Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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14 Theodore

Aszurya’s been away for a while now and it’s beginning to bug me. We were supposed to be training and now she’s nowhere to be found. Maybe I should check upstairs for her. Maybe I’ll even find out something new about her. Though, I doubt there is much to learn after seeing her archives. Just thinking about them makes me both nauseous and guilty. But, I can’t feel guilty now. I’m taking back my life.

Just as I stand up to check out the floor above me, Aszurya appears in front of me, her face fixed like granite. She looks me up and down before gesturing for me to follow her out of another door leading towards the back. She stops only a few feet in front of the pond before turning around and looking into my face.

“I want you to walk on water.”

My jaw drops and my eyebrows rise upward as I watch the woman who is supposed to be my trainer.

“That’s absolutely impossible.”

“If that’s your mindset then you should leave now instead of wasting my time. Walking on water is not hard. It’s a simple skill all Siethens with the same centre as you learn from young. I don’t have a water area but I can walk on water.”

Aszurya stops talking and closes her eyes for a few seconds. When she opens her eyes, she turns around and walks up to the pond. I watch in both awe and excitement as she takes one step, then two steps, three. To my amazement Aszurya is standing on surface of the water.

“Wait. How can you do that when you don’t have a water centre?”

“Good question. You’re right, I don’t have a water centre but I do have a wind area. I’m not necessarily standing on the water surface as I will have you do. What you can’t see are the small air pockets I have supporting my feet. They give off the illusion of walking or standing on water to those who don’t have a trained eye to sense the wind energy.”

“So, you want me to try standing on the water surface because I have the water centre.”

“Yes, but there are steps to it. The first step you must master is channelling your energy down to the souls of your feet. The only other thing I will tell you is: seeing it is believing it.”

I frown, trying to figure out what she could mean by that. Seeing it is believing it. I’ve heard the saying before in the human realm. People say it about different myths or things they don’t believe in. I don’t understand how that might have anything to do with this training exercise. Channelling my energy down to the souls of my feet.

“Is it like meditating?”

“Use the mushy object between your ears.”

I growl underneath my breath and roll my eyes. As I watch Aszurya she stares off into the forest. It’s as if she is reminiscing some foreign memory. And it’s obviously not a good one. Maybe if I learn from her experience I can figure something out.

“How did you learn how to work with your center?”

I draw her attention back to the present as her eyes land on me. A frown spreads its way across her lips, light hitting off of a lip piercing I’ve never seen before.

“I have a fire centre. There’s nothing you can learn from my experience.”

“That’s what you think. What if I just want to know how you learned?”

“I learned a similar technique with fire when I was younger. Lucky for you, the only thing you have to worry about is getting wet and possibly drowning. Fire and Lightning are the hardest forces of nature to bond with.”

“You had to bond with fire? You don’t mean…”

Aszurya looks away and nods her head. The worst seems to come to mind when I look at her bronze skin. Even though I know better, I can’t help but wonder if her training caused her skin to be darker than most of her family. I know it was her father who oversaw her training. I don’t think he would allow Aszurya to get burned so severely.

But then again…

She looks miserable right now. And when I saw her in my dreams, there were times when she looked hurt. I cross the distance she put between us and wrap my arms around her waist, resting my chin on her head. I don’t let much happen between us, I just keep her close to my body for comfort. To my surprise, she doesn’t try to push me away. She just stands there taking my embrace.

“The faster you are able to sense and direct your energy the more can be done today.”


My efforts to comfort her just went down the drain. What a waste of time.

I roll my eyes and turn away from her. Knowing the way she was trained doesn’t really help my case, not like she really gave me much information. I still don’t understand how to channel energy into the souls of my feet. Sighing, I sit down with my legs crossed and watch the water. I let the time fly by before closing my eyes and then I hear it.

There’s a slight whooshing everywhere. I don’t need to open my eyes to notice the patterns in which they move. It’s like little airwaves moving around. Is this what she was talking about? Seeing it is believing it. Maybe I needed to be able to sense the energy currents around me being emitted from the different beings in my surroundings.

