Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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18 Aszurya

Biting down on my lip, I stare out of my cottage window with my arms folded across my chest, thinking about the past week. I hit a brick wall visiting Alaster and Myra. King wasn’t supposed to tag along but this doesn’t make any sense. He was targeted that much was obvious to me, but who knew where to find him? I need to check the security wards to see just who portalled from Obsidian to the human world.

I’ll find whoever hurt him and make them pay. I dig my claws into my arms as my fangs lengthen from my upstarted emotions, creating wounds on my body. Ever since I had that episode a few years back, my body has been slow to regenerate. Aiden never let me take time off to fully recuperate, saying I wouldn’t have time to do it when I’m protecting the realm.

Shaking my head, I walk out to the front of my cottage, stripping off a few layers so I can move freely. King and Anphibia are in the back training on the pond, the spray occasionally covering me and the field of flowers. I expel some chakra and energy to create a clone to spar with.

Just like the many times before, a large streak of red appears in my hair. I cut my hair a few days before, using the scythe hidden in the tattoo stretching down my left leg. My parents would disapprove for their own reasons, but my hair was getting too heavy. Since it is reaching mid-back, I can spar properly and not worry about having my hair used against me.

A smirk spreads across my clone’s face as she takes a step back, ready to attack. I slip into my resting stance, relaxing my body, ready to take any hit. My clone breaks into a sprint with her hand cocked back ready to hit but I read her attack and grab her arm, pulling her over my shoulder and onto the ground. I rest my knee on her throat but she manages to retaliate before contact.

Suddenly I’m being thrown in the direction of my cottage but I warp out of existence, reappearing on the roof. Following my movements with quick eyes, my clone appears next to me, and we continue to throw it down. We read each other’s moves without using any gyens. It’s just a natural fistfight at this point.

My ears prick at the sound of heavy breathing. I glance towards the pond to see King and his water trainer in an intense fight on the water. King’s shirtless, his muscles gleaming from the water and his sweat. My hearts begin to flutter along with my demons, throwing a tantrum and spurring a darker side of me. One I’m not used to at all. One surpassing the red-head that likes to take over.

The moment I’m distracted, my clone takes the opportunity to roundhouse kick me in the side with her full power. A sharp pain rips through my body taking away my concentration and sending me deep underwater. Consciousness begins to slip from my body, my cells and organs beginning to shut down, as the water fills my body. Water begins to fill my lungs and everything begins to darken as my legs hit the sandbed.

Before my legs can buckle and all is lost, something grabs my waist and pulls me upwards. I wait to see my father just as I did two and a half years back. Instead, my body is flooded with light, my demons reel back before being lulled to sleep. The water in my lungs evaporates and I begin to regain my senses. Just enough to notice the pressure and heat over my body.

“Aszurya, wake up… Fuck, I think she’s breathing but she’s not responding.”

I peel my heavy eyelids open as someone’s soft hair brushes my forehead. Water droplets slide down his nose and onto my tongue as I open my mouth the slightest bit. A soft moan slips from my mouth as his hand brushes my side. I can’t think straight but I know my body is taking over. My pupils slit even farther as his feather-like lips lead his breath down my wet skin.

“Thank fucking god, you’re okay,” King whispers against my skin as I lift my hand onto his hot skin. The water was cold yet it didn’t seem to affect his body temperature at all.

“Go… I’m safe…” I manage to say, pushing him off of me. Maybe it’s because I’m still water-logged, but he doesn’t seem to move. I mean, at all. As I sit up, our bodies press into each other, heat spreading across my abdomen. I stifle a gasp and stare into his mesmerizing eyes.

“Go? What the fuck is wrong with you? If you think that I’m going to walk away after saving you from almost drowning then you don’t know me at all.”

“Look, I’m fine. Just go back to training with An.”

I can’t manage to look into his confused eyes any longer. Once more, I try to push his body off of me but nothing happens. I don’t understand why he’s not budging.

