Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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31 Aszurya

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“The same place you are.”

King frowns at me when I look over my shoulder to him. His hair is dishevelled, just the way I like it, his green and brown eyes filled with fatigue. Maybe I should let him sleep in more? Nah. Shaking my head, I continue to dress in the leather gear strewn over my bed. Before I can grab my shirt to put it on, King snatches it, holding it to his chest as he rolls over in bed.


“Can’t we just relax a bit, baby?”

I shudder at the name before climbing onto my bed and kissing King. Parting the seam of his lips with my tongue, I manage to unlatch his fingers from my shirt. Pulling away, I tug my shirt over my head, scoffing as my fingers brush the wrinkles.

“It’s a good thing we’re going to be by ourselves today. Alaric and Kitoshy are meeting with the Elders again, and they’ll probably fuck a few times before deciding to contact me.”

“Where are we going?”

Brarda River. Congratulations, King. You get to spend a full day in the coldest river I know!”

King cringes at my feigned happiness, furrowing his eyebrows. Sitting up, he takes in my body with that devious look of his, setting it on fire. His voice is thick with his French-American accent as he questions my antics.

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to stick to my plan,” I respond with a deep breath. “You’re making it quite hard to do it when you talk like that.”

“Oh? Like what, mademoiselle?”

Once more, I take a deep breath, scrunching up my nose as I look away from my King. He chuckles, the sound racing through my bones as it comes closer. His muscled arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to his hard body as his lips come crashing down on my kiyake.

“Sommes-nous agités, mademoiselle?”


“Non, I believe it is: Merde.

My knees buckles as his sweet voice takes over. I grab onto his arms to keep my steady as my eyes flutter close. My hearts begin to race, rushing blood down to my core as I press my thighs together.

“Are you done? Can I go change my panties now?”

“Comme vous le souhaitez, future madame King.”

I growl at the man behind me as he releases my body. I stumble away from him, not bothering to question whatever he called me. Slamming the bathroom door, I slide down to the floor and rest my forehead on my knees. Azazel, this man is going to kill me. It’d be so much easier to fuck him if we weren’t--

“Aszurya, baby, you alright?”

“I’m fine, King.”

“Sheesh, can I not worry about you?”

“Not when you cause this shit!”

I can feel King roll his eyes, and then he walks away from the door. I manage to stand up and wash my face with ice-cold water before looking at myself in the mirror. My reflection makes me cringe as I place a glamour of my sickened features. Maybe while King’s bonding, I can try to speed up my healing process. I wonder if he has something to do with this?

King is pulling his T-shirt over his toned abdomen when I walk out of the bathroom. I stop in the doorway, watching as he situates the shirt around his fit body. Damn those slim-fitting clothes! Ughhhh.

I must’ve groaned aloud as King’s attention flies to me. A smirk pulls across his lips as he leans against the bed pole, watching me. I try to ignore his searing gaze as it follows me around the room. Once I have finished brushing my hair, I gesture for King to come closer.

“Hmm, want seconds?”

“Of course.”

I grab King’s hand and warp us through the realm to the river near my cottage. We land near the edge of the river; the water roaring loudly. King takes one look at the river before cocking an eyebrow upward. I can’t stop myself from widely grinning as I lean up and kiss my tall glass of devil’s wine. My fingers bury themselves in his shirt as I kiss him harder. Without saying a word, I break away and shove the man backwards, watching as he loses his footing at the edge and falls into the river.

I laugh for a few moments before crouching down at the edge of the riverbank. Pausing, I peer into the water, wondering why King hasn’t resurfaced. Just as I open my mouth to call out to the man, he resurfaces and splashes me with water. I gasp, turning my head away as I stumble back away from the bank. With a snarl, I bare my fangs at the man and flip him off before walking away grumbling to myself.

“We’re only even, baby!”

Again, I flip the man off and stalk over to the nearest tree. Leaning my back against the trunk, I dry myself off and glare at King as he rests his head on his folded biceps on the riverbank. He winks, causing me to roll my eyes as I turn around and stalk off further into the wooded area. I don’t stop until I’m a reasonable distance away, where he can’t see me, but I can still supervise his bonding.

I take a seat with my legs crossed and watch the river subtly. With everything that’s going on, there’s no time to waist on dilly-dawdling. Information is what we need, and between Alaric and me, we’re not getting a lot of it. The Nagatory clan is just about as large as my own clan, but they reach back a few more centuries. Most of my older family has died out just like King.

