The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

“You fucking dickhead!” I shouted at Simon “And you wonder why I stay so close to her”

Simon tried to jump at me but Arik John, Sherry and Rick held him back. Even then he got pretty close to my neck, but I didn’t care. All I could see was Sophie’s face, her eyes as they teared up. I step back from the group as they start shouting and trying to calm him down. I turn and start running, hearing Simon roar with anger. I catch a glimpse of Sophie running out into the back garden and just as I start to go the same way, I feel Arik beside me.

“She’s fast and getting faster. I’ll try cutting her off at the park after the wooded area” Saying that, he takes off and takes the left.

I keep running behind her when I notice that she’s getting faster. As in wolf faster. I try to mind-link her but she’s put a block up and I can’t reach her. I follow her faster and as I run past trees, I lose sight of her for just a second but that second is enough for her to disappear. My wolf whines in my head, distressed at her hurt feelings.

Shit! She just saw me and ran to her left. I think she’s gone past the property and into the woods. We better try catching her before she gets hurt Arik mind-linked

Fuck! She’s in panic mode right now! She won’t be thinking about what is safe or not. I know her and right now she is trying to hide without caring where she is going. I knew that dickhead wouldn’t be good enough for her. Alpha or not. Before long, I realise that this part of the woods is new and I haven’t been here when John had taken Arik and I on a tour and into the wooded area on their property which was pretty big.

“Sophie” I shout out “Soph, where are you?”

Not hearing a response and knowing that I had lost her, I looked at my watch and saw that it was already close to an hour since I had seen her and I started to panic. Arik told me he was now with John, Sherry, Rick and Jerrick who were also looking for her but I didn’t care. I notice he didn’t say Simon and my anger burned. Deciding I needed my wolf, I took off my clothes and shifted, carrying them in my mouth. After a few minutes of running, the sky opened up and rain started to splatter my fur. Shaking off some of the water, all I could think about was Sophie being out in the cold rain. Alone and lost. I growled in anger when my wolf suddenly perked up. I tried to mind-link her again but she wasn’t responding and a part of me started to panic, imagining all kinds of fucked up scenarios why.

Just as I took a sniff off a newly faller tree, my wolf senses picked up a faint smell which made me think of Sophie. Following the scent, my paws crushed the leaves underneath, I started to run fast; the rain slowing at some parts and faster in others. I followed the scent which was getting strong until I passed a big boulder which had Sophie’s scent strong and I thanked the goddess. In front of me, huddled between two big trees was my Sophie, her head bent and rest on her pulled up knees, her body shivering and her dress all filthy from the mud and rail. I shift back and put on my jeans but leave off the shirt so I can give it to her. I walk over and crouch down and gently shake her shoulders. Not getting a response, I shake her harder when she suddenly looks up at me, her eyes blurry and unfocused, her nose running and her makeup all over the place…..and yet, to me she still looks amazing

“Scott” She whispers before sneezing

“Shit Soph! You’ve caught a cold”

“I...I don’t feel too good….my head”

I feel her forehead and curse, knowing that it’s because of the rain as well as stress. I put my shirt around her cold and wet shoulders then picked her up in bridal-style as I mind-link Arik that I’ve found her. It’s almost over an hour’s walk back, surprising me how far she had managed to run too, the clouds becoming darker as the wind picked up slightly. Sophie shivered in my arms and even though I tried to shield her from the cold and rain,

I finally set into the back garden and near the kitchen area when the downpour of rain picked up and the wind became chillier. Betty came running when she saw me, her motherly concern shining through as she helped me inside with a shivering Sophie. Her hand running across her forehead, she started telling her staff what was needed as she helped me into the lift and opened my room door. I place Sophie on my bed as she curls into a ball

“No no sweetheart. Come on, up with you” Betty said

“I...I...can’t. I’m so cold”

Betty ushered her into my shower, helping Sophie as she stayed in the bathroom with her. I don’t know if she helped her shower or just stayed to make sure she wouldn’t fall but I was grateful because if I had to help her shower, goddess! I don’t know what I would have done. I pulled out my boxers, a tshirt and some socks from my drawer and pulled the bed covers back. Betty came out of the bathroom and I handed her the clothes which she took back in with her.

Where are you? Arik asked

Back in my room. Betty is helping her in the shower. She was frozen and dirty when I found her but she’s burning up now. I think she may have caught a cold

Shit! Ok stay tight. We are about half an hour away. Scott, he is on a rampage. After we couldn’t find her, Sherry mind-linked him so he’s been out looking for her too-

Doesn’t make a fucking difference I cut in He let her run and stayed while she tried to find a place to cry and in this fuckin weather! That’s not what a mate does

Scott, don’t be hasty. The second I tell him you guys are back, he will get there before us. Don’t fight. I’m on my way


“Ok now, let’s get you settled in the bed” I hear Betty say

Telling Arik I will speak to him once he is back, I see Betty helping Sophie who looks like she can barely walk. I go and pick her up and take her back to bed, gently lowering her down and covering her up with the blanket.

