Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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24 Theodore

When I woke, I felt different. There was an unfamiliar sensation zooming through my body. One that I can’t even begin to describe to anyone who hasn’t felt it before. My entire body felt larger than I remember. The best way to explain it is by comparing it to Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk.

And it’s all because of that painful tingle that ripped through my body when Aszurya left me. It was like having knives stabbed through my body, rendering me paralyzed. Then there was the infernal fire that soared through my body. Whatever it was, it was the equivalent to having all your cells split then come together as one, only to triple.

My odentatior. That’s what Chris and Will said I went through when they pulled me aside. I had just come out from Aszurya’s room, sensing literally everything. They were the first to see me. The two congratulated me and patted me on the back like I was supposed to know what in hell happened to me.

“Why are you congratulating me? And why the fuck do I feel like this?”

They laughed at me but quickly filled me in. I finally had my first transformation into my Siethen body. They told me I grew a few inches, gained more body mass, and even picked up the Siethen dialect. Allegedly, I’m supposed to go through a few more before achieving a full Siethen body.

“Our little sis is going to love this.”

I ran my hand through my messy hair. It was only the beginning of the congrats and snarky remarks about Aszurya and I. Breakfast felt strained, being surrounded by a family that hated me only hours before. The only people I had were Blithe and Alaric. Aszurya was nowhere to be found. According to Michaelis, she wanted some rest and a break from all of the company. Her brother threw a wink my way, adding to my annoyance.

I managed to stay through the entire breakfast before excusing myself. I have to go find Aszurya, fast. Somehow, she’d be able to tame her family. I head to her bed chambers, immediately knowing that she’d be there. As soon as my hand touches the silver doorknob, a way of anger washes over my body. Fuck knocking, I shoulder open the door to find the reason for my sudden anger.

That blonde asshole that was with her last night has his hands on my fucking girl. I growl deep in my throat, immediately wanting to kill him. My entrance doesn’t seem to phase the two of them. He just continues to tongue my lady down. I pull him away from her by his collar and glare into his wretched face.

“May I help you? If you couldn’t tell we’re busy.”

“If you lay another hand on her, I’ll fucking rip your heart out.”

I don’t let him respond, throwing him out of the room and slamming the door in his face. My adrenaline begins to lower as I turn around and lay eyes on my bronze princess. She just stands there with her jaw lowered, watching me with those eyes of hers. I smirk and close the distance between our bodies, staring hard at her delectable parted lips.

I wrap my arms around her small waist, leaning down just to tease her. Her eyes are locked on mine as I touch her lips with my tongue. I take her lip between my teeth and press her flush against my body so she knows how badly I want her.

“What the fuck…?”

“D’you like it?”

“This is what he meant with that fucking look of his…”

I chuckle and take her into my arms so her legs wrap around my waist. Her eyes widen as I take her to her bed, kissing her kiyake. I tuck my hand into her waistband and explore her insides, taking her breath away. Earning a solid growl from deep within her throat.

Her long nails dig into my flesh as I slip my fingers deeper into her body. My woman’s hips jerk against my body as moans come from her lips. Her painful pleasure brings a smile to my face. After she’s peaked I let her go and stand up, watching her stare at me.

“What… the… fuck? Th- King, you’re having withdrawals. T-that has to be it.”

“And what if that’s not what it is? Maybe I just wanna torture you before making you mine.”

I wrap my hand around her ankle, pulling her closer to my body as she lies on her bed. I reach down to unbuckle my belt, but I’m on the floor in seconds. With movements like lightning, Aszurya binds my hands and feet in a heavy metal, leaving me on the floor to look into her deep green eyes. I growl and struggle against my bonds but she leadens the blood in my body quickly. Her eyes are filled with fear as she opens her door and yells something down the hallway.

My head begins to pound as I roll to the side to properly look at Aszurya. She glances at me before peeking her head out of the doorway again. She says something but I can’t hear what it is. I can’t seem to use much of my senses. I can barely even see Aszurya standing a few feet away.

Suddenly, two bodies are standing next to her. One of them pulls her into an embrace whispering something into her ear, annoying me once more. She’s mine and only mine. No one gets to touch her but me. A growl rips from my throat as I attempt to unbind myself. The other Siethen walks towards me and kneels down to touch my forehead. As I watch the man carefully, I realize that it is Aszurya’s brother, William.

“How do you know it’s withdrawals? He could have been poisoned.” His voice comes out blurred and hazy. Aszurya’s responds but she’s too far away for her voice to be clear.

“He almost beat Aiden to a pulp? So how is that a withdrawal? You’re not making any sense,” Micha responds. I can feel the sarcasm roll off of Aszurya’s body as she speaks. Will smirks and looks at me once more, tapping my forehead with his finger. I flinch away before passing out cold.


