Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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23 Theodore

It feels like I’ve been hurled through several walls of fire and cement. My body continues to writhe in pain until I’m burned out and numb. Still, I continue to suffer. My throat decides to close up when I try to swallow, choking me. It’s a silent death, one I can’t evade. I can’t even scream for help.

Then there’s water all around me. Though I can’t see a thing, I can hear the water gushing around me. At first, the water seems to cool down the water but it quickly heats up to scald my flesh. My head rocks back to hit something dark, almost taking my consciousness from me. But no, I’m still aware.

I’m fully aware of my bones stretching and breaking within my burnt skin. My muscles see to expand in my skin. I can feel the hormones rushing through me, making my skin tingle when there’s no reason to. A raw throbbing focuses my attention on my mouth. My jaw seems to stretch and my teeth lengthen.

I force open my eyes and gasp, trying to fill my lungs with air. Panting, I barely recognize my golden surroundings. This isn’t Aszurya’s bedroom, it’s not even anywhere near our manors. The landscape is familiar enough for me to walk around without getting lost. Every last thing in this place is made of some shade of gold, from the grass to the trees, to the sky above. It’s all gold.

I wander over to a lake and look at my reflection in its mirror. I seem to look the same from this view. Not disfigured as I thought I would be. Instead, I look better than before. But before I can even decipher the changes, a face appears next to mine on the other side of the pool. It’s a familiar wrinkled face that belongs to Aszurya’s grandmother.

“Good and bad news, hunh? I’m still waiting for the good news.”

“Isn’t having my granddaughter for yourself with no interruptions good news?”

“Is she really only for me? Cause last time I checked, I still have to share her with you all.”

“Be thankful, dear. The realm will now cease to go against your actions now the human is out of your life.”

“The realm? Is that the reason why I constantly forgot about Hailey while I was with Aszy?”

The elder woman laughs before disappearing from next to me. Shaking my head, I look up at the sky to see Aszurya’s beautiful face haunting me. The realm did what it had to otherwise it was going to die. Hailey was the foreign object, so since I’m connected to this realm, it did all it could to protect me from her.

And now I have Aszurya to keep me together.

Do I really have her all to myself?

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