“Azazel! Why can’t I move you?”

“’Cause I don’t want you to.”

Deftly, he manoeuvres his body so my legs are between his as he turns us around. Now, I’m on top of him but he won’t let me move at all. He dismisses An and she just leaves as if he was in charge of her. As soon as she slips under the surface of the pond, King lifts me into his arms and brings me into my cottage. He sets me down on my bed after kicking open the door, leaving the hinges shuddering.

His hands are all over me as he undresses me. Every time he brushes my skin, a shudder rakes up my spine. Soon there’s just about nothing on my body besides his eyes and my underwear. His fingertips trace the scars left on my body from my episodes over him. I close my eyes as pain fills my body. My spine arches as he spreads my legs apart to touch the red lines on the inside of my thighs.

His beautiful face contorts in pain as his hands grip my waist, turning me around so he can the rest of what I did to myself. When he’s done scrutinizing me, King unties the band holding my hair together, letting my hair flow around me. He pulls my waist against his own in a mating pose, my tender skin touching his cool belt.

Strings attached, my puppet-master brings me flush against his chest, his hands sliding across my abdomen as he drags his lips from my shoulder to my neck stopping at my Kiyake. Tears begin to brim, my breath becoming jagged when his hand slides down into my waistband, his fingers finding tender flesh. I grab his wrist, digging my nails into his skin and moaning, trying to stop him from making a big mistake.

The pain I inflict on him doesn’t stop him from holding me tightly and slipping his fingers where they shouldn’t be. I gasp, my nipples pulling into peaks, as his fingers begin to rub in slow circles. I groan, bending forward to oscillate against his fingers. My claws seek refuge in the white sheets, ripping holes in the soft fabric. His name floats off my tongue in ragged breaths, begging for release but not wanting to stop this intimate pleasure.

I’m so close to letting him lead me to hell when he pulls out as we peak to a point of ecstasy. I see a different side of him, a different cold dark man, as he turns me around and eases me into the sheets before walking out of the room. I curl up on my side and close my eyes, knowing how much I will hate myself when I wake up.


It’s dead quiet. So quiet, I can hear my demons inside of me. It’s been this way since I came downstairs and found King asleep on the waterbed. We’ve both been up for about an hour but neither of us has said a word. It’s so awkward but I’m not going to try to break it.

“Look, Aszurya. I…”

“Don’t apologize.”

From the corner of my eye, I see King stand up and grab his shirt. I don’t look at him directly even when he stands right next to me and lifts my chin.

“I wasn’t going to apologize. I wanted to finger you. Hell, I wanted to fuck you so badly last night. The only thing I partially regret is not taking you into the bathroom and…”

He leans against my ear and whispers the rest into my ear. I bite my lip and try to move away from him but he holds me against his hard chest. As soon as he lets go of me, I step away from him and grab my jacket so I can leave.

“Where are you going?”

“To visit my grandmother… And you can’t join this time.” I toss over my shoulder before walking to the front door.

“You just want space from last night, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do-”

“Well, I’m not going to give it to you. Aszurya, there’s something between us, and you know it. Something we can’t fight. We are the guardians of this realm. We have no choice but to spend our lives together. We’re inseparable. It’s inevitable. Putting space between us won’t do anything.

“Look, I want you. The way your body reacts to my touch... it’s addicting. Space just makes it harder to stop. Harder to keep away when you’re right here. You stir something dark inside of me; something connected to this realm. Stop fighting it.”

Annoyed, I grab the door with unnecessary strength, making a dent in the wood. I know what he’s saying but I can’t listen to it anymore. That would mean accepting just how badly he affects me. I want some space and the only way to achieve this is by running him off.

“Go home, King. I don’t mean to Alaric’s apartment. I mean home to your own world. Go back to your girlfriend. Oh wait, I forgot… your wife. I’m sure she misses you dearly.”

King reels back as if I had slapped him in the face.

“Why are you acting like this? Stop pushing me away.”

