Poor Little Human

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Beware this story is gruesome and detailed and not recommended for those under the age of 16. This story is a giant roller coaster of emotions and is dark themed.

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a human named Thea. Life had not been kind to her. Being alone since birth she braves the forest for survival, thus she was uneffected by society and had the pure heart of a child. She endured hardship, yes that's true, yet she would still offer her home to any stranger passing by.

One day, Thea was visiting a nearby market place in the village near her home when she came by a man. He had dark brown hair and tan almost golden eyes.

"Hello stranger, may I trouble you for some shelter? There's a storm nearby and I can make it worth your while?" Said the stranger as he held up a bag of gold coins.

Thea knew she could use the money but the look in the man's eyes told her it wasn't a good idea. There was something about his eyes that made her not want to trust him. So she came up with a lie to tell the man.

"Sorry, my papa told me that I shouldn't talk to strangers. Best of luck out there."

She said with a wave of her and went to go on her way. Just as she entered the forest six more strangers came out from behind the trees and bushes all wielding some type of weapon and wearing all black suits. Before she knew it one of the men had moved at super sonic speed and hit Thea on the back of the head and she was immediately unconscious.

"This is Team Beta to Team Alpha, we have secured the human and are moving back to base."

"Team Alpha to Team Beta we copy that. Careful with the human! They are very sensitive and fragile creatures." Said a woman's voice.


Thea woke up with her arms tied to a table the shape of her body. Her legs chained and unable to move, a sickening hard stench of death and chemicals plagued the room she was in.


After a moment of silence her heartrate increased. She was beginning to breathe very fast and the room felt like it was closing in on her. Thea was having a panick attack but since she had never known what that was she didn't understand what was happening to her.

A door opened to the left of Thea. And in walked a woman. A beautiful woman, with hair as golden as the sun and eyes as vibrant and green as an emerald. She had on a black blouse and navy blue pencil skirt, thick rimmed glasses and her hair up in a low bun.

"3:58PM Wednesday May 20th, 2026. Test subject #733 has awoken and is apparently in the middle of a panic attack, probably due to the purity of the subject's state of mind. The purest form we've seen in decades at this age." Said the woman into a voice recorder she pulled out of her pocket.

As the woman was saying this, Thea fell unconscious again. She hyperventilated and passed out. The woman went over to the computer screen where Thea's vitals was currently displayed. It showed her heartrate spiking a bit which told her that Thea was having a nightmare. The woman's face stayed stoic. She was not amused by any means, to her humans were and will always be weaklings that cause there own destruction and pain.

To her, Thea wasn't more than a dirty little mouse who she got to experiment on. She walked out the room and went down the hall to the elevator. She went to the lowest level in the basement. Perhaps it was the most important floor since it was the final resting place of what is known to be "The Seed of Ether"

The Seed of Ether is a seed that comes from theses powerful creatures. Creatures so powerful many feared their powers. Many stories told of these creatures being so powerful even the devil and all the Gods themselves were envious of them. Creatures that always resembled women that appeared to be the very definition of perfect and beauty.

As the woman was admiring the seed the door to the basement opened and in came the woman's brother. She had always followed her brother no matter what course he took.

"My dear sister Sarafyme, I hear you caught yourself a little mouse again. Due tell me, what ever is it for?"

Sarafyme answered like the obedient girl she was.

"I caught the little mouse for you Klaude. So you could finally fulfill your dream of making the seed blossom."

"You did, did you? How sweet little sister. Has it been prepped yet?"

"Yes brother. I just came from the room. Im pleased to inform you that shes the most purest form we've ever encountered at her age in almost 200 years."

Upon hearing that Klaude turned to Sarafyme. Anybody who looked at both of them would know that they were identical twins. The only difference is that Klaudes eyes were a dark green but due to the darkness swirling in his orbs they look more like bark orange embers.

"Then let's begin right away"


As Thea woke up once again in the same exact spot she then realized that she was not dreaming. She was infact restrained to a table with lots of sharp objects nearby that she can't get to. The sharp needle and strange looking tongs we're staring her right in her eye. She had a dreadful feeling about this. She began to take deep breathes to calm herself down. She didnt wanna faint and be vulnerable to these people any longer than she already has.

She was interrupting from the door the room opening once again. That same beautiful lady came walking througj the door but this time she was followed in by a very handsome man.

However she didn't find him much attractive due to the dark look in his eyes.

The man made eye contact with Thea. It sent an icy cold chill through Thea's spine. He walked over to the other side of her and began putting a glove on and grabbed the needle that was filled with mysterious red liquid.

"Shall we begin?"

Hi hello welcome to my first chapter of my new book. Pls let me know how you feel about the chapters. I love getting feed back. I got just a reminder though that this story will be triggering and graphic and have dark themes, language and mature chapters. Please please PLEASE take note if you are currently this book.

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