I open my eyes once again to find myself in a familiar bed. Unfortunately, to my distress, the owner of the bed is nowhere to be found. I sit up to see one of her brothers sprawled out on the floor, his eyes closed, with unfathomable stillness. Just as I move to see if the younger boy’s alive just as his red eyes fly open. He sits up and grins at me as I run a hand through my hair.

“Hey. How ya feeling, Theodore?”

“Better, I guess. What happened?”

“Withdrawals. Luckily, Aszurya caught them before you could do anything you’d regret.”

“Is that why I feel like I already did something to regret?”

Lucian grins and gets up off the ground. We both stand and walk out of Aszurya’s bed chambers. Lucian leads me down a few corridors down to a large room set up like a dance chamber. I assume this is where Aszurya spent her time dancing when she was at the Academy.

The room is obviously soundproof because as soon as Lucian opens the door the music comes screaming out of the open space. I wince at the sound hitting my newly preened ears. I bite down on my lip, fighting back the urge to laugh, as I enter the huge open space to see Alaric dancing. He looks completely tired yet carefree. I guess he hasn’t seen himself in the mirror taking up one side of the room. Aszurya obviously has.

She’s sitting down on the ground- no lying down- laughing at her warlock friend. The same little blonde boy that was with her when she came to see Alaric in his apartment is sitting down next to her playing with building blocks. A few others that I don’t know are also in the room, some dancing along with Alaric and others sitting down watching. It seems to me that everyone in her family is here.

“Hey, Theo’s finally woken up!”

That catches everyone’s attention as Lucian and I stop a few feet inside. Micha winks at me before stealing away their baby brother from Aszurya. She gets up quickly, the joy slipping from her body as she glares at her older brother, yelling at him to give James back. I smile at the two but my view is blocked by Blithe Death-Rose as she comes to embrace me.

“Oh, you had me worried when the others told me that you were experiencing bad withdrawals. I hope you don’t have to deal with anything like that.”

I nod my head and look over her head towards her daughter. She managed to take back her little brother from Micha and knows she’s tickling him as he laughs with little snorts, just like her own laugh. I make my way over to her, earning the eyes of the little ones as I sit down next to their older sister.


“Hey,” She says, looking over to me for a brief second. The music chooses then to stop abruptly, stealing away my hard-earned attention from Aszurya.

“Hey, what’s with the music?”

“Give me a fucking second, damn it.”

I smirk at the two old friends. The little boy that was playing with Aszurya eyes me quietly. He climbs over her long legs onto my lap after deciding to like me. I smile at the little boy as he shakes his head and sucks on his little thumb. Aszurya finally puts on another song and begins to lip sing to it. James gets up holding onto my hands and begins to bounce up and down to the beat of the music.

“Come and dance with us, Zurya!”

“Nah, James wants me here with him.”

“Oh please, he’s all over Theo.”

Aszurya turns and glares at me as her family begins to laugh at her horrible excuse. One of the others runs up to her and tosses her over their shoulder. For some reason, she seems shy about dancing but I can’t seem to figure out why. It couldn’t possibly be me, could it? No. We’ve danced with each other multiple times before.

Taking James into my arms, I stand up and walk over to Aszurya, taking her hand in mine and spinning her around. The others let out whooping cheers as I force her to dance with me and James. She looks up into my eyes with her green gems and bites down on her lip, worrying at it once more.

“Why do you seem so afraid to dance all of a sudden?”

“I’m not afraid to dance, I just…”

“Is it me?”


I sigh and loop my fingers in the belt loops of her jeans. Aszurya takes her little brother out of my arms and kisses his blonde head before setting him down. We watch as he tottles off to his mother before continuing to dance to the music with her brothers and sisters.

“Why? Is it because I kissed you?”

“Shh. The others are listening in.” Aszurya leans into my chest as I hold onto her hips. I feel her turn up the music before leaning up and pressing her lips against my jaw. She’s now about half of a foot shorter than me since my transformation.

“Why are you so distant all of a sudden? I would think we’d be closer since everything that happened at the party.”

“I just… I’m not sure what’s going on. I mean within moments we went from having over 50 people standing between us to literally nothing between us. She was always there stopping everything and now she’s not. Can you blame me for being sceptical when something good happens in my life? Especially regarding you.”

“I understand that you’re sceptical but I can’t handle this space. Right now, you’re the only one I trust and I need you. With everything happening, I need you here right next to me.”

I pull her body closer to mine and stare into her gorgeous face. Her eyes manage to dilate to their fullest point as I lean down to kiss her nose. Her full lips part, her breath caressing my face.

“This feels dangerous.”

“I’d walk into a burning building with you.”

Her breath catches in her throat and all I want to do is kiss her softly. I let her go and start to walk towards the door with everyone’s eyes on me. There’s a soft breeze coming in from the east as I step out into the gardens. Something inside of my jolts forward as I touch the sit down and stare up into the evening sky.

“You really like my aunt, don’t you.”

