Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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04 Theodore

This is it. I finally get to see her after 2 years. I always wondered why she never came to visit but I never wanted to put much thought into it. The possible reasons meant too much. I knew I had probably given her a reason to not want to see me. But I never thought it went this deep.

I watch as she leads Alaric into a tea shop from my position in an alleyway. ’Go to an alleyway nearby and watch. I know you want to see her but we can’t be sure what has changed and what hasn’t.’ That’s what Alaric told me before she appeared behind me. I don’t think she recognized me at all. A shame really.

She seems to have changed a lot since I last saw her, I think. At least, her hair is longer but it’s not just that. It’s something else about her. She seems even more powerful. I could feel her energy rolling off of her when she was standing behind me. But even I could tell there was something else to it. She was wearing baggy clothes and her face mask again. The same one I had finally gotten her to stop wearing. I caused her to need to hide again.

Leaning against the wall, I stare up at the busy sky, waiting for them to come out once more. It doesn’t matter what has happened, she’s still as beautiful as ever. The feeling of her smooth skin against mine, runs through my veins, igniting something dark. My blood begins to boil at the thought of the smile she always wore when she knew I could get in trouble for giving in to her teases. Hailey was always there between us when I was last here, even though she was in a different realm.

But she’s not here right now.

But Aszurya… She was seductive in everything she did. I could barely contain myself when she ate those chocolate-covered fruits. Her long tongue flicking over the tip of the strawberries, making me wonder how it’d feel for her mouth to be on another tip. Her eyes were dangerously dilated as she stuck a finger into the hot melted chocolate and dragged her finger down her long bronze torso. And with no regrets, I ran my tongue along her body, drinking in her heat, pulling loose lace from her body. Dunking my tongue into her soaking sex with a fervor I could never muster with any other woman.

On that night after Culinaro, when she dug those claws of hers into my hard muscles as I made her purr. I made her breath shallow, her palms burned as she wrapped herself around me. As she stroked and I growled. I remember the feeling of her body trembling beneath me, her breath shuddering through my body. How she opened up to me, soaking wet...

Shaking my head, I look over to see the two walking out of the tea shop. Alaric looks past her shoulder trying to find me. Just as I am about to wave to him, Aszurya turns around and surveys the crowd. I look the other way making sure my hood is lowered but I still feel her eyes on me. When I think the coast is clear, I glance towards them only to see her sauntering towards me with her eyes narrowed. We make eye contact for a brief sentence but luckily, Alaric grabs her hand and the two disappear in a whir of colours.

Taking a deep breath, I lean against the brick and mortar, thankful that Alaric was quick enough to warp her out of here. Just as I open my eyes Alaric appears in front of me with wide eyes.

“Did she recognize me?”

“No…. But I think we have bigger problems to worry about.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t think she will recognize you. Something has changed about her sense of memory. It’s almost as if someone placed a blocking spell on her brain to keep her emotions from piling over. Maybe it was her parents to keep her safe?”

“But how do you know that?”

“She said I smelled different when we embraced. I suppose she smelt you on me but she said she couldn’t place it. And she didn’t say anything about recognizing you, yet she was in love with your eyes. That should have sparked something inside of her.”

I begin to blush lightly, thinking about Aszurya staring deeply into my own eyes. To think that she was in love with a part of me. But then again whatever she might have felt before might be gone now if she really has a block on her memory. If not because of our misunderstanding.

“I don’t understand why she would want to block me out of her memory.”

Alaric raises his blonde eyebrows at me. “You’ve never experienced heartbreak before, have you?”

I shake my head. Alaric shrugs his shoulders, but I feel the distance between us. How did I break Aszurya’s heart? Before I even have a chance to voice my concerns to Alaric, he opens a portal for us to travel to the Dream Court. As soon as I step through I am brought into a similar room to the one I came to the first time I was here.

A few sprites flutter around me, swooning and burying themselves in my hair. Maybe it’s my imagination but I could swear that I heard one of them say something about me not having the ‘scary demon’ around.

I put on the suit laid out on the silky bed trying not to be conscious of the fairy-like creatures staring at my half-naked body. There’s only one girl in this realm that I’d want staring at my body and she’s not here right now.

I walk out of the dressing room and meet up with Alaric at the bottom of the same stairs I once walked up after Aszurya. As we ascend, I recall stopping Aszurya from stepping on a bunch of deranged creatures. They said something that I didn’t understand then but I understand now. ’How perfect’. Aszurya didn’t want to hear what they had said and believe it, so she shoved away from me and walked into the court I am entering now. Though we do make a perfect team.

