The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

I open my eyes and can see everyone’s faces around me, looking at me even as I lay on the bed. My body still feels hot and I moan, the light hurting my eyes. Scott is standing beside the right side of the bed and on the left, Simon is sitting on the bed beside me and holding my hand.

I see Sherry and Arik standing at the foot of the bed and they smile at me encouragingly but I don’t have the energy to smile back

“Come on sweetheart. Let’s try getting you into the shower” Betty said as she moved around Scott to get to me.”Last night the alpha said you were awake but after a while you knocked out again”

I blushed. I knew what he referred to. When I went sex mad on him! God I can’t even look at any of them. When I peak at Simon, I can see a smirk on his face and he laughs quietly at me. Betty puts a straw to my mouth and I sip at the ice cool water and this time I moan in appreciation. Honestly, water has never tasted so amazing before! Betty told me it was almost lunch time and she had brought me more soup. While I wasn’t fully recovered, I wasn’t as hot as before. The ladies first ushered out the guys from the room before Sherry and Betty helped me to stand, my naked body clearly on display.

I blush even harder as it is obvious why I was naked. There were so many hickies and mating marks all over my body and neck and omg!, so many around my nipple area and between my thighs. I duck my head in embarrassment even as Sherry laughed; and when I looked at her, she wiggled her eyebrows and her smile became creepy. Betty just smiled and averted her eyes as they both helped me into the bathroom and then into the shower. Betty washed my hair and Sherry passed me a body mit with body wash gel. I washed my body and after rinsing out my hair, Betty put on a big dollop of condition and left it in my hair. Sherry passed me a razer and some shaving gel and they both left me alone for a few minutes with a promise to come back and help me rinse out my hair.

It took me a few minutes to shave and clean myself where I wanted to. I hissed now and then every time some body wash got into a cut, before I washed off any excess hair and shaving gel from my body. I had just done that when Betty had knocked and came in. She washed out my conditioner and once again, I used the body wash just to clean my body once over with cooler water, my body loving the coolness. Betty handed me a towel which I wrapped around myself and I sighed in relief. My body felt better, the coolness a refreshing change. I walked to the sink and brushed my teeth and after a couple more minutes spent taking care of my needs, I left the bathroom.


Simon P.O.V

I heard the door of my bedroom close and figured the ladies were done helping her. Scott and Arik left not long after being shooed out and after having a cold diet coke, I thought I’d go in and see her. This was the first time she was fully awake even though she was still in fever and not shifted yet.

I walk in and close the door. Not seeing Betty or Sherry, I frown as Sophie is not in bed either. I wanted to speak to her, find out everything. My wolf still keeps pushing for me to just claim her and a big part of me wants too. But another, I just can’t. I need answers. I hear the bathroom door open and a gasp. I turned around and wanted to say something but my voice froze.

Fuck! She looks amazing! Standing there in nothing but a short towel wrapped around her, her ample breast straining at the towel and honestly, I can just about make out a nipple outline. My mouth salivated for another taste of those chocolate berries and unconsciously I moved towards her. Holding her slightly wet arm, I looked down at her and saw that her eyes have a little less fever. It’s still there, but a lot less than before. I’m mostly concentrating on not ravaging her. Her skin is so soft! Honestly, what is it that women do to get this soft, to smell so good and make us men lose our senses?

“Sy” She whispers.

I’m done for. I can’t help myself. This pull is ridiculous, crazy….but I want it. I lean down and take her mouth. I never thought that I could be this gentle….but, and I’m embarrassed to even think about it; I feel like someone directing me in a romcom. Where the kisses are soft and gentle. Coils of wet hair fall around her face as she deepens the kiss and my resolve to only talk, breaks. Grabbing her close to me I fuse my mouth with hers and use my tongue to taste her everywhere.I lift her up and as she wraps her legs around my waist, the towel falls off and my eyes go to the puckered nipples. I bend down and take one into my mouth, her taste exploding and filling my senses.

