Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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33 Theodore

So much has happened in the past month. About two days after that strange meeting where Aszurya confessed everything to her entire family, she took me to that frigid river she mentioned and gave me a shove. The feisty little woman literally pushed me into the cold water, claiming I looked like I needed a nudge. She’s one to talk when she can barely stand the sight of water. Regardless, my queen helped me sense nature’s energy.

With everything that’s come up, I’ve gotten to see a different side to the girl I fell head over heels. She’s been thinking hard, spending a lot of time in different buildings, trying to secure the realm she loves so dearly. Unfortunately, this means that I don’t get to see her a lot anymore, which has become a nuisance. I get to say good morning sometimes, and other times, in the middle of the night, I feel her lie down next to me, only to disappear being I wake.

I need to find a way to steal her away, so I can thank her for everything she’s been doing for me. Thanks to her, I finally reconnected with my father and even got to meet his sister, Diamond. She’s a beauty, and fun to be around. Their relationship is so unique, and I find myself wishing I had a sibling. I’ve been in contact with my aunt consistently. She wants me to visit her so I can meet her children. She has a 3-year-old daughter, named April, whom she raves about constantly and two sons both a few years older than me. I’m getting to know more of my family because of Aszurya’s brilliant mind.

I pull open the door to the closet Aszurya and I share to find something to wear to my family dinner. My father asked me to have dinner with him and his sister, along with her eldest son. They both want me to bring Aszurya with me tonight, but I don’t know if that’ll actually happen. I texted her about it yesterday, and she said ‘ok’, but her answer was too vague for me to tell.

Just as I grab a pair of jeans to put on, I hear the door open. Slipping into my jeans, I grab a belt and put it on. I saunter out of the closet to see Aszurya leaning against the bedposts looking into the distance. She’s been doing that a lot, and everyone notices. She may have let us in on her problem, but she’s still trying to solve it all by herself. She’s pushing herself to the limits. Hell, maybe even farther than that.

“Hey, baby,” I whisper, kissing her temple. I manage to pull Aszurya out of her daze. Her eyes settle on my body, one brow quirking upwards.

“Did I miss something?”

“Almost. Go get ready.”

Confusion marks her face as her eyebrows pull together, her lips drawing into a thin line. I watch in annoyance as Aszurya begins to gnaw on her lip. Gently using my thumb, I pull her bottom lip from between her teeth.

“You didn’t forget, did you?”

“Forget what?”

“Tonight’s dinner with my family. You said you would come with me.”

“Shit,” Aszurya swears softly, running a hand through her hair. “King, that’s not why I came home so early. I have someplace to be in a few hours. Can I get a rain check?”

“Not this time, Aszurya. I need you here with me.”

“Ugh, fine. I’ll go with you, but I can’t stay for too long.”

I nod my head, happy to know that I have her for a few hours, at least. I grab my dress shirt and watch as Aszurya changes out of her gear. She slips on a black fishnet shirt over her ruby red bra; a pair of black ripped jeans and a red leather jacket. I pull the scrunchy out of her hair before kissing her hard enough to redden her full lips.

“Come on; we should get going.”

“How’ve your flying lessons been?”

“A tragedy. My body aches from the number of crashes.”

Aszurya’s tinkling laugh lights up the room as I grab my jacket. I open a portal to the restaurant by myself, sparking a proud light in Aszurya’s eyes. Her lips pull into a smile as she looks at me.

“Look at you performing gyens by yourself! In a few more years, you might come close to my level.”

“Wow, that’s some encouragement.”

“Oh, be quiet.” I revel in the kiss she gives me, pulling her body closer to mine. “You’ll get there eventually. Remember, when everything settles down, I’ll train you personally.”

I moan against her lips and squeeze her beautiful round rump. She bites my mouth and pushes off of me.

“Come on. You don’t want to keep your big man waiting, do you?”

I could ditch this entire dinner and undress her right now. But, what good would that do the both of us? Actually… it might just unwind us both. Smiling, I take Aszurya’s hand and lead her through the portal. We appear in a lavish waiting room. The walls are painted purple with silver paintings of long-forgotten war-heroes.

“Glad you could make it, son. It’s very nice to see you on unofficial terms, Aszurya.”

I look down to see Aszurya’s usual blank face staring at my father. I squeeze her small hand and rub my thumb against her fingers.

“I had to pull a few strings to get her here.”

“What strings? You just told me I couldn’t take a rain check.”

My aunt’s laughter rings out from behind me, bringing my attention to her. She glides into the waiting room, wearing a light blue ombre gown. The dress sweeps the floor around her white heels as she approaches us. Next to her stands a tall man dressed in all black. The man and I lock eyes, a sneer crossing his lips as we look each other over.

The guy looks like he belongs in a biker gang. His arms are lined with hard muscles, bulging out against his leather jacket. I watch, annoyed as his gaze shifts to the woman standing at my side. He licks his lips menacingly, and I find myself pulling her body closer to me.

“Diamond King, looking as stunning as always.”

“And Aszurya, looking scandalous yet badass, per usual. It is good to see you again. Though, I hope there are no hard feelings because of last time.”

Aszurya shrugs my aunt off, but her gaze still holds judgement. “I suppose there’s no one here whose heart you can break tonight. Though, it all depends on your actions, Diamond. ”

My aunt smiles at the two of us, eyeing our clasped hands before turning her attention to my father. Aszurya begins to radiate heat, distracting me from my family. I look over to see my cousin staring at Aszurya’s chest.

“Hmm, eight full years and you still can’t look me in my face.”

“Not when you’re begging to be touched, woman. You know I’m not a patient man.”

