The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie Jackson wasn't born a wolf but made into one after a rouge attack. Agreeing to stay in her friends pack The Crimson Moon, she's happy to have just a mundane life; scared of other wolves. Simon Richmore is a powerful Alpha of the Black Moon pack and hasn't found his mate yet. When he does find her, he is surprised that she isin't as dominant as him. He needs a equally powerful mate to help lead his pack; one of the biggest in the country. Imagine his surprise when he encounters a frightened turned human who has no rank and is too scared of her own wolf. One who happens to be his mate As often in these cases, when the shoe is on the other foot, not everyone likes the outcome

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Simon P.O.V

All hell broke loose when Celine brought forth Rissa’s wolf spirit. Magnus changed into the biggest wolf I had ever seen! It seemed to be a sign for everyone to do the same because everyone from our side suddenly changed into their wolves apart from Scott, Kelsie me and Sophie.

I ran to Sophie and pulled her back as the fighting began. I saw Magnus jump towards Celine who just laughed and side stepped to let another wolf from her side try to take down Magnus.

“Baby, you need to move-”

“I won’t leave the fight!” She cut inn

“I’m not asking you to. I have a plan” I said

Scott ran towards us and put his hand on her stomach. I didn’t like that and let out a growl. I stopped when Kelsie did the same and I looked at them in confusion

“You’re pup Sophie” Scott said “He has given us an idea”

“What? Are you guys fucking crazy?” I said in disbelief

“No Simon, it’s true” Kelsie said “Look, there’s a way to do it and I...don’t know if I can but Scott can help. Sophie, stay here and fight by all means but listen to what your body is telling you because he is going to help”

"Help with what? What's the pup saying?" Simon asked

"We don't have time" Scott said

I looked over to the fighting and I saw a bloodbath. Some of the wolves from Celine’s side are already lying dead with their innards or necks torn out. Sherry, John the twins and Joe are fighting six wolves while three more are fighting the group Jerrick has. I thought this would be an easy battle when suddenly, a round blue light appeared and...what the hell? Wolves ran out of it. They didn’t seem like they were rogues or even bad ones. I didn’t get that vibe and yet they were attacking us, their eyes were glazed and black!

What had seemed like an easy feat, was turning into an all out war! Out of nowhere, Magnus jumped onto the first wolf that came out of the light and in one second, tore its throat out. By the time I had blinked, he had torn out eight wolves throats! He was magnificent and I had to admit; I had hero worship! I gasped when suddenly, a white beam of light hit the wolves and singed their flesh as they howled out in pain from their fur lighting up with fire. I opened my mouth in shock and saw that it was Sophie who had done that.

Our mate is fierce my wolf said let’s help finish this so they don’t get a chance to come near our family

Agreed I replied

My bones started cracking as my body twisted and contorted; my bones re-shaping into my wolf form. I howled out as I gave over control to my wolf, the power of the shift flowing through me. I could feel my claws digging into the earth as my jaw elongated and became a muzzle. I ran into the fight, my teeth snapping and biting at whatever wolves came my way. I knew Scott and Kelsie would protect Sophie; but if I killed a few of these traitors, then the less chances there are of them getting to her.


Sophie P.O.V

I watched as Simon turned wolf and ran into the fight, my heart in my throat. I wanted to call out to him to stay by my side, to be safe but I knew I couldn’t. He wasn’t a coward. He was a powerful wolf in his own right. Beside’s, I couldn’t be selfish. I felt my body tingle and knew I had to use magik again. My son would always let me know when my attention was needed! Scott suddenly changed into his wolf form and took a defending stance when three wolves started to come towards us. Kelsie stood behind him as Scott and a big brown wolf started to fight. Kelsie started chanting, causing a big sinkhole to open beneath the grey wolf that was heading her way. It fell down, howling at the others to let them know what was happening.

Seven other wolves all turned towards us and I held my hands out, imagining a dancing fiery spark. With that thought in mind, I sent out a blue spark of light which hit the first wolf that managed to get around Kelsie and Scott and headed my way. The spark hit the black wolf’s shoulder, causing the wound to fester away as if it was acid, eating through the flesh and bones while the wolf howled out in agony, tripping up on its paws as it tried to use the ground to get rid of the pain.

