Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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34 Theodore

Aszurya never came back last night. I woke up bright and early, around 5 am, and she wasn’t in bed next to me. I tried not to worry about her while doing the book work assigned to me by her sister. According to their nephew, I’ll be assessed at the academy in a few months, to see if I pass their test. Since around half past 7, I’ve been out behind the grove of bell trees training with Lucian and Micha.

I stand on the surface of the water and watch Lucian as he weaves a few signs. The water beneath me begins to move, vibrating as the water rushes around me. The particles start to concentrate in a spiral. He pushes it up into the air with his infused chakra and energies.

“After I show you what signs to weave, I want you to create a water dragon and move it 60 ft down the river.”

“All of that? In one go?”

“Yeah, Aszurya wants to speed everything up.”

“You’ve spoken to her today?”

“No. Yesterday evening. Why?”


I shake my head as his sister drifts into my mind once more. I stifle a groan as last night’s dream comes back to me. Slowly, I memorise the signs Lucian show me and infuse my life magic into it. Just as it did with Lucian, the water concentrates in one spot and rises and takes form as a dragon. As soon as I’m sure that it’s solid, I raise my hand and push it forward before dispersing the particles. Micha claps slowly, nodding his head in admiration.

“You look bored. Maybe it’s time to merge our fields.”

“Are you sure? It might be too soon. We should talk to Mom and Aszurya.”

“There’s no need for that.”

I look up from the still water to see three people land behind me. I don’t bother to turn around. There’s only one visitor I want to see, and she won’t even look at me. The group’s conversation gets lost as I form shapes with the water. I practice my strike with the water dragon, failing miserably as two hands wrap around my waist. Her head rests on the space beneath my shoulder blades.

Taking a deep breath, I raise my water dragon once more as my queen’s hands rest above my belt. I feel her breathing even out, her eyes closing, and her chakra evening out, quietly. A large wind target appears roughly 8 feet away from the water clone. I guide my creation into the target, earning a cute huff from my beautiful assistant. I chuckle softly before hitting a few more marks with her. This is what I crave-- little moments with each other mean much more than we let on.

“I’m sorry,” I breathe out, slightly shifting my head to see her hair behind my shoulder. She looks up at me for a brief second before unlatching her hands and standing beside me on the river edge. I watch as she folds her long arms together and stares at the fish swimming near us.

“Don’t apologise. I deserved it,” Aszurya pauses and bites down on her lip with her long teeth. “I’ve slept with a lot of people, but the percentage of this population is smaller than 10%.”

“Did you do the math?”

She shakes her head and tries to hide behind her long beautiful jet black hair before continuing. “None of them ever meant anything to me. And that’s why I can’t do it with you. I’m not ready for that yet.”

“What do you mean? You know how I feel. You just don’t want to hear me say it.”

“And that’s precisely what’s stopping me!”

Aszurya’s head whips around, her eyes connecting with mine, in a fiery haze. Deep within her eyes, I sense the fear and confusion. But, my confusion is just as great as hers, I don’t understand what this woman wants. She’s been so vague and confusing when I’ve been pretty clear with her.

“By the first, Aszurya. Do you want me to say it or not? I’m fucking tired of this. I love y-”

“Stop it!” Aszurya shrieks and shoves me away from her, shaking her head. I watch as my woman falls into denial, covering her ears with her hands. Slowly, I approach her, kneeling in front of her and taking her into my arms.

“You can’t… you can’t say it…” She breathes into my neck as I surround her with my body and my love.

“Why not?”

“It means so much more. And it’s so foreign to me-- a bittersweet fantasy that haunts me. Sleeping with you-- fucking you means so much more than the others did. They were just flings; one night stands at best. I used them to feel better. But with you, it makes things so real. So much easier to rip away from me. With you, it means commitment-- and I’m afraid of that.”

I nestle my hand deep in my rose’s hair, moving her head gently so I can see her mesmerising orbs which drive me crazy. Those same eyes got me addicted to her demons. She leans closer, brushing her lips against my own. I caress her lips with my tongue, drawing a soft moan from her lips. Her soft lips slowly pull into a grin as something crosses her dark, twisted mind.

“Thanks for beating Noah’s ass for me.”

“Hmm? You know about that?”

