Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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28 Theodore

Aszurya’s siblings, nieces, and nephews have been all over me lately, calling me their uncle among other names. My favourite of all might be James’s ‘Uncle Teddy’. He’s extraordinarily smart for his age but according to the wives of the clan, Aszurya was the smartest of them all. She was just stubborn. I vaguely remember having intelligent conversations with her when she was around James’s age.

They won’t let me have time with Aszurya alone. But, it’s not like she minds. She’s been in her own world, disappearing constantly without a proper explanation. And after what we did after her cleansing, all I want to do is be alone with her. I want a sequel to our tease. And I don’t want to stop screwing her.

Luckily for me, the entire family shares the same training grounds. That’s the one activity the entire family shares. Hopefully, if she’s around, I’ll get to see her while training with her mother. As if on cue, Blithe senses my distraction and pinches my ear with her sharp claws. Flinching, I fight to hold back the string of curse words, waiting to be released from the pain.

“Stop getting distracted, Theodore!”

“I’m not getting distracted. I’m just thinking.”

“About my daughter, who will not be showing up unless you give her a reason to.”

I glare at my death-mother, wondering how in hell Aszurya puts up with her. Though, I see a bit of my lady in her mother. Before Aszurya showed up for her cleansing, I was playing with the water, using my newly found powers to create water orbs. Blithe caught me in the act, asking me if my centre was of the water origin. That’s when she offered to help me with my training. I would rather have Aszurya do it but she already told me she’d be of no help.

But, I’ve become the greedy man I was before I left France. I want her all for myself and I’m not afraid to claim what’s mine. She may be a dominant lady but she’ll submit to me if I want her to.

As soon as Blithe lets go of my ear, I take a few steps back to put some distance between us, covering my throbbing ear. So far, this training with Blithe hasn’t gone the way I thought it would. For the last week, she’s had me read journals and books, etc, about water centres and areas. The woman even gave me a written test to make sure that I actually took in the information she was throwing at me. And now, I finally get to put my knowledge to the test.

“Do you remember what Joliver’s journal said about capturing water from your surroundings?”

I give the woman a sharp nod and begin reciting the paragraph I read in the handwritten journal.

Water is one of the few nature types that can be used wherever you go. Because water is everywhere, in the plant life, the ground, the air, even in other beings, anyone with this type of centre can extract water from anywhere. All you have to do is focus on the specific water energy around you.”

Blithe nods her head and creates a ball of water in her upturned hand. She explains that she took the water from the earth beneath our feet and moulded it into the ball we see.

“Now, it’s your time to try.”

Closing my eyes, I take a few deep breaths to calm my body and mind down. Only when I’m calm and collected can I feel the energy of the objects around us. I hear the light whooshing of energy flowing around me. In one of the texts I had to read, it said that sometimes when Siethens concentrate on the energy flow of nature they can tell the difference of energy. But it all comes in different ways to us.

Trying to concentrate some more, I think of the different nature energies I learned about briefly. Fire, lightning, wind, earth, and water were the five biggest nature energies. For those who can properly sense each type of energy, they can tell how each merges to create something new. One of the examples was: water and cold air to make ice.

Somewhere around me, I feel a change in the flow of energy. It’s small but there’s a flicker of blue right where Blithe was standing last. As I focus on that one spot, the colour flickers a few more times. Using what Aszurya taught me during our first session, I picture the blue light flowing towards me. A scream jolts me out of my focused state just as the light began to float towards me.

“Damn it. This is a lot harder than it seems.”

“Yes, it is.”

I look up to see my death-mother smiling at me. Raising an eyebrow, I notice the wet spot on the ground from the orb of water she had in her hand. Frowning, I wonder why she dropped it. What caused her to drop it?

“You managed to pull some of the water from the ball I had in my hand on your first try. Good job!”

I nod my head and look towards the manor, almost expecting to see a lovely body walking towards us on the field. I don’t know what I did, but I don’t think she wants to be around me. I know something’s up but she won’t let me in. And I thought, maybe after the cleansing ceremony, she would feel easier around me, but I guess I was wrong. Completely wrong.

