Found My Fallen Queen (Book 2)

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06 Theodore

Hailey’s been out a lot, planning for our wedding to come. I’ve given her full control of it since it was never my initial plan. I just wanted to sign the papers and have a small celebration but she disagreed. Now she’s planning an enormous wedding and inviting basically the whole population of New York to celebrate our union.

I’m okay with it because I want her to be happy. This is what my heart really wants. It’s what my heart is telling me to do. Marry the one you love and love her for everything she is. So I bought a ring and I proposed to her on a special date. That was almost 7 months ago.

Now I have to deal with this whole Aszurya thing. I hope Alaric has found out something in the time we’ve been apart. It would be a damn shame if he came to me with nothing on this blonde guy who’s placed a gyen on her.

The atmosphere in front of me becomes thick and hazy before swirling and changing colour. In a matter of seconds, Alaric appears in front of me wearing tight fitting clothes accentuating everything about him. I roll my eyes and run my hand through my hair, continuing to stare out of the window of my bedroom.

“Tell me you’ve found some type of information out.”

“Well, what do you think I’ve been doing all this time? Lazying around? I’m probably more concerned about Aszurya’s health than you are since you so eagerly wanted to get back to your fiance.”

I roll my eyes not bothering to refute his claim. This is just all so much right now with the wedding, Hailey, and now Obsidian. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to protect that realm and handle my life up here.

“Look. Why don’t you just tell me what you found out instead of catching an attitude.”

“I apologize, Theodore. I’m just annoyed. I’ve contacted a friend of mine who is willing to help. We spoke to the council of elders but they weren’t much help. They just told us that you’re the only one who can break the gyen placed on her by that worm-sucking asshole.”

I stop for a brief second to stare at Alaric. I don’t know what happened while we were apart for that short time but something or someone must have pissed him off this much. Worm-sucking asshole.

“And, I know who the blonde guy is that Nadia told us about. His name is Aiden, he’s Aszurya’s trainer, a total dickhead. They met in a bar over a drink and conversed about training thus forming a very scandalous relationship. ”

I look into the yellow eyes of the warlock with a raised eyebrow wondering just what he means by ‘scandalous relationship’. What exactly is going on between them? What is Alaric not telling me? I hope that they aren’t involved the way I am thinking because then it would mean that Alaric was up my ass about staying away for so long and hurting Aszurya for no damn reason.

I let Alaric finish explaining everything that he managed to learn and try to process it into a strategic plan. I keep drawing a blank, unfortunately. My mind keeps thinking about Aszurya and this Aiden guy. She couldn’t have really moved on like that, could she? Not after her ‘episode’.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m acting as if I know she had feelings for me. I have seen her and she doesn’t look anything like Alaric described her. She wasn’t broken, if anything she looked as strong as usual. Maybe even stronger. Maybe between the three of us, we can figure out a way to get close to the two and maybe separate Aszurya so I can talk to her and maybe she can trigger the needed transformation.

“Theo? Where are you?”

Alaric raises his eyebrows at me before leaning back against the wall and gestures for me to go to my girlfriend. I scoff. As if I was waiting for his permission to speak with Hailey. I walk to my bedroom door and open it just as Hailey steps in front of the doorway. She smiles, I kiss her on the cheek and wrap my arm around her waist, ignoring the sound of Alaric gagging.

“Hey, babe. How was the meeting with the wedding planner?”

“It was good. She was a little upset since you weren’t there.”

“Oh…, well there will be more meetings to go to.”

Hailey smiles but her gaze shifts past my arm and into our room. Her gaze darkens as she takes sight of the warlock leaning against the wall. I wonder what she sees. I’m sure she would be freaking out should he let her see his true form.

“Who’s this man?”

“A friend. We are trying to figure out a problem.”

“He reminds me of that girl that appeared out of nowhere.”

“They are from the same place.”

“Can we go there? I think we should take a break and have a small vacation of the sort.”

“You want to go to the same place where the woman you don’t like is from.”

“Yes. Problem?”

I shrug my shoulders and let her into our room. The Obsidian realm is quite big and it might break up some of the tension bound to arise once more with her seeing Alaric. She’d be fine as long as she was kept from the dealings of Alaric, me and the other warlock named Kitoshy. I could keep her busy and away from Aszurya until the time was right. It’d be perfect really.

“I know what you are thinking, Theodore. Are you sure you are ready to let her in on this part of your life? Are you sure bringing her to the same realm Aszurya is in would be a wise choice? You know how short tempered the both of them are and Aszurya has gotten a lot powerful since going on that retreat with Aiden.”

“We can keep the two away from each other while we are there. If things start to heat up I’ll take her back and leave her in this realm.”

Alaric shrugs and rolls his eyes. He doesn’t necessarily agree but he’ll portal the two of us to his home.

“What did you guys say to each other?”

I look down at my girlfriend, completely forgetting that Alaric and I speak another language when conversing. I guess I’ve grown used to switching languages when my father came to visit me before. I just hope that he doesn’t try to visit me while I’m in the Obsidian realm. He might try to stop me from getting to Aszurya and saving the realm.

