The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

“Well, if you can guarantee this then I don’t have a problem. Like I said before, It’s up to you how you run it. BUT you have to make sure that the pack is safe and there no legal actions of any kind from humans” I say as I close the file and setting it down on the table

“I can alpha. I have even got a contingency in place if something did go wrong, but the advantage is that since we have nine human’s who are mates to various pack members, they themselves are able to advise and make it look like it’s a normal place” Rick said.

At my nod, the rest of the team sigh and get up, shaking hands with each other. John smiles and looks at the clock, groaning.

“It seems that we have missed lunch. Betty gave us sandwiches which we had at 1pm, but I was sure they would be an appetizer. Let me call down to find out what’s left over. Rick, would you and your team like to stay for dinner? We have guest cabins on the property for anyone visiting the pack” John invited

Rick, a wolf named Rylan and a human mated to a wolf named Josh were my pack but Rick worked with four other pack members out of our pack who were going to help us set up a new construction company that had its own call centre and offices which would be able to hire both humans and non-humans. Going over the figures and information highlights how lucrative this endeavour would be. The other wolves looked at us in surprise. Even though it was only a two hour journey home, inviting these guys to dinner has extended a hand of friendship that much better than just having a working relationship.

“Thank you. I for one have heard much about the Den mother’s cooking here and would be happy to stay for dinner. I would also like to take the offer up of the cabin and freshen up if possible” Jerrick says with a smile

The other two also nodded but one wolf looked embarrassed and looked away, fidgeting. He seemed to be the youngest of them all, no more than eighteen at least. I raised my eyebrow at him in enquiry but Jerrick laughed and slapped him on the back, answering for him

“Alpha, our boy Eric here had just found his mate three days before visiting. Alas, the girl is only sixteen and since she can’t tell he is her mate; our boy is itching to go back - so he can stare at her from afar so that no danger befalls her” Jerrick dramatically says

The group laughed while Rick’s ear tips turned red in embarrassment. While I chuckled, I also felt empathy. Mates really make us go crazy. We turn into puppies, wagging our tails for just a hint of a smile and when we get that smile? We feel like we have won the world. Feeling sorry for him, I laughed and offered a ride home if he wanted to leave right now which he gratefully accepted. The rest of the group made their way downstairs with John as he guided the guest to the cabins and explained about the layout.

I went to the apartment, telling myself it was so I could grab a drink but really it was because I missed my mate, I missed her scent. I needed to see her. Annoyed at that yet unable to do anything about the feelings, I let myself into the apartment and walked to our room. Her perfume and scent lingered but faintly, letting me know she hadn’t been in this room for a while. I couldn’t mind-link her because she hadn’t bitten me yet. I let out my frustration at that thought. The first time I took her, I bit her and made the bond, but Soph didn’t bite me and I thought, ok; she will once we mate again. The four time we had sex, I bit her each time, making the bond stronger and yet she didn’t. Not once. Not even coming close to it. I growel in anger as I walk around in the apartment, a little agitated and decide to go for a run, it’s the only way for me to blow of this steam that I have been keeping inside all the while that meeting was going on.

I took the list down to the floor and saw a few people wave at me, glad that the pack house wasn’t that busy. I smelled my mate’s faint smell to say she had been here and again my wolf hit against my wall; telling me to let him find her but that’s a bad idea. He would demand that she mark him and then go onto knot her and give her pups. I can’t let that happen, my wolf is not logical and thinking only about keeping her but I know there’s more to her story and I need to know what it is. Running onto the back porch, I shift midair and start running into the abundant woodland area we have behind the house. My wolf, a russet coloured wolf, ran fast and hard, his eyes changed to black as I let him take control for the run, promising him his mate once I found out what was going on with her. The soil crumbling beneath my paws, the salty wind in our fur brings its own pleasure as we jump over fallen twigs and broken tree branches. We catch the scent of a rabbit and start to chase it, our mind on enjoying our true form, our run as we immerse ourself back into nature.


Sherry P.O.V

It’s nearly 5.00pm and I look over at Sophie and see her laugh at something Arik and Claire show her on the computer. I can’t believe our Luna is so nice!

Of course she is love. She had to be to balance out Simon my mate mind-linked me

Hey! Where are you? I thought you guys finished at 3pm?

