Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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01 Blithe Death-Rose

Tonight is just like it was 25 years ago when I gave birth to Aszurya. Eerie and silent. Like Satan, himself was watching nearby. Which, I suppose, he was 25 years ago, waiting to press his mark into my baby daughter’s beating heart. I should be happy for my daughter but something isn’t right. My husband is out galavanting with his friend and partner Raymond King like today isn’t a special day for us. It’s only me and the children who live in the manor. Strangely they are all asleep at this untimely hour in the morning. Or so I thought…


I turn around to see my youngest son, James, toddling over to me. I walk over and scoop him up in my arms, letting him nuzzle my neck. The wind rustles his blonde hair as we stand on my bedroom balcony overlooking the gardens where we last saw Aszurya before she left.

A few months after Aszurya’s episode, she came to her father and I, asking to go on a training retreat with some man. Richard was ecstatic upon hearing her words but I knew that something was up. My daughter is the most powerful being in the world with only an 8th of her actual power unlocked. After everything she went through training with Richard, why would she want to start it back up again?

She left that January and I haven’t seen her since. It’s been 18 months since this family has heard from her. We all miss her dearly. The little ones are constantly coming to me asking if she’s going to come back soon. I always say yes but I actually don’t know. I’m still waiting for a sign from her.

“Can we see her today?”

“I don’t know, James.”

“But it’s her birthday, right?”

“That’s true. But I do not know. You’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

My little son nods his head and stays up with me until the sun rises. Just as I turn away from the balcony to put down my sleeping son, I see what I had been looking for: A sign from my daughter. The sun begins to burn brighter as red lines form across the sky above. The lines move around until they spell out a message for me:

I’m coming home, Mother.

I nod my head and dim the light of the sun as a way of saying that I understand. I smile to myself and put James to bed before getting ready for my daughter’s return. The children will be so joyed at their sister’s presence, I think to myself as I slip into a purple dress, cinched at the waist and adorned with little silver butterflies. Silver slippers and a set of silver jewellery is picked out and put on as the maids deal with my long light brown hair. The two women braid my hair and wrap it around my head creating a very thick crown.

“What’s with the fancy dress?”

My eldest son, Christopher, comes into my line of sight with a frown on his face. He is still shirtless from sleep, showing off the muscles he’s earned from training hard. I gesture for the maids to leave before standing up and smiling at my son.

“We are going to be receiving a visitor today. A very special someone.”

Chris raises his eyebrows, shrugs his shoulders, and walks out of my chambers once more. I follow suit and walk down to the living room of the manor waiting for the rest of my children to arrive. Once all of them are here we wait impatiently for our lost family member to arrive.

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