The Army Dream

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The story of my dreams.

Fantasy / Action
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The Army Dream

This is the story of a dream that I had once. In this dream, me and my best friend goes to join the army. We took the army test and both of us passed. On the day of joining we both packed our stuff and then a car came outside our house to pick us up. There were 4 people sitting inside that car, a driver, our group leader(or battalion leader, I don't know what it's called) and 1 more person from our group. As we were both of young age, our leader asked if both of us could handle the army and it's difficult life and we both replied yes with big conviction. Fortunately for us both me and my best friend were in the same group, even on the same team and that made both of us happy.

Reaching the army camp, we started learning more of the army's way. We started our training sessions every day and after some time we started taking part in the army's missions and all. There was a war going on(it was a dream so you know, anything can happen). We sometimes go to the jungle to fight the enemies, sometimes to the mountain region, sometimes it was the urban warfare. We both took care of each other, protecting each other, watching each other’s back. Every day we came back exhausted from our missions but still, we were happy that we were doing some good for our country and that made us smile during those times where killing other human beings had become our daily lives. It was many weeks after that all of it got changed.

Me and my best friend were on a mission where we have to drive a tank into the jungle of the enemy territory and have to destroy some of there buildings. Me and my friend got on a same tank and we were happy about it. Getting to the jungle wasn't easy, we have to cross a river to get into the jungle that was across the river. Me and my friend got into our tank, I was the driver and my friend was in charge of handling the canon and other weapons. Driving and handling the canon of the tank wasn't that hard, we have had our practice. Driving the tank we reached one side of the river there was a wooden port and many ships which we have to use to get across the river. The ships there was not your usual ships, it didn't have that height of a usual ship, floating on the water it was as high as the wooden port through which we had to drive our tanks onto the ships to get across the water. The ships were also made of wood(because you know, Dreams). First, some other tanks from our groups drove onto the ship to get across the river. After two tanks who successfully got on the ship and made it across, it was our turn. As I was driving the tank I made sure to be very careful with this. I drove my tank onto the wooden port which was just a little bit wider if not as wide as the tank itself. I drove to the end and the ship was there, standing steady on the water waiting for us to get onto it. But nothing goes as smooth as we hope in our lives. As I was steadily furthering and getting onto the ship, a sudden wave of water came drifting the ship a little further and our tank fell into the water. A tank being so heavy it was sinking really fast. Water started seeping into the tank and it became claustrophobic as already the space in the tank isn't that much. Due to the water pressure we couldn't open the hatch and after some time my friend became unconscious due to claustrophobia. After more than half of our tank was filled with water, the hatch became loose and I was able to open it. Carrying my friend I swam as fast as I could to the surface, and after that other soldiers came to rescue us, they carried us to the land where I became unconscious too.

Waking up after some hours, I saw my friend we're already awake and were by my side while I was on the bed. Waking up, the first thing that came to my mind and I said to my friend was, sorry, ‘your life got in danger because of me’. She said, ‘it wasn't your fault’ and told me not to worry, but still I felt regret putting my best friend’s life in danger and not being able to pull back the tank in the right time to save us. After some days, I decided to leave the army as a soldier and become a doctor in the army and asked my friend to do so too, but she declined me and said that being a soldier was her goal and she can't change it. After taking the training to become a medic in the army I came back, decided, that this time I will never fail again to save the lives precious to me, by that time 6 months had already passed, I already had some training in the medic so it didn't take me that long to come back. But when I came back I noticed something. My friend had started to act differently.

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