“I was just working out some kinks with him. Look, Hailey. The place we are going is very different from here but it is where I am from. It’s part of me just like Italy and New York is a part of you.”

Hailey nods her head looking from me to Alaric. Either Hailey is taking this very serious or Alaric has some type of glamour on himself. That will probably change once we step through the portal. Nodding my head, I signal our readiness to Alaric so he can open a portal. Once that is done, I hold Hailey’s hand and lead her into another realm with her.

Hailey is surprisingly calm for someone who just witnessed a portal opening. But then again, she’s been knocked out by Aszurya so many times, I think she is aware that magic is real.

We step out into a familiar apartment, standing in front of an open window facing the city of Vistosa. I can’t help but smile at the sight of the beautiful art filled city. I would love to bring Hailey out there and show her the many murals and paintings that the Siethens here have made.

Alaric appears next to us and closes the portal before glancing at us and walking away into another room. I watch as he comes back with a tall striking man with red hair and pale skin. This must be the warlock Alaric was talking about. The way they are walking doesn’t seem like they would be friends. The other guy has such a serious attitude and Alaric is very… not serious.

“I presume this is the boy you spoke of. I suppose he looks like a King but he looks more like Malcolm King not Raymond like you proposed. The resemblance is almost uncanny. But who is this human girl?”

Hailey hides behind me at the sight of the two warlocks whimpering like a baby. I guess she can see their true forms now.

“What are these monsters?”

“Did the human just call us monsters? What a fool she is.”

I take my girlfriend’s shoulders in my hand and squeeze lightly so she looks me in my eyes.

“Hailey, I need you to listen to me. I did tell you that this place is different than what you are used to. The two men behind me are warlocks, magical beings like in the movies but better. You can’t gawk at the people in this realm, okay?”

“Yes… But you said you were from here. Does that mean you are a warlock too? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

“No, Hailey. I’m not a warlock. It’s different. You haven’t met my people yet.”

“Oh, look the boy actually called them his people.” I turn my head to glare at Alaric who smirks and shrugs his shoulders. “Look the woman rubs off on me sometimes.”

I roll my eyes and smile at my girlfriend before kissing her forehead and releasing her. “Don’t worry, babe. You are safe as long as you are with me.”

Haily nods her head and rests her head on my chest. I lead her over to the couch and sit with her in front of the two warlocks, ready to make the introduction needed.

“Hailey this is Alaric and-”


“Yes, Kitoshy and Alaric. We have some work to do but it’s a bit private. You may not understand it.”

My girlfriend nods her head as Alaric and Kitoshy have a seat across from us. Alaric and I already agreed that we should speak in Daelic in front of Hailey. It’s safer for all of us if she doesn’t know what we are trying to do or who we are dealing with. She’d kill me and probably forfeit the marriage if she knew that I had anything to do with Aszurya. I’ve never brought up her name around Hailey since I got back into the human world 2 years ago.

“Okay, our first step in saving the world needs to be getting you two together so she can jumpstart your abilities. The problem is Aiden. He’s not going to let her go anywhere with me by herself and if he finds out that you are in this realm he’ll do anything to keep you two away from each other.”

“Right, but as you said to me before we don’t know how advanced the gyen is. First we need to get her alone and bring up his name in a conversation. Our next step would depend on her reaction to your name.”

“So how do we get her away from him?” I say, noticing the way that Hailey looks between the three of us. Honestly, the way she is taking this is quite surprising. I really thought she would start screaming and try to run away from us. I guess she has grown up a lot.

“We’ll head over and talk to her. You stay here and make sure she doesn’t get in trouble.”

Nodding my head, I watch the warlocks walk out of the apartment before leaning back in my seat and looking into Hailey’s russet eyes. She looks back into mine and frowns deeply.

“What exactly are you?”

“I’m a half-breed. I’m half human.”

“What’s the other half of you?”

“I’m well… it’s hard to explain. I’m half human, half Siethen, which is like a fallen angel. They are this realm’s main species. You’ll find an abundance of them here compared to other species.”

“So we are in another world?”

I nod my head and let her think about it. She moves away from me to look me directly in the face without any strain.

“So you really weren’t cheating on me… you were here the whole time.”

“Well, when I wasn’t at work. I never lied about not cheating on you. I was being sincere-”

“I just never believed you.”

Tears begin to gather in Hailey’s eyes as she leans forward and places a kiss on my lips. I hold her close to me, kissing her back, glad to have finally settled this overdrawn argument. Her tears stain my cheeks as her tears fall.

Suddenly a sharp pain jabs me in my heart and my body burns wherever it touches Hailey’s. I push her off and bite down hard to suppress the urge to scream. My vision blurs as a sharp image of a familiar face enters my mind. Her hair falls down to her knees and her piercing green eyes are trained on me, taunting me along with that smirk of hers.


My body feels like it’s on fire. My hormones are racing around faster than a thoroughbred horse. I stifle a moan and lean against the open window trying to breath in the cool air. Once my body and mind returns to normal I walk into the bathroom, rinse off my face and look at myself in the mirror.

“What the hell are you doing to me?” I ask no one in particular. I should tell Alaric about this, but then again why get so worked up? It probably won’t happen again.

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