Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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43 Aszurya

None of this seems right.

I try to clear my head, but I can’t. All of my thoughts become one as I let the music take over my body. What’s the point of changing the colour of my predominant features, if I’m just going to stand around looking weird. My hips sway to the rhythm, trying to feel right. I miss him already. Hell, I must be whipped. Or it could be that a familiar face is watching me and disturbing my state of mind.

“I found my target. Have you found yours?”

“I think he found me,” I mutter under my breath. The man with dusty rose hair and ice-blue eyes approaches me slowly, his eyes sharply flicking over my body. Biting my lip, I try not to stiffen up as his body looms over me. He’s a bit taller than King, but his frame isn’t as big. King could take him. What the hell am I saying? I’m a Death-Rose. I could kick this guy’s ass into the next millennia.

But again, something seems off.

“Hey there, pretty thing. I don’t think I’ve seen you ’round here before.”

I shudder as his lemony voice trickles into my ears. A foreign yet familiar sensation floods through my blood vessels. My vision becomes clouded, and I lean into the stranger. His hands guide my body to the music, turning me, so I am the one stimulating his excitement.

What’s wrong with you?! Get some information from the man!

I flinch at the harsh voice in my head before leaning up and planting my lips on his. A rush of coolness slips over my body, coming very close to freezing my insides. Containing my slew of swears, I lick my now cold lips. His eyes. Those lips. Now, I’m freezing.

“You’re a frost-adder,” I whisper with wide eyes.

“Yes. But you’ve nothing to worry about, pet.”

I feel my legs move along with him. We walk through the dense crowd, swerving in and out of bodies until we reach the back of the den. We enter a room marked with silver stars where the air is foggy from the lack of ventilation and filled with intoxicated bodies.

The man with rosy hair leads me over to a group of his friends and their temporary concubines who are taking shots and smoking rolls. My skin begins to itch for the feel of a rolled-up sage entering my system. I take a seat on the man’s lap and lean against his chest. Long venomous teeth stroke my skin while a pale calloused hand offers me a tube of sage. Eagerly, I take the roll and light it with a snap of my fingers.

“Nathan, we need to talk. You two, Don.”

Nathan—my new cushion—growls and gestures for someone near us to follow him. A moan escapes my throat as he shifts my body weight and leaves me on the soft couch by myself. Someone moves closer to me as soon as the men leave the room. I turn my head to see a familiar yet distant face.

“Aszurya!” Her voice comes off velvety as she whispers roughly in my ear.

“You… you’re… I k-know you.”

The woman’s face falls as my words merge. Giggling, I lean forward to make myself another roll. I take a long drag and lean against the chair, watching the woman next to me. My tongue slips out, wetting my drug-covered lips.

“Azazel! What’s wrong with you? Alaric, Aszurya’s not responding as she should.”

“Has she taken anything at all?”

“... Yeah…”

“Ana, you need to get her out of that room now. Theodore, head over to the private rooms to get her.”

“Got it.”

A deep voice rumbles through my body, sending my blood pumping through its many sleeves until it hits my mating organs. His voice—whoever this King is—makes me numb. My hearts start pumping out blood faster as two small warm hands take hold of my face. Green eyes search deeps within me, looking for an answer to an unspoken question.

“Are we going to see that guy with the hot voice?” I ask as the other woman assists me in standing up. A deep resounding voice runs through my body, making me fall back to the chair and sigh heavily. I’d let him rock me so fucking hard if I could see him. Maybe it’s the guy with ice-like eyes.

“Yes… now come on and get up, Aszurya.”

“Who’s that?”


I get up and follow the green eyes over a door. I think this is the one I came through with the hotty, but I’m not sure, not when there are so many next to each other. The white fog covers our bodies; the warmth stings my thighs. The warm hands leave my body to open the door just as another pair of cold ones envelope my body. I turn around to see the man with rosy hair and icy lips leering down at me.

“You weren’t leaving, were you?”

