Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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13 Theodore

Hailey’s crying in our bedroom. She doesn’t want me to be there with her. As soon as Alaric took Aszurya away from us, she ran into the bedroom, sobbing. I don’t know what to say to her; how to calm her down. Right now, Aszurya has won. She’s torn me and Hailey apart just by twisting the truth. She made it seem as if we had fucked or even actually kissed. I made sure not to do those things to save my sanity.

I know I shouldn’t have done the things I did the last time I was in this realm. I should have been faithful the way Hailey has been to me. I don’t deserve her. I really don’t. And the worst part about it is, given the chance to go back in time, I don’t think I would make different choices with Aszurya. I don’t think I would have thought twice about touching her. I was so damn desperate to find out who she was and why I was constantly dreaming of her, I completely forgot about Hailey.

I feel like a loser. I couldn’t stop myself from the temptations. I couldn’t keep my own secrets. I couldn’t silence her with my tongue the way I wanted to. I couldn’t stop the hurt and evil from slipping through her cracks and seeping into the rest of the room. A failure… It’s what I’ve become. My predecessors would be ashamed of me. Maybe even of my father for falling in love with a human. But how different am I from him?

Alaric appears behind me but I don’t need to turn to know it’s him. I can feel his presence without even turning around. Not a single muscle moves as he places his hand on my shoulder, trying to soften the situation with a kind gesture. But I’m sick and tired of being useless. If I’m going to live two lives I’m going to be in control of it all. Every last part of it. Including her.

“Glamour her; alter her memories. She’s a mortal, it should be easy for you. Make sure she doesn’t remember Aszurya is here. Even make her forget we’re in another realm.”

“That’s a reckless move, Theodore. Reckless and stupid; even for you. Where do you plan to be, should I actually do as you have ordered?”

“I’m going to clean up the shitty mess I made.”

I turn on my heels and walk out of the apartment. Sure I don’t have my abilities or a way to reach her but I can find ways to con people just like she did in Facies. All I need to do is find a warlock and coerce him into finding Aszurya. It shouldn’t be too hard since I am linked with Aszurya. Maybe they can use me to get to her.

“You won’t be able to find her by tracking down a warlock. Aszurya has been trained to hide like an assassin. She’s untraceable. Even for her father.”

“Then how do you suppose I find her?”

“Here,” Alaric tosses a small beige drawstring bag with a strange sign on it towards me. “You’ve managed to unlock your speed, that much I can tell. If you follow the orb in this pouch you should be able to get to her. Your only problem would be any bodies of water.”

I nod my head and walk out of the apartment building. Out on the empty sidewalk, I open the pouch and a purple ball of light pops out slowly. It spins around with a tinkly sound and begins to flutter around before creating a light lavender trail. I follow the trail into a thick forest until it begins to thin out into a field of familiar flowers.

I stop as a cottage comes into view. It’s like I’ve been dragged right back into my dream omen. It’s the same field which ended up in flames. But I can’t let my dreams stop me right now. All of the things that I was warned of have come through already.

The sound of lightning cracks through the sky as a cloud of dust erupts. The dust begins to clear as a figure comes sliding towards me. I brace myself for the impact as the figure slams into my chest, wrapping my arms around their waist. We continue to slide back from the momentum, our heels digging deep into the dirt, uprooting everything in our path until we slam into a large tree.


I tighten my grip around her waist, making sure she’s flush against my body, stealing the breath out of her lungs. I press my lips against her Kiyake until she’s in my full control. Pressing her up against the now cracked tree, I draw out her fangs, her fingers burying themselves in my hair and down my back as I leave marks all over her neck. She moans loudly and begs for more as I slip down her round chest, unbuttoning her tight shirt.

Bringing her legs up around my waist, I run my lips down to the peak of her breasts, flicking my tongue over her taut nipples. The woman in my arms sighs loudly as I pull her breast between my teeth, listening to the irregular beating of her heart. Her hips begin to grind and buck against me as I leave marks over her bronze chest.

After fully melting her, I step back and stare into her green cat eyes. She’s trying to catch her breath after I took it out of her lungs. The sadness filling her eyes as she studies me is enough to make me take her into my arms, trying to hold her together as she fights not to fall apart.

“What… How did you find me?”

“A little orb brought me to you.”

“But… Why would you want to see me? And why would you do that to me just now when I just fucked up everything for you? I should have just kept my mouth shut but-”

I smirk, silencing her just as fast as I wanted to before when she was spilling out our secrets.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Because this is the most human I’ve ever seen you in a while.”