We did, but we invited them to stay for dinner and I had to give them a couple of 2 bed cabins so I had to show them around. We ended up hitting the gym and lost track of time. I’m heading to shower now and we will see them at dinner. Where are you?

We are in the gaming room, but John we need to talk. Tasha is back. I say somberley

Fuck! I actually forgot about her! Where is she? Has Soph-

She met her in the toilet’s. Tash was being her usual bitchy self but I diverted her attention. I cut in I told her of all the pending work including the urgency for the plant contract that she had to do. I’m the beta fem so she can’t really argue when I said she couldn’t use the office upstairs as it was occupied. It’ll only keep her busy for so long. Their relationship is so fragile and it doesn’t help that Scott hangs around her all the time.

Noticed that too huh?

Hard not to. He’s a nice guy. she’s not his mate, but i don’t think he cares about that

Where is he just now?

He went to get us all hot drinks. Our Luna loves her tea. It’s her fourth one since lunch. I giggle.

I hear John laugh and joke when he goes quiet. I ask what is wrong and he shushes me while he has a conversation, I assume with Simon

Simon’s agitated. Something is going on but he wont tell me what. He wolfed out and has gone for a run. Tell Tasha to pick up those supplies from Manchester. Knowing her, she has probably gone back to her room with the intention of bringing over some clothes to stay. I’m going to call the beta in Manchester and tell him to try to delay her for two or three days.

She is not going to be happy but I agree. I’ll get onto that right now.

Great. Can you also get claire to book a table for dinner with Betty. Indoors, say for 6.30pm. Invite Arik and Scott since Sophie wouldn’t eat without them.

Sure babe. Oh crap, I can see Tasha’s car coming up on the drive. Catch you later

I close off the mind-link and quietly leave the room just as Scott comes back in with take-away coffee and tea cups with some biscuits. I walked out of the house and was by her car before she turned off the engine. She looked at me in surprise before her mouth twisted and she smiled crookedly at me, coming out of the car.

“What can I help you with Sherry?” She asks

“We just got called that Dante’s uncle is delivering the marble. Simon and John need you to go get that along with the treaty documents and witness the signatures” I say

“WHAT?” She shouts “I just got back today! I haven’t even seen Simon yet! I’ll go in a couple of days” She says cheekily before trying to walk around me

“Are you defying a direct beta’s order?” I ask as I block her movement

“Sherry I’m sure Simon would want-”

“Simon wants this to happen so we can move on and organise things. There’s only ten weeks left until the blue moon celebrations and every year the numbers get bigger. We even have seven more cabins to build along with Rick’s plant. So you should get going”

She gives me the evil eye but can’t match my Beta-fem power as she moves her eyes away from me. She clearly tried to mind-link Simon but since he wolfed out and put up a wall to block people out, she couldn’t get through. She huffed and shook her head before mumbling under her breath and getting back into the car. She rolls down the window

Are the guest’s staying the night? Claire will need to-”

“I’ve got that. I’ll help Claire sort it out, don’t worry. Just make sure you don’t come back without witnessing that signature. You know how pedantic Simon get’s and with everything happening at once, he prefers all his t’s crossed and i’s dotted. I’ll see you in two or three days” and with that I walk away, my super hearing picking up her snarky, bitchy comment as she lists out all the things she will change when she is the Luna. Yeah, good luck with that bitch.

I go back into the house and wave off other people who are either leaving their work or entering for the dinner shift. I walk back into the office and see Claire look my way with a raised eyebrow before looking towards the window, her question clear

They don’t know about each other. Let’s keep it that way for at least three four days so we can give these guys a chance to know each other.

“Claire, could you please book a table for 6.30pm, indoors for ten people please” I ask aloud

“Book?” Sophie ask’s, confused

“Yeah. When Simon has guest or dinner meetings, we have space both indoors and out where private dining can take place. Betty then has a couple of staff members do what they did at lunch but in a closed off room; or with enough notice, cater a private function”

“Jeez, how big is this place?” Arik ask’s, clearly impressed

“Seems a bit of a waste of money” Scott says as he folds his arms over his chest

I raise one eyebrow at that comment before turning away and grabbing Sophie’s arm in mine and encourage her to come with me to speak to Betty about the arrangements and menu selection

“I...I...I don’t know how to do any of that” She says worriedly

“Simon said that you were a PA before he met you. Just pretend that you are setting up a dinner meeting for your boss with caterers who have already been approved off and you know the menu. I’ll be there with you”

Seeing Scott move to come with us, I turn to face him with a smile, my intention to have him stay here and away from my Luna.