I shake my head, and my lips pull into a crooked smile. “No, you left me.”

“I was coming back.”

“Coming… fuck me?”

The man holding me, Nathan, I think his name was, chuckles and pulls me away from the door. His hands roam my body, one resting on my breast as the other pulls open a new entry—so many doors in this place. I giggle harder as Nathan lifts me and plops me on the bed. Turning my head slightly, I notice another man in the corner of the room. His eyes roam my body as Nathan begins to unbutton my pants.

“Are we gonna have some fun?”

“Yes, my pet. The three of us are going to have a lot of fun.”

I unleash another giggling fit as my organs turn cold. It’s like icicles are playing with my warm pink flesh. My hips roll against them, and I moan as someone rubs me the right way. Cold lips caress my own, intoxicating me and distracting me from the sharp pain in my arm. I sigh and lie back as my body goes numb, closing my eyes and getting ready to enjoy the flight.

My nerves are frozen, my legs numb, but my kitty is still wet. Opening my eyes, I see two men claiming me at the same time, both pumping into my frozen body. I swear and giggle some more as my breasts are cupped and brought to one of their mouths. I’m bouncing right along with them, drunk on their scanty dicks as they slip in and out of me.

Wood groans and the men jump away from me as the door caves in. I stare up at the ceiling listening to the sounds of contact punches and bones breaking. My vision begins to blur in and out; my hearing is starting to fizz as my mind spins. Blood gushes around me, someone’s hands grab my face, turning it, so their eyes are searching my face for some sort of recognition.

“Aszurya!! Look at me. What’s my name?”

“I don’t… who are you?”

I manage to prop myself up on my elbows to see a pair of mesmerising eyes looking down at my body: one green, one hazel. The superior-like bereft of emotions, just like those bronze statues that stand near a remote workplace. The woman who stands near me grabs a piece of fabric that used to clothe me, slipping them back onto my scarred numb legs.

“Let me take her. Go through the window and meet Alaric down at the back entrance. I’ll bring her down once I finish with these assholes.”


The woman climbs through the large open window and slips off of the roof to meet up with their friend. Watching the mysterious man with wide eyes, I search his body, not sure how to react to his looming mass. Two small circular devices slip between his fingers with ease. My eyes are glued onto his massive body, lingering on his chest and that bulge between his legs, as he grabs one of the males on the floor.

The handsome male pushes one of the devices into the skin, minuscule legs appearing around the device to embed itself deeper in its captive. After a second to make sure it is hidden, he does the same with the man with rosy hair. I find myself intrigued and wanting more as his large calloused hands slip around my legs and upper body. I curl into his broad chest, tucking my head into his neck, breathing in the intoxicating scent seeping through his skin.

Without any questions asked, any words spoken, the tall man lifts me with ease and walks over to the window. Over his shoulder, I spy the two men who were working up a sweat with my body. They lie wholly unconscious on the ground, bodies badly beaten, bruised, and bloodied from this man’s fist. His body shifts so he can fit through the window, his eyes penetrating my soul as I stare up into his sorrow-filled eyes.

A cool breeze hits my bare skin, causing me to curl closer into my carrier’s masculine frame. With such ease, he hops down from the sill onto the roof before gliding down onto the cement. I can’t help but be filled with awe as the man carries me over to his friend. Breathing in the fresh air, I look at the worried faces of his companions.

“W-why do you l-look like… that?”

“Oh, I should have known she wouldn’t be able to resist the sage.”

“Alaric, you knew about this all?”

“Look, we should get her somewhere safe. She’s shivering against my body.”

Closing my eyes, I listen to the vibrations of his vocal cords as they strum through my body—the loud, whooshing sound of the air splitting with the force of magic ruffles through my hair. A violent shiver runs through my body as muscle pulls me close. My eardrums pop as soon as our bodies move together and land in a remote place.

Instead of the busy street sounds, music pumping loudly, my ears are treated with the sound of rustling leaves and the squeaking of night animals. I am placed softly on a cushiony bed, left lonely for a mere few seconds. My body continues to quake as I breathe in and out, wishing for that familiar warmth to surround my body.

