The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

For the last couple of days, Sophie has been in and out of this fever. I was told by our pack doctor that she had never changed but only had spoken to her wolf a couple of times so the shock of seeing Jerrick and then high emotion, triggered the change. But she still hasn’t shifted. Her body is still trying to process the change and it could be another two days or……..she doesn’t make it at al!

Scott and Arik have stayed and John’s pretty much taken over the pack just now. I know that some of this situation is because of me and I wish I had caught Jerrick before he went home so I can speak to him, but not only has he gone home but his mate has been sick while in Spain on holiday and he has flown out to be with her. He messaged me that he will be back and will speak to me so I have to be patient, although he is not my priority.

Joe called and I got a chewing out from their alpha which I took on the chin in this instance, only because right now all I care about is Sophie and because at least I know they care. But I’m still mad at them for not telling me everything. This explains her fear of not knowing that I was an alpha or her uncertainty and being uncomfortable mixing with so many wolves here.

The apartment door sounded and I went to open it. Seeing Betty and Sherry, they come in; a tray of food being brought in with them. The smell of some kind of soup and meat wafts through and my stomach grumbles. I can’t remember when I eat last and follow them into the kitchen as Betty sets the tray down.

“Vegetable soup, Chicken and mushroom pasta, garlic bread and brownie with chocolate sauce. Your coffee” Betty said as she asked me to sit down.

“I’ll go and feed her some soup” Betty said before taking the bowl and leaving the kitchen

“So, no improvement huh?” Sherry asks as she folds her arms, leaning against the kitchen counter

“I’ve bathed her and kept her cool but apart from her murmuring or moving about a little, there’s not much happening. I just want her to wake up. It’s already the third day” I say in frustration.

“She’s strong. She’ll make it. It just depends on you and what you are going to do”

“I can’t believe that she’s human”

“Was Simon, how are you not over that?” She says with some attitude.

“I can’t imagine a human turned mate. There never usually strong enough” I reply back as I fork more pasta

“Not true. It depends on the wolf that bit her. Most attacks are done by low level wolves so that’s why, if the victim survives, there not a high ranking wolf”

“I just….I can’t-”

“So, you just want her to get well and abandon her so your conscience is clear. Real nice of you alpha” Sherry smeared

The bell went again and no doubt it will be Arik and Scott sicn they usually check up on her starting at lunch time. I can’t stomach them early in the morning and they know that so they usually come in about now. I can hear Betty letting them in and they go into the room to see Sophie. I finish eating and get up to follow Sherry as we go back into my room, the dessert forgotten for now.

“-rain, so you should get your butt up and have a look around” Arik was saying

I looked towards the bed and saw Scott sitting beside her on the chair and holding her hand, telling her stories about his day. It pissed me off but I also know that anything could be a trigger to wake up and even though I hate it, he might be able to get her to come through her fog.


Scott P.O.V

I look at Sophie lying there, quiet and my heart clenches. I can’t believe that this has happened. If it was up to me, I would leave with her right now but Joe told me I couldn’t do that, so I’m biting my tongue right now and waiting for the second she is awake so I can take her away. She deserves better than this.

Gripping her hand tighter, I start talking about the day and how I had three plates of food and that she’s missing out since she knows Amelia can’t cook. I can smell Simon come in but I don’t turn to acknowledge him. He comes around and sits beside her, taking her hand out of mine and I almost growl but have to remind myself that if I do, I will cause a lot of problems and that Joe would really kick my ass.

I can see her starting to become feverish again, her forehead sweating. So I get up and walk to the side table that has a fresh bowl of ice water, ice cubes and a cold cloth. Soaking it in the ice water, I rinse it out before placing it over her forehead. She sighs as if in relief and I smile, glad to have helped in some way.

“Have you guy’s had lunch?” Sherry asked us

“We did. But i’m sure Arik could could have another couple of plates” I laughingly say

“Betty is an angel!” He groans in appreciation “I’ll be going home a fat fucker if I stay too long…..or I may be too big to walk. If that happens, just roll me out” He laughed

I smirk at his attitude, knowing that he had already asked Betty for doggybags whenever we go home. They already had a plan in place. I felt pretty sad seeing how quiet Sophie was and how different the atmosphere is. She brings light to so many people’s lives and right now, in a crowded room, even with so many people, there’s no animation. No life. It’s like her quietness has snuffed it out.

