Blood Hunter | Tales of the Wild #1

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You've heard of Little Red Riding Hood and the Robin Hood itself. Both deemed as the symbols of good. That's anything but to this Red Robin Hood. She's been designed to be the perfect assassin, an unstoppable hunter. Her name is not known to many people because only Blood Hunter exists. Now, the hunter has become the prey to be killed by the one who created her. Elias Kimley is the alpha who's taken the time to build his reputation as the invincible one. The alpha who lost everything. Now, an enemy is preparing for war and he'll need the help of the Blood Hunter to know how to defeat it. One thing's for sure, she may be an ally but she's something more-his nonexistent mate. TALES OF THE WILD #1

Fantasy / Romance
Bella O’Brien
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Prologue: Red

Hello, I am slowly editing this book now that it has been finished. This is part of the series that I am creating and so far, I'm still working on the second book.

1. Blood Hunter

2. Emerald

There's a bunch of grammatical errors and some stuff of the plot that I don't really feel satisfied with that's why I'm working on fixing this.

I will be working on fixing the book once I


Happy endings used to be Robin’s favorite part of the story. They were the ones that made her feel like there’s goodness in this world as if everything was not just black and white. She was six when she believed that they were real. Her grandma used to talk about how it is real and that if she just had faith in it, anything would be possible. She would always talk about how the darkest, evil monsters would be punished by the Gods and Goddesses who watches over them.

As she grew up, she used to be with a Raggedy Ann doll. It was something that she had found in the forest when she was five and kept it with her since. Whenever she would accidentally tear of its head, her grandma would sow it up and make it look like the doll hasn’t been butchered over and over again.

She was having the time of her life living at the cabin they owned at far deep in the woods. Until one day, her grandma held her by the arms. She could tell from the look on her face that she was afraid. Her grandmother was never afraid. This was new. Yet, she gave her a reassuring smile, a promise that everything would be alright.

“Sweetheart,” she cooed as the loud banging on the door suddenly filled the house. She kissed her in the forehead and pointed at the cupboard. “I want you to get inside and don’t make a sound. You hold on to Miss Ann tight and only go outside when you’re sure that nobody is inside the house anymore. Do you understand, Robin? Comprenez-vous?

She was speaking their mother language. French. They had never spoke it after moving here and it only ever came out when her grandmother was frantic. Something was wrong.

With her heart hammering against her chest, Robin complied even though half of what her grandmother said didn’t register in her brain. She was in panic mode because of her too and it was taking over, still, she was silent as her grandmother pushed her down to the cupboard, closing it.

The loud crashing of door made her flinch. She couldn’t see, it was dark, but she could hear them. She always did have good hearing. There were a lot of heavy footsteps. She was scared but she held on to Miss Ann, tears coming down to her face.

“You’re not getting it!” Her grandmother screamed. “You will never find it!”

For a while, it was silent. Too silent. Then, she heard it. A dark, loud laughter coming from a man or maybe a monster. No man could have their voices vibrate like that. It sounded animalistic.

“We can find it for ourselves,” the man snapped at her. Robin’s eyes are closed. She didn’t want to hear anymore when she heard a sickening crack. “Right now, the concern is you. I’m tired and frankly, you old hag, you’ve run out of time.”

There was a loud crashing sound. It sounds like someone was breaking something but it all stops again until she hears barking, loud barking. Enough to vibrate the doors slightly open but not enough to reveal her hiding place.

Her grandmother screamed again. The sound of her pain made Robin’s heart constrict but she held onto her doll, wishing that her grandmother is safe, wishing that the monsters would leave, wishing that it was all a dream and she would be waking up now.

Something was chewing something. It sounded like her when she would eat the pigs that her grandmother would cook.

“Mind your manners, child!” Her grandma would hit her with the wooden spoon that she used to spank her with when she would be naughty. “You eat like a dog. Slobbering all over the table.”

The screaming was gone but there were breaking sounds again. Soon, there was nothing. There was no more snapping, breaking, or screaming. She must be safe, now.

As she pushed back the door, her Raggedy Ann doll slips her fingers and falls to the floor, something liquid hits her ankles.

Blood. She looks down and sees it everywhere. The floor is flooded with it. Her eyes move up to the trail and she sees her grandmother on the floor. Her eyes and mouth wide open; her stomach ripped apart with guts spilling out. She looked like the pigs that would be slaughtered right in front of her for dinner.

She couldn’t move.

Until someone grabbed her foot and pulled her down to the floor, the blood sticking to her. She looked like Miss Ann, now. Blood all over the body.

As she glanced upon the one who pulled her, she was met by a man with a beard, white long hair pushed back, and red glowing eyes gazing upon her. He roared at her. That’s when she realized that he must be the animal. The animal that killed her grandmother. “Who are you to traitor?”

“Gramma,” she answered, her voice so soft that it can barely be heard. Her voice was shaking as well are her hands. “You killed my gramma!”

The man smiled at her darkly. “Your grandmother was a bad person. My name is Joseph Victor, little lady. How about this—if you come with me, I won’t ever hurt you. I saved you from your grandmother, sweetie. I am now your guardian from now on.”

When she came out of that cabin, she never knew that it would take her years to discover the truth that her grandmother was never a bad person. They were—the supernatural creatures who hurt her. She was dead wrong to believe everything he said to her.

With their sinful actions and lies, she tried to kill the head of the snake but failed to do so. Still, at least she had gotten away from the clutches of Joseph Victor, the man who took everything from her and turned her into a killing machine.

Her name is Red Robin Hood—the little girl in the stories of Red Riding Hood and the man named Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. They’ve separated her story and turned her into a good person but one thing’s for sure, they’re the complete opposite of her. She became the most feared hunter in all of the lands—one where every supernatural creature would hope that they never run into her.

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