“Mmhmm. Let’s just say I put your family in their place. Don’t worry about your cousin. He was just a dare. And he let me down badly.”

I chuckle and stand up with my beautiful rose in my arms. The air around us crackles as my cousin lays his eyes on the two of us. Just to be a bitch, I devour her lips and caress her ample hips. I rock her hips against my body, and she does nothing to stop me. Once I’m sure that Noah is seething with jealousy and I’ve tasted every inch of her mouth, I pull away. Smirking, I look over Aszurya’s head to connect gazes with Noah.

“Mmm,” She softly moans as I move her hair over her shoulder. “I like how bad I’ve made you.”

“Please, baby, I’ve always been this bad. You just got me to show my true colours. You’re my awakening.”

“I’m glad to have awakened my bad boy.”

“Hmm, you like it rough, right?” I ask, already knowing the answer, with a slight squeeze to her ass. She nods her head, eyes dilating as I tempt the darkest goddess I know. I lean in close and whisper against her ear. “Then I dare you to entice me when we finish training. That is if you don’t have something better to do.”

“No, no. You have me all to yourself.”

“Good girl. I have high expectations for you, baby. Now let’s do something productive while your brothers are here.”

Leaving Aszurya’s side, I walk over to her brothers, completely ignoring my father and his nephew. My father tries to say something to me, but I don’t bother to spare my attention. It all goes to the men who were training me before we were interrupted.

“You were saying something about joining your fields?”

“Yeah. Using your abilities to fight physical battles with the rest of us. Zurya said we could start with one on one practices.”

“Alright, so which one of you am I practising with now?”

“Neither. Lucian can assist you with your water attacks, but you’re against me, big boy.”

I turn to the woman purring at me, mildly turned on by the new nickname. Smirking, I watch as she pulls off her jacket and settles into her resting position. For the first time since she got here, I take note of the clothes she’s wearing. She wears a black-cuffed sleeve dip, hem grid shirt, showing off her toned stomach, over a tight pencil skirt and thigh-high boots. I like my lips, loving how thick she is, and feel the urge to pull it off of her.

Noticing my distraction, Aszurya walks closer to me, her hips twisting side-to-side with every step she takes. She stops in front of me and rakes a long nail down my chest, my muscles rippling as she smiles like the devil.

“Impress me, and I’ll give you a little reward.”

“You plan on duelling in that skirt?”

“Don’t underestimate me.”

“Alright, now that you two have finished eye-fucking each other, maybe we can actually get some shit done.”

I smirk and roll my eyes at Lucian as he wrinkles his nose. I watch as my little devil walks away. She wraps her hair into a bun, somehow keeping it in place. When she turns around, I swear I feel all the animals in a 40-foot radius shy away from our direction. It looks like I’ll sport a bit more bruises than I usually am. But, then again, so will she when I finish with her.

“You ready, Theo?”

“I guess.”

“Scream if she goes too hard, we’ll subdue her.”

“What?” I turn to see the brothers grinning at me as they back away. Tilting my head to the side, I open my mouth to ask what they mean by that, but Micha gestures behind me. I don’t even need to turn to feel her behind me. She doesn’t let me move an inch, pressing a dagger into my spinal cord. I can already feel her demons riled up.

Thinking quickly, I summon a giant ball of water over our heads. Just as I planned, Aszurya dashes away from me, afraid to get wet. I see this is what’s going to keep me alive when training with this one—using her biggest fear against her, along with her own body.

I split the ball still hovering above my head into 6, sending them in different directions as Aszurya creeps closer. Her eyes are black with no whites, a sure sign of who’s in control. Suddenly, a familiar softly-spoken voice penetrates my voice. The voice, an older woman’s voice, whispers a few tips to use against her granddaughter.

Smirking, I silently thank the woman and ascend into the air just as Aszurya pounces. I watch as confusion flickers across her face as she watches me in the air. In mid-air, I twist so I can land on the water and pull water from my surroundings. Water droplets turn into bullets as I weave three hand signs together and infuse my chakra.

Just as I send the liquid bullets towards Aszurya’s hiding spot, the world goes dark. You’ve got to be kidding me. She used a ri-gyen. I can barely break those with Julie. Fuck, I’m screwed. I try to focus enough to sense her body near me. Micha. Lucian. Bingo! Using my newly acquired speed, I approach my woman from behind, and sink my fangs lightly into her neck, making sure not to puncture her venom sac.

