Buntoo's talent.

"Haha...looks like still someone does not believe me, let me convince you by showing you my ten girls"

Buntoo shouted.

"Mr.Buntoo I think it is not necessary"

Berlin tried to manage the sudden change of events but he was step too late.


Buntoo called out, following his shout a group of women ranging from 16-35 walked on the platform.

"Look look Isn't she Tina, the goddess of the city, why is she here?"

"Tina, there she is my life long crush even though she is 32,she is still most beautiful women in the city but why she is there?"

The next moment the viewers opened their mouth open as they saw Buntoo running towards Tina and jumped up while grabbing her neck with his two hands he kissed her on lips.

This scene sent tremors through the admirers of Tina,

The conversion followed by the kiss shattered all the hearts of single men in the city.

"Darling, how are you?"

The one who asked this question was not Buntoo but Tina, the goddess of the city, there were rumours of her even rejecting the Prince

"I am good, look we are live, we should not be so intimate "

Buntoo said as he hugged her

"Oh..that's give us more reason to be intimate"

As Tina said it, she stood up while carrying Buntoo in her arms then she kissed him.

"Fuck...I couldn't see it anymore"

"How dare that kid to do such things at such small age?"

"Kid, have some shame, she is at the age of your mother"

"Bro, kill me...at least I should have died before seeing this scene"

"I have been single for 40 years and seen many couples but this kid pissed me off more than any other people"

Buntoo completed his task and looked at remaining women

It's your time now,

Buntoo slowly took steps towards them.

Seeing him taking steps the viewers cursed

"Isn't it too much?, the handsome me could not even get a single one but this not only got goddess but also have other 9 beautiful girls in his harem"

"Never in my life I thought I would be jealous of a kid and here I am married to fatty" a baldy cursed.



"It's not true, It's all scripted by Toyo channel, down down Toyo"


Meanwhile, In the studio Berlin got a call

"Berlin,cut the broadcast immediately our popularity went down hill if you don't cut it now then we will have sell our clothes"

"Yes sir"

Berlin replied as he stopped the broad cast.

Berlin lost his vigour in his face

"Mr.Berlin Can we take our leave we did the show as you offered us the payment hope it did not disappoint you"

Gen said.

Berlin was silent.

Then Gen & co walked out after walking out of the studio they met Henry,

"You did well Buntoo" Henry praised.

"Hahaha... Kiddo even I was envious this Buntoo when he kissed the beautiful goddess"

Gen laughed but soon stopped as he heard


The women walked out,

"Miss Tina thank you for your cooperation"

Henry thanked her,

"It was nothing in front of your promise, don't forget fulfil it"

Tina replied while smiling.

"Oh..about that I will definitely try my best"

Henry said.

"I believe in you"

Tina and women left,

"Kiddo, what did you promise her?"

Gen asked out of curiosity

"It's none of your business"

Henry shut him down, and then they heard

"Henry, Buntoo and Gen looks like you had quite lot of fun"

"This voice.."

"Grandpa Luo, when did you come here?"

Henry asked.

"I was standing ever since you guys came out of studio but you guys were busy in having fun"

Grandpa Luo replied.

"Sorry grandpa, I did not notice you "

Zen was the first one to apologize followed by Henry and others.

"Grandpa the matter is..."

Henry wanted to explain the situation.

"You don't need to explain, I know everything and I saw it my own eyes not only me but also rest of the villagers, for now let's go the farmer's district where we are going to stay tonight and tomorrow we will return to the village"

The group left towards the farmer's district.

The Toyo channel did not dare to cover any more news but some channels grabbed the chance and after knowing the expert came from the Lost Tomb village they departed towards it.

At the night, several channels were telecasting Lost Tomb village

The viewers were confused because the village did not have any lively atmosphere instead grief filled the village.

The screen showed a coffin and all villagers sitting down around the coffin, a kid with expressionless face stood next to it, and a woman was wiping her tears in front of coffin.

Seeing this scene in farmer's district in a building a group of people stood up,

"What happened? Who died?"

"Timmy...that's Timmy's mother"

"Timmy...Timmy.." Zen could not control himself and began crying, Buntoo did also began crying.

Henry felt sad, he had less interaction with Timmy but he knew his personality, he could not believe that coward Timmy died.

"The reporters soon announced the story behind this collective mourning"

Everyone in the city got touched by Timmy's bravery.

The next morning Henry &co rushed towards village, when Henry reached the village.

He saw Mantra, the holy lady of the village as she was chanting something in front of the coffin.

Henry slowly took steps towards the coffin, the cameras focused on him.

He dropped his knees while facing coffin, the rest of them also did the same.

The whole village followed the suit and dropped to knees.

In palamuru city at the centre a giant screen appeared in which the Lost Tomb village was being shown, and a man who attracted people appeared on the road.

"Mommy look that's Prince"

"Prince is here"

Prince stood directly a 5cm away beneath the screen and he knelt down

"Sorry I could not avenge you as team Righteousness is backed by an elder from the academy but I can still pay respect to great hero"

The Prince had the privilege of not kneeling in front of anyone except the grand elder of the academy but today he knelt in front of a screen to be more precise in front of a coffin of a kid.

The people of the city who saw him did not dare to stand still while their leader was kneeling they dropped to knees the news spread in no time and entire city paid their respect to Timmy.

The rituals of funeral conducted by Mantra and Timmy's name was recorded in hall of heroes in the village.

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