I think that’s why my parents had so many children.

The bad part about it, the Nagatory tend to fall off the grid, just like Adrian did. I shudder as his sharp face comes to mind. Who knows what that man has been doing. Though, his plan to manipulate me was smart. And this is why I’m sceptical about going to war with them. Adrian’s a fucking genius. But why would he bother to train me? Surely he would have planned out the possibility of someone breaking the gyen.

Unless there’s something else on me he can use.

I groan and rub my face, staring up at the bright sky. A few black-winged birds fly by, scavenging for food. Since Nicollete left, the realm has just blackened. It’s dying, our magic beginning to fade. What if…? What if we aren’t meant to lead this realm anymore? The kingdom hasn’t been flourishing by our hand.

Something black moves up ahead, snapping me from my thoughts. Rubbing my eyes, I become alert, getting to my feet. Again, something black— no, a service demon— moves through the tree. I begin to relax as I crouch down and coax the small beast out.

“Come out. I won’t hurt you. We’re one and the same. Demons only alive to service this realm.”

Sure enough, a blob slips out from behind the tree in front of me, watching me with its large white eyes. Almost instantly, I recognise the demon to be a loule. Similar to the service demon I used to gather Lucifer, this one doesn’t have a spine. Its back seems curved, probably from mistreatment, and as he comes closer, I notice the small scars. Iron punishment, maybe?

“You’re one of Black’s service demons.”

“Yes, my queen.”

I grimace at the name.

“I suppose he wants to meet with me.”

The loule nods his head, still peering at me with its melon-sized eyes.


“He sent for me to escort you, my queen.”

I shudder and sigh before placing my hand on the blobs head. As soon as we make contact, we have warped away from the wooded area. We set down in the middle of a dark bedroom with three candles lighting the area. From what I can see, a large four-poster bed sits in the middle of the room. Long chains hang from the ceiling, obscuring a good portion of the room. I can only assume the walls are dripping with blood.

Before I can say my thanks, the loule whimpers and disappears. I suppose he’s here already, lurking in the dark as he ravages my body. I’m not sure I want to see him. They always say he strikes fear into one’s heart, but that didn’t happen when I first met him with Theo. His inky eyes stirred something deep inside of me, and when he touched me, a heat began to bloom in my core.

“Aszurya Death-Rose,” I shudder at the sound of my name coming from those luscious lips. The man slips up behind me, stroking my spine with a long finger, evoking a dark lust. “You’re looking as beautiful as ever.”

“Alaster Black, are you always this perverted. Be a man and show me your face.”

He chuckles against my ear before slipping in front of me. With his back to the light, his features are dim, yet even more lustrous than before. I stifle a whimper as those inky orbs slide down my body with ease. My breath catches as his long slender fingers caress my cheek. I can’t help but allow my gaze to fall to his lips, my body jerking forward from his touch. He leans in closer, brushing his soft lips against mine, his tongue beginning to tease me subtly.


“You’re looking for information, am I right?”

“Yes,” I whisper as he slips from in front of me. His hand lingers on my behind for a few moments before sliding to the buttons on my jeans. One by one, he undoes them, raking his nails over my scarred skin.

“Let me make a proposition, then. Information for…”

“Sex,” I gasp out as the warlock kisses my neck. His movements are slow and deliberate, taunting me until I wish to give in. He pauses his antics as he waits for my answer. I lean back against his lean frame, trying to fight the urges.

“It’s only one time. Surely, there’s nothing wrong with it. You’re an unclaimed woman.”

Sighing, I give in and turn around. Alaster watches me with a wicked gleam in his eyes as he grins widely. With a flick of his wrist, my clothes leave my body, leaving me in just my lace underwear. The warlock snaps his fingers, and suddenly my wrists are chained together. I raise my eyebrows but don’t question the restraints. It’s not like I have a problem with them.

“Are these necessary?”

The man chuckles as he unbuttons his shirt. My eyes drift over his brown chest, lined with muscles. They’re not as large as Theo’s, but it’s obvious the man has some serious strength to him. This is going to be interesting.

“This will be completely consensual, Princess. But, I rather like restricting your hands. It’s pleasuring to know a woman of your power will be next to powerless in bed.”

I shift my wrists, noticing the already red skin around the cuffs. Iron. At least, he chained them to the front, and not the back. Alaster takes a seat on his elegant bed with sheets made of silk. His eyes linger on my breast, and the chains tighten even more. He really wants me at a disadvantage. My new partner gestures for me to approach him. I climb on his lap until I straddle him. I slip my arms over his head, so they rest on his shoulders as he stares up into my eyes.