As soon as the doors open and we enter the cloud-filled room, the queen reveals herself to our eyes. She looks the same as she did at our last rendezvous. The same dusty rose hair and dirt brown eyes with no whites. A strange fairy she is but helpful all the same.

“Ah, Alaric… and you’ve brought the boy. Even better. Come have a seat so we can discuss this.”

“My Queen Nadia, I am right to believe that you sent that dream omen as a warning for Aszurya.”

“Yes,” The queen begins while gesturing for us to have a seat on the floor beside her. After glancing at Alaric for confirmation, we both sit down on the cloudy cushions on the floor simultaneously across from the queen, awaiting her explanation.

“Okay. So what is going to happen to Aszurya?”

“It doesn’t quite work like that, boy. I have been warned myself of something happening to your lover’s clan. Alaric, you did exactly what I wanted you to do. Retrieve the Angel’s mark. I fear that might be the only way to prevent the destruction of the Death-Rose and possibly everything else.”

I cringe at the Queen’s label. Aszurya isn’t my lover. Hailey is. She’s the one I’m going to marry at the end of this year. We’ve already started to make preparations. We need to find out what is going on quickly so I can get back to my girlfriend. Before Hailey gets suspicious.

“Who warned you?”

“The dreams did of course. You have a lot to learn about this realm, young child. I’m sure once Aszurya is saved she will explain to you the ways of the world. Anyway, there is a boy of blonde hair that poses a large threat to our friend. He claims to be able to control the demons within but from what I’ve been able to make out from the visions and dreams, he has only cast a very strong gyen over Aszurya. There’s no full control.”

“And it’s working? That’s impossible.”

“Yes, that is what I thought but I’ve been examining her for the past few months. It seems that he has taken advantage of the hole that Theodore created in her defence system when he abandoned her.”

“I didn’t abandon her! Why do people keep on blaming what happened to her on me? I was only supposed to be in my realm for two weeks but then my father stopped me from coming back.”

I sigh and roll my eyes at the two beings around me. They’re so insistent on blaming what happened to her on me when I was completely oblivious to what was going on. They don’t understand that I don’t want to hurt Aszurya. I never did.

“Look, I’d do anything not to hurt Aszurya. I care about her and I didn’t abandon her nor would I ever do that now.”

“You had no other choice but to be. I need the two of you to find out what that boy’s plan is and break the gyen that was placed over Aszurya. I fear that if we delay any longer this realm will not be able to repair the damages to come. You, Theodore King, are the only person that can break the gyen over Aszurya. Now go on and save this world.”

Alaric and I nod our heads and stand ready to leave the realm. We bow to the dream queen and portal out of her court back into the apartment Alaric is renting near Vistosa. The green warlock sits down on the velvet couch and rests his chin on an open palm, thinking deeply, formulating a plan for us to work on. As he sits in front of me, thinking, I do the same.

The queen said that I was the only person in this realm that would be able to break the gyen. A gyen that some guy with blonde hair put over him. This guy… he took advantage of Aszurya when she was at her weakest point. This is what the queen was trying to warn me about in that dream. She tried to stop me from hurting Aszurya. Even from leaving without saying something to Aszurya. But I was so thick-headed.

Maybe if I had told Aszurya my plan to clear things up and return in two weeks then things would be different. She wouldn’t have done what she did and maybe this guy wouldn’t have placed that gyen on her.

I clench my fists and stare out of the large window to my right. How am I supposed to break this gyen? I can’t even perform a simple gyen matter of fact one that could mess with someone’s mind. I’m not even properly in touch with that side of me.

“How do I get in touch with the Siethen side of me?” I ask Alaric, startling the green man out of his deep thought session. He blinks his golden eyes and stares at me intently.

“I’m not really sure the answer to such a difficult question. I would need to consult with my warlock friends.”

“Well, get on with that. The sooner I’m able to use those abilities the sooner we can get this gyen off of Aszurya.”

“That’s the least of our problems. This guy probably knows about you and will try to stop you from getting close to Aszurya. We first need to collect some information on this blonde man. Find his weaknesses and just how much gyens he knows. Then we need to find counteractants and protections. This all takes time, Theodore.”

“I know, I know. Let me go home so I can think about this while you contact the warlocks you need to. It’s pointless for me to be here when I can’t do anything right now.”

Alaric stands and nods his head before opening a portal and sending me back home. As soon as I’m in my room at my apartment, I pass out on the bed, exhausted from the realm change. Not even bothering to check in on my girlfriend.

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