Poor Little Human

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Chapter 2

"Shall we begin?"

Said the strange man holding the syringe. He had such an intense look in his eyes. One that made you feel your whole soul was being judged. Like he could see all you're past secrets and deep desires.

Not that Thea had any. She was just a girl who was untouched by judgement, and the standards of society that she didn't understand people. She would hop and skip down the streets of the town nearest to her and everybody gave her stares. The girl from the mountain, who was always alone.

"Test subject #733 has been prepped and is ready for phase #1 to begin. We are going to try and make the seed blossom within this human girl. Our theory is if the seed blossoms within her, she'll be given the powers of the strongest creatures ever known in existance. Creatures so powerful that gods and goddesses are envious of their capabilities. They are called Harlequin Harpies as they are known for their outstanding abilities and beauty. This syringe in my hand contains a liquid known as Chemical X. The seed excretes this liquid to keep it refreshed. We've learned that it can possibly be used to help aid us in our experiment. By injecting this into your blood stream you will experience changes to your body. Due to the power the substance holds and the strength of the subject's body, we can only give the subject 5 oz as anymore at this time will cause the subject's body to immediately shut down."

The man said as he looked down upon her. Her body was covered in a cold sweat.

'What did he mean? Experiments? On me? Why would somebody do that?'

"Please, I just wanna go home. Please!" She begged the man. She doesn't get it. Why did he want to hurt her? Its not like she had done anything to deserve this. The man simply looked down at her making her uncomfortable with the intensity of his eyes.

"It's time."

All of a sudden he grabbed Thea's arm with such force that she thought it was gonna snap in half.


"SHUT UP YOU STUPID HUMAN! This is far more important that you're stupid beliefs." The woman said as she held her down. At this point Thea had started crying for she was terrified since these people were willing to overpower her so easily.

'Why is this happening to me? What had I done to deserve this?'

She felt a prick on her arm and saw him injecting the fluid. The second it touched her body she felt this stinging burning pain shoot up her arm and flooded her senses. She was flooded with nothing but pain. Whatever that chemical was made of didn't seem to bond very nicely with her body. The extreme pain that was taking over her senses was making her panic.

'What is happening!?! Someone save me please!'

"MAKE IT STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU STOP!!!" She screamed and cried and screamed some more. It seemed like an eternity had passed before she got what she wished for as darkness began to crawl in the corners of her vision. She embraced it. Welcomed the darkness in her arms as long as it meant that she could escape from the pain for only a little while


Looking at the unconscious body of subject #733 both Klaude and Sarahfyme were very shocked at the results. The human had fallen unconscious after about 3 mims 28 secs of having chemical X in her system. It flooded the body and coated the brain. The results were already far better than they expected.

"Did you see that? She fell unconscious, that's good right?" Asked Sarafyme.

"For right now it's not a bad thing. But the others have done the same thing. Don't get your expectations up just yet. For right now put her in cell block D. We got other subjects to follow up on."


'Hello?' I called out. I was currently in a beautiful forest. One that seemed to be filled with magic and safety. I didn't wanna leave. I couldn't put my finger on it. I just knew that where I was, I was safe.

"Hi there" said a woman.

"My my what's this? A human? Haaa and one so pure as well. My it's certainly been awhile" Said a woman. Thea looked around the forest but couldn't fine her.

"Hello? Anybody there? Show yourself!"

"Haha with all due time my dear. With all due time."Said the woman as the forest began to disappear. Taking the woman voice and its safety with it. Thea was beginning to wake up.

"WAIT PLEASE! I dont want to go back there! You don't understand PLEASE HELP ME!!"

But it was of no use. Thea was waking up. And what she woke up to was a nightmare. She had chains on her arms and legs, and was on the floor of a dirty and nasty jail cell. Her stomach rumbled to which she realized it had been along time since she had last eaten.

"Psst, hey you." Said a voice. Looking around Thea's eyes took a moment to readjust. The jail cell was dark but the walls were made of bars. Cold metal bars.

"Hello?" She whispered back. Unsure if she heard the voice.

"Ahh good to hear a newcomers voice sad, at the circumstances however." Said a young lad. In the dark he looked scrawny and seemed to have had black curly hair.

"Who are you?"

"We are known to Klaude and Sarahfyme as test subjects. But you can call us by our names. I'm Dylan, thats Scarlet and the little one over there is Timmy." Said Dylan as he pointed to the other 2 cells. Since the room was dark Thea could hardly see the others but she could see that Scarlett had red hair and Timmy was definitely very small. He must be the youngest.

"Wait, whose Klaude and Sarahfyme? And where are we?" Asked Thea. Her mind was going a thousand miles per minute.

She heard Dylan chuckle.

And Scarlett spoke.

"Those blonde bitches that experimented on us. They're brother and sister supposedly. They run this whole thing. Got everybody's mouths tied up tighter than their own asshole."

"Oh those two..." said Thea as she remembered what they had done to her earlier. Which means that they've had the same thing done to them.

"I'm sorry they've hurt you." Thea said.

"Sorry?! Your sorry?? Haha we'll see whos sorry when you get to phase 3. You're still in phase one."

Thea couldn't help but realize the tone in Scarlett's voice. It lacked something. Something she couldn't figure out yet.

The door opened and a harsh bright light came flooding the room. In walked that same blonde man. A man Thea now knew as Klaude.

"Well rise and shine Scarlett. You know the drill by now I'm sure." He said as he unlocked Scarletts cell. She came walking and when the light hit her face Thea knew what her voice was missing and she immediately felt panick and fear flow through her veins. Scarletts eyes were dark and hollow they had bags under them and we're filled with sadness and terror. At that moment she knew that what they had in store for her she was never gonna like.

She knew, her life had changed forever!

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