Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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22 Aszurya

“If you keep on talking to me like that…”

That’s what I said before I ran off three hours ago. It’s almost 5 a.m. I’ve been hiding away on the roof, trying to conceal my fear. I thought a breath of fresh air could help get the clouded thoughts out of my head.

Honestly, all of this is happening so quickly I can’t be sure that it’s all real. I don’t want to close my eyes, in fear that none of this will be the same when I open them again. In fear that the blonde chick isn’t pregnant with someone else’s child. When those words came out of her mouth my hearts dropped with anger. I couldn’t place it at first. Not until He got angry.

Something’s different. I still feel a bit foggy in the head yet he’s clear to me. Finally, I don’t have to worry about having to hold back. She’s finally out of his life. He broke off the engagement and told her to fuck off. I couldn’t be happier.

Yet, I’m not happy. And it’s all because he’s not happy. I came here to party and spend time with my fellow Death-Rose women. When I saw him, I was confused as to who he was. It was Aiden that distracted me. We spent some time in one of the spare rooms together. His hands were all over me. I was all in his thoughts. But he wasn’t in mine.

I couldn’t see straight. I didn’t know who was touching me. For a few moments, I thought it was the beautiful man with the mismatched eyes that had his hands on me, his tongue on mine, his body on top of mine. But I came to the sore realization as he released, that it was just Aiden. A boy compared to the man I could’ve had. The man I had only a few moments ago. And so I forced an orgasm to satisfy his hunger.

When I came back to the ballroom alone, Aiden was resting in the bedroom, there was tension. Everyone was watching four people in the middle of the room. One is the man that sent delightful chills down my spine. There were two warlocks, my best friend and his colleague, and one blonde girl who I never liked.

“Theo… there’s something that I need to tell you. I’m… I’m…”

I shuddered at the sound of his name, a name I would struggle to get past my lips. I couldn’t help but bite my lip and watch him. Jealousy raked through my body as they held hands and she told him that she was carrying a child. He was jubilant. I wanted to be happy for him but I sensed something off. And so did he. No one was happy. There was something we had both missed out prior to this confrontation.

“That’s great. But why is no one happy?”

I was wondering the same thing. It was then, Alaric cleared his throat directing all attention to himself. He gestured for the annoying blonde girl to continue but she just stood there staring at the man we both wanted. That’s when I sensed it. The truth that lies deep within her shallow bones. I had sensed that it wasn’t his seed inside her.

“What? Just say it.”

“I’m sorry Theodore, boy. But… it’s not yours.”

I wanted to smile but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Everything was falling apart for the girl with the annoying voice. My eyes drifted around and saw that others were snarling in the human’s direction. I liked the fact that others were sticking up for him.

The handsome man just stood there looking at his girlfriend with disbelief. My hearts yearned for his touch. I wanted to comfort him but my legs wouldn’t move a muscle. I just stood there watching. His eyes widened and he stumbled away from the human.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. This is a joke right?”

His voice was deep and riveting. I liked it. My demons liked it. I wanted to feel his lips on mine. I wanted his manhood between my legs. It was wrong but I’ve never been right. The girl started to cry earning hisses and glares from everyone around.

“You’re a fucking joke, Hailey. You’ve been accusing me of cheating for years now. You’re always telling me that I’m not loyal and you know what? I just passed it off as insecurities. So many people told me to give up on you. But my dumbass stayed with you. I did everything for you. I hurt someone that I hold dear to my heart just for you. And this is how you repay me?”

Everything he said about the accusations tugged at something in my mind. I knew of the accusations but I couldn’t place them. I was part of the accusations but I didn’t know how. I did everything for you. I hurt someone that I hold dear to my heart just for you. I shuddered and felt my brothers’ eyes on me.


I tilted my head to the side at that one word. How it held so much power over someone.

“Don’t fucking ‘babe’ me, Hailey. There’s a girl out there who almost died when I wasn’t there for her. I wasn’t there for her because I was with you. So many years have gone by and she had to grow up without her lifelong best friend. So, fuck you and that baby. I’m done with you, Hailey. You can kiss our marriage goodbye.”