“Is there anything we can do about her high?”

“I can retract the drugs from out of her system. I just need Theodore to hold her up.”

As soon as the voices fade, I am brought against a bare corded chest, thick arms wrapping around my torso, keeping me up against the man’s body. My head knocks back against his shoulder as something pulls out of my body. It’s like a magnetic force pulling me out of an elusive trance and putting me to sleep. My mouth falls open with a soft sigh as my body regains its normal functions. The last thing to go is the fog over my mind, but by the time that has passed, I’m in a dream state with a wonderful boy by the name of Theodore King who teases and completes me all at the same time.


The sound of nimble fingers working their way across four melodious strings awaken my brain. The time of day slips me as I turn in a now cold bed, trying to retrieve the warmth that pinned me to the bed I lay in. Fully conscious, the musical notes vibrate deep within my bones. The tempo shifts smoothly from a slower pace to something fast enough to match the beat of my hearts.

A familiar man runs a black bow over the matching cello with a secret burned by my life-magic into the back of the large frame. His long fingers are quick to move across the four strings to produce a deep timbre. The notes cause my body to tremble as though my body were the strings he manipulated.

I begin to dream lucidly about my homeland. As the music deepens, I feel its melody rain throughout the realm, repairing the damage that has been done to the world. I envision the destroyed mountains rising again, their beautiful grassy and white tops visible in the distance. The flocks of mystics come gliding back, bringing the vibrant colours back to us. Higher up in the skies, I see the long scaley dragons flying around with their children, assisting their trainer with their work.

The grass below brightens, the trees grow taller to their natural length, and their inhabitants reappear, making their beautiful music to go along with the other vibrations coming from a nearby source. I manage to pry open my eyes and sit up in the bed. My legs are tangled in the off-white sheets, pushed over to my side from where a man once laid.

Rubbing my eyes and running my hand through my hair, I let out a yawn before standing and turning around. The windows to my small balcony lie sprawled open to reveal the source of my vivid dreams. The western crystal shines brightly in the distance as I step out onto the terrace behind the man restoring the realm to its rightful beauty. I watch the notes flow from the large cello running through our world. He has this essence around him—the glow of an angel.

I can almost see the large white wings surrounding him, making me want to curl up. Tears prick my eyes as he pulls the bow across the strings. He’s so into the tune he barely notices me watching him from the doorway. It’s like he isn’t meant for me. He’s the epitome of light while I signify the darkness in this realm. I destroy while he restores. Turning my head, I catch a glimpse of the giant furry beast that used to live in these meadows. His brown fur blends in with the dense trees but the blue dots speckling his shiny coat gives him away as he manoeuvres through his home.

My hearts ache for the beautiful peace that could have resided within me had the devil not risen out of his home deep in hell’s heart. Had He not pressed His mark deep within my soul, my heart—I would be free to relish this man in front of me. But, I can’t because we are two opposites. I will only hurt him. There can be no love between us. Fuck what the prophecy states. We can’t be together. Not when our marks differ so significantly.

The music slows down as the medley comes to an end. Just as the last note comes to an end the vivid hallucinations that King once created in my eyes, falls away to reveal the realm I’ve lived in for the past two decades. I used to think it was beautiful, but it doesn’t compare to what this man could create. My hearts sad tune once more fills my head, taking the pleasure out of my head. I sigh softly, trying to stop the hurt from entering my voice as I whimper with distaste.


King’s attention snaps to me, but I can’t spare him any attention. I just look around at the deprived land, hating myself. It’s all my fault. I wish I could take away this mark but I can’t. I’ve tried before—so many times.

His arms slip around my waist after he rests his cello against the chair he was sitting in. His lips brush against my head, and he chuckles as if he knows what’s going on inside. If he truly knew what was going on deep inside, he wouldn’t be laughing. He’d be scared shitless at what I could do. I only know this because I’m fucking scared shitless at the possibilities.