“I presume this is where you court people.”

“Only the special ones.”

“Where is Myra? Does she not fit your needs anymore?”

“She is at home.”

I watch as Alaster takes my left breast into his mouth, running his warm tongue over my areola until it swells. Under his touch, my breath becomes laboured. Alaster grabs my other breast, pinching my nipple, his free hand slipping down to my thigh. My panties become a mere obstacle to magic away for the warlock as his thumb finds my clit. He begins to taunt me, stroking slowly.

“Why seek me out when you h-have a queen as your wife? Aren’t I just a p-princess in your eyes” I manage out as he stimulates me. His long tongue runs from my breast up to my neck, circling my kiyake almost as if he knows how badly he’s affecting me.

“You are a young, feisty princess, Aszurya.” Releasing my breast, Alaster buries his hand in my hair as he kisses my kiyake gingerly. He adds another finger, and I can’t help but need him farther in me. I angle myself against his fingers as my walls pull him deeper. “Myra has lost her touch but that--” He adds another finger. “That has nothing to do with you, my darling.”

“T-tell me why…”

“It was my idea to interbreed with the Siethens, not the Nagatory. I allowed them to ‘steal’ the idea so they would be my testers. Adrian was a complete success, and I was eager to get my hands on a fertile woman. But I waited. I am a powerful man, feared by all. But, when you came along, I knew I wouldn’t have to wait much longer.”

I let out a low growl as I slip my fingers into Alaster’s white hair. He knows. Oh, he knows where it is. I can’t hide my pleasure nor my increasing need. Alaster knows what he’s doing to me. And this plan of his…

I moan as his lips slide over mine, taking me as his. I lean into his lips, parting mine to let his tongue taste me. We fall back against his bed as we kiss harder. I can’t seem to get enough of this man, and it’s wrong. I shouldn’t take pleasure from a man that’s not mine.

My mind begins to spin as I lose control. The new breed the prophecy spoke of, what if King isn’t the other half. What if Alaster has been waiting for a female Siethen to plant his seed. Alaster moans, the sound of it reverberating through my body, startling me.

“Aszurya… you taste like home, damn-it. I take it your eggs are temporarily frozen.”

I nod my head as I pull away. Alaster pulls out of me, shifting our bodies until I sprawl out on his bed. His mouth recedes over my body until it presses against my overwhelmed sex. I moan and writhe as his tongue enters my body, his thumb rubbing in slow, deliberate circles. With all this playing, I’m going to burst soon. The last thing I want to do is release for this man. Biting my upper thigh, Alaster smirks as his inky eyes meet mine.

“It’s not good for a woman to fight what she needs.”

Shit… I can’t hold back much longer.

Gaze locked with mine, Alaster thrust his fingers into me. I barely manage to keep my eyes open as another wave of pleasure hits me. My walls clench against him as he uses magic and strokes me harder than before.

Just like that, my release shudders through my body, leaving me motionless on the warlock’s bed. I wait a few moments before sitting up and glaring at Alaster. Our faces are mere inches apart; his lovely lips pulled into a devilish smirk.

“That wasn’t fair.”

“You should try to stifle immense pleasure, Princess.”

“You used that against me. When will you be satisfied, Alaster?”

“When you birth a new generation of beings. Aszurya, it’s not safe to fight me.”

“Whose side will you be on?” I mumble as I direct my attention to his pants. Not bothering to be kind, I sear the fabric from his toned legs, leaving nothing behind. I take his girth in my hand, pumping as I narrow my eyes. Alaster’s eyes widen as he wraps his hands around mine.

“Most women don’t bother to tend to my needs.”

“I’m not most women, Alaster. You know this. Now answer my question.”

“I will be on no one’s team. Is there a favoured position?”

I’m tempted to snap at the man, telling him to figure it out himself, but there’s a strange look in his eye. And my body is begging for more of him. Instead, I stay silent, waiting for more information. The warlock turns me, so my back is pressed against his chest, my thighs on either side of him.

“You figured out the secret to his transformation.”

“And you knew all along what it was.”

“Maybe,” Alaster chuckles as he holds my hips. “The girl might have been part of it. It’s a good thing she is gone.”

“How do you know of this? You couldn’t have been there.”

“I have both eyes and ears within your manor. Your plan for training the boy seems decent.”