I looked to the floor, embarrassed. I knew it was about me. And a lot of people were giving me looks. I felt self-conscious. I had gooseflesh as I watched the man of my dreams walk away. As soon as he was gone, I was able to move. Alaric went to go talk to him but I couldn’t let him. I stopped everyone with a simple flick of my wrist.

“Don’t. He needs time to breathe.”

Alaric nodded his head and turned his attention back to the creature in the middle of the ballroom. I stared at her, hard, trying to defog my brain. She was definitely familiar. And it was obvious that she remembered my name. She cursed me. Yelled at me. She even went as far as trying to touch me. It took everything not to roundhouse kick the little pregnant bitch.

“This is all your fault!”

“No… No. You don’t get to cry. You don’t get to feel hurt.” I didn’t know what I was saying. It was all just flowing from my mouth. But I felt it was true. So, I let myself continue.

“Don’t try and play the victim here. None of this is my fault. You shouldn’t have played him like that. You not only hurt him but you hurt me. You told him constantly that he was cheating on you. You always wrongfully accused him. And with no evidence. Not like you would have found any. Sure, I tried to seduce him a few times but I never succeeded.”

I received a few gasps around from several Siethens. I may have the reputation of a sex ‘goddess’. I don’t get turned away. Ever. Yet he managed to not succumb to my efforts.

“He struggled to stay faithful. He put you before his own sexual needs. That’s not his natural instinct but because he was raised like one of you he managed it. He stayed with you. Refused me. And possibly hurt himself in the process. I don’t know what happened to him while we were apart but I’m sure he stayed faithful to you. So don’t fake any tears. You cheated purposely. You’re a fucking liar. A fucking pathological liar.”

“No, you bitch. I’m not gonna believe a word that comes out of your filthy mouth! You took him away from me! Do you think I don’t know about the times he spent the night with you in bed? I’m not fucking stupid! He fucked you!”

“No… no, he didn’t. We never-- he never allowed it, even though he wanted it. He… hadn’t even kissed me.”

“You’re lying! You call me a liar but you do the same to save your ass. He’ll never go back to you once he finds out what I know.”

I frown, silently questioning what she might know. Shaking my head, I disregard her empty threat. There’s nothing she could possibly know about me.

“He loves you. Loved you. I don’t think he trusts you anymore. You hurt him. You don’t belong here. And since you’ve hurt him, I don’t get to hold back anymore. I can do anything to you. And trust me, baby, I don’t take anything lightly.”

My two oldest brothers, Christopher and William, appeared on both sides of the blonde woman. She looked at both of them terrified as their near seven-foot figures towered over her. I told them to bring her to the dungeons and lock her in one of the cells until I felt like dealing with her. For once, no one objected to me throwing someone in a cage. A few people even let out some cheers as my brothers led the human away.

I walked out of the ballroom in search of the heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, drink of devil’s wine. I found him standing on a balcony with his head drooping. His dark hair fell onto his face as I knocked on the door frames. He turned around, his back against the silver rail, and rolled his eyes for no apparent reason. I couldn’t help but feel slightly stimulated as his deep eyes roamed my body.

“I heard what happened…”

“And so you’ve come to make fun of me? Tell me that you were right? Rub salt on the wound?”

I was at a loss for words. It’s not like I wouldn’t go there to do that. It just wasn’t tonight’s reason. I still didn’t feel happy. He’s still hurting. We share that hurt. But that’s just exactly what they would say. He sighed, guiding me over to his hard body. My hands rose up to rest on his chest. I looked into his sad eyes and bit down on my lip hard.

“I’m sorry-”

“Don’t be. It’s something I would do. I would be doing it… except you were right about me too. And the last thing you did was rub it in.”

Some things were starting to come back but I was still very confused about how I knew all that I said.

“When did you start this?”

The man put his thumb on my lips touching the split flesh I created. I stuck out my tongue with intentions on licking the cut but accidentally brushed his thumb. We shivered simultaneously, sparks jolting off my body and into his. I was wildly turned on by his stare and his hands on my body. I wanted him on top of me. And that’s what I got hours later.