“Soph, please. You need to open your eyes” I say, unable to hold it in


I ignore Arik, knowing he will try to get me to be more aware that it is Simon’s place to encourage her to respond but fuck that! He’s the reason she’s in this situation. All these times that she didn’t shift was because she was scared. Then he had to go and scare her more by his reaction to her being a human who was changed. Like it was her fault? Like she had a choice!

“You can do this Soph. Come on, don’t you want some cotton candy ice cream? It’s been a few days since we have had it. Let me see your pretty eyes open and go get some” I say,

“S...she uh...likes cotton candy ice cream?” Simon asks

“Ye. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but we went out to an ice cream place and she and Scott liked it. Too sweet for me but” He shrugged his shoulders.

I ignore him but Arik answers, trying to defuse the tension in the room. I can see Simon looking at me but I keep my face turned away because if I look at him, I know we will both fight. I’m itching for a good one where I can punch him and bruise him like he bruised her heart. I may only be a beta, but i’m a good one, a strong one and I don’t mind taking on an alpha!

“Get out” Simon says

What the fuck?!

“Simon” Sherry starts

“All of you. Get out. You have all been here for a couple of hours and I want to spend some time with my mate before you all come back after dinner”

“It’s not been a couple of hours. At least not fully” I started to say

“Don’t care. Just get out”

“What is your problem? First you put her in this situation and when we try to help, you want us to stop!”

“Scott, i’m not going to repeat myself. There’s too many smells covering my mates. Now everyone GET THE FUCK OUT!” Simon shouted.


Simon P.O.V

I sigh as I close the apartment door for the second time that day. After kicking everyone out at lunch time, I wasn’t keen on them coming back, but like clockwork, after dinner they were here. I had checked in with John to see if anything needed my urgent attention and thank god it didn’t. It was almost 9pm when I came back into the apartment and I know Arik, Scott and Sherry had been here after dinner time, properly since 6pm.

Sherry stayed with Sophie until dinner time and then Betty had come up here to feed her some soup and water while I dealt with a few niggly issues. When I came back, I didn’t even need to tell them to get out, they saw me and after I got an update from Sherry, they left.

I took off my black t-shirt and my shoes as I made my way to the bathroom. I look over at Sophie just in case I’ve missed something and seeing she is still in the same position, I quickly turn off the main light and put on the two side table lamps, turning the room more intimate and cozy. After undressing, I adjust the shower temperature and step in, washing first my hair and then my body; before standing under the hot water and letting it run over my shoulders and back, easing some of the tension. Goddess! How did I fuck this up so bad?!

After 10 min, I come out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist. Looking in the mirror over the sink, I go about my routine of moisturising and setting my hair. I know I am stalling going out to the room, but I can’t bear to think about how quiet Sophie is. We had just started to understand each other but when this happened, but she was starting to get vocal. She would talk to me and laugh….cuddle up to me and goddess the sex! Fuck! Sighing again, I go out to the room and walk to my chest of drawers even as I keep darting my eyes over to the bed. Grabbing a marvel’s pair of boxers, I put them on only because it gives me something to do. Making sure the room temperature is set correctly, I move towards the bed.

Sherry had changed Sophie into a pink night shirt and had brushed her hair into a thick plate. If iI didn’t know better, right now Sophie looked like she was just sleeping. I get into bed beside her and close my side of the lamp. I close my eyes and try to sleep. Every few minutes I hear Sophie’s body twitch, making the covers rustle and I try to ignore it, not wanting to open my eyes and be disappointed that she’s not awake.

I had my eyes closed for a few minutes when I feel like something is different, like I am being looked at. I keep quiet, hoping that the feeling would go away when I suddenly feel tingles go up and down my arms, like little sparks everywhere. I hope my eyes and turn towards Sophie and to my shock I see her eyes open!

“Sophie” I whisper

Scared that it’s a dream. Sophie turns to me and I realise that she is in fever, Her eyes are red and blurry, unfocused as she looks at me. She licks her lips repeatedly and I want to take over that action. I leave over and touch her face which is slightly warm but at least it wasn’t as hot as before.

“Sophie” I say, “Are you ok?”

“I want you” She says

I look at her in shock. Not believing her words. What was going on? Before I could even guess her intentions, she threw her body on top of mine and her lips were kissing mine. Goddess! She tastes heavenly! Fucking amazing! I grip her to me hard as my body takes over, both my wolf and I happy to be touching our mate


Sophie P.O.V

My fever broke for a while and suddenly I was ravenous! For water, for food and for sex! I needed my mate. He was the only one who could take this itch away from me! When I opened my eyes and saw him sleeping beside me, my wolf said mate and that was it. I had to have him!

