Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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37 Aszurya

I slam my fist into the tile for the tenth time in the past five minutes. My body’s going berserk from that human or whatever she is. One of my demons was begging to devour her. Constantly, jerking around in my body when we touched. Hell, that I didn’t do more than bite her is astounding.

Her smell was off, maybe from being in the dungeons for so long. But, that doesn’t explain the taste of her blood. I’m not exactly sure why I decided to lick her, and then proceed to bite her. It must have been the alcohol that made me do everything.

The sober me wouldn’t have taken her out to the fields. She wouldn’t have fed the human, drank from the same bottle, or even touched her, not after everything she did to King and me. No—it was the alcohol that made me do everything.

You’re an idiot for keeping her alive.

“Shut up and go back to wherever the fuck you came from,” I growl out. The voices—they were quiet when Adrian was in control and stayed that way even after the gyen broke.

You know I’m right. You gave one of us away. That will have severe consequences.

“It’s only until she gives birth. Now, shut up! I don’t need you pestering me when I can do it myself.”

I gave her one of my lesser demons—planted it deep inside her body to keep her child alive. My odds may have been on the baby surviving when I went down to the dungeons, but now, after tasting her tainted blood, I’m thinking differently. I sampled Alaric’s blood accidentally, only once before. He was bleeding profusely, and it was all over my hands. Of course, being the predator I am, I licked my hand by instinct.

King’s ex, her blood was like his but watery. Human blood runs like a red river. Warlocks come from demons and Fae; their blood thicker and, depending on how much Fae you got, has a golden tint to it. Fuck, I hit the hallway leading to her cell and thought I was in the wrong place.

I turn around in the shower, letting the water hit my front. Lowering my eyelids, I bite my lip and rock my head back. I think back to when King told us the girl was as plain as ever. He was the only one who would have been close enough to sense any other blood. But then again, King was in his human form when they were together. As far as I know, they were never together after he began his odentatior.

Frowning, I turn off the water and stand there, naked. Clenching my fists, I unlock the door and grab my towel. She’ll leave in no time. Out of my life, out of my mind. But only for roughly six months. Then I’d have to hunt her down and take her child from her. Gritting my teeth, I open the bathroom door, letting the steam out.

My eyes fly to the man sitting on the floor, his arms chained to his massive body. He bares his teeth at me, and I smile at him. With predator stealth, I creep towards him, swinging my hips as I stand before him. The man’s eyes tear into me, and I know if he had more power running through his veins, my towel would have disintegrated.

Sliding down to my knees between his sprawled legs, I brace my arms against the wall on either side of his head and lean in close. His nose grazes my exposed neck as I press my wet body closer. A low growl sounds deep in his throat as he bares his teeth at me. His tongue is warm against my damp skin, tasting me, searching for any hint of another man.

“Another one.”


“Another one,” He snarls at me.

Rolling my eyes, I crawl onto his lap, straddling him. “Are you sure you don’t smell yourself? I haven’t been with anyone since you marked me.”

“Bullshit. I smell him on you. If you have a problem with taking another shower, unchain me and let me scrub you clean.”

Who is this man smelling? I don’t blame him for doubting me, but a sixth shower is too much. King shifts his chained wrists together, pressing a finger against my vaginal region. I stifle a moan as he gets rough, thrusting two fingers in without warning.

“Problem, Princess?”


I flinch, understanding who he smells. It’s been over two weeks since we fucked and his scent couldn’t possibly overpower King’s. That’s near impossible. Rolling my eyes, I press a kiss to King’s cheek before getting up to dress. I stop by my bed and examine my captive. He just sits there watching me, stripping me naked.

He’s been getting feral lately and if this becomes permanent— well, I won’t object. Sex with a wild man is the best. I find myself wondering if anyone else in his family had developed that vicious trait. Feral Siethens; they’re rough, deadly, and nothing short of possessive. They have a touch of that demonic wildness in them.