Taking a seat on the ground, I close my eyes to have another go at differentiating the natural energies. I end up spending close to 5 whole hours trying to see a flicker of light again but it doesn’t happen again. Even Blithe begins to worry when I get frustrated at the lack of progress.

“What’s wrong? You did it before. What are you waiting for?”

“The light! I need to see it to move the water towards me.”

“What light, Remy?”

I look up at my death-mother, confused, before remembering what I had read and trying to explain it to her.

“In one of the notebooks you had me read on natural energy, it talked about how it shows up to siethens in different ways. He said some siethens feel vibrations, some see different lines, others see movements. In one of the notes in the margin, the author made a side note saying a select few-”

“See different colours. I know, Aszurya’s one of those few. She can see colours and movements. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you can see the colours, too. Is that how you moved the water?”

“Yes, and I used a little of what Aszurya taught me when we trained.”

“Zurya trained you?”

“You seemed shocked.”

“I am. My daughter isn’t the teaching type. She doesn’t have the necessary patience to deal with slower learners. So for her to even attempt at teaching someone is amazing. Even if it is you.”

I shrug my shoulders and look up at the side. Right now, I wish I could differentiate the nature energy around me. Not only that, I wish I could be with Aszurya right now. The sky begins to darken above us, thunderclouds forming out of nowhere. Everyone on the training fields shifts their attention to the storm threatening.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Michaelis asks as he and Ana approach us with quizzical looks on their faces.

“I don’t know.”

“Where’s Zurya? Do you think she’s okay?”

“From the look of these clouds, I doubt it, Ana, my love.”

“I think she left to see Granny May this morning.”

Michaelis looks down at me as I continue to sit on the floor, observing their conversation, trying to figure everything out myself. I don’t understand how they know more about Aszurya’s whereabouts than I do. And we sleep in the same fucking bed, for Satan’s sake!

“But that wouldn’t make her angry. Your grandmother always makes Zurya happy. If anything, I would expect it to be sunny or humid.”

“You know our sister is. She takes after you, Ma.”

Blithe flicks her third son on the forehead before looking up at the sky once more. They’re all acting like meteorologists, trying to guess why it’s sunny yet raining cats and dogs. It’s all so fucking annoying. Especially since it’s about Aszurya. But this is her family. This is my family too. We were supposed to be together from the start.

“Is that her?”

My head snaps up to catch sight of the woman who’s been on my mind for the longest time. Looking beautiful, she saunters over us, deep in thought. She’s so deep in thought, she almost passes us by but her mother grabs her arm. With a scowl on her face, Aszurya turns to look at us as we watch her, attempting to analyze her face for some type of emotion.

“Are you okay, sweetie?”

Aszurya takes a deep breath, rolling her eyes just as a huge gale blows over us. The women’s hair all whip around in their faces and we all get goosebumps at how cold the air becomes.

“Shit, sorry. Sometimes I forget I have control over things.”

“Yeah, we noticed.”

Aszurya frowns as her brother gestures up to the stormy sky that’s been bothering us. Even with her usual mask on, I can tell she’s gnawing on her lip again. Overthinking something, in the way she knows best.

“Is everything okay, ey parrapino?” Michaelis asks, resting a hand on her shoulder. Aszurya rubs her face, looking up to the sky.

Aye, I’m just tired.”

“Well, don’t forget to rest, nuyel-baby.

“I know, Mom. I’ll rest tonight when I’m done doing this shit.”

“What do you have to do now, Zurya?”

“I’m going to the archives to check some things out.”

“And see your girlfriend?”

Aszurya stops and winks at her older sister. Confused, I watch Aszurya closely, trying to figure out what in hell they are talking about. Aszurya doesn’t have a girlfriend. She wouldn’t have one, not when she’s struggling to be around me. Unless this is the exact reason why she can’t touch me, spend time with me.

“Well, if she’s there I’ll certainly stop by and say hi,” Aszurya says with a smile, that mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Both Aszurya and Ana laugh but the younger woman doesn’t bother to stay long after. And I’m too annoyed to care. As soon as she extends her wings to leave, I get up and stalk away from the remaining Death-Roses. I can further my training in the library, looking over those notebooks.