Next thing I know, I am kissing him, my body on top of his and I was biting at his lips, I couldn’t get enough! I needed him!

“Sophie! What are you doing kitten” He asks me, confusion in his voice

“I need you” I say before I attack him

Suddenly, my wolf takes over. I let her because I don’t know how to initiate this and I don’t want to look stupid trying to do this. My hands roam his rock hard abs and big shoulders as I caress his body lovingly. I love big men, muscly men but even more so...I love him.

I stop for a second as both my wolf and I acknowledge that yes. I...we love him. God! I can’t believe that not only have I admitted my feelings for him but that I also have a wolf and I’m not as scared as I was before. While my brain tried to wrap around the fact that love apparently in the shifter word can happen this fast and that having a mate can amplify the feelings; I now have a wolf who I seem to trust not to hurt me.

My body seems to be doing it’s own thing because I start to touch him again, my lips now moving from his lips to his jaw as Simon takes a deep breath, his voice choppy. I run my nails over his torso and by the time they are hovering near his boxers, they turn into claws. I look at my hand in shock.

“Sophie!” Simon breathes, his voice equally as shocked when he looks at my claws.

With one swipe, I shred his boxers off and throw the tattered pieces to the floor, and his hard erection bobs up, twitching and weeping with fluid at the head of his cock. I lick my lips at how big, how beautiful it looked. All swollen, big and veiny. Without any warning, I open my mouth and take him in, sucking him hard as I use one hand to hold his cock up right, my hand not even closing around it.

“FUCK Sophie!!!” I hear him groan

He fits my hair as he half shoots from the bed and I suck him off harder, my throat working to contain him even as I use my teeth and tongue to bring him pleasure. I shift between sucking and groaning around his mouth, knowing that I could excite him by different vibrations. He tightens his hand in my hair and while it’s a little painful, it also makes me want to keep going. I want to taste his cum but I want to take him into me.

My desire to have him in me wins and I lift my head, looking at the shiny cock now wet from my mouth. Breathing hard I see Simons heated face as he tries to control cumming too fast. Without warning, I swing my leg over his body and settle myself on top, my legs coming to rest along his hips. His cock is standing up between my folds as I reach down and take off my night shirt, my body too hot and sensitive to be able to have anything against it. Grabbing his cock, I lower my body over it, taking him into my body before slamming down in one step, his cock stretching my pussy, and we both groaned out in pleasure.

“Fuck kitten! You feel so good!” He says,his hand grabbing my waist.

He helps me to move as I ride him, bouncing up and down, my breast now moving around freely as my boy cock back and forth. Simon gets up and latches his lips around my left nipple, sucking it into his hot mouth and I scream out. The sensation is so intense and I can feel myself get wetter, my juices coating his hardened cock more. Simon sucks my nipple harder and soon he starts to bite it before licking it to ease the slight sting. I start rocking my hips back and forth harder, my need to cum over riding everything else. I grip his shoulder with my hand, my nails digging in. Simon lays back down and starts to hammer up, and I cry out as the position changes and I am now bouncing up and down, filling my channel with his cock.

Suddenly I cum and I shout out before throwing my head back, my eyes closing in pleasure. Simon shouts out a little later and I feel his cock cumming inside of me. I can barely enjoy the sensation before he grabs me and turns us. He grabs my legs and puts them onto his shoulder and lies over me, he slams into me so hard I see stars! Grabbing my hands and pulling them up so i couldn’t move, he used one hand to hold my wrist in place and the other to help him move over my body, his hips slamming into me over and over again!

“Siiimmmooonnnn. Fuck me harder….fuck me!” I scream, my head shaking side to side

With a grunt, he starts to hammer into me, my body not in control any more as he bends down and kisses me hard, biting at my lower lips. His cock positioning in and out of me, sweat from his face falling onto my naked breast before rolling down onto the bed sheets. His eye change to black as lust consumes us, our bodies straining together to try reach that pinnacle together

“Your fucking mine Soph! This body, this pussy belongs to me!”

And with that he punches his hips hard against me, his public bone hitting my clit deliciously and as we both cum, he bits into the side of my neck. I cry out, My body bowing as the pleasure intensifies, my head feeling heavy with how hard I have cum. Trying to catch our breath, Simon finally lets my shoulder go and I wince from the slight pain before he starts to lick the bite close.