“Sophie! Look out!” I heard Kelsie shout out

A light brown wolf with a white belly had managed to sneak up behind me from a different angle, his teeth gnashing together, his growls chilling. I couldn’t believe I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings! Turning around, I was just in time enough to use the breeze to my advantage and lift the wolf into the air before tossing him up against a tree, his back hitting the tree hard enough to knock him out for a little bit. When I turn back around, I see Scott, biting at a wolf’s legs, several others lying around him, dead.

“Kelsie” I shout “Windmill”

“What?” She asked wide-eyed

“Erm...windmill?” I reply, unsure I even said the right thing, I mean, what the hell is a windmill?

She nodded and lifted her hands, holding them psalm out as if in a stop action before using the wind to lift the few wolves that were close to her. Automatically, I lift my hand and use the spark to hit each wolf as they rotated in the wind exactly like….a windmill! Oh my gosh! Before she then used that wolf and threw him towards other wolves who were attacking our pack. As the wolf fell down on his pack members or clipped them; my spark jumped onto the other wolves flesh and started to burn them too; causing them to howl out in pain.

“You bitch!” Celine screamed

She appeared out of thin air beside Kelsie before she stabbed her left side with a knife and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Kelsie screamed out in pain before clutching her side and falling to the ground. I ran towards her as Scott tried to keep fighting and with one hand, I blasted the wolves that were coming closer to us and with the other, I put onto her side and tried to heal her. When she keeps screaming, I realise that the wound keeps opening and closing; Celine had used dark magik on Kelsie!

“Let me help”

I looked up to see Sherry, naked as she crouched down and kneeled over Kelsie who was groaning in pain. I saw Magnus and his rogues fighting as more wolves kept coming out of this blue thing.

“We need to try closing that thing” I said

“I know. Dad’s working on it. Kelsie” Sherry said “I don’t know enough about magik. Tell me what to do”

“Sherry, Sophie; quick! Both of you put your hand on top of each other and press down”

When I looked where the voice was coming from, I was shocked. Mia was standing in front of us! Sherry and I looked at each other before looking at Mia

“Is she real?” I asked

“I don’t know” Sherry said

“Girls!” Mia shouted “I’m with Amelia at the hotel. I’m only projecting”

“You can project?” I asked, shocked

“Yes now do as I say! Celine has used the same dagger she used on Kelsie! Press together. She will scream but we need to get the poison she has injected into Kelsie - out”

Together we did what Mia instructed and Kelsie screamed; her pain carrying in the air as her tears poured out, her body withering in pain. I could hear Simon asking me if I was ok but I didn’t tell him the truth. I was feeling drained and I was scared. I closed our link after telling him I was fine when I suddenly felt a burst of energy. When I looked at my stomach, I saw it ripple, my pup moving about.

I am here and we are strong Sophie

Thank goddess! Where have you been? I asked my wolf

Learning something new she replied


I will explain later. Our pup is more powerful than we originally thought. Listen to me Soph She said Ask Sherry to use something sharp to cut a finger and to place that on Kelsie’s side. As soon as she does that it will do what the pup needs her to do

What? I asked confused

And ask Sherry to hold your shoulder with her other hand while you hold your hand out. Quick!

Relaying all of that back to Sherry, I hear Mia guide us on what my wolf told me. Sherry looks around on the ground as she tries to find anything sharp to use when a wolf jumps into the clearing where we were and ran towards us. I move my hand and blast him with a spark that hits him; causing him to yelp. Scott bounds over even as more wolves run after him and I shout at him to be careful. He approaches Sherry and whines when he sees his hurt mate; but then growls as more wolves start to come closer. Before I knew it, Magnus and two of his rogue pack members stood in front of us, their jaws matted with blood, their eyes red. Scott opened his jaw and Sherry leaned over and used Scott’s sharp canines to cut her finger. As soon as she presses down her blood into the festering wound, Kelsie screamed; her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her body bowed.

“Aaarrghh” I scream out

The sudden influx of power hitting my body has me screaming out. It feels like a thousand ants are crawling over my body

“Sophie?” I hear Sherry ask

“NO!” I shout “Don’t move your hand”

“But your in pain”

“I’m fine” I say, grinding my jaw

Lifting my hand, I do what I see the image doing in my mind. I opened my palm and this time, as I aimed it at the circle where wolves were coming out off; I felt something work it’s way from the inside. I felt different. I felt extremely powerful. Suddenly, my eyes turned white; a white and red blast of energy burst from my hand and into the circle where wolves were coming from; pushing them back in. I could feel my hair flying around my body and I realised that I was watching all of this from the inside. My body became taunt and the ants that I felt all over, started sending small electric shocks over my body; my blood felt very hot and I started to kneel so I could get a better shot.