“No. You obviously love the human world more than Obsidian. You left for that world. You abandoned us. You abandoned me. For a human who never treated you right. She doesn’t deserve you but you’re too naive to notice or do anything about it. So go back to the place you so desperately love. We-- I was better off when you were there anyway. If I hadn’t gone for you in the first place, I wouldn’t have these scars on my body, my brain, and my hearts.”

I know the last one did it for him. I can see the pain seeping into his eyes from where I stand. But, just as quickly, something else takes over. Something dark covers his body, giving him an ominous presence. In less than a second, King’s arms are around me, my arms around his neck, legs around his waist, my back against the door. I stare at King in total shock. Deep down some part of me is impressed, proud even.

“You were fucking better off without me? Giving your body to men centuries older than you, getting involved with that perverted asshole? That’s better for you? Being tortured by your father, tormented by people who don’t give a fucking damn about you? That’s some deep bullshit that you expect me to fucking believe, Aszurya.”

I just stare at the man in disbelief. He’s so angry. Angry about a life he didn’t even live. A life that I’ve kept to myself. A life he shouldn’t even know about. And if my heart wasn’t already broken, seeing him looking so hurt would have done the job for me. My sorrow and pain were already within him. Something tells me it’s why he just won’t stop.

“Fuck… you’re scared, aren’t you?” King rests his forehead against my own and closes his eyes. “Look, just let me come with you to your grandmother, and then I’ll go. Okay?”

I nod my head not knowing what to say. I run my hand through my loose hair once King sets me down. The tension between us has reached a never seen before height. Part of me wishes we could go back in time and revisit the times before when everything was mediocre.

I walk out of my cottage, intending to extend my wings when it dawns on me that King doesn’t have his wings. His lack of powers is becoming a nuisance, but at the same time, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist him. Instead of harping on thoughts about him, I open a portal and think of my grandmother. I had sent her a fire message the other day letting her know that I was going to stop by to catch up and ask her a few questions.

It’s not that I need to catch up with my grandmother. She already knows what has gone down in the time I’ve been off of the grid. Consulting with her is what needs to happen. I don’t know how to continue with everything I know and don’t know. She’s always been the person I go to if I need some type of advice. When I trained under my father’s care, she was the one that helped keep me in the game.

King joins me outside, making his presence known with a touch on my hip. Turning my head in his direction, we make eye contact for a brief second before walking into the portal together. Once we are separated in limbo, I manage to stall my arrival a few seconds so I can try to collect my thoughts.

My grandmother is finally going to meet Raymond’s son as an adult. There’s no telling what will go down. Sometimes, I wish I had my granny’s powers. Being able to see the future would surely come in handy. Though, it comes with a price I can’t afford.

“Is this it?” King asks when I land next to him on the porch of Greymark’s castle. I nod my head and knock hard on the door.

“Grandmother May, I have a guest with me. May we come in?”

About a minute goes by before the gears begin to shift and the door pops open. Taking a shuddering breath, I gesture for King to go inside before stepping in myself and shutting the door behind me. I lead him into the hallway and over to the kitchen where I sense movement and heat.

“Grandmother May?”

“Yes, Darling. I’m sorry I didn’t greet you at the door but I wanted to make you some of my famous delyi rutoma.”

I smile at the little old woman with long grey hair pulled into a long braid. May is wearing the oven mittens that I bought her when I last saw her before dropping off the grid. It was my way of apologizing for leaving for a long time. My grandmother walks towards me and embraces me tightly, smiling up at me with her grey eyes.

“You should have come here sooner, Parf. I’ve been dying to see you.”

“Please don’t say that. You know how your mouth works.”

Granny May lets out a beautiful laugh before turning her attention to King who stands off to the side. A light blush spreads over his lightly freckled cheeks as my grandmother hugs him. I smile and lean against the kitchen island, watching my grandmother smother him.

“Oh, he looks even better in real life, Aszurya! I remember when he was doni, ero mau Parf haque.

