The Greek Scrolls

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Four children of greek decent learn to over come their differences to fight between good and evil and take their place to sit on the thrones of olympus

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“Monica’s a good girl. A strong girl. A very great fighter she would over through Alexander in minutes.”

“Alexander’s taller and way much stronger. He would win.”

Monica, the long black haired, blue eyed, pale face beauty, was overbearing a conversation between her mother Athena and grandfather Zeus.

She couldn’t help but laugh to herself.

“Monica would bet Alexander with her brain along! Her battle plans are not ones to mess with.” Athena stated.

“Yea while Alexander is my son and much better looking.” Zeus mumbled under his breath.

Athena rolled her eyes and walked over to her daughter.

“You ok baby?”

“Yea mom. Stacy just told me that Tina held a huge summer pool party of the summer that stirred the entire drama whirlpool i’m currently being informed about. But other than missing my entire college experience, i’m fine.” Monica said packing her phone down on her lap and playing with the water fountain next to her.

Athena looked at her daughter with sad eyes. Of course she would miss humanly things. She knew this when she started training at Olympus High. But she never seemed to care this much.

“Monica. Look at me babe. Remember when you were little and i used to say to never feel like you’re being left out because-“

“You’re training with Gods and Godesses up in Olympus? Yea, yea, yea, i remember. Everyday i came up here.” Monica mumbled.


The black haired girl lifted her head up to see who or what was calling her. Her eyes lit up when she saw.

“Aunt Aphrodite!”

The blonde woman wrapped her in a tight hug.

“Girl it’s been forever! Last time i saw you, you were 17. Look at how you’ve grown. Look at how beautiful you are. Sure blonde would be a great look for you. Ready for our shopping spree?”

“Aunt Dite, I’m not here for our shopping spree.”

Aphrodites face fell.

“You’re not?”

“No.” Monica said shaking her head.

“Well then why else are you here?”

“The warrior spear.”

“God. I know so many people who are fighting in that and i don’t see the big fuss over it. They’re just ruining their beauty by-“

“That’s enough from you sis.” Athena interrupted.

“Enough? Ath,” she pulled her sister a couple feet away from her neice to where Monica couldn’t hear them.

“Ath, we both know that young ladies shouldn’t fight. I mean, i’m the only exception. Beauty fits me. Not so well with others.”

“Aphrodite, Monica is strong. She’ll be able to take care of herself. i’ve watched her growing up. We’ve watched her growing up. We know what she’s capable of. Anybody who has their neck snapped by her is a lucky man. or woman.”

As Athena walked away, Aphrodite held her neck in discomfort and started gagging.

“Monica! Monica! Monica! i don’t see you mingling with your cousins. What’s wrong?”

“God why does everyone have to walk up to me today. It’s very unnecessary. Go! Shoo! There’s many other kids around here.”

“That’s cause you’re the last one i need to talk to.”

Monica gave him a confused face.

“What could he mean by last person to talk to?” She thought.

“Walk with me.” He got up and she followed.

They walked into a marble room with gold tapestries hung up around the wall. Every door and window had a statue of some God. Each holding something or crushing them.

“She’s here.” He bellowed as he entered a room.

It was different than the others. Instead of the marble gold, this was a cobblestone teal.

“Michael, Sunset, Lukas. Meet Monica Cruz. Monica, Michael, Sunset, Lukas.”

They all gave her a dirty look as she sat down.

“Now, each of you graduated top of your class. Each of you are almost equal to each other and yet , so far behind. So, we made a new grade. Olympus High School for the Overpowered Devolped. Or OHSOD for short. Each one of you would get to know each other and then boom. Sudden betrayal once all four of you come pete for a spot, the last throne on olympus.”

The room was quiet.

But not to Monica. The room’s silence was ear piercing. But there’s one thing certain. only one thing.

There’s a chance to win a spot and be respected. And she wasn’t blowing it
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