Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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16 Aszurya

Panic sets through my body as I peek out of the curtains to see King lying down on the ground with Ann standing next to him. Dropping the plate in my hand, I rush outside to make sure that the man is still alive.

“I told you to train him, not kill him,” I yell towards the blue-skinned nymph. She frowns at me as I try to find a pulse in King’s body.

“He’s not dead. He just passed out from exhaustion.”

I roll my eyes and roll his heavy body over to find his eyes partially open. The weight on my chest begins to lift as he shows signs of life. Great, now I don’t have to kill Anphibia. Slowly, I stand up and look up at the sky. “I think we’ve worked him hard enough for now. Let’s just call it a day.”

Ann nods her head and walks back into the pond. Just before her slim sapphire blue body fully submerges itself under the water surface, her silvery voice reaches my ears:

“He’s quite a man, isn’t he? A perfect match for you.”

I frown and furrow my eyebrows, trying to figure out just how she meant that. I’m sure that when King achieves his potential, he’d be a perfect training opponent for me. I mean that’s how our predecessors lived their lives. Though, my grandmother would say that things are different than the way things were with our fathers and other protectors.

Something moves at my feet and the world begins to tilt to the side before I can even figure out what is happening. I end up on the ground, pinned down by a heavily muscled body. As I prop myself up on my elbows, fingers digging into the cold soil, I find a set of hazel and green eyes watching me.


King’s beautiful eyes close before I can even finish asking him why he did what he did. I let out an exasperated breath and try to sit up properly with his head in my lap. I guess he got what he wanted after all. He was right, I wouldn’t have let him do this. But yet again, he caught me off guard and I ended up under him. Literally.

As King peacefully sleeps on my lap, I run my fingers through his soft silky hair, finding that strange streak of blonde hair at the back of his head. A birthmark inherited from his mother. My grandmother has something similar in her hair except it’s fully white. Not much noticeable now that she’s grown old with age but when looking at the pictures from her ‘golden days’ with my grandfather. You can see the white streak contrasting against her dark hair.

I can’t help but smile at the memory of my grandmother. She always smiles when she talks about my grandfather. It doesn’t matter that he had the Devil’s mark. He was always good in her eyes. I wish someone could think the same about me. Instead, I’m known as the dangerous one. The quiet one. The outcast. It’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t even bug me outright anymore.

Though, now and then, the teasing resurfaces in my mind. It’s not like I’m going to cry on someone’s shoulder every time I feel down. Hell, I wish I had someone that would let that happen on the rare occasion where I feel like crying. But everyone holds me as the emotionless bitch. Why not live up to it?

Hours pass by before my legs begin to numb from King’s weight. I manage to roll him off of my body and drag him inside onto the long water-filled bed on the floor. I bought it a while back because I liked the way it felt. It gave me a certain calmness and giddiness that not even King can compete with.

I’m tempted to lie down in the space by his side but then I remember the dish I dropped a few hours ago. With reluctance, I enter the kitchen area to clean up the mess that I made after thinking something was wrong with King. I guess I do care, I find myself thinking as I put the shards in the garbage.

Once my kitchen is clean I take a seat in one of my bean bags and finally let my mind roam the way it wants to. Unfortunately for me, it chooses to go back to when I used a seeing gyen on King. What I saw… it resurfaces quickly, allowing a huge burden to drop above my hearts.

I bite down hard on my lips as I try to figure out a valid explanation. He wasn’t like that the last time he was in Obsidian. Yet that is the only way something like that could have happened to him. Did someone purposely target him from this realm? Could someone have possibly known that he is the lost protector?

This just doesn’t seem possible. How could someone have known where to find him when I was pretty much the only one who knew where he would be. The only others are D’nai and Ana. And they wouldn’t go behind my back. None of my siblings would do something like this, no matter how big the grudge is. I doubt any of them know gyens like this. I need to figure out who might have done this to someone like King.


I look over towards the wall where the water bed is to see King grimacing as he holds his side. My body takes over as I get up and kneel down at his side, resting my hand on his injured side. As a Siethen of destruction, it was hard for me to learn anything in the healing branch of gyens. I was bred to accept and work through pain without needing anything to numb the sensation.

“I’m fine,” King says, trying to reassure me as he puts his hand over mine. I frown but I can’t bring myself to tell him that I know he isn’t. It’s amusing how he’s trying to act tough for me, though.

“Is that really true? Or are you lying?”

King’s features change for a brief second before smiling and sitting up straight. I watch him carefully as he pulls me onto his lap. As a vaguely familiar sensation arises within me, I try to welcome it instead of freaking out the way my brain is telling me to do.

“How was training with Anphibia?”

“It was vigorous. She basically forced me to walk on water and then once that was done she did ‘tests’ to see how well I can control energy while in combat. I was soaked within 15 minutes.”

I burst out laughing at the thought of him suddenly dropping into the pond. I don’t think I would’ve been able to control myself had I been there. When I’m finally able to breathe right and the tears have finished collecting in my eyes. I look over to see King smirking at me with his full lips.


“Nothing. I just forgot how beautiful you look when you genuinely laugh that adorable laugh of yours.”

For the first time in a while, I am able to blush. This man right here makes me normal. He awakens my feelings and emotions yet sends my demons to sleep. When you think about our relationship without knowing the details it seems impossible. Even I, living and participating in this strange dysfunctional relationship, don’t understand what is going on with my own life.

I thought I knew everything and didn’t have to worry about any curveballs being through at me. But I couldn’t be more wrong. Everything that I thought was true began to fade away. Everything that was set in stone became erased. Even now, I’m not sure what is actually true. I still don’t know the full story.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll get used to it in time.”

“Yeah. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to train me.”

“I can’t train you. We are opposites. There’s nothing I can do until you master the art of your water centre.”

King watches me with a frown on his face. There’s not much I can do without his true level of power. I may need to speak with Myra or even her husband about this. I’ll go tomorrow so King can take a day off and rest up his body. It’ll do him no good to continue training on like this.

“Go home and rest some more, King.”


“Because you will need energy. It will be harder to train on Thursday if your body is sore and tired.”

“What about tomorrow?”

I glare at the man holding my body for being so annoying and curious. He is like the twins. Always questioning me. No answer is ever enough. Rolling my eyes, I give in this one time and tell him part of my plans for tomorrow.

“I’m planning to pay a visit to the Bone Queen. Since I won’t be there to supervise your training, I advise you just stay home.”

“Or I could come with you.”


“But I want to. So I will. If that means staying overnight and facing Alaric and Hailey’s wrath the following night, then I’m down for it.”

I roll my eyes again and shake my head refusing to let him win this argument. “It is for your safety that you do not come with me.” That’s not the only reason why, though.

“I’m coming, Aszurya, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Yes. You are weak against me-”

“As are you. Don’t pretend that I don’t affect you just as badly as you affect me.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Doesn’t matter I’m going with you tomorrow and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. Now, go to sleep with me and stop arguing.”

I huff and begin to argue but he silences me with a look. There’s no getting past him. He’s too damn stubborn. Just like I am.

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