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The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie Jackson wasn't born a wolf but made into one after a rouge attack. Agreeing to stay in her friends pack The Crimson Moon, she's happy to have just a mundane life; scared of other wolves. Simon Richmore is a powerful Alpha of the Black Moon pack and hasn't found his mate yet. When he does find her, he is surprised that she isin't as dominant as him. He needs a equally powerful mate to help lead his pack; one of the biggest in the country. Imagine his surprise when he encounters a frightened turned human who has no rank and is too scared of her own wolf. One who happens to be his mate As often in these cases, when the shoe is on the other foot, not everyone likes the outcome

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The constant buzzing of my alarm told me it was time for work, but I couldn’t be bothered to get up, so I hit the snooze button, knowing that it would give me 10 more minutes. Just as I was about to fall into a deeper sleep, my alarm went off again. Grumbling in frustration, I got up. Thank god it’s Friday!

I get up and walk out of my bedroom and into the bathroom where I turn on the shower and quickly brush my teeth as I wait for the shower to heat up. Checking the temperature, I quickly have my usual 6 minute body shower before tying a towel around my body. I ran into my room so I could get myself ready, pulling on the clothes I had laid out yesterday night.

Wearing a black skater dress with white and red stripes and black tights, I put on smart red boots to go with it. I don’t usually do a lot of makeup as, one - I am crap at putting on makeup and cant contour for shit, two - I am not a barbie doll and honestly can’t be bothered and three I don’t have the patience to learn how to apply it properly. I know the basic, concealer which i need to tap with the brush to set it in, eyeliner which barley gets a little stub at the end because again, I can’t do any of that fancy stuff like cat eyes and a little lipgloss, usually a pale pink or beige/clear, just to look nice.

Today I had to apply it more carefully as my boss, Joe Price, was having someone very important over for a meeting. Joe owned two big offices in London where I worked as a secretary for him. No, no; nothing like that. He is very happily married to Amelia, who happens to be a friend of mine I met in college. After graduating college three years ago with a Social Sciences course, I realised I didn’t want to go into that field and I couldn’t decide what to re-train in. So I floundered but knew I needed a job; after all, I couldn’t stay in London, one of the most expensive cities in the UK, without a job. So Amelia who was in the same course as me, suggested I help her husband out who needed a secretary, knowing I wasn’t the type who would try anything on with him. Yeah, right! As if I could compete. She was tall, slim with stunning straight brown hair, baby blue eyes and the perfect tanned skin that glowed.

I’m the opposite. Im ’57, I have black unmanageable, naturally curly hair that can’t decide if it wants to be frizzy or curly so it does both, especially after my shower or when rain touches it. I have grey eyes and not too bad skin, the kind that easily tans with very little sun but equally one that if I don’t get enough sleep, I look like a zombie with dark circles under my eyes. You’re probably thinking, that’s not bad. Ah but it is. You see I’m curvy. Not the cute Kim kardashian way, but as in, I have the big chest, a nice ass and a belly. Nothing majourly big, but while the belly can be hidden in my dresses, I will never be mistaken for a supermodel.

So three years ago I joined his electronic specialist company. I locked my door and ran out of my flat, down the stair with my black DKNY bag and my lunch bag, I walked briskly across the street and through the small square park before stopping in front of the bus stop and behind a few people who were already waiting in line. It was already busy even though it was only 7.20am. Within a few minutes the right bus for me to take arrived and many people got on, grabbing seats quickly. I kept standing as my stop was only four stops away. While it was a half hour walk, maybe forty minutes max, I just couldn;t walk there in the morning. Walking back home wasn’t too bad but early in the morning? No thanks. Not to mention, it was my way of saving my weight increase which would shoot up since between my flat and the office; the temptations of morning breakfast shops were plentiful.

Arriving at my stop, I quickly get off and walk the twelve steps (yes, I counted) to the shiny silver building with great blacked out windows. Scanning my staff pass to get through the door, security waved to me as I took the elevator up to the 5th floor where I worked with the boss.

“Hey Soph. Can you come into the office quickly please?” Amelia said. I looked at her in surprise. She doesn’t come into the office much and especially not this early. I wonder whats going on.

“Hey Am, erm sure. I’m surprised to see you here though. Everything ok?”

I know something was up as soon as I walked into the room because not only is Joe, my boss there but so is his right hand man Scott Mellbrook. A hunk of guy who is tall, at least 6’1 with jet black hair styled like Zain Malik, brown eyes and the most lushist muscles and lips any guy has. I had to look away because anytime I see him, I drool.

“Ok Soph. Sit down, we have to talk” Joe said. He seems pretty edgy.

“Soph. You know we would never place you in danger right?” Amelia asked, as if checking with me

I nodded, I was starting to slightly worry as she came and sat down beside me on the big black couch.

“Soph. The meeting today, It isn’t with human’s; It’s with another pack, with an Alpha. It’s a treaty meeting”

I sucked in a breath, now understanding why they are so worried. While I was in college, it was only my 6th week in, after leaving Amelia’s house, I had taken a shortcut home. It wasn’t even that dark or late, maybe 10pm. Plenty of people around. I did that stupid thing where your walking to fast and somehow twist your own foot on it’s side. I didn’t fall but I had to sit by a park bench for a few seconds. It was then I heard this scary growl and saw what I thought was a dog.