A frown spreads its way onto Aszurya’s full lips. My body begins to warm up as her hands find their way around my waist. Yep, so human right now.

“What do you want from me?”

I laugh aloud, tossing my head back, unwrapping her arms from around my waist, but keeping them at my belt.

“I think you know what I want. You…,”


“To train me.”

Aszurya cocks her head to the side and stares at my face as if trying to make sense of everything. Her long eyebrows furrow together like a little school kid who doesn’t understand what he’s been taught. She’s very amusing and I know she doesn’t like it.

“You tracked me down and seduced me just to get me to train you? Well, guess what. The answer is no.”

“I think I could make you say otherwise. Just a little tongue could have you begging for me to never stop.”

“You have a lot of arrogance inside your body. I may just have to accept and squash every bit of it.”

I raise my eyebrow and smirk down at the Siethen in front of me.

“I’d love to see you do something to me. What are you like 4′11?”

In one deft movement, Aszurya steps forward, grabs hold of my shoulders and sends her knee directly into my solar plexus. I double over in pain as my vision blurs and I lose my breath. As soon as the air in my lungs returns, I chuckle softly and look up at Aszurya.

“You’re a whole foot off.”

“Oh, shit… So you are 3’11?”

Her eyes narrow into a death stare but it doesn’t scare me. I like toying with her. I like pissing her off knowing just one touch will change the way she looks at me. I’ll melt her like she’s never had anyone in her pants before. The woman with hair like a black hole stares down on me before turning around and walking the other way, back to the little cottage.

“Go home, King. You wouldn’t be able to handle the Siethen way of training.”

“I can handle anything you throw at me.”

I stand up straighter, as the pain has completely passed, and give Aszurya a defiant look. Or, at least, it would be defiant if she was actually facing my way. She stops mid-step, still facing away from me, before turning her head slightly and laughing so softly it’s almost undetectable.

“I wouldn’t go easy on you, half-breed.”

“I don’t expect you to.”

“Fine. Be out here at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning and be ready to bleed.”

I nod my head and watch her figure walk into the cottage. I knew I would be able to convince her to train me. And the sooner we are alone training the sooner I can unleash my abilities and put an end to this mess. I’m tired of relying on people. It’s because of my dependence on others, that Aszurya and Hailey don’t trust me.

Well, it’s time to put a stop to it.


I wake up slowly at 4 o’clock exactly, yawning. Hailey’s asleep at my side. She must have snuck in here last night after I fell asleep. I stayed out pretty late last night just sitting on a branch watching Aszurya do as she pleases. I’m sure she noticed my presence but it didn’t stop her from undressing with an open window. If anything, I think she did it purposely.

She stood by the window for a long time in just her bra and underwear staring at nothing in the field of roses. The way she leaned against the window, folding her arms against her chest, accentuating her breast. That must have been what got it started because after, everything went downhill for me.

I lean over and kiss Hailey softly as she continues to sleep. I haven’t told Alaric I’ll be training with Aszurya but he doesn’t need to know right away. Slipping into some loose clothes, I skip breakfast and begin my journey back to the forest that kept me out well past midnight.

As soon as I touch the soft grass near the pond behind the cottage, I hear the sound of knives hitting each other. Who could she be sparing with at this time of day? Slowly, I walk around the house with caution. Maybe I can sneak up on her, show her how good I am already. Something sharp pokes me in the back before I can even take a step forward.

“I would get those thoughts out of your head for two reasons. One, I can sense you from 5 kilometres away. And two, never sneak up on a swordswoman. It’s the easiest way to die.”

“What the hell? How did you even know what I had been planning?”

“It was obvious by the way you began to move, and only a stupid human would think like that.”

“I’m not even a full human.”

“You were raised like one. Half is just as good as a whole.”

I turn around as soon as the dagger isn’t at my spine anymore but no one is behind me. What the hell? I scan the area trying to find a trace of her. The sound of her voice becomes omnidirectional, haunting laughter reaching my ears.


My eardrums pop and my eyes begin to hurt as I find myself standing in the middle of death-roses. I could have sworn I was just right behind the cottage. Now it’s sitting there ahead of me. Almost as if it sprouted legs and walked ahead of me.

“What type of sick joke is this?”

“It’s not a joke. It’s a training exercise that you can’t pass.”

I turn around to see Aszurya lounging in the flowers a few feet away. A small fox bounds towards her, resting its head on her lap as she strokes its red fur. She pulls down her mask and frowns deeply at me with narrowed cat-eyes.

