Hansel and Gretel: Retold

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This is the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel, retold by me.

Fantasy / Horror
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The Picnic

Hansel and Gretel walked out of their tiny cottage near the forest, staring up at the shining sun. Their stepmother and father followed after them, a basket filled with bread in each of their hands. The four walked into the forest, the marvelous, blue sky above them. This was a perfect day for a picnic, and that was what they were doing. That morning, the stepmother had announced that they were going on a little trip. The children weren't sure what to expect, as their stepmother would often do horrible things to them.

When they arrived in the perfect spot, the family made a fireplace and sat down, opening the baskets. Everyone enjoyed their food, and after the meal, the parents announced that they were going to chop some wood.

Hansel looked at them, and he knew something was wrong. He knew they were hiding something. He knew they were planning something. But, as he didn't want to get in trouble, and as he trusted his father very much, he kept his mouth shut, and stayed where he was, staring at the dirty, muddy, ground.

Gretel, however, was not at all worried. She was just an innocent little girl who wouldn't dare to believe her loving father would ever hide something from her and her brother.

The parents walked further into the forest and disappeared.

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