Before my very eyes, I start to close the circle and realise that Celine has opened a portal. She had used dark magik to open up a doorway and if I didn’t close soon; it may not just be wolves coming through the door! Finally the portal closed and with my shaking arm, I collapsed as I tried to take in deep breaths. I saw Magnus look at me; his eyes full of pride as he held a dead wolf between his powerful jaws. I looked at Sherry who was sweaty and also breathing rapidly but her eyes were on a still Kelsie. I looked around for Mia and couldn’t find her.

I could hear the end of the battle. There weren’t many wolves left from Celine’s side and while I worried about so many bodies lying about; I knew that the majority was from her side. Kelsie groaned and Sherry and I moved our hand away.

“Fuck!” Kelsie said “I never want to go through that again!”

“Kels” I said “Are you ok?”

“She’s going to use you’re mum’s spirit to control your dad” Kelsie whispered to Sherry

“NO” Sherry cried out

“Shit!” I said “I had a bad feeling that was going to be the case. What do we do?”

Scott started to lick Kelsie’s face; his happiness at his mate being alive and well contagious as both Sherry and I laughed out loud. I looked up to see Magnus and Simon tear apart the last two wolves who were part of Celine’s group before working together to kill the one who I had knocked out behind me. The air smelled of blood, tasted of it too. I felt almost nauseous but tried to hold it in. Simon trotted over to me, his tongue darting out to lick my cheek as he hovered over me protectively.

When Magnus came forward, he first sniffed then licked at Sherry before coming close to me; his nose already bending to smell at my stomach. Simon growled; his discomfort and anger at another male getting this close to his mate without his permission; lethal. I tried to calm him by stroking his fur but he just bared his teeth at Magnus who now stood tall and proud; his height head and shoulders above everyone else in their wolf form. He growled back. Shit! This could turn ugly fast!

“Dad, Simon...Stop!” I said

When Simon growled again, I put up an invincible shield between the two, separating them and started to stand up. Sherry stood up too and tried to help me and I was grateful for her help. Somehow, between the fight and now, my stomach seemed to have expended and I felt awkward getting up. When she tried to help Kelsie, Kelsie flapped her away

“Leave me here. I can’t move. Eeeewww Scott!” She said “enough with the drool”

“Ok you two, you need to stop this!” I said to both dad and Simon

Magnus looked between us and promptly sat on his hunches; his eyes wandering around before he changed into his human self. I opened my mouth in shock when I saw that he changed back with clothes on. Before I could say anything, he waved his hands and Sherry suddenly had on a jeans and a black top.

“H...How? I thought when we changed into our wolves, apart from taking off your clothes first; they tore?” I said

“Because I am not just your average wolf my pup. There is much for you to learn but you could do this too” Magnus said smugly as he looked at Simon’s wolf who was still growling lowly

“I can?!" I asked “Can Sherry?”

“Yes. You both will be able to do this with practice. But then again, maybe you don't have to Sophie. You, after all; embody the moon goddess” Magnus said

“I do?” I ask, wide-eyed

“Yes. When you closed that portal, that wasn’t just you. The moon goddess took over. You’re eyes turned white Sophie” Magnus explained

“What the hell Magnus?” Simon said as he changed

“Careful pup” Magnus growled out, folding his arms

“Sophie!” Simon said “Let me out!”

“Not until you both calm down” I said, shaking my head

“What did you do?” Kelsie asked me as she now sat up

“I put them both in an invincible box that they can’t get out of until I say so” I say, reprimanding both Magnus and Simon as I looked at them

“I understand he is you’re father but reality is, he is not you’re blood father and my wolf and I didn’t like how close he got to you or our pup when he still had the adrenaline rushing inside of him from a kill”

“I would never harm her you insolent pup” Magnus growled, his eyes turning red in anger “And I am her father!”

“Stop it” I said, my breath shallow

“It wasn’t acceptable for another wolf to be so close to my mate and her pregnant belly as you were. Admit it” Simon said

“I admit nothing” Magnus growled back, his muscles bunching

“Erm dad. Not that I don’t love looking at Simon naked; could you please -“ I indicated, waving my hand about

Magnus just growled deeply as she looked at Simon who seemed to realise that he was naked as the day he was born. Oh for goddess sake! I wish I could just ask all of them to change back into their human form and I could just cloth the lot of them! This posturing was giving me a headache. I heard chuckling in my head that wasn’t my wolf and before I could question it; a large, bright light shone before all the men from our pack and they changed back into their wolves - fully clothed

I stared, open-mouthed at all of them and turned to look at Magnus whose arms were now lax, his eyes his normal colour and his mouth open.