I turn my head to see a familiar boy about 18 years of age standing a few feet away with his golden eyes on me. He looks unsure about me. But I guess I can understand why he might. He reminds me of Christopher a lot. Maybe he’s his son.

“Yeah. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t trust you. You’re the one that hurt her a few years ago.”

There it is again.

“Look we’ve gotten over it so why don’t you do that too.”

“You’ve got some nerve. She laid right here destroyed, using every ounce of her will power to repair the realm after it broke along with her.”

I growl and glare at the little boy standing a few feet away. Before I spit anything back at the obnoxious boy, Aszurya appears next to me and runs her hand through my hair.

“Jordan, leave him alone.”

“Why are you defending him? He’s the one that broke you.”

“And we’ve gotten past that, Jordan. Why don’t you two just start over? You need to put that behind you because I’m fine.”

“Are you really?”



Leaning against her legs, I relax as her fingers massage my scalp, letting a growl escape. She gestures for the Jordan boy to have a seat next to us before having one herself. I wrap my arm around her waist, earning a glare from Jordan but she rests her head on my shoulder.

“Jordan, this is… You know what, I can’t do it.”

I chuckle and finish her sentence for her as she gags and looks away. I still don’t understand why she can’t say my name. She’s always used my surname. And I’ve grown accustomed to it. “Theodore. I’m Theodore King. And you are?”

“I’m Jordan, her oldest nephew.”

“He’s Christopher’s son.”

I nod my head and watch the boy. The two of them act like brother and sister, yet he’s her nephew. It’s strange how differently she reacts with each one of her family members. I decide to get to know the boy a bit more. It’s nice to know what someone wants to do with their life.

“So, Jordan what do you want to do with your life?”

“What are you, my father?”

I look down at Aszurya as she makes herself comfortable in my lap. She freezes and looks up at me with wide eyes, confusion written all over her face. Finally, she takes my hint and looks over to her nephew.

“What’d you say?”

“I asked him if he’s my father.”


“He just asked me what I want to do with my life!”

“Azazel! Why are you so fucking moody all of a sudden? I doubt Ana and Naraa were as moody as you are before their transfor-”

Aszurya’s mouth drops open as she stares at her nephew. He glares back at her before looking away and folding his arms. Am I missing something? Aszurya hops off of my lap and tackles her nephew laughing evilly.

“Leave me alone, Aszurya!”

“No wonder you’re so moody! It’s around that time, isn’t it?! Aww, you two should be getting along then. Go on and ask him how it felt.”

I frown and lean back on my elbows wondering what is going on. Is her nephew about to enter his first transformation? Is that why she’s teasing him like this? Fuck, I don’t think I can handle her teasing myself. She looks so cute, I could just kiss her.

“Do I get an explanation? Or at least an answer?”

“Oh yeah, you’re still completely clueless,” Aszurya lets out a giggle before climbing back over to me and resting her head on my lap. “Every Siethen goes through their first full-fledged transformation at around 18 years of age. Jordan here should be entering his first around now.”

“How many are we supposed to go through?”

“Well, it all depends on the person. The men of my family go through about 3 back to back and then another doesn’t come for a few decades. I don’t know what’ll happen to you since you’re so behind.”

I nod my head and look over to her namesake yards away. I suppose death-roses are abundant in this realm. Sighing heavily I look to her nephew once more, hoping to finally get an answer from the moody idiot.

“Are you going to answer me, kid?”

“I’m not a kid.”

“Doesn’t matter to me. Just answer the question.”

“Fuck you.”

If his aunt wasn’t in my lap I would box this boy in his ears. He reminds me of the new set of cadets that came under my wing recently. Their attitude needed to be checked. They were all bark, no bite. I don’t roll with that. I settle with a firm growl coming low in my throat.

“He’s gonna kill you.”

“I’d love to see what a half-breed could do.”

My patience snaps as I move Aszurya off of my lap. I get up and grab the boy’s collar, yanking him off the ground and up to my face, using my new found speed. Aszurya appears by my side, a dark look on her face as she places a hand on my chest, trying to ease me off of her nephew. Growling, I let her separate me from the ass in front of me.

A dark mass begins to form right next to her, her oldest brother appearing right next to her. Swiftly, he boxes his son in the ear just like I wanted to do.

“What’s wrong with you, boy? Why is it that your aunt has to deal with you, huh? I’ll let Julie take care of you.”

Chris teleports his son somewhere into the manor before nodding to me and poking his sister. “Sorry ’bout him. He’s been acting like a little fucker ever since his birthday.”

“He seemed fine when I returned. But then he started coming for King’s throat. I actually contemplated letting King deal with him.”

“Huh, I think I would’ve wanted to see how he deals.”

Aszurya laughs and walks over to me, wrapping her arm around my waist and leaning against me. Together, the three of us walk back into the manor to join up with the rest of their family for dinner. Hopefully this time a meal won’t feel so awkward since Aszurya will be right next to me.

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