“Don’t worry Scott, Soph’s got this right?” I smiled encouragingly at her “Besides, once Claire finishes and locks up the office, you guys will want to get ready for dinner as both you and Arik are also invited”

“Why?” Scott asked, surprised

“Because his Luna will be with him and both you and Arik are still guests and he knows Soph likes to eat with you both. So be down stairs just five minutes before and Betty will show you to the room. We will see you guys later because Soph and I have work to do”

With that I left him standing in the middle of the office, his frown firmly in place with his arms folded in displeasure. I walked out with Sophie, encouraging her and pulling on her PA experience as we both approached Betty and started to organise the dinner plans.


Simon P.O.V

I finally got into the apartment after almost two hours of running and questioning my desire for my mate. Even after all this time, the scent of my mate is hardly here, letting me know she hasn’t been back in the apartment for a while. I went into the bathroom and started to shower, my mind going over how Sophie looked this morning when I finger fucked her and how she responded. I am a powerful alpha and need an equally powerful mate. One who can hold her own. Sophie seems to almost be scared of her own shadow and that just won’t work; and yet I know that the thought of giving her up wouldn’t work. Finishing my shower, I wrap a towel around my waist and walk into the bedroom, my stomach now rumbling with hunger. I grab my boxers, black chinos and matching white and black polo shirt and look at the clock, seeing it was almost close to 5.50pm.

I’m almost ready and was just about to gel my hair in place when the most amazing smell hits my nose before I hear laughter.


Ok. Ok. Calm down, I’m sure we will see her in a bit.

I tried to act like her presence didn’t bother me. I’m the fucking alpha, a god-damned powerful one at that! I should be able to have more control! I’m not some pussy whipped boy who can’t live without his mate!

But we can’t my wolf says

I ignore him but my ears strain as I hear her talk to Sherry about enjoying what she did and how much she actually missed doing this. What was she talking about? I hear Sherry tell her she did good and that she could see her being a great Luna and a great friend. I could feel my mate’s pleasure at that through the bond and my wolf preens at the compliment, secure in the knowledge that we have such a great mate.

Hair fixed, I look myself once over before leaving the room and walking to where the voices are coming from, our kitchen but I stop when I hear Sherry ask Sophie a question my wolf and I wanted to know about.

“So, do you think you could be happy here?” Sherry asks

“It’s all going so fast….but yes, I like it here. The people are mostly friendly” Sophie says, her voice wavering a little

Who dared to hurt our mate? my wolf asked, his desire to shift and tear them apart strong.

“Sophie, you can do this. I trust my besti”

“Besti?” She asks before laughing “I don’t know how Scott’s gonna feel about that”

I growel as both my wolf and I get angry at the thought of Scott being in her life and so close to her, especially as I know he wants her as his mate. I can feel my eyes shift between my wolf eyes and my own and I take deep breaths to calm myself.

“Soph” Sherry says “ know that Scott’s not gonna be able to stay here with you right? I...I..mean..I know you guys are close but that’s just not practical”

“I know Sher-”

Suddenly Sherry squeals before I assume she starts jumping since I hear her shoes moving about. I peak a look through the slight open door of the kitchen only to see Sherry laughing and hugging a blushing Sophie and my heart stops at the happiness on her face. Sherry is in front of her and all I can see is the side of Sophie’s face but even from here I can see how relaxed her face is and both my wolf and I are happy.

“I’m definitely your besti now” Sherry squealed again “You’ve given me a nickname!”

Sophie laughed harder and I decided to go in and see her, my wolf itching to be close to his mate. Opening the door wider, I walk in with a smile and both Sherry and Sophie turn to look at me. My eyes drift over to my mate and I can feel my face heat up before losing colour and my body tremble in anger.


Sophie P.O.V

The kitchen door opens and I see Simon, looking so hot! And I just smile at him. His chinos and shirt showed off his form to perfection and I just remember how those thighs felt under me as I rode him, like a stallion! And his muscles, god! They just bulge!