It’s already bad enough we’re tied together. This will complicate things.

It’s still startling to see him in a different form than the one he wore when we met. Azazel! He’s massive in all areas. His shoulders are broader, his limbs extended, and with this last odentatior, he overlooks—no, towers over me. And when he snarls and gets possessive, hell burning deep in those eyes, I think about what it’d be like to really be submissive with him.

So, I did for a few moments when I came home earlier. He was waiting for me; his presence dwarfing my existence. And fucking hell, I nearly wet myself at the lethal gleam in his eyes. Within seconds, I let him push me against the wall, his teeth lengthening as he snarled.

His guttural voice shuddered through my bones as he ordered me to cleanse myself of—and I quote— ‘the weak shit scum who you let fuck you with a pathetic excuse of a dick’. With his tone, the demand, and the insult, I was left speechless. So many thoughts were going through my head— and he heard every last one of them. He chuckled, his claws digging into my flesh, ready to tear me apart.

“Don’t be disobedient, Love,” He had whispered to me, causing me to shiver. “Go shower.”

Or else what?

“Do you truly want to find out?”

I hadn’t opened my mouth, yet he heard what I had said. So, I immediately threw up another wall to block King from my private thoughts. I shoved the man back and chained him with a flick of my wrist before heading in the shower to satisfy him.

I realise I’m staring when King sends me a lazy grin, chuckling at my err. My skin begins to redden when I turn away, slipping off my towel. Sturdy metal clinks as my captive rises to his feet, my flesh prickling from his gaze. I put on some underwear and grabbed the nearest shirt I could find. Gladly, it belongs to King so it would hide any scent his nose could find.

Something dull thunks on the ground, making me tense. I go airborne for a few seconds before I land hard on my bed. A gasp rips out of me as the support beams groan from impact. My eyes fly open and connect with the devilish gaze of human eyes. Demons would bow to that gaze. Fuck, he’s the devil’s reincarnate with that fucking smirk of his.

“W-what was that for? Are you trying to break the bed?”

“Please, you’re not that heavy. But start looking for a new one. Cause when we fuck, this bed isn’t going to last.”

I choke and whimper at the thought of us together like that. A low rumbling sound reaches my ears as he slips into the bed with me. King takes me into his arms, resting my head on his folded bicep. We lie on our backs, side by side for a few moments, at peace.


My voice cuts off as long, and slender fingers wrap around my throat. My flame flares spreading its heat throughout my body, settling deep in my core. Black spots appear in my vision as the fingers squeeze. I try to gasp for breath, trying to ignore the incessant throbbing between my legs. Suddenly, my airway opens up, and I sit up gasping for air.

I touch my neck, gingerly, knowing bruises will form. Once my head clears up, I whirl on the man who so casually almost killed me.

“Why the fuck did you choke me?” I rasp at the man. He just smirks, his earthly eyes alight with a dark flame. King’s gaze lowers to my throat, his finger trailing down my neck, past my breasts, right to my waist where they linger.

“Don’t try to be the victim. We both know you were thoroughly pleasured by it.”


“You could have stopped me, and you know it.”

Defeated, I sigh and lie back next to the vicious beast. It’s no use trying to deny my pleasure. Not when he scented it. I roll my eyes and throw my leg over his as I roll over to face him. One of his eyebrows quirks with arrogance as I lay eyes on his sharp face.

“I’m going out to train tomorrow.”

“Is that you excuse for fucking another man?”

I roll my eyes once more, knowing not to argue. King snorts and pokes my side. “What?” I inquire as I close my eyes, a fascinating sensation pulling me into slumber.

“Nothing. I’m just waiting for you to go to sleep.”

“Why? What are you going to do?”

“Chain you up and leave you here to yourself.”

I laugh and flick my boyfriend gently. He squeezes me tightly before kissing me softly. In the midst of me succumbing to my Nadia’s pull, I feel him whisper goodnight.

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