Simon P.O.V

Gooddesssss! That was fucking amazing! Even now I can feel her pussy twitch and spasm and my cock which had deflated for a few seconds, roared to life. Sophie opens her eyes and looks at me before she starts to slowly rotate her hips again. I grin, knowing that we were not done.

Easing her legs down so that they were now over my hips I slowly jab at her again and I start to kiss her. She bites my lips and rakes her nails over my torso. Not drawing blood but marking me to show how she feels. Her desire creating a need to put her brand on me. I start to push into her deeper and I take her butt cheeks in both my hands and lift her higher up against my moving cock. After a few fast movements of pushing her pussy up and down around my cock, I take one hand and move it in between us. I use my gingers and start to rub her clit and she cries out, her voice high as the pleasure intensifies. I strum her clits and hood together, playing with them like they are an instrument while my hips slam into her over and over.

Suddenly, Sophie rears up and bites by shoulder. Not enough to mate me or break my skin but I don’t care. My wolf takes over. I slam into her harder as I push her down into the bed deeper, holding her wrist prisoner. Shit! I’m going into a rut! Over and over I pound into her, my wolf demanding I fuck her hard and stake our claim but I can’t. Not without discussing this with her! She won’t understand what is happening and could cause her wolf to reject us!

Feeling the cum in my balls boil, I hammer into her when she starts pushing me to let her be on top. I try to move us but at one pint I rut her stronger and I find us now on our sides, her leg over my hips as I jab into her. My cock has gotten long and thick and slightly too big judging from the way Sophie starts to cry out. Pleasure and pain sounds mixed together. Her wet pussy has now gotten wetter, the copious amount smeared on both of our thighs, her magnificent tits bouncing about in front of me. I take the closest nipple to me and groan at the amazing taste of her in my mouth. I suckle it, as if trying to extract milk and my brain throws up an image of her round and swollen with my pup. Then it changes to her feeding my pup and how bigger her breast would get with the milk. Getting more excited with the image, my hips punched inside harder, her cried for more echoing around the room. I could imagine sucking and drinking her milk, enjoying her flavour and imaging have two sources, one of her pussy and one her tits.

My wolf took over and he went wild with that thought. I grabbed Sophie, Pushed her onto her front. I grabbed her hips up as I moved behind her, even as I kept her top half down on the bed and without any warning, I slammed my hard, thick cock inside of her pussy from behind. I kept fucking her while i was on my knees, my position giving me netter momentum and deeper penetration.

“Please...please….yes...fuck yes! Please sy!” Sophie begged

“Who does this body belong to?WHO?” I shouted

“Yours. It’s yours” She shouted out

“Yes! It’s all fucking mine! This pussy is mine to do with whatever I want. I’ll fuck it how I want”

“Uuuhhnnhggg nnnnnhuggghhh….huuu yes yes!” Sophie said, grunting

It was animalistic, it was crude. It was hard and fast. I took her like a man possessed and grabbed her shoulders. I pulled her fully against me, her full back against my front and as one arm went around her front shoulder to hold onto her, I fucked her hard. This wasn’t a sweet or lustful claiming. This was pure fucking. Pure dominance. I rutted on her without care, taking her over and over, harder each time. I grabbed her head back and bit her wherever my teeth could reach her. Now both sides of her necks and shoulders had bite marks. Hickies where my lips sucked at her neck, claw marks on her stomach and bruises around her hips from where I grabbed her. I don’t care.

Suddenly, I can feel my knott grow at the base of my cock as I piston in and out of her. I lay on top of her from behind as I pushed her on her front into the bed so that we were both now lying down on the bed. Lifting slightly away from her, pulling my cock out until only the head remained, I slammed into her so hard that we both surged forward on the bed with the impact. When I slam the second time in, the knot pushed through the lips of her pussy and logged inside of her, making her cry out

“Uuugggggggg...fuckkkkkk. The pressure...uhhhh” She said

“FUCKKKKKK” I shouted.

Now when I try to fuck her in and out, I’m unable to leave her body as the knot has grown and it is stopping my exit. Before I know it, my cum boils and my spine tingles as I am cumming so hard that there’s black spot in front of my eyes. I try to not to pass out, but even as my cums floods her pussy and Sophie climaxes, her own juices releasing; my eyes start to shut and I hear a wet noise and understand that she has squirted onto the bed underneath the covers. Feeling proud that I got that kind of reaction out of her, I lean down and kiss her neck before collapsing on top of her. Using what little energy I have left, I pull out of her and lay beside her, my breathing choppy, my mind blacking out from the intensity of our mating.

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