Her knees buckle as a gasp escapes from her throat. All at the same time, the ri-gyen releases and her demons release their hold over her. Just as quickly as I distract her, she recovers and elbows me in my stomach. I let go of her and dodge her roundhouse kick. I block the rest of her hits before seizing her body.

I take her mouth to mine, tonguing her down before wiping her legs from under her. As soon as she’s off-kilter, I let go of her body and draw out a long sword, pressing it to the valley between her large breasts. Her eyebrows shoot up, and in a split second, I sprawl out on the grass with Aszurya’s knee between my legs.

“You threaten me, I threaten you tenfold. Remember that King, and keep your sword away from my breasts, got it?”

“Not sure I can keep away from them.”

That draws a smile on her plump face. I smile back at her before getting up. We reset, this time including Lucian and Michaelis. When we propose the idea to them, they both share the same shocked look before swearing and trying to ditch us. Aszurya creates a barrier trapping them in and forcing them to train with us. This is going to be so exciting.


Training with Aszurya was new and exhilarating. By the time we finished, dusk was approaching, and everyone was tired. Well, everyone except for Aszurya. She still had enough energy to bounce around like a child, rubbing her numerous victories in our face. Lucian turned to me with a glare, gesturing for me to take control of Aszurya. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed her waist and kissed her, whispering for her to be quiet before I made her.

But, that just made her grin, pulling me forward. She warped us into our room, leaving her brothers behind. Now, I’m sitting on our bed, holding her close with my head resting on her stomach. I watch as she closes her eyes and smiles before looking at me once more.

“I was impressed. I didn’t think you’d know how to use my addictions against me.”

“What addictions?”

Instead of answering me, she just shakes her head and kisses me softly. I part her lips with my tongue to explore her mouth and taunt her. I had initially only meant to tease her with that dare, but she’s been turning me on all day. Now, it’s my turn to do the same with her. Except, I’ll take a page out of her sadistic book.

I pull the hem of her black and white shirt over her head and unzip her tight skirt. Aszurya’s eyebrows draw together as I turn her around and pull my shirt over my head. I toss it to the ground next to the other clothes. Running my hands across her abdomen, I lower my lips down to her kiyake. In the floor-length mirror, I watch her eyes roll back as I draw her skin between my teeth hard enough to leave a mark. But, that’s nothing compared to what I want to do to her.

Unclasping her bra, I let it fall to the floor. I cup her breast, rubbing my thumbs against her nipples until they perk up. Her sigh is a melody for my ears. Aszurya spins in my arms, her beautiful perky pillows leaning into me, and I let her think that it is her turn to please me. Her hands find my girth and start to pump. I harden by her hand but don’t let her take it any further.

She gasps as I take her to bed. My fingers rip her underwear and toss the remnants on the ground by the edge of the bed. I lean over and kiss her round breasts, running my tongue over her sensitive nipples before slowly making my way to her overwhelmed sex. She’s in for me deep, moans ripping away from her lips as I taste her wet body.

Stroking her beauty with my tongue, I hold on to her hips, cupping her ass as she jerks against my mouth. She rides my face, moaning and calling me the dirtiest names I’ve ever heard. I move away, wiping my face, before returning to my bronze goddess. Without knowing, Aszurya licks her lips as she props herself up on elbows. Her eyes are fully dilated and filled with lust. Lust for me. I increase her want with one finger to her clit, rubbing slowly in small circles. Her breath becomes shallow, her eyes close as she bites down on her lip.

“Baby-- w-where the fuck did you…”

I laugh as I slide another finger into her. Her body pulls my three fingers deeper. Her pink walls are soaking and throbbing, begging for more. My fingers graze her anterior fornix, curving her spine and bringing a slew of swears from her mouth. Her hips buck against me as I play with her tender flesh. I touch and tease until she’s ready to explode. Then, I pull out of her and walk to the luxurious bathroom. Smiling to myself, I adjust myself as she begs for me to come back.

“King! Come back, please. Don’t l-leave me l-like t-this. Just a-a little bit m-more.”