Someone knocked on my door and for a minute there I thought, damn he was fast but then my nose kicked in and realised that it was a female and that there were different delicious smells coming through. Betty opened the door and two young ladies pushed a filled trolly through and came in with a small fold out table. They started to set out the table and fill it with many things as Betty handed Sophie a couple of pills and some water.

“Painkillers and a cold tablet. Now, I know no-one was able to eat the food so I’ve had it reheated and you will have some before I leave. Both of you” Betty says, looking at both of us.

Sophie tried to shake her head but I sat down with her and took the homemade minestrone soup and helped her to take a few spoonfuls as she tried to claim she wasn’t hungry. Within a few minutes between Betty and I, we managed to coax her to have some roast beef and vegetables, a little bit of the chicken pie and some noodles. She had just taken a spoon of vanilla cheesecake when I picked up Simon’s scent and my door shook with his knock. Betty looked at me and went to open the door, bowing to the alpha before taking the empty dishes with her and left the room.


Simon P.O.V

Scott and Arik ran after her but I made myself stay. I almost killed Scott then when he called me out for the way I treated her, but I couldn’t blame him. FUCK! She’s a human

No, she was a human. Now she is not. Go to our mate my wolf said

She is just as weak as a human I told him My pack is the biggest. How is she going to cope if she is human?

She is now a wolf! What part of that don’t you understand?

“Simon!” John shouted

My eyes re-focused as I saw the faces in front of me. I shook my body to let them know I was fine and they all backed off, letting me go. I looked at Betty and the food on the tables but I had lost my appetite.

“Please, you should stay and eat. I am going to be in the office and-

“You’re not going to look for her?” Sherry asked

“No point. I’m sure Scott and Arik have it covered” I said, my wolf growling angrily in my head

“Simon She’s your-”

“She’s my nothing!” I shout, cutting in before John said anything

Taking a deep breath, I convince the others to stay and eat as I start to walk out the door. Sherry rushes past me, her anger and disappointment clogging before I see her change into her wolf midair. John looks at me, opening and closing his mouth a few times before signing and shaking his head.

“She’s still my Luna” He quietly says before he too shifts and runs behind Sherry

“Alpha” I here Jerrick call me

“If I could explain-”

“Maybe another time. Please, enjoy dinner. As I’m sure John has explained, there’s plenty of things to do here so don’t feel that you are confined to your cabin”

Saying that, I leave and take the lift to my floor and go into my office. I sit at my desk and lean my head against the chair, my wolf whining and clawing to get out and go find her.


NO!! You are being an ass! She needs us

She lied to us!

When did we ever ask?

We shouldn’t have had too! I need a powerful female by my side. Not some...some...HUMAN!


Well maybe I don’t want her as our mate!

My wolf went silent after that. He wouldn’t speak to me. I don’t blame him. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve always thought that I would get a powerful mate and she would rule by my side, I never once thought about her being anything less. My head starts to hurt and I ask Betty to send up some painkillers, my eyes closing as I try to relax. But all I see is her face. WHen I let go of her hand, When I said I couldn’t have a human as a mate.

Then I saw her face when I first saw her, her beautiful eye, her heart shaped mouth….that sinful body that could tempt a saint. I remember what she looked like cumming on my cock, over and over again and I started to feel hot.

“Alpha” I hear Betty

I open my eyes and see her sitting there. I look at her in surprise as I know she usually knocks and comes in.

“I’ve been here for almost 30 minutes, calling you; but each time you would go into your thoughts. I aired out the room a little and put a blanket over you” She explained.

I looked around me in shock. The window allowed a cool breeze which helped as earlier in the day, the hot weather mate the room stuffy. On my lap was a green fleece blanket and I looked at Betty in horror.

“30 minutes! Are they back yet” I ask

“No alpha”

Grabbing the medication and the new bottle of cold water Betty handed me, I mind-linked John

Where are you?

