Mermaids of The Deep

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Main Characters

Kelly Shelton - UVT

Joseph Shelton - UVT

Umi Zephryne - MTT

Zephyre Zephryne - MTT

Kendari Assyriam - MTT

Kona Assyrian - MTT

Kauai Assyrian - MTT

Keilani Assyrian - MTT

Leilani Assyrian - MTT

Haiti Assyrian - MTT

Davao Assyrian - MTT

Brendon Carson - MIT

Brody Carson - MIT

Damarion Dalton - SCT

Davey Dalton - SCT

Dorian Burns -FWT

Kaito Becker - FWT

Minerva Baxter - FWT

Rodney Baxter - FWT

Shashida Addley - FWT

Wyatt Addley - FWT

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