Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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It's been two long years. Many things have changed in the realm of Obsidian. Both Aszurya and Theodore have moved on. But it's time for Theo to come back. A strange danger has arisen in the time that the two fated protectors have been apart. A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes claims to have control over the demons within Aszurya. Something's wrong with Obsidians Reaper. Things in the realm just seem to be getting murkier every day Theodoe's away. Everyone is depending on him to do the job. Fix the reaper. But how can he do it if he doesn't have access to his mythical side? And just how far gone is Aszurya? Can Theo prevent the destruction of the almighty Death-Rose clan and his own? Was his previous decision permanent or will the madness cause him to change his mind?

Fantasy / Romance
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Important Vocab

*I’ll be updating this as I continue to edit FMFQ**

Ey Parf Doni: My little rose

Ey nuyel: My beloved

Letire: A long sharp arrow that cuts through the air lightning quick.

Facies: City of Nature/History

Vistosa: City of colours &art

Culinaro: City of foods/Culinary arts

Duwns: Obsidians paper money system

Daelic: The Siethen language

Gyens: Type of magic like spells

Mosaram: Land-based siren

Ri-gyens (Ri like rice without the ce): Visual gyen *few have the right mindset to use these gyen

Tae-Ri-Gyen: The lowest version of a Ri-Gyen used as part of calming exercises.

Roku- Ri- Gyen: The highest version of a Ri-Gyen, used in battle for mass murder.

Centre: A Siethen’s main element

Area (Are- Ree- Ah): Areas are aspects of a centre. they work with the centre to increase gyen range and ability.

A/N: Sorry for my sorry excuse of a pronunciation guide. I’m trying here. If I don’t put anything in parentheses next to a word then it’s pronounced as you see it. :)

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