The Witch of Stars

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LunA is an orphan who lives with three of her friends. She can’t stay still and is always in trouble. She is a young witch, what can go wrong? -work in progress-

Fantasy / Drama
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Grabbing my ear phones, I could still hear the opening of a can of paint. I gently listen to the music and the paint at the same time. I let feeling flow. But then, I heard sirens, then a silence. I placed my spray bottles on the ground grabbed my bag and put the spray bottles in the bag. Then I was gone.”Miles,” I said whispering to the phone. “Yes madam?”Miles said flirting. “Where is the closest place to firestone?” I said running. “If your running from the cops,” I heard typing in the background. “Like said here,” He sent me the run way. I hesitated. Finally I found Golden Alley. I put my hand on the stone. I took a deep breath, and spread my fingers. The golden yellow symbol that looked like a witch. I gently released. I had a strange talent. Witchery. I have never thought of it much, my parents were over protective. They were trying to protect me from people who tried to kill me. I never heard much from the kill me part, other than I was the last one. Of something. I put my short, black hair in a updo. I walked in the White Hackers room. He looked like he had never seen me before. “How did you get in? Ivy put in a lock,” He said. I was confused. So I didn’t answer. Dinner was not on my great list. Since my mother and father were gone, dinner wasn’t all that good. Since Angel was in charge, it wasn’t all that marvelous. on the other hand, I lived with my friends. In a basement my dad built so it was easy for eighteen year olds and nineteen to use without others help.

“No,” I said. “I don’t need college,” Miles looked at me and my star pupils. “All we want you to do is go to college, we’ve agreed for you to take our money. You need it,” I looked down. “Why can’t you ever put me into these conversations? You always decide what I need to do!” I ran and shut the door. I ran back to the alley. I needed the truth, I have to tell them what I can do. When I got back the first expression was,“Is this your imagination?” Miles said. I looked around,”I can prove,” I held out my hand, turned it into a fist and dropped my breath. All of the clocks in the door started going off. “LunA. What is that,” I smiled. “Me,” He looked at me.And the least thing I was excited about was, “Luna! We could make you a hero! Slinging across the street. Like a-a- Super hero,” Miles yelled. His nerdy voice got me to were maybe he could forget college. Besides, he is my friend not my brother. “Y- Ya that’s great!” I said in agreement. Miles was a master electronically made outfits, and gadgets. He was taught to be a White Hacker. His whole life he had been training, for this moment. So I will let him this moment. If it doesn’t go crazy, you know. Miles continued,”A name, name, aha!” I got interested,” Super witch!” I looked in disgust. I hesitated, then spoke,”LunA Sapphire, The Witch of Stars,” I said silently. He smiled, his white hair shined. “Cheesy. I like it,” I was going to be watched, tested and trained, I really don’t know why. That’s why it all happened on my twentieth birthday. My life changed to much. Even though I was breaking laws, and painting with spray bottles. I guess I was some soon to be. I earned horns, star spells, and other things. What did I do wrong? It went way to fast. Only my life was in hand. And what would people do if they saw this. I’m worried that what my parents said, is true. Even if it is, it’s game over.

“Happy twentieth birthday!” I looked over by Miles. He had a White Hacker symbol on his shirt, with white jeans. He was holding an outfit with black all over that looked to be rubber and fake stars made with leather on the black layer over the collar. “So?” I loved it. “I have been working on it for the past two years.” “Two years?” I asked. “It’s just clothes,” I explained. “Not just that. It’s got special features. Like, wings. The spells I looked up for you can transmit something that looks like wings. So it’s basically made for a spell. Try it,” I knew a spell I could use. I put my left foot in front of my left hand and dropped my breath as always. The fiery wings turned to a bright gold that shined. I was amazed. And excited. Other features could be seen. But then the moment happened. I stepped outside. People who saw me ran and covered there child’s eyes. Me and Miles stepped on the steel staircase. We made it to the top of the building. Miles hugged me and said, “good luck,” and kissed me on the cheek. I waited. And waited. Then, I remembered the spell that was made for the wings. Miles smiled and said, “Show them who you are,” I nodded. I preformed the spell. I ran. I was flaoting on between the building. My eyes like stars. Gold filled the tips of my pitch black hair. Miles smiled. My anxiety went away. My troubles were gone, my wonders were gone. “LunA!” Miles yelled. All the pain shocked back. The people taking photos stopped and yelled. People in blue suits grabbed Miles and beat him as if he was some criminal. I couldn’t move. “Miles!” I screamed. I saw a helicopter. It looked as if it was coming after me. I ran. Flew. I wanted to save Miles but it was to late. I flew to the bottom of the tower. The only person I knew was Ivy. She was a master ninja and warrior. As soon as I got her Miles was getting fought on. “Who are these people?” I didn’t know. Ivy ran as fast as she could. And found two long sticks to battle with. I was using spells I learned from Miles. I couldn’t move. The image I saw was a horror scene. Miles. He was laying in the middle of the street. I wasn’t sure if he was dead. But I lost my place. I flew down and ran towards Miles. He wasn’t my brother. He was someone that loved me. Golden tears fell from my eyes. I looked at Ivy. She walked towards me. “Ivy,” I looked at Miles. “LunA, this does not mean you can stop,” I knew what that meant. He was gone. “Ivy, I won’t,” I heard foot steps behind me. Grabbing me and Ivy. Angel ran out and saw Miles. She was running towards us. “Angel no!”

The man grabbed her by the shirt. She tried but there were to many of them.

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