We are still trying to find her


She took off on an unmarked area, It’s really coming down now and we have all lost her scent. At this rate, she’d definitely going to have a cold at least

No one catches a cold that quick if there a wolf

Quick? Simon its close to being over an hour now

FUCK! Ok I’m on my way! Let me know where you have looked and I will go the opposite direction

Finally decided to join us then alpha? Sherry sneered

I growl but don’t want to waste time. I let Betty know where I am going and shift, running out the door. The wind has picked up and it has gotten darker, the bite in the hair nothing compared to the icy cold rain hitting my coat. Thinking about Sophie I feel mad at myself. I should have at least made sure she was ok. She’s still a guest here and! I can’t think about that just now! I caught a scent but i’m not sure if it’s Sophie. I’m trying to concentrate but all I keep seeing is her face and sensing how cold it is, how wet...and how she must be...where she might be! I know it’s been at least 30 minutes since I have started looking and I’m now worried. It’s dark and the wind seems to have decided it wants to play as its gust picks up the scattered leaves on the ground and whipps them about the place. Suddenly John mind-links me and tells me she has been found and I sigh in relief, my heart stuttering as I think about what condition she would have been found in. It’s been almost two hours since she first ran from us...from me.

How is she? Where are you guys?

We are almost 45 minutes away but she’s not with us. Scott found her near the river

RIVER? She ran that far? Fuck! Then what he said made me mad Scott! How did he know where she was?

He’s already on his way home with her. Simon, she’s sick. John sad

What do you mean sick? I ask confused

She’s been out for close to two hours. Scott said she was soaked to the bone and shivering. Simon, you have to keep your cool. We are all making our way back and Arik says that-

ARIK? If he’s with you then…..are they fucking alone? Are Scott and Sophie alone?

Yes. Simon-

I put up a block as I turned around and ran, my heart beating hard as my thoughts were jumbled up everywhere. I couldn’t believe Scott found her over me. How dare he touch what’s mine! I ignored my wolf when he tried to tell me it was my fault but I didn’t care. All I can see in my mind is that they two are alone when she is vulnerable. Being an alpha means I am faster and I get to the pack house within twenty five minutes and ask Betty if anyone has returned, only to be told that Scott had brought back Sophie a while ago and they were all in Scott’s room. I see red when she said that and I quickly change, putting on my jeans and going barefoot and chest to Scotts door, banging it hard to let them know it’s me. Betty opens the door and I walk in, seeing Sophie shivering and lying in his bed. His bed!! I storm in and Betty picks up the empty dishes except three full ones and leaves the room after a bow. I walk towards the bed and Scott gets in between us. I growl and my eyes shift to wolf. Who the fuck does he think he is, to come between me and my mate?

I thought she wasn’t our mate? My wolf taunts me

Shut up!

“Get the fuck out of the way Scott”

“No can do alpha. She’s sick and needs to be here. You left her! Some mate you are!” He answered back

I punched him. Hearing him talk down to me, seeing her sleeping in his bed with his clothes on; I lost it. He punched me back but not before I managed to get a good one on his face. We started hitting each other, our hands changing to claws as we raked them across each other’s bodies. I was going to claw his face when the door burst open, broken from the impact and Arik and John came between us, trying to keep us from fighting. Being alpha, I was able to overpower them and still hit out at Scott a few times.


Her quiet, breathy voice reached our ears and stopped us like nothing else could. Both of us were breathing hard, our bodies covered in bruises and claw marks. Scott’s upper lip was bleeding as was a cut above his left eyes. I could feel blood on the side of my face but since it was in my eye, I didn’t care where it was coming from. I saw Scott move towards my...Sophie...and when I was about to go to her too, the look she gave me was one I never thought I would see from a mate

“Hey Soph” Scott said as he bent towards her

“D...don’t fight. I’m so...orry” She said before lying back down

“Shit, her fever spiking!” Scott says as he gently lays her back into bed

That’s it, I’ve fucking had enough. Stalking over, I push him away as the others try to hold him back from retaliating. I grab Sophie bridal style and once in my arms, I take her towards the door

“Where the fuck do you think your going with her?” Scott asks even while trying to reach me while others try to hold him back and calm him

“My mate belongs in my room”

“Your mate? Funny that, since you didn’t give a toss a few hours ago and left her high and dry. Some mate”

“She’s still mine and no other male touches her”

“Your a fucking hypocrite. You made her your mate and the first sign of uncertainty, you let her go”

“Get the fuck out and go back before I kill you” I advise before walking out the door

“Not without Sophie” I hear him shout as he starts to follow me.

I hear the group try to reason with him and as I get to our apartment, John opens the door with my key. They follow me inside before I turn to face them, Sophie still in my arms.

“All due respect alpha, you did abandon her. I can’t in all consciousness leave her here with you” Aik said, his voice somber

“Fine, but he goes” I say indicating to Scott

“Like fuck I will! What about the next time you decide she isn’t worth your time? Where are you going to leave her stranded?”