“And I’m not a forgiving one,” I growl over to my cousin. He smirks at me before licking his incisors.

“I take it you’re the cousin my mother told me about-- Theodore King. I’m rather disappointed.”

“You mean like how I was with you?”

I smirk, holding back my anger and hatred. The fact Aszurya knows Noah isn’t a good thing. With her history, it can only mean one thing. They’ve slept together. Gripping her hip hard, I growl and slip my hand around Aszurya’s waist. She’s mine and only mine. No one can have her. She looks up at me, sensing my possessiveness, before kissing me. I pull her flush against my body, making it known to whom she belongs.

“Bravo. You know how to rattle a woman, who doesn’t”

“You don’t.”

“I’m going to kill him,” I murmur against Aszurya’s lips. She smiles and pulls me toward the waiter, who is speaking with my father and aunt.

“Are we ready to go?”

“Yes, Miss Death-Rose. Please follow me to your table for 5 in our best VIP sections. The best for our precious guests.”

Aszurya and I walk side by side in the middle, with my nameless cousin behind us. As soon as we enter, I’m struck with awe by the beauty and richness of it all. The room my father bought is soundproof with a large crystal chandelier. The panels of the room have a golden lining, and there’s a large white electric fireplace to one end of the room. Centred in the middle of the room, sits an extensive circular table, set elegantly for five people.

The white seats are stuffed with soft poly fibre and lined with black wood. And in the middle of the table, on the raised platform sits a small cherry blossom tree, its flowers blooming. Being a gentleman, I pull out the chair for my deadly rose and make sure she’s comfortable before taking my place on her right. My father sits in the chair next to me, and my cousin sits on the other side of Aszurya. I glower at him, but Aszurya takes my mind off of him by placing her hand on my thigh.

“Calm down,” She whispers to me. I take her hand and kiss it before resting my arm on the back of her seat.

“Well, I guess it’s time for introductions, though you all seem acquainted already. Theodore, Aszurya, this is my son, Noah. Noah, this is your cousin Theodore and his girlfriend, Aszurya.”

I feel Aszurya tense up at the title my aunt placed on her. Neither of us objects to the mislabelling. As long as that asshole keeps his hands off of what’s mine, I’ll be content.

We eat dinner peacefully; I don’t have to send any threatening looks towards Noah, though I still hold Aszurya closer to me. Everything seems to be going well until it’s time for Aszurya to leave. We haven’t even finished the entree, and now she wants to go? I was hoping I’d have her for longer. It’s only been an hour and a half.

“Excuse me; I have to go.”

“Oh, really? I’m so very sorry to hear that, Aszurya-dear. I hope we can do this again sometime.”


“Let me walk you out,” I say, standing up and taking Aszuyra’s hand in mine. We walk together out of the restaurant in silence. Before she can extend her wings, I lead her over to the back of the building and lean against the wall, staring into her deep pools of emerald.

“You know, you didn’t have to walk me out, right?”

I give her a curt nod but say nothing else.


“Who in this realm haven’t you slept with?”

Aszurya reels back away from me as though I’ve struck her. And, I guess I did, but it’s something I need to know. I know she’s had a bad history, but it’s not fair to me. She slept with my cousin, yet she barely lets me touch her. I thought I was the one holding her heart. I guess I was wrong about a lot of things.

The woman doesn’t even respond to me; she just staggers away from me. I see the pain register in her eyes, so I reach for her, intending to apologise. She doesn’t give me a chance to say another word; she just warps away from me. I stand there, lost, wondering how badly I’ve hurt her.

Someone’s deep laughter rings out behind me, irritating every cell in my body. I bite the inside of my cheek and turn around to see Noah laughing with his head tossed back. A growl surfaces from deep within me as I glare at my cousin.

“The answer to your question seems to be only you.”

“Mind your fucking business.”

“Why? You’re just mad she never gave you head.”

“What the fuck would you know about her and me, huh?”

“The fact you two aren’t dating is obvious. I know the woman isn’t one for titles.”

I clench my fists at my side, trying to keep the beast at bay. He may have a bigger body than mine, but I’ve fought my set of big guys. All that muscle means absolutely nothing. I know I could beat his ass to a pulp, and it is tempting.

“Shut the fuck up, you asshole.”

“Or what?”

“Don’t test my patience.”

“Oh, please, you can’t do a thi--”

I race over and clock him in the mouth. Seeing red, I completely lose my shit and pound my fists into his body. I don’t stop, even when Noah’s nose breaks. There’s blood on my fists, but it doesn’t stop me. It’s because of this asshole, who’s supposed to be a blood relative, I hurt my baby girl. She’s mad, and I don’t know what she’ll do.

Someone’s hands try to pull me back, but I just shrug them off. Someone’s screaming for me to stop, but I can’t. I won’t stop until Noah knows who I am. Not until he knows not to mess with me. I take his bloody shirt in my hand, shaking him as I scream in his face. Don’t fucking touch my baby girl or me ever again. Do you hear me? Everything blurs together as I get ripped away from my bruised and battered cousin.

“That’s enough, Theodore! What is wrong with you?!”

I watch only for a few moments as my aunt hovers over her son, crying and holding him close to her body. My father’s continuing to scold me for fucking up his nephew. I see where his allegiance lies. Swallowing hard, I warp myself back to my room. I stand there in silence gazing at the floor; she’s not here. I can’t sense her.

Tossing myself on the bed, I study my bruised knuckles. This will be hard to hide from her. I drift back into my younger days as the pain sets in. My mother will kill me if she finds out what I’ve been doing. I can’t get caught now. Not when I’m almost there. I’m almost to a better place.

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