“What’s wrong, lovie?”

Lovie? That’s a new one.

“What’s the point in feeling for someone like me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t feel back. I’m attracted to bad things. Don’t you see, King! I can’t even function when drugs are around me. I’m a fucking addict! I fuck up the entire mission because I couldn’t resist the urge to smoke. Oh, I don’t understand why you still want me after everything.”

King chuckles softly and leads me over to the chair. He moves me so my legs are around his body, our bodies facing each other. His lips find mine, running his tongue against my lips, parting my lips so he can enter and tease me just like he always does. Sometimes, I wonder if I manage to tease him the same way.

“You really want to know why I feel the way I do?”

I nod my head, eagerly wanting to understand his thought process.

“I feel the way I do… I keep on coming back to you because you are my drug. I get high from just seeing you. Hearing your laugh strikes deeply in my heart. It’s hardly just desire, Aszurya. I’m devoted to your intelligence, your dark humour, the way you manage to show me everything even when you hide behind your clothes.

“You’re demons attract me. Every time you sin, I want to be there right next to you. I want to be your ride or die. Do you know what that means? It means I’m willing to support you and your illicit lifestyle despite the amount of harm that might come to me. I revel in the fact that I’m the only one that can calm your demons. There are no proper words to describe just how much I adore you. Honestly, every time I see you, I fall for you all over again.

“I was once told that love is something indescribable and I never believed it. I thought I loved others in my life but there’s only been one woman I have truly loved with all of my heart. There’s a woman in the human realm by the name of Deanne Laura Gilbert who wrote a beautiful speech. It described the meaning of the words ’I love you.

“She said,I love you means that I accept you for the person that you are, and that I don’t wish to change you into someone else. It means that I do not expect perfection from you, just as you don’t expect it from me. ‘I love you’ means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you when you are in a bad mood or too tired to do the things I want to do. It means loving you when you are down, not just when you’re fun to be with. I know you don’t want to hear me say it, but I love you. Forever and ever, even when infinity with you runs out I will love you.”

By the time he finishes his speech meant for my ears only, I’m sobbing into my boyfriend’s shirt, crying my heart out at his beautiful confession. Though it’s hard to hear, it’s what I need to stay sane. I need him in more ways than one. And I feel the same way towards him. I just wish that I could say the words right back to him. Just as I open my mouth and finally look him in the eye, he smiles and kisses me softly.

“You don’t have to say it back, Aszurya. I know it’s hard and I don’t expect you too.”

I nod my head, genuinely wanting to say such beautiful words back but I can’t force myself to do it. And neither does my King. Instead, I give him something else. I plant a kiss on his nose, then cheeks, and finally, his lips, breathing out a name that’s been slowly making its way back to my tongue. After over 22 years, I finally whisper his name against his lips, taking away his breath.

“T-Theodore…. Theo, you are the reason I know those three words. I can’t bring myself to say them, but I think I do feel them. And, I know the first time they slip through my lips, they will be for you and only you.”

“Baby… I don’t know what to say. Fuck, will you repeat it for me? One more time.”


“Oh, yeah. I fucking love it from those lips.”

I lean forward, smiling as he begs me to whisper his name a few more times. Laughing, he picks me up and tosses me up in the air. He twirls me around as plants kisses all over my face and neck.

“Mmm, Theo… you’re killing me.” I moan and his grip tightens on my body. Suddenly, I’m on the bed with my boyfriend shirtless on top of me. He’s kissing me roughly like he can’t get enough of me. He’s excited, and so am I. I turn the tables and straddle him while tracing his muscles, noticing the lethal desire in his eyes as he watches me.

“I could fuck you just for saying me name. It’s never been hotter.”

“Are you bothered?”

“You’re telling me you can’t feel my king pressing against your thigh. If you say it just once more, I think I’ll explode.”

Just to test him, I lean into his erection and moan softly the words that bring down his entire army. “Fuck me, Theo.”

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