“What?” I asked with a frown “And how come they all now how to be clothed, even Simon! I thought that was a skill!”

“It is” Magnus whispered “but they didn’t do that Sophie. You did! You commanded them to change!”

“i...I did?”

“Sophie” Simon said “Baby, could you let us out now? I think we have more pressing things to talk about”

I frowned before nodding and just like that, they were free. Simon ran to me and held me to him before looking at my expanded stomach, worry in his eyes. Magnus approached more cautiously and held his hand out to me. I placed my hand into his and gasped when he turned over my wrist so my palm was facing up.

“You have..You..” Magnus swallowed before starting again “You have a new mark.. Look”

I looked down as everyone else tried to look at what was on my wrist. Magnus kept look at my wrist, his thumb running over and over the new mark that was above the moon; shaped like a star.

“What is it?” I asked “What does it mean?”

“Is it possible?” Kelsie whispered

“What...what is it?” I asked

“The mark of the moon goddess herself” Magnus whispered

“I don’t get it? Haven’t I already got that with the moon?” I asked with a frown

“No my pup” Magnus said, his voice stronger now “It’s HER mark….it is said, that when the moon goddess came down to earth to guide the first of our kind, they weren’t strong enough to fight. So, she would select a warrior, usually a female warrior; who’s body she would inhibit and use her powers through. It is said, that if that body was used enough, a part of the moon goddess would live on in her”

“So i’m going to be possessed by the moon goddess?” I shrieked

“No my pup. Not in the way you are thinking” Magnus said “You will not only be able to harness her powers, but it means you will have a direct link to her. Goddess Sophie! It’s the equivalent of a human speaking to god directly while standing in front of god!”

Everyone started to mutter but I just closed my eyes. How is this possible? How am I going to cope with this? It is so much! When I looked down at my stomach I trembled

“Is this hurting my pup?” I asked Magnus

“No. He is growing because the power you have, you have consumed” Magnus said “But it does mean you will need to be more prepared on how to use you’re power”

“Not to break up this bubble or anything” Scott said, holding Kelsie close “but shouldn’t we leave from here?”

“We should” Magnus said, turning to his Pack “Gather the dead. We can’t leave them here for humans to find”

“Yes Alpha” One of the rogues said

“Burn their bodies. We will hold a service for them later. They weren’t here because they wanted to be here” Magnus said

“I felt that too” Simon said “They didn’t smell rogue or vibe of bad people. Is it possible she spelled them or done something to them?”

“Most likely” Magnus nodded “let’s not wait around for Celine to show up unannounced again”

“That’s another thing. She let the wolves fight for her yet didn’t stick around” Simon said “Something is weird. Are we really walking away without checking it out?”

“No, No way” I said

“No we are not” Magnus agreed “We need to go back in, find out what we are missing because this...this was too easy a win”


Kelsie P.O.V

Something was off. While we were in the clearing and discovering the extent of Sophie’s power, I knew that this fight was too simple. To easily won. There was more to come. I looked at all the dead bodies and all around our group but saw a couple of people missing. Where was Simon’s parents? Where was Anna, Jason and Ray?

“Where’s Joy and Peter?” I asked “A...and Anna, the girl who helped us? And the two guys from Jerrick’s pack? The twins?”

I could see everyone’s shock as they realised that some of our group was missing. Simon immediately started to call out for his parents when Jerrick told us that his pack members died. I felt so sad at that thought but knew that this war would have casualties. Scott tried to find his friends but it was clear that they were missing.

I started to feel a headache come on and my side started to burn. I heard Sherry complain of the same thing and when Scott touched me; his touch caused me pain. So much so, I hissed out. Scott moved his hand away as John stopped touching Sherry.

“What’s wrong?” Scott asked, his eyes full of worry

“I..I don’t know. My head is buzzing and my side is sore”

“Daddy” Sherry whispered “i ...I don’t feel to good”

Magnus reached out and brushed her cheek; caressing Sherry lovingly before Sherry gripped Magnus with her nails, her eyes wolf; her smile evil. John and Jerrick tried to pull Sherry off Magnus whose wrist was now bleeding while Magnus pack member’s tried to help the alpha escape from his daughter. When Scott looked at me, we both knew this was Celine’s doing

Suddenly, Magnus growled and ripped free from Sherry who was flung back, sending her, John and Jerrick falling to the ground as he bent over; holding his bleeding wrist. I had just seen the start of the black poison bubbling in his blood and about to raise the alarm when he reared up and grabbed Sophie by the throat.