“What the fuck are you wearing?” He says, folding his arms

“Simon! Don’t be a dick!” Sherry says, having my back

“Tell me you didn’t wear this outside of the apartment” He growels, coming into the kitchen and standing in front of me

I look over at Sherry who nods at me. When we were downstairs, she and I started to chat and we spoke about how Simon was usually calm and collected but with me, he seemed to really become overly possessive. Sherry worked it out that it was because I hadn’t bitten him yet and marked him as my mate. I managed to fob it off and say it was due to still getting to know him but the truth was, I was scared. Not only does he not know that I was human and that I haven’t changed since that first time so many years ago but also that I was scared of my feelings.

He is so passionate. Sex between us won’t ever be a problem and he can surprisingly be very sweet and tender. But he’s an alpha. My fear of alphas can’t just go away. This isn’t a romance book where I suddenly become brave. But what scares me most….is that he’s an alpha of one of the most powerful and largest packs in the UK! I mean, if I say yes to him; I’m a Luna and in charge of over a thousand people! Like what the fuck? I can barely find my own straightener at times because I forget where I put it in my rush to go out, never mind guiding and being in charge of so many people who look up to you and who assume you know better.

Simon clears his throat to get my attention and Sherry encourages me to stand up for myself and I look at his angry face before replying

“Yes I did”

“You what!? So you let all these random men see you with your ass hanging out and bare midriff and tits out?” He shouted, stalking closer to me

“Don’t be a dick sy” I say, copying Sherry’s words, “My ass is not hanging out, these are cutoffs and cover my ass! My top may dip a little and the TOP of my breast can be seen but it’s not all on display the way you are over exaggerating!” the words gradually getting louder

He lifts his eyebrow at me, smirks and grabs the back of my head and holds it as he kisses me, his lips soft yet demanding. It was animalistic. It was hot. Suddenly I bite his bottom lip and my eyes widen when he pulls back before his eyes shift to black, deeply growels and lits me up. His big hands grab and hold onto my ass as my legs wrap around his waist. He starts to kiss me harder when I suddenly feel a wall against my back

“No! guys cant have sex! We are already going to be late for dinner as it is” Sherry’s voice cuts in.

I lift my head away from Simon’s kiss who groans and looks at Sherry in anger. I push at his shoulder and he kisses me again while grinding his cock against me and god it’s so hard! I want to fuck him so bad but she’s right. I still need to shower and change clothes.

“Wear something else and not so revealing”

“Sy stop. I get that I’m your mate but-”

“There’s no but Soph! My wolf is going crazy right now knowing that you are dressed so proactively and that other male wolves look at you, especially as you haven’t marked me yet” He says

There’s silence in the room. His face is pale and he runs his hand through his hair before looking away. I don’t think he was meant to say that and regrets it. I open my mouth as he signs and without looking at me he moves away a little

“It’s almost 6.00pm. I’m going to go down. I’m sure the guys will be happy to have some drinks to wind down. Try not be too late”

With that he turns to walk away. I can feel his sadness and I choke, shocked that I have let my wolf come through enough to feel his pain and uncertainty. I reach out to grab his hand and he stops but doesn’t look at me.

“Sy” I say “I...I’m sorry. I...I’m trying. Please...I..I”

“It’s ok kitten” He sighs before turning to give me a kiss on the forehead “I’ll see you down there”

He walks out and not long after, I hear the front door close. I sigh and bow my head, trying to blink out the tears when I feel Sherry hug me from the side, her touch comforting and warm

“Come on Luna. Let’s get you ready” Sherry says as she guides me back to the bedroom

I smile at her gratefully and tell her I will meet her downstairs once ready but she insists on meeting me outside our apartment and after helping me to select the dress for dinner, goes down to get ready herself I thoroughly washed my hair and used my orange body wash three times before I felt ready to come out of the shower. I wrap a towel around me and quickly try to dry my hair, opting to straighten it this time. I had just put on my white and blue summer dress that sit’s off-shoulder and is to my knee when I hear the knock. I run and see that it is Sherry and let her into the apartment

“Wow! Hot chica!” She says as she follows me back into the bedroom

“Aww thanks, but I think it’s you who’s hot! I thought this was casual” I say as I point to her red floor length dress.