James and Mathew decide to join me, James holding his brother’s hand as we walk over to the library. I let them pick a place to sit while I grab a few textbooks to skim through. This might have been easier with Aszurya here with me. Hell, Alaric would’ve been helpful but he and Kitoshy have been MIA for a while now. Sighing, I lie down on the couch next to the playing boys and begin reading through my first textbook.

“Uncle Teddy, can I sit down on your lap?”

I look over the edge of my book to see James rubbing his tired eyes and holding his small fluffy stuffed dog. Nodding my head, I pull the small blonde boy onto my lap and let him rest his head on my chest. As the little boy begins to fall asleep, I finally pick up on an important passage.

My water centre showed itself late in my life. Everyone thought I was a demetiz, but in reality, I was just temporarily dormant. I had to train long and hard just to be able to differentiate the nature energies. I understand my fellow species in their struggle with such an important task. What can one do without being able to summon the right energy? The answer is nothing.

Many textbooks out there are written by famous authors like Maddox Agreis or Nina Littel informing the younger ones the best way to merge or diverge energy. There are all sorts of information and details for the normal ones, but what about the abnormal? The unique?

At 18 I found out how to ‘see’ the energies. There are few of our species who sense nature by colour. Being able to see the energy takes hard work and patience, and, most importantly, guidance. I couldn’t have done this on my own. I didn’t have the patience for it, which is why I write this book. To direct the lost Siethens.

I stop here to take a peek at the little boy in my arms to see that he’s fast asleep. Taking him up, I lead Mathew over to their room before heading to the one I share with their sister. I could do with a nice soak to release all the tension in my back. I think I’ll take one now and go to dinner after. There’s not much to do besides listening to the others talk about ideas that have nothing to do with me.

Damn, I miss Aszurya.

The luxurious bathroom decorated in black, white, and red, begins to steam up. The black heated tiles feel good on the soles of my feet as I take off my clothes. With an expensive stand-in shower with glass doors in the corner, the large bathtub made of ivory sits near a large window overlooking a grove near the gardens and social areas. In this corner, there sits a small Death-Rose bush near a sexy, revealing portrait of Aszurya.

There she is, in nothing but a lace set of undergarments, basically purring at me to fuck her. This is from a few years ago back when she was thicker and didn’t have so many scars. Regardless of what year it was, it amplifies the longing for her.

I relax into the steaming hot rose-scented water and relax with my eyes closed for a few minutes. Taking a deep breath, I exhale and release all the pent up stress and pain until there’s nothing left to hold on to. I grab the book I was reading before from off of the small shelf the plant sits on.

The first thing I had to do was reach a zen-like state. Now, for some people, this will be very hard to achieve, so I have a few tips. First, find a quiet place and close your eyes. You can’t reach a zen state if you have any negative vibes so release all with a few deep breaths. Relax your shoulders, and clear your mind. When you are completely relaxed and emitting only good vibes, you have entered a zen-like state.

From here, we move on to sensing all nature chakra as one. Until you can fully distinguish every type, you will see one of a few things: all black, all white, all brown (you are closer to seeing each individual colour, if this applies to you) or even the world around you with a grey tint to it. Regardless of what you see, you will still be able to sense the currents of energy. For me, as soon as I entered a zen-like state, I began to feel all of the energy around me. Some of you may be like me, others may take a few moments to tune your senses.

Now, the next part is not as easy as the steps before. The first type of chakra you should be able to differentiate is your centre. The best way to do this is by having several bonding sessions. Now, if you have a fire or lightning centre, this isn’t the best idea. Bonding with these nature types are not safe and can result in death. For your bonding, I would turn to Per Gosha Fa Tomucha by Alise Merde. She goes into depth on bonding and gives excellent safe routes to bond with fire and lightning.

As for the other main types of centres: water, wind, and earth, there are many ways to bond with them. For earth, you can spend your time around plants. For wind centres, there are airway-rests and cloud islands you can stay on and focus on bonding. With a water centre, you can pick any body of water, a river, a pond, a sea, etc. The whole point of the bonding is to be one with your element. Be your element for a day or two.