“Yes, Princess. His true power will only show when you stop being afraid. Only when words are exchanged will he become as powerful as you.”

Before I can turn around or respond, something hooks onto the chains around my wrist. I feel a sharp pull as my arms raise above my head. Alaster must’ve used magic, but why?

I feel the warlock shift beneath me until his tip pushes against my opening. I hiss as he lowers me, his hardness enters me. It doesn’t take long for me to lose myself to the feeling of him deep inside of me. My walls swell and draw Alaster deeper inside. Our movement quickens until my head falls back, a moan erupting from my mouth.

Something changes when Alaster begins to peak. My eyes fly open, widening as I realise where he is. With one last exertion of energy, I jerk against his magnetic pull, shifting as he begins his release. I start to writhe from the feeling of his discharge.

“N-no, A-Alaster…”

“Why must you be so difficult?”

I climb off of his deflated dick and lie down on the bed. I begin to redress myself, hoping my skin will cool off. Once fully clothed, I stand up on shaky legs and turn to Alaster as he lays stark naked on the bed.

“Information… now.”

“I’ve already given you the information, Aszurya-darling. Can’t you feel it?”

“You fucking bastard!” I breathe out as the brown warlock waves to me with an obnoxious smirk on his face. I’m pulled through the dimension, and thrown into Obsidian. Somehow, I manage to warp into my cottage, taking note of the sun now going down. My knees give out when I touch down in my bedroom. I guess I have to do this here.

Bracing myself against the bed, I slip my fingers into myself and feel for the cartridge. I swear continuously, mostly cursing the powerful warlock, as I tug it out of my body, ripping my flesh as I go. I stifle my scream as red tints my vision.

“Holy fucking shit! Fuck the prophecy; it better be King.”

I don’t know where the strength comes from, but I collapse into bed once my vision clears up. Lying back, I take out a small piece of paper and roll my eyes. All of this pain just for this little piece of shit? My anger flares as I unfold the paper and read the words.


Better catch up, darling. You’re in trouble.

I snarl and close my eyes, curling into myself. I’ll deal with a particular fucker later.


I roll out of bed and check the time from my position on the floor. Groaning, I crawl into the bathroom and stumble into the shower. The hot water releases the tension in my body just enough for me to check on King. Getting out of the shower, I dress in sweatpants and a T-shirt. Giving up on everything else, I warp over to Brarda Riverbank.

With everything that went on before, I don’t feel like doing much. I stop by the riverbank and peer in, wondering where this man went. I’m too deep in my thoughts to notice someone sneaking up behind me. In a blur, someone grabs me, turning me around. I blink once, twice, before registering King’s face. Something dark covers his face, distorting his features as he snarls.


“Who were you with?”

My body stops working with me as I stare into his piercing green hazel eyes. Swallowing hard, I shrug my shoulders, avoiding eye contact—bad idea.

“Tell me,” He growls, fisting his hand in my shirt. He thrust his arm outwards, letting me dangle over the rushing river. My eyes widen as I clutch on to his hand. If he lets go, there’s no way I’ll survive. Every muscle and joint would lock up on me. “Still don’t know who you were with?”

“King…” I gasp out, pleading for him not to let go. His fangs lengthen even more as he pulls me closer, snarling in my face. I flinch away noticing the vicious look in his eyes. This man isn’t the King I know. Something’s wrong. As if on cue, King sets me down, bringing me into a tight embrace. He buries his face in my neck, his chest expanding as he takes a deep breath.

“I’m so sorry, Aszurya. I don’t know what came over me. I was bonding with the water, and then I felt something dark come over me.”

I push the man holding me away, stepping back and clocking him in the jaw. Shaking out my hand, I frown as he staggers back. Closing the distance between our bodies before he can recover, I press my lips against his and kiss him roughly. His tongue parts my lips, taking my mouth for his own. My lips are throbbing when we pull away.

“I deserved that.”

“The kiss or the punch?”


“Does this mean you’ve bonded with the water?”

“What do you think?”

I frown at what appears to be sarcasm but quickly turn around to see the river has stopped moving. I gawk at King as he lets out a deep breath, letting the river flow once more.

“This river cut through the mainland. How?”

King shrugs his shoulders and kisses my temple once more. “Can we go home now? I’m tired.”

Nodding my head, I warp us back into the cottage. Instantly, King falls onto the bed, knocking out cold. Shaking my head, I smile and gnaw on my lip, thinking about the information I received. I believe we are in this thing too deep to survive.

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