I smile and recall how quickly I took his layers off until my nails raked his bare flesh. Extending my wings, I magic some clothes onto my barely clothed body. Even thinking about him now makes the heat pool between my legs.

He found out about my life before him. I still don’t understand who brought him to the archives. Alaric would never betray me like that. He shouldn’t showcase my worst years to him.

King got mad when I mentioned my ex-boyfriend’s name. It was like he never left. He never stopped caring for me. And all I could do was want him with all of my body. It took me everything to compose myself but as soon as his lips were on mine all hell broke loose. His body became a furnace. He was the match-stick to my dynamite. And as soon as we touched we exploded.

He brought out my bad side. I became the devil’s reincarnate wanting the evil to escalate. My spine arched as he brought me infinite pleasure. I moaned as he ran his tongue over my own tasting every part of my mouth. He was erect. I was swollen. He was speaking in another language. I had to stop it before I broke the realm once more. I could already hear the violent storms rolling in.

I ran.

I couldn’t stay.

Now it’s pouring down hard.

And I’m not sure how to stop it.

I can’t just stop thinking about my dreams coming true. So I don’t try to stop anything. Instead, I let out a joyful scream and take off. The water droplets roll off my body as I fly through the streets of Black Square. I fly out of my home territory and over to the music festival. The music is still blasting as Siethens pull all-nighters to dance their hearts out.

With spirits higher than the airways, I dance in the air. I let out a few notes to the music bringing the downpour to a light drizzle. A pair of familiar arms lined with similar tattoos to my waist. I turn around in the air to see Micha looking down at me. Worry lines form on his forehead as I dance with him. He tries to stop me from moving but I don’t want to let him.

“Come on, Aszurya. You’re not acting right. Since when did you start flying about singing and dancing at 7 in the morning?”

“It’s not 7 o’clock yet.”

My brother frowns and I finally let him immobilize me. We land on a nearby rooftop to give my wings a rest before heading back home. As Micha sits on the rim, I think of the best way to cheer him up.

“Wanna have a race back to the manor? Whoever wins gets the other’s dessert at dinner.”

My brother looks up at me quickly with a broad grin on his face. Just as quickly as he gets up and extends his wings, I’m up in the air already getting a head start on him. I’m ahead of him for a majority of the time so I relax a bit. Only to see a shadow hovering over me. I look up to see my big brother using the airways to gain on me.

I flip him off and fully extend my wings. Because I have the devil’s mark my wings are longer than your average Siethen. I flap my wings gaining altitude and speed, laughing, as the gale from my wings affects my brother.

“Hey, that’s not fair!”

“You’re just mad you’re not in front!!!”

We both laugh aloud and race back to the manor. I didn’t realize how far I had flown out until I touched down in the gardens. My brother took only a few minutes to retract his wings. We sprint into the manor from the back entrance, startling the servants we pass by.

Micha stops in front of the doors to the dining hall where I presume everyone is. It’s already half-past seven, so I assume King must be up and out of my room. I laugh, out of breath, as Micha leans against the wall and watches me through slitted eyes.

“Are you going to join us for breakfast?”

“Umm, no. Not really.”

“You’re not going to join in on the festivities?”

My older brother looks at me with scrutiny. I hate that the boys can always guess when something is up with me. I never tell them anything but they still know. I roll my eyes and stand up straight, instead of squirming under his heavy gaze.

“Don’t you think I need a break? I’ve been going all night and I don’t usually party like that.”

Micha shrugs his shoulders and turns towards the grand oak doors. His hand stops only inches away from the doorknob before he looks over his shoulder at me. His eyes are gleaming with mischief.

“Fine. I’ll tell Mom that you want to rest and make sure no one goes to bother you.”

I frown as he smirks and opens the door to the chaos of my family. Turning around, I shake my head and walk over to my chambers. As soon as I open the door, I’m hit with a familiar scent. He’s all over my bedroom. All over my sheets. I don’t think I can sleep in here anymore. Maybe after some deep cleaning?

I snort to myself and sprawl out on my bed. Wrapping the sheets filled with him, I close my eyes and drift into a dreamless sleep.

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