“There are different types of gyens used for different purposes. What I used on you just now and last night was a Ri-gyen. Those are illusory gyens ranging from Tae-Ri-Gyen, being the easiest, to Roku-Ri-Gyens, being the hardest to perform. I used a Tae-Ri-Gyen on you before. Ri-Gyens can not be used by everyone as other gyens might be. You have to have the right mind-set and energy and chakra mixture in order to perform these gyens right.”

Last night? So it was all her doing? That’s a bit evil.

“How can you tell if you have the right mindset to work with Ri-gyens?”

“Don’t worry about that. You won’t be learning any gyens right now. What you need to work on is your body and mind strength. In order to perform gyens, you need a few essential things besides unlocking your inner power. Stamina, energy, and chakra control.

“Chakra and energy go hand in hand with each other. Most gyens require you to have control over both. Stamina is needed to carry out longer gyens. The gyen I used a few years ago to scatter my family from the mansion behind the falls was a complex gyen, meaning it required a huge amount of stamina.

“Being a Siethen, we have various systems besides our cardiovascular and nervous system. There are several networks including a chakra network and an energy pipeline network. Both are connected to your centre.”

Aszurya stands up and closes the distance between us in a few strides. Her hand slips around my wrist, bringing it up to her chest and slipping it beneath the fabric over her right breast.

“There are 5 different basic types of centres a Siethen can have: Fire, water, wind, lightning, and earth. I have a fire centre. I also have lightning and wind areas. Areas are aspects of a centre, in a way. They work with the centre to increase gyen range and ability.”

“What is my centre?”

“That’s what we’ll be figuring out today.”

Five strangely shaped daggers appear in Aszurya’s right hand. She throws them all into the air with a flick of her wrist before unsheathing two long curved swords and throwing them in the direction of the others. The two curved swords hit two of the daggers causing them to land in the shape of a very large pentagon before flying back to Aszurya. My jaw lowers as I watch her take a deep breath and slam her palm into the ground, red symbols spreading along her arms.

"5 pillar cage.”

The red symbols slowly slide down her arms and seep into the ground lengthening and stretching like a rope to connect all of the knives stuck in the ground. What a way to save time. Aszurya stands up and the ground begins to shake tremendously. I step back as five tall metal pillars begin to rise from the ground from where the knives were just a minute before.

It all happens like magic. One minute it was knives, next it is long pillars with familiar symbols on them. I’ve seen these before but the memory is so vague. I can’t seem to place where I might have seen these. Must’ve been in a book I read.

“Go stand inside of the cage.”


Aszurya side looks me, conveying more than was needed. Obeying, I walk under the makeshift ropes and try to position myself in the middle of the pillars. Once I stop moving Aszurya touches the nearest pillar, her lips moving in the slightest.

“Back when I was a little girl, there was a longer, more aggravating way of finding out what centre you have. A few years ago, this technique was perfected and patented.”

As she begins to explain the details to me, one of the pillars begins to glow a bright blue. Another begins to obtain a faint purple glow barely noticeable next to the other one. I catch sight of Aszurya rolling her eyes before sending the pillars away. I stay rooted to the ground until Aszurya touches my arm lightly.

“Great,” She says, sarcasm lacing her voice. I look down at her confused.


“Nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“So what centre do I have?”

“Water. And it seems you already have a lightning area.”

I begin to grin at her annoyed face. I’m already advanced and she knows it. That’s why she looks the way she does.

“Come on, I have to do something before I begin to train you.”

I follow her into her cottage and am amazed by how little there is. Strangely enough, it seems all cosy, as if a warhead doesn’t live here. There isn’t any legitimate furniture in here. Just bean bags in the living room. The kitchen has its basic needs but it doesn’t seem to have been used at all. Can Aszurya not cook?

“Sit and stay here.”

I frown down at the dark-haired girl as she orders me around like a dog. For all I know, she probably considers me one too. I may like dogs but I don’t appreciate being kept like one.

I sit down on a green bean bag and watch Aszurya as she stands there in front of me. She looks different, I have to say. It’s been bugging me since I first saw her in Facies with Alaric. She’s gotten slim. Her clothes seem to fit her loosely, barely hanging on her body. I thought she was perfect before and I told her not to change herself for anyone but obviously my words meant nothing to her. I hope that Adrian guy wasn’t- isn’t- putting words in her ear like Eddie was. I’ll knock the fuck out of him if I find out he told her she isn’t perfect.

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