Once you’ve properly bonded with your element, try the first two steps again. If you’ve bonded right, you should be able to see at least a bit of light. For me, it took 3 tries to be able to see a cerulean light for my water element. From here on, you will have to continue practising until you can constantly see the colour of your element’s energy.

“What are you reading?”

I look up and put my book down to see a woman wearing comfy clothes yet still be able to look sexy. She pulls down her mask and sits on the edge of the ivory bathtub, looking at me with a cute smile on her face.

“Dev-John’s (Dev-Jo-an) book about centres and whatnot.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you were training. How’s that been?”

“Alright, I guess.”

“Sorry,” Aszurya says while staring at the door. “I’ve had a lot on my mind.”

“Yeah, everything but me.”


“You’ve been everywhere but with me. It’s like you don’t care about what I do or how I feel. What’s the point of me being here? I can’t stop thinking about you, but it’s obvious I’m nowhere on your mind.”

Aszurya closes her pretty little gems and wets her lips with her pointed tongue. She turns her head and chuckles softly while shaking her head. I can’t even begin to understand how this is funny to her. If anything, her discovery of humour just angers me more.

“Now you see how it feels.”


There’s no way for me to brace myself for the look I received. Her exhaustion is so clear it’s everywhere on her face and body. Her shoulders sag along with her eyelids as she turns to face me. There are dark bags under her eyes from sleepless nights. Her once plump cheeks have lost their volume, and her bottom lip shows evidence of her constant worrying. She’s been wearing a glamour this whole time and I couldn’t see through it. Worst of all is the fact her sadness hides so deeply in her emeralds, a sadness I created.

“Now, you see how I felt when you left me for that realm. I understand you may have meant to come back now, but it hurt like hell back then. I hurt myself because I thought I wasn’t good enough to bring you back, to save this realm. I constantly told myself I shouldn’t be feeling this way because you didn’t care about me.

“I felt stupid for thinking that you would come back to me after receiving your memories. But it was all obvious from the time I told you to cancel your plans with her. The way you looked after her, resisted me, stayed faithful to her. It was obvious that nothing I did could ever make you care about this side of you the way you do for your human side.

“You made me cry after spending years and years building up an entire fort to keep myself safe. Even during my time with Eddie, through all the pain I suffered with my very own family, I didn’t shed a tear. And then you came along… and melted me. You completely destroyed me. So this hurt and negligence you feel now from me is nothing compared to how I felt close to 3 years ago. So spare me your words.”

I swallow hard and sink deeper into the now warm water. Looking out of the window, I blink hard and regret every decision I’ve made since having my memory restored. No matter how many warnings I receive, I always make the wrong choice and end up hurting her. She doesn’t understand that I never wanted to hurt her.

“I’m sorry Aszurya. You don’t understand, I never meant to cause you any harm. I just want to hold you, heal you, protect you, and most of all love you. I l-”

“Stop,” Aszurya says with a gasp. She holds up her hand telling me to stop as she closes her eyes and shakes her head. “Just stop. Don’t say those words to me.”

“But it’s true.”

“I can’t handle it.”

“The truth?”

“How you feel.”

“Join me. Let me show you then.”

Aszurya gets up and walks over to her plant, touching its leaves or a few moments before slipping out of her clothes. I recognize the fear in her eyes as she looks at the sudsy water I’m asking her to enter. Slowly, I take her waist in my hands and lift her into the tub with me. I melt away the fear in her eyes as I lie her head against my chest.

I cup her naked ass with one hand and let my other linger high on her thigh. Without moving my hand any higher, I grip her body tightly, dragging my fingers down her inner thigh. A gasp escapes her full lips as she sits up with slitted green eyes wandering my face. I bite my lip as I slip a finger past her pink walls. Aszurya’s hips begin to grind carefully against me, rolling until I’m hard and pressing against her thigh.

“Mmm, that pace, baby.”

“T-touch me some more… I’ll make you explode.”

“You mean after you explode.”

Tossing her head back, Aszurya grips the edge of the tub, slowly increasing the pace as she rides me. She moans, her hips still working against my fingers as I continue to push them further. When I curl my fingers forward the way she likes, I feel her body becoming tighter, ready eternal bliss.