I step out of the bathroom and lean against the door frame, watching Aszurya as she shifts to her side so she can look at me. I revel in the way her legs draw together, her bruised thighs pressing together as if that will quell her arousal. Bruised… I could growl and punch a hole in the wall at the sight of the purple fingerprints high on her inner thighs. Someone’s had easy access to what’s mine.

“Give me one good reason why I should finish you off.”

“I never do this to you!”

“Oh, really? Is that true?” She nods her head, vigorously. “I don’t think so. I’ve wanted to fuck several times this month, and you haven’t been there to finish me off.”

My tone strikes her hard, making her reel back as I saunter closer to her. As soon as I’m within arm’s length, I reach out and brush her damaged blood vessels. I spread her legs apart as though she was a wilting flower. Aszurya begins to pant as I press into her swollen flesh. I grab her, curling my fingers into her, making her gasp. I get rough with her up a bit before speaking again, this time with a huskier tone.

“You’ve been a really naughty girl, Aszurya.”


I gesture to the bruises, removing my hand from her heated sex, and grabbing her hips hard enough to leave my own injuries.

“Someone’s been playing with something that isn’t his. And I can’t let that happen anymore.”

To teach her a lesson, I pull away once more. But, before I can get anywhere, Aszurya grabs my hand intending to pull me back to her. However, she’s too weak from my taunting to pull me back to her. She stares at me like a deer in headlights, but only for a few moments. My woman is smart enough to shift her hips forward. I give in to her silent pleads and meet her halfway, plunging deep into her warm ocean.

Leaning over, I kiss Aszurya hard. A passionate kiss becomes desperate and needy. Aszurya rocks her hips faster, biting my lip and moaning until I cause her to climax and release. Her soul erupts against my hand, a warm creamy flow against my fingers. I pull my hand from her interior and sprawl my fingers over her stomach. My other hand slides from her ass to the back of her neck, tangling deep in her hair. I growl against her skin, kissing her and leaving hickeys all over her body.

“It’s time to make you mine.”

I spread her hips apart once more and lengthen my teeth. Slowly, I press my burning lips against her throbbing interior, opening my mouth so my fangs touch her pinkness. I drag them against her, cutting into her soft flesh, and whisper in Daelic. Aszurya groans from the pain and pleasure, bucking her pelvis a few times. Once I have entirely branded her as mine, I kiss a line down her thick beauties.

I lift what’s now permanently mine, and bring her to the bathroom to wash her sticky body down, hopefully cooling her overheated body. I let her lean against the black marble tiles of our stand up shower, the water from the showerheads, running down our naked bodies. Aszurya’s too weak to do anything but look at me with her emerald pools as I continue to touch her softly.

Aszurya slides down against the wall until she’s on her knees looking up at me. She opens her mouth against my girth, running her tongue down the length of my shaft. My eyes widen, one eyebrow shooting skyward as I watch her swallow me up, bobbing her head as I slip farther down her throat. A deep husky growl escapes as she moans and sucks harder, fucking me with her mouth. I run my hands through her hair, pulling as my blood rushes down to my pelvis, thickening in her cute fuckable mouth.

She rocks my world as I fuck her mouth, rocking my hips, shoving my dick deeper in her body. I swear, holding her head still as I plant my seed deep in her throat. She chokes, her gems beginning to water, but sucks harder, welcoming the warmth of my salty honey in her mouth. I pull out of her mouth intending to end this shit before I really do fuck her, but she pulls me back into her mouth. And, just like that, I’m ready for more as if I didn’t just release inside my woman.

That’s how good she is. She’s good enough to make me lose my shit over and over, my release running down her wet body. Her lips pull into a smile as I lower myself to her level. I take two fingers and push them deep into her body, letting my child enter her womb.

“Baby, if you keep on fucking me like this, I won’t be able to hold myself back. I’ll fuck you so hard; you won’t be able to move. I’ll make you a mother.”

I kiss Aszurya hard, touching her body without penetrating her the way I want to.

“Fuck me. Bury yourself deep inside of me.”

“I don’t want you to regret it.”

“Stop teasing me then.”

I smile and lift her body to mine. The day she lets me in, I’ll end up making her a mother. There’s no doubt about that.

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