I smile and grab one of the delyi rutoma sitting on the corner and bite it, trying to distract my mind. Closing my eyes, I enjoy the chocolate flavour mixing in with the imported pomegranate. As soon as I reach for another, my grandmother slaps my hand away.

“No, parf doni. No more. Let us talk first and then we snack.”

I pout at Granny May but follow her and King into the tea room. We all sit down around the small fire pit in between us all. No one sits on the same couch. I can’t bring myself to look in King’s direction. It’s all too hard not to think of what has happened between us.

“Grandmother May, how have you been?”

“The same old woman I was the last time you came to visit. But, I do understand that plenty has happened to you in the past few weeks.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ve been thinking about plenty, lately.”

“Yes, with training this strapping young man. I was quite surprised to see him with you again, Aszurya. But, things have happened between the two of you. Things to cause tension.”

I blush and nod my head, barely glancing at King. He looks right at me with his eyes furrowed. I must not have told him that my grandmother has the sight. I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon. We are both in the spotlight but I need to move things along.

“Granny May, Grandfather did train Siethens before taking over for his father right?”

“Yes, Aszurya. I know why you are asking about your Grandfather. Remy, do not stress yourself about it. His powers will return to due time. Just teach him the things he would have learned at the academy. You know the history of Obsidian, warfare and arts.”

“Yes, Aszurya. I know why you are asking about your Grandfather. Remy, do not stress yourself about it. His powers will return to due time. Just teach him the things he would have learned at the academy. You know the history of Obsidian, warfare and arts.”

I nod my head quietly and lean back in the chair. Granny May smiles, her grey eyes shining, and stands up to go into the kitchen. Once her steps fade, I feel King’s eyes lingering on me. I look up into his wonderful curious eyes.

“How does she know so much? Is she a spy or something?”

“No,” I say with an exasperated laugh. “My grandmother has the sight. She developed it at a later period of her life. She’s been half-blind ever since. It doesn’t stop her from getting around, though.”

King nods his head, his shoulders sagging but his gaze not wavering. My hearts begin to flutter, my demons pushing inside of me, wanting to get closer to their puppeteer. I wince as a loud ringing starts in my temple. I need some real food to eat. Rubbing my temples, I look over my shoulder, trying to sense my Grandmother’s heart above the cacophony occurring, in my head. I feel his warmth surrounding me as my demon’s receive what they’re been yearning for. His loving touch and embrace. For some reason, they revel in it.

Granny May appears in the doorway with a platter of her famous dessert just as King presses his lips against my temple. Just like that, a ripple of calm flows through me. The ringing in my head dials down just enough for me to focus.

“Here, ey nuyel. You need something to restore that beautiful bronze back to your skin. You look so pale and skinny!”

I take up a delicacy and devour it within seconds. A ripple of soft thunder rolls through King’s chest as I reach hesitantly for another. Both of them are watching me, I don’t appreciate it. I want to be greedy without my conscious lurking nearby.

“Now, Sonny. I don’t usually do this but I wanted to let you know that you will be receiving news soon.”

“Good or bad?” King asks after a moment of silence. I stare at my grandmother in utter disbelief. I’m not even sure whether to be offended or happy.


King nods his head and stays silent at my side. I eat until I feel much better and then I beg my grandmother to pack me some to go. Knowing both me and the future, she hands me a container and hugs both of us.

“I hope to see you again soon, Theodore.”

Thereafter, I open a portal back to the cottage. It’s almost midday right now, perfect timing for a meat-filled brunch. Though, I may need to visit the food store. Just as I begin to write a mental shopping list, I remember the man I brought here with me. I turn to see him leaning against the facade, watching me through those odd eyes.

“I know I said I would leave when we got back…”

I wait for him to finish his sentence but he doesn’t. Instead, he walks towards the forest. As I watch him go, part of me wants him to look back. To stay. But I’m the one who pushed him away. It’s too late now.

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