Her claws slip out as she growls, her sex giving her a beautiful release. Once she’s done, her body turning the water to steam, I refill the tub with newer water. Aszurya falls against me, her breath laboured as I wrap my arms around her frame.

“That was supposed to be a threat, not an invitation.”

I chuckle softly and then her ‘threat’ comes back to me. “Explode?”

“Is my mom making you read that book?” Completely ignoring my inquiry. I contemplate ignoring her but think better of it. I did ask for her attention.

“No. I chose to do it myself. I’m struggling to differentiate the elements and since you weren’t there, I thought this would help.”

“Hmmm?” She looks up at me while reheating the water with her hands. “Why would you need me?”

“Because we’re alike,” I murmur against her lips with a wink.

“Care to explain?”

“Blithe said you see colours when differentiating energies.”

“Oh, we’re on a first-name basis now with my mom?”

“Well, she is my death-mother.”

Aszurya smiles and sits up so she is straddling me in the tub. Her deep green eyes search my body as she traces the tattoo on my left wrist: 6.21. That day, I got my first tattoo and felt something new. What I didn’t know was on this same day, the precious woman I hold turned 16 and entered another difficult year without me.

“You see the colours too.”

I nod my head and rub her side with my free hand. Sometimes, I see the little girl that used to visit me in my dreams, in this grown woman. Especially when her mind gets lost while she’s doing something minute.

“Did you do any bonding yet?”

“No. Today was the first time I trained with your mom.”

“Yeah. That’s the difference between my parents. My mother takes it slow and shoves a ton of textbooks under your nose, while my father shoves you into a dragon’s nest and tells you to find your way out.”

“How literal is that?”

“100 per cent. I broke my leg at 7 because of it. I almost got eaten alive too.”

I lean forward and kiss my beautiful maiden on her full lips. I bring her closer to my body, deepening our kiss and rubbing her wet body gently. She smiles on my lips before pulling away slightly.

“Do you want me to lead your bonding session? I don’t think I’d be too bad.”

“What would we do?”

“Well, you have a water centre. There’s a river near my cottage where you can bond with the water. The whole point of it is to understand your element.”

“I wanna spend some quality time with you. Time where I don’t have to share with your family.”

“Well, they seem to accept you more than me, so I’m not sure you have that right.”

“Don’t do that.”

“What? It’s true.”

“No. It’s not. But, I’m not having this conversation with you right now.”

I rub my nose against her neck and breathe in her rosy scent. I feel the blood running through her veins as I run my elongated canines up and down her tender throat. A sigh escapes her lips as her bronze skin begins to goose up. She’s beautifully vulnerable right now.

“King… let’s just shower… and get something to eat before bed.”

“Have I worked up your appetite?”

“I’m just tired, to be honest,” Aszurya whispers. Bending my knees to sit up, I lift Aszurya into my arms stepping out of the ivory tub and into the dark marble shower. She leans against the tiled wall as I turn on the water jets. We wash our bodies and dry them off with the grey towels with the Death-Rose emblem embroidered onto them in red thread.

I kiss the woman softly, before nudging her towards the dresser telling her to get dressed. Once she’s got on an oversized T-shirt and some lace panties, she lies down next to me and begins to grub on the food she brought before joining me in the bathroom. I put on my sweatpants and join my girl in her little feast.

My gorgeous rose is ready to sleep as soon as we finish eating. I feel like a babysitter when I tell her to get up and brush her teeth. Sure enough, she pouts, so close to throwing a little tantrum, but gets up to do as I say. I laugh and kiss her forehead before finally allowing her to go to bed.

Just as I get up to brush my teeth, the youngest Death-Rose knocks on our door. With his teddy bear in one hand, a sleepy-eyed James smiles and waddles by me to cuddle with his older sister. I smile at the two before heading into the bathroom. For some reason, I expect the two to still be up when I’m done but the siblings are knocked out cold.

Quickly I snap a photo and lie down next to them in the large bed. I turn out the light and kiss both roses good night.

“’Night, little roses.”

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