“Magnus!” Simon shouted

“Daddy! No” Sherry screamed

“Alpha!” His pack member shouted

Magnus growled, his eyes changing between red then black. It was clear he was in pain and was trying to control something but what, we didn’t understand. Everyone was trying to tear them apart. I didn’t understand why Sophie just didn’t knock Magnus off his feet. She had the power to do so. Yet she only clawed at his hands, trying to free herself. Suddenly Magnus spoke and the voice chilled us

“If you want her to live, then send Kelsie, Sherry and Magnus to me”

Celine’s voice! But how?!

“Celine!” Simon shouted “You bitch! Let her go”

“Magnus wouldn’t dare fight me right now. Do you know why? Because I have command of him! My plan went perfectly. The second Sherry cut her finger and mixed their blood. I was able to control Sherry and in turn, Magnus when she drew his blood”

“No” I whispered “Let them go Celine!” I shouted

Magnus turned his face towards me, His other claw’s now out and threateningly near Sophie's stomach; his eyes now more black than red

“You always were a weak child. But now, I have what I need. You and Sherry will come with Magnus to me. No plan’s, no fighting; no nonsense”

“How are you commanding him when he is so strong?” I asked

“Because his heart is not pure. Not like this little” Magnus took a whiff of Sophie’s smell “treasure. His tainted heart is dark enough that I was able to break a little chip away as his demon side so does love the power. But the biggest bargaining chip? His mate is begging him to to come to her” Celine cackled which sounded strange coming from Magnus’s mouth

“Please” Sherry said, tears running down her face “Let him go, let them both go! I’ll come to you”

“Sherry!” John whispered “No”

“I’ll do it too. I’ll come. Just let them go Celine” I said

“Fuck no” Scott said angrily

Simon was still trying to free Sophie and I could tell Sophie's breathing was going to stop any moment as she blinked, her eyes hazy as if seeing black dots dance before her eyes. Magnus eyes turned red for a moment , his eyes filled with pain


“It’s ok dad” Sophie whispered as her eyes struggled to stay open

“You know what I want” Celine said “I need your blood and family’s blood is what will make this work! Aaron will live again. He will walk this earth as the supreme he was meant to be!”

“Then let them go” Sherry shouted “we are agreeing to it aren’t we?”

“Oh but i’m not done.” Celine said smugly “i need Magnus because his demon mark will help Aaron become strong physically. I need Kelsie and you’re blood to give him enough witch power to keep him part of our bloodline so he could do black magik as he needs But-”

She stops talking, her evil smirk lifting the side of Magnus’s mouth in a horrible display. My heart beats as I know what’s coming next won’t be good. Her sickness knowing no. bounds. I was proven right when she spoke again

"You know that Aaron needs the blood of the supere. The soul of the supreme. But which supreme?” She chuckled.

“W...what do you mean?” I ask

Turning his head, Magnus/Celine looked at Simon who was still trying to make sure Sophie had enough air to breathe. Magnus hands were now only holding Sophie by the neck but not squeezing it.

“I have an offer for you young alpha” Celine said “Send Sophie along with them-”

“Never!” Simon shouted, cutting her off

“It’s not a request. With a single command, I could tell Magnus to break her neck. I will still take the soul and you wouldn’t be able to stop me. The only difference is; do it willingly and I will let the rest of you go; to live, otherwise-”

Celine cut off, smirking when Simon growled. He saw Sophie now struggle to breathe and he gripped her around the waist, holding her up so she could breathe a little easier

“So about my offer” Magnus/Celine said when he turned his head to Simon “it’s a choice. I still require the soul of the supreme. And you have two. Now, according to my….friends….Once that supreme is in Aaron’s body; the other will lose the supreme power. can’t have two powerful being on this earth at the one time now can we?”

Celine chuckled. Scott and Simon growled, Sherry and I looked at each other; worry on our faces mirroring each other’s. The rest of the pack stood frozen in disbelief at what was happening.

“SO” Celine shouted in triumph “I give you an offer young alpha; to choose””

“Chose?” Simon asked in confusion

“Yes. To choose. Once you send me Sophie. Which supreme do you want me to take?. To choose who lives and who dies. You’re mate? Or your pup?”

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