“It is. Mine is more a beachy holiday dress. You’re more sexy sophisticate and you should be, since you are the Luna”


“You are” She cuts in

I shake my now glossy straight hair and grab my diamond earrings and a swarovski crystal bracelet and put them on and giggle.

“It’s funny to think I don’t need a purse. Should I even bother taking my mobile with me since everyone I know everyone who will be at the dinner” I ask

“Nah. I never do. Especially as I mostly mind-link if I need to speak to someone in the pack”

Grabbing my red lipstick, I apply a light coat and after making sure it was all in place, we leave the apartment and take the lift downstairs. Sherry was making me laugh about her tales on how she planned to seduce John at the dinner and tease him since she wasn’t wearing any panties when we arrived at the dining area. Betty took us around the corner away from where the rest of the dinner crowd had started to sit, some weaving at me while others were calling out to both of us. It still boggles my mind that they have a private function room here through a locked corridor.

As we got closer to the room, Betty was talking about it being good timing as it was just about to be 6.30pm and she had served some drinks and small appetizers, I started getting a funny feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t understand why my body was reacting like this, why I was feeling warm then cold. I could hear my wolf and her voice was strong this time but with extra effort, I told her to be quiet as I ignored her voice. Sherry opened the door and we stepped through, my eyes seeking Simon who was first talking to a couple of people I didn’t know before looking over at me; his eyes widening,

We entered the room and said hello to everyone as Simon came towards me, kissed my cheek and introduced me to everyone else as his Luna. Arik and Scott smile and walk over to me, asking me how the day was and how I enjoyed helping out with everything

“You helped?” Simon asks as he whispers in my ear

I nod and look at his face, his eyes staring back at me thoughtfully. He takes a strand of my hair and rubs it between his fingers before kissing my lips softly. He moves back and asks everyone to sit down as he explains what Rick was doing with the new plant and that the guests visiting today were from another pack. I notice one seat across from me empty as John is sitting to the left of that chair and the other pack member on the right.

“Jerrick is taking a quick call Betty but go ahead and start serving as I’m sure he won’t be long”

Betty nodded as other ladies came in with food, serving the starters first. Small individual plates of Sushimi, Duck Liver pate with toast, Garlic Prawns, Breaded mushrooms and Thai salad were placed around the tables. Simon looked over at me with surprise as he smiled and asked Betty what the dinner menu was.

Jerrick….Jerrick...where have I heard that name before? I kept asking myself, my mind no longer on the menu that Betty was still talking about.

Sophie, please. I know you don’t want to know but let me help you with this. I gasp as my wolf managed to speak to me even though I had such a strong shield up against her

“Jerrick” Scott says, His face pales

“Sorry about that. My Mate is-” He pauses as my eyes look over at the face I thought I wouldn’t see again

“My god! Sophie!” He says in shock “You’re here….why are you here?”

“You two know each other?” Simon asks, his confused face looking between us both

Suddenly both Scott and Arik get up from their seats, their stance protective as they face off with him. I get up slowly, my face pale as I see the room quieten and look around at each other, unsure what is going on

“My god! I never thought I would ever see….After that day….”

“She doesn’t need a reminder Jerrick” Scott says, anger in his voice as he growled slowly.

“Wait, wait. I’m confused, what’s going on here?”

I know Simon introduced him as one of the guys from another pack and obviously here as Jerrick’s team but I couldn’t remember his name. My heart was beating too loudly in my chest to remember anything, my palms sweating and faint black spots were appearing in front of my eyes.

Dear god no! Please. I haven’t been able to tell Simon the truth yet! This can’t happen.

Jerrick took a step closer to the table and both Arik and Scott stepped in front of his path. Sherry came closer to me as Simon took my cold hand between his. I knew he was looking at me and trying to gain my attention but I couldn’t move. I felt like a statue and couldn’t have moved if my life depended on it.