I love animals so naturally, I wanted to pet it. I limped over by this shadowed tree, not even being smart about it and ….I got attacked. The dog wasn’t a dog. It was a wolf. He bit my leg trying to drag me away and my scream bought a few people to my rescue. I was shocked! A wolf attack in London? What? I had been taken to the hospital where they asked me to contact my next of kin. I didn’t really have anyone. I was twelve when my dad died, my mum has been a great mum, but she has also been ill for the last three years. She fought cancer for four years before going into remission and then a year ago she got severe arthritis. Even though we are both originally from Newcastle UK, I helped my mum move to a warmer climate. Moving to Spain where the sun was warm, helped her a lot and it took a lot of prompting from me to convince her I would be fine on my own. I don’t have any siblings, and the only family left were dad’s sister who hardly ever spoke to us due to her posh and wealthy stuck up husband who didn’t like how northern we were and how we spoke and mum’s younger sister who lived all the way up in the Scottish Highlands. I wasn’t going to call her. Besides, it would have taken her almost 8 hours to get here.

I had called Amelia who had rushed to the hospital and had taken one look at my bite, rushed to speak to the doctor before having me discharged to go home. Amelia took me to her big house in Wembley where my world changed. Their house was HUGH with surprisingly many people living there. I counted at least nine who I was pretty sure weren’t related to them

It was here Amelia blew my mind. Joe came into the room along with Scott the hottie and told me that it wasn’t just a wolf. It was a werewolf and a rouge. It was a rouge who had plans to not just attack, but to breed me. I looked at them as if they were crazy. I mean come on? Werewolves? I laughed it off until Joe started stripping and right in front of my eyes, he changed! Into a massive russet coloured wolf. He was big, as in his head came to Ameli’s shoulder almost. I screamed and I’m pretty sure I passed out for a bit before coming back around.

When I eventually woke up, they told me how the world was full of them but hidden, and that due to how deep that bite was, I was going to be one and shift. I wouldn’t get the same urge as them to shift but I would be one and that I would be part of their pack. It was an adjustment I tell you. It was three months later when I first shifted and it hurt! But I was a really beautiful cream and brown wolf and my human self also got better. My hair became healthier, my cheeks had a natural tings, most likely as wolves have an internal furnace and my sound, smell and sight was better. Not as amazing as those that were born to it, but better than the average human.

Oh and the best part? Because I was a wolf, my heating bill was ridiculously low!! But the attack left me shaken and wary. Especially of other wolves who weren’t rouges. I couldn’t help it. In the end Joe, who is the Alpha, decided that I would help with meetings and work but I didn’t need to be present at meetings or confined spaces with wolves. Thank god his dealing was predominately with humans and the odd wolf here and there.

“Soph. The Alpha will be here in an hour, but if you really don’t want to be here, you don’t have to be” Joe said, looking at me

“If you want to stay, I’ll be here too Soph” Scott said, his eyes soft.

“I...I don’t think I can. I’m sorry!” I say, looking down.

“It’s ok. Look, if you could maybe setup everything else in the room, catering guys should be up soon with the food and if you leave a note where the hot drinks need to be, they will get it sorted nearer the time” Joe said. He squeezed my shoulder in support.

Joe and Amelia walked out of the room while Scott helped me up and we walked to the main meeting room together. I went about setting everything quick and explained things to the in-house catering company. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8.30am. The meeting doesn’t start until 9.30am so it’s perfect. I get the go ahead for me to take my laptop home with me and start grabbing some files to take. I decided that since the meeting was only going to be two hours, I could go to the local coffee shop, do work there and then come back into the office just after lunch by which point they would have left.

I waved at everyone, took all the items I needed and went to a coffee shop that was a three minute walk. I ordered a hot chocolate, a white chocolate cookie, a grilled mushroom and cheese sandwich as well as some crisps for later; and I took the couch and table furthest away from the window. I didn’t even realise time had gone by before I got a call from Scott.

“Hey Soph”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Just wondering if you are still planning on coming back into the office?”

“Sure, I was thinking about 12 or 1pm”

“Well it’s almost 1pm now, so if you are and you’re still at that Krispies cafe, could you pick me up some stuff?”

I looked at my phone and sure enough, it said 12.43pm. I grabbed my things up and made sure nothing was left behind before picking up and paying for Scott’s lunch. I walked quickly back to the office and had just gotten into the elevator when I heard a low growl. A shiny black boot wedges the door open before stepping through. I looked at the most handsome man I had ever seen. He was easily over 6’1, had blonde hair that was slightly spiked, nice brown eyes and lots of muscles. As in Dwayne Johnson style and that is seriously hot.

I smile at him, yet I feel a little weird. I feel almost like my wolf speak which is weird as I try and not communicate much with her. It feels weird saying ‘my wolf’ and I know that to these guys it’s natural but to me, sharing my head space with someone is weird.

“Mate” He said

“What?” the elevator close as it started to rise up

Suddenly I’m pushed up against the wall and he has my arms trapped, his body pressed against mine before his lips capture mine. This is so crazy! I’m making out with some random stranger at work, his hips rubbing against my pussy as he grabs one of my legs and puts it on his hips. He’s grinding against me, his kisses are stealing my breath away and our tongues are dancing and playing with each other.

“Your fucking mine” he says before kissing me again

Suddenly the lift doors open and I hear Scotts voice


We break off our kiss and he pulls my head back slightly as he looks into my eyes. Just as the door is about to close, Scott comes in and tries to get between us.

“Simon, stop” I hear Scott say

Well, I guess I know his name now. Simon growels at Scott who seems to be ignoring the sign. I know something important is happening yet I can’t understand what. I hear Joe’s voice as he tells us to stop and come out of the elevator so others could use it. Simon grabs my hand in his and I feel little sparks go off all over my arm. He pulls me out of the elevator and follows Joe to his office. Scott reaches for my other hand but Simon whips his head around and flashes his eyes which are now golden. I start to panic, my heart races as I tug out my hand from his, my shortness of breath causing me to see light spots appearing in front of my eyes. Then nothing. Only blackness.

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