I try to picture a network of lines around my body, hoping it will spark something deep down inside. This should be easy. I started my training about a month after Aszurya was born. If only I could tap into that hidden vault… I feel something small click inside of my body and feel a soft thrum flying from my chest all around my body in thin lines.

There it is!

Now, I can see the energy currents in my body. Aszurya was right, this energy network is like a nervous system. I need to be able to change the direction of the flow. How do I do this? How do I change flow?

Seeing it is believing it…

That’s it!

With my eyes still closed, I picture the currents switching directions, forcing my energy flow down to my feet. I feel a slight tingling in my feet as I stand up and turn towards Aszurya. I can see her energy waves too. Though, they are faint compared to everything else I can see. This is truly amazing.

“I think I did it.”

I open my eyes and smirk at Aszurya as she raises a lazy eyebrow. Slowly, she saunters towards me and runs her finger along my chest right down to my belt buckle, sending a sensual shiver down my spine, making me lose all concentration and control. She smirks, knowing I am distracted almost as if making a point to herself.

“Don’t get too excited. It took you about 3 hours to get to the point you were at and even still you couldn’t maintain it. In a battle or duel, doing this needs to be second nature for you. Do it again and this time cut your time in half.”

I sigh heavily and roll my shoulders out. I don’t understand why she is having me do this right now. I asked her to train me, not waste her time with this. Whatever. I can impress her and even prove her doubts wrong.


I’ve spent the whole day trying to control my energy flow without losing concentration. Every time I think I have it, Aszurya does something to distract me. From directing my attention to a certain area of her body to running her nails down my skin to slipping into my mind and making me recall moments that shouldn’t have happened. And she takes so much joy in doing so.

I’m starving, my stomach’s growling like crazy, and wafts of good smelling food keep hitting my nose as I train. Some time ago, Aszurya left behind me and went in to start cooking something. I already tried to go inside to get some food but she just pushed me right back out and scolded me as moi maman would.

I groan but continue to concentrate for a few more minutes. Just when I am about to break concentration, I feel two hands slide around my waist and I feel her head resting on my side. I relax with her but don’t break my concentration. I can do this. I manage to maintain my energy control for about 10 more minutes before breaking and looking over my shoulder and into deep emerald eyes. I bite my lip and hold her small hands in place by my belt.

“There’s food inside for you.”

“Do I actually get to eat?”

“What’s the point in starving you when I just started to train you? That’s a waste of time.”

I smile, turning around and lift Aszurya into my arms, wrapping her legs around my torso so we are face to face. She bites down hard on her lip, drawing blood for me to lick off with my tongue as she watches me with dilated eyes. She slips her arms around my shoulders and leans in closer to me so we are only a mere 3 inches away from each other.

“How badly do you want me to train you?”

“So bad it fucking hurts.”

“But what about-”

“Don’t bring her into this. Don’t kill this feeling for me. I’m making it work...”

Aszurya’s eyebrows furrow together as her eyes search my face for sincerity. Keeping her in my arms, I kneel on the grass and place her down underneath my body, pinning her to the ground. Her eyes dilate to the point where there is barely any green left to see and her breaths become shallow as I lean closer to her Kiyake.

“Tell me, King. Am I the one doing this to you?”

Her voice is so shallow it sends ripples through my body. A low growl escapes from my throat sending goosebumps down her curvy body. Now, we’re on the same cloud in the sky, trying to fight everything our bodies want. I groan and ease myself off of her, getting up and walking into the house. My breathing is laboured like I just overworked my body. I think I’d rather deal with that then the way I feel now.

I ignore the food on the counter and walk into the bathroom upstairs to splash my face with cold water. I lean against the door, exhausted by today’s events. She wanted me to be ready to bleed yet she didn’t lay a hand on me. How am I supposed to take that?

I walk back down the stairs and wash my hands before eating the lo mein Aszurya cooked for me. To my surprise, the girl can actually cook. She never hit me as the cooking type. I thought she just… well, didn’t eat at all but even that’s not possible even for her.

I should go home after this. I need some rest and I need to check in on Hailey. Plus, I don’t think I can handle being around Aszurya right now. Not when it’s apparent we still want each other.

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