“H..H,,,,How are you Jerrick?” I ask

He looked at me like I was insane and I guess for a moment I was. My past flashed before my eyes and I thought of how a stupid question even came to my mind. He scratches the back of his neck and looks away before looking back at me, his eyes sad

“I’m sorry Sophie”

“Sorry about what? What the fuck is going on here?” I hear Simon ask loudly

I guess we were all ignoring him because I just took a deep breath, not realising that I had tears on my face. Arik was holding Scott back as he stood with clenched fists and started shouting at Jerrick

“You think sorry cuts it? Your lucky Soph doesn’t hate you or my fists would be in your face right now”

“I wish I had been quicker. I wish I had told you guys as soon as we entered your territory. God, If I could change any of it I would!” Jerrick says before once again looking me me

“Scott” I whisper “Don’t. It’s not his fault”

“Not his-?” Scott looks at me in shock and walks towards me, his pace slow so not to frighten me “Are kidding Soph? You don’t think I remember the blood?, the nightmares? the-”

“My god Sophie” Jerrick cuts in.

We turn to look at him, Arik back in front of him; but looking at his shocked eyes I have a bad feeling. Jerrick was now much closer and I saw his nose lift slightly in the air as he smelled me, his eyes going wide before looking between me and the guys. He pales even more and staggers before gripping a chair for support, his eye impossibly wide, his mouth opening and closing before saying

“You’re a wolf now? You took to the venom?”

“What the fuck? What do you mean she’s a wolf now? Someone explain what the fuck is going on! “ Simon shouted louder

“I...I..did. A week after waking up”

“You don’t need to tell him anything Soph” Scott said, his anger radiating through his voice

“I-” Jerrick begins, only to be cut off by the sound of a deep growl

Looking at Simon Jerrick bows his head “Alpha, I apologise. I am just in shock seeing Sophie here and alive”

“And why would that be?” Simon asks, holding my hand tighter before pulling me to him

“Because not everyone can survive a rouge’s bite. Especially a human”

“What?” Simon asks, his face pale “Who survived, who are you talking about?”

Jerrick frowns in confusion and looks at Simon once more, the room now quiet. Scott takes a threatening step towards him but Jerrick doesn’t see it, his voice carrying on.

“Sophie. I’m so shocked she’s here. I honestly expected her to not be alive and I guess my shock at her being here has made me forget my manners”

“What are you saying Jerrick?” John asked, his voice wavering slightly

“I’m sorry, I know it’s rude to some when we call them out on not being born wolves. I’m just shocked that Sophie was such a strong human that after being bitten, she’s become a wolf. Most people die when a rouge bites them due to the toxic venom in their saliva, but Sophie here must have been one strong human”

“You were a human?” John asked, his face pale


I feel Simon grip my hand tighter and I looked at his stormy eyes, his face tightly drawn and pale as he looks into my face, his body stiff

“Were you human Sophie?” He asks quietly

I gulp and slowly nod, opening my mouth to explain when he suddenly lets my hand go and steps back from me, taking his warmth with him. I hear Sherry and John gasp and suddenly I hear Betty shooing away some of the catering staff that tried to enter the room. Simon shakes his head, his hand running through his hair. I can feel Scott and Arik come up behind me and Scott reaches out to offer comfort when he holds my hand. Simon Looks at Scotts hand on mine and at first he growls before stopping, a conflict obviously going on inside of him.

“Your human” He whispers

“Don’t Simon. Don’t do it man” John says

“Your human” Simon repeats “I can’t have a human mate” He whispers

My heart breaks as I look at him. I knew I should have told him in London, then I wouldn’t be here; away from everyone as he rejects me. Because I know he will. He’s looking at me in disgust and suddenly I can’t be here. My breathing becomes erratic and my head starts to swim.

No dammit. I won’t faint! That’s all I’ve been doing in his presence and I refuse to faint over and over because of him! Feeling the air suffocating me, I turn and start to run out the door, my white sandals sounding loud in the quiet room as my feet hit the floor hard. I hear my name being called and shouting behind me but I don’t care, I need to get out; I need to leave. I run past all the surprised dinners and through the open doors into the back garden as I sense Scott and Arik behind me. I can feel my mate’s confusion and hurt , his turmoil of having a weak human as a mate and I know I can’t be in the same place as him.

Let me help you Sophie. Please. I hear my wolf say

And for the first time since my attack, I let out a cry, my tears falling as I let my wolf give me some of her energy and help me to run faster than I ever have. Running away in such speed that I leave Scott and Arik behind, the trees becoming a blur as my heart breaks, knowing that I am not good enough for the one person who was meant to love me


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