I would have decked him again if Sophie wasn’t in my arms. Taking her into our room, I lay her down and my harm brushes her body, my heart kicking up as both my wolf and I both acknowledge that she was warm. Too warm.

“Sherry, what’s wrong with her?” I ask

I was glad to see that Scott was smart enough not to enter our bedroom just now but my worry was transferred to Sophie. She was sweating badly, her hair now sticking up in all places, her teeth chattering. I start to strip her before turning around to Arik, Scott and John


“Like fu-”

“You’re lucky she needs my attention or you would be dead by now!” I cut off Scott

He scoffs but together he, Arik and John move away as I close the door. Sherry starts to take off Sophie’s clothes and asks for a basin of cold water and dish towels. I go into the kitchen and John helps me to gather things together. I hear Arik on the phone in the living room along with Scott and I realise that they are both speaking to their alpha but I don’t care. Sherry had just taken off her bottoms when I came into the room and growelled when I knew John had followed me but when I turned to look at him, He had his back to the room and was holding the towels behind him. Taking them from him, I tapped him to let him know to go out and I closed the door, giving them to Sherry who started to soak them in the cold water and after ringing them out, placed them on Sophie’s forehead and various parts of the body to cool her down.

“Why is she like this?”

“I have a theory” Sherry said, changing the towels

I nudge her so I can help and take care of Sophie. Placing the towels on her head and over her bare breast, I let Sherry take care from her stomach downwards.

“If she was bitten. She may not have shifted. I heard of this happening once in my old pack. A girl had bitten and it took her a year before she shifted, but before that, she had a fever….her body was trying to adjust to its new form and for three days she wasn’t conscious. It’s possible that that’s what this is. Our healer kept the girl cool and kept feeding her soups and water”

“You’re telling me she’s never shifted?” I ask

“It’s possible”

I spend an hour with Sherry working out how to do this before I tell her to go to sleep and to take the others out of my apartment. Turning back I look at Sophie and my hands grip my hair as I sit at the edge of the bed and watch her breathing unevenly, her body perspiring again. Is this my fault? Did I cause this when I told her she couldn’t be my mate?


Sophie P.O.V

I’m burning up, I feel it. I don’t know why but I am so hot! I can feel my body sweating and my throat is so dry. I wish I could get up and have a glass of water but I have no energy.

I can hear Sherry and Simon talking but I can’t understand them. I understand every few words but not what they are trying to say.

Let me out Sophie. Stop fighting it.

I know that voice. Why? how do I know this voice?

You have been fighting me for so many years Let me help you

Who are you? I ask

I am Tiana. Your wolf. I have waited so long to speak to you

Why haven’t you before?

Because you were too afraid. After you were attacked, you didn’t want anything to do with this world, so I waited; hoping one day you would turn to me.

You have been with me since then? I asked, shocked I thought It was just a voice or my imagination.

I have been here. Seeing everything. Today was the first day you let me help you

Whats wrong with me?

We are bonding. Born wolves shift at the age of 15 and meet their mate. But if a human is bitten or being turned, they shift at the first moon. You are very strong and you stopped that process. You suppressed it for so long that any strong emotion would be what triggers the change. What our mate did hurt us

I have no mate! I remember his disgust! I remember his words!

His wolf is not so stupid. Let me help you process the change. Let me out

I don...don’t want things to change

Oh Sophie She said softly Things changed the day you were bitten. WHat no one understands is that we are a strong wolf. You just need to let me out and let me take care of things for a while.


The fever will get worse, you won’t know what you are doing and could hurt someone or-

Or what? I ask

You could attack our mate, be it aggressively for a fight or sexually.

“Sophie” I hear someone speak “take some water, come on”

Our mate. He is taking care of us.

I know I open my eyes a little and see Simon’s face. He looks lost and worried, his face pale and haggard. I want to tell him i’m ok but my lips won’t move

“Just a little sip” He says

Then, cool fresh water is trickling down my throat a little and I have never been so grateful for it before! It tastes heavenly! I feel my throat open up a little more and I am able to take a little more of the water

“That’s it kitten. You can do this”

He holds me up a little and I realise that the reason I’m not choking on water is because he has given me a straw and I am able to sip it lightly. Taking care not to have too much, I let him know to lay me down again.

Suddenly my body feels tight and I can’t breath again, almost as if my skin is too tight for my body

What’s happening to me?

You are needing your mate. His presence is causing you to react to and-

Stop stalling and tell me!

You want to fuck him. Your body want to mate and have his touch ease the pain Tiana explained

Oh god! She means I’m horny! I don’t want this! I do but I don’t. What if he doesn’t want me? What if he doesn’t touch me again? WHat if I’m a burden that he can’t be bothered with?

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