Mermaids of The Deep

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Chapter 1

Minerva's POV

We have been stuck in this cave for over fourty-eight hours. We have had to survive off of the little kelp and seaweed that was growing.

I'm sure that our Tribe has sent out a search party by now, and our friends are probably really worried.

Rodney's strength is fading, due to lack of food, but he's holding on. He has gotten visibly thinner, and his face is sunken in and pale.

I have been trying my best to keep him awake, for fear that if he goes to sleep, he won't wake up again.

I glance over at Rodney to see that he has fallen asleep.

"Dammit. I let my guard down for one second, and you go and fall asleep."

I guess I should just let him sleep. I will have to keep an eye on him though. In the meantime, I should probably look around the cave again.

Minerva gets up and searches the cave again. As she is, her tail bumps something sticking up out of the sand. She reaches her hand down to pick it up, and examines the object.

It seemed to be an old compass, about two hundred years old. There was some sort of symbol on it, but it was covered by some moss and a bit of rust.

She picked off most of the moss, and makes out the letters, M-I-T.

The only thing that I know MIT stands for, is Mako Island Tribe. But that can't be right. This is Fresh Water Tribe territoty. MIT is a salt water tribe. There shouldn't be any belongings from other tribes in here.

Looking back to when I first found it, the moss looked like it had just settled, and it was really easy to pick off.

It took a minute for it to sink in, but it did, and Minerva understood that, someone else was in the cave with them.

Minerva decided she could use a quick spell to reveal any other Mer in the cave. The spell would give her temporary heat vision to see the body heat of other Mer besides herself.

She put her hand over her eyes. "Revelar." She spoke. Minerva pulled her hand away from her eyes and could imediately see Rodney's body heat.

She started looking around the entire cave and spotted two Mers' body heat signatures. They were hidden behind some stalagmites.

It took her a few minutes to decide what to do about them, but she decided on one thing.

"You can stop hiding. I already know you're there." Her voice echoed as she said all this.

Two mermen stepped out from behind the stalagmites. They both had blonde hair and blue tails. One had brown eyes, and the other green.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in Fresh Water territory?"

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