“Sy….Please” She whispers on a moan

I carry her to the bed and lay her down without breaking the kiss even as I claw off my clothes. She helped push what remained of torn cloth off my body before she attacked my neck, biting and sucking on it. My wolf loved the aggressiveness even though she hadn’t broken skin. I Knew that I was going to go into a rut because already I could feel the knott at the base and this time I didn’t want foreplay, I didn’t want different positions, I just wanted to dominate her. I pushed her legs to her chest so that her knees were bent and like an animal I plunged my thick cock inside of her. She cried out, but not in pain and she panted, her pussy making wet noises because she was so wet. I lunged in and out of her in a frenzied pace, my lips catching whatever part of her I could. Her hands shifted into claws and even though this happened yesterday, I was still surprised. A person shifted into their full form, not partial; so seeing just claws was a little odd. I grunted when she used that claw to run up my back and hold onto my shoulder, digging into me. The first mark she gave me that broke the skin. I could feel my knott tighten when suddenly, with one strong push, it entered her body and we both shouted out. Rocking into her, the headboard bangged loudly against the wall, hitting it with enough force to dent it a little. I worked her nipple as my body slapped against hers.

“Mine!” I growled “I’m your fucking alpha and this pussy is made for me”


“Say it! Say it’s mine!” I demand

She scores my body with her claw “I’m not some fucking skippy doll that you can play with when you want”

I look down at her in shock, my body stilling at the change in her voice. Her body has now heated up enough that I feel like I’m sitting under the sun. Her eyes have gone red, her natural colour completely taken over. I grip her hair tightly and push her head back. She opens her mouth and shows me her teeth, some of which have now started to grow, her canines looking sharp. She’s going into her shift! I look into her eyes as her alpha and bar my own teeth, allowing my own canines to grow.

“Your mine! My fucking mate. This pussy is mine, this body is mine. I own you-”

Her loud growl cut me off as with a speed I didn’t anticipate, she flipped us. She was on top and tried to get off me but the knott stuck. It kept us locked in and she half growled and half moaned as her body adjusted to me being stuck in her. She started riding me, her one claw on my shoulder while her hand played with my stomach. She bent down and bit my nipple before sucking me into her mouth. Fuck that was amazing!

“This cock is mine” She growled, her red eyes flashing

“Only if I say it is” I tease, seeing how she would take it

With a growl she sliced my side, her anger at my words making her territorial. SHe used both her hands to grip my hair and her claws pricked my head. Putting her face close to me, she growled threateningly.

“If you expect me to say i’m urs, then you say you are mine or we both accept that there will be others in our bed”

My eyes changed to wolf. How dare she talk about others fucking her! How dare she threaten me! I am the alpha! I own her! No other fucker is getting near her never mind fucking her! My anger knew no bounds. I flipped her onto her back, put her legs up on my shoulder and hammered into her. I can hear her growl and moan but I don’t care. The thought of her with anyone else made me and my wolf spitting mad and we wouldn’t be satisfied until she had been dominated and fucked within an inch of her life!


Sophie P.O.V

What are you doing? You’re making him mad! I say to my wolf

He shouldn’t have disrespected us!

I’m not an aggressive person! So this behaviour is not me

But you are a strong person. You have a backbone. It just got lost for a while as you tried to adjust to a new world. That’s why I didn’t push to be set free.

And now? I ask

Now, he’s pissed us off by playing with our feelings. First when he pushed you into an almost rape mating-

He didn’t rape me! I did want it...kinda

Exactly….Kind of! He didn’t give you time to adjust! No one hurts you and gets away with it! I’ll always have your back.

Thank you. I gulp, feeling emotionally vulnerable

Don’t mention it. Especially as I plan to teach him a lesson.

What? Why?

Because he rejected you for being human! How dare he, the asshat! He doesn’t even realise that we are higher than an omega, which is what he thinks we are.

Oh! As in, the lower rank?

Yes. But what he doesn’t realise is, that the rouge who bit you was an alpha who had previously been a strong leader. It was the death of his mate and pup that made him become a recluse and then eventually a rogue. If he knew who bit us, trust me….he would be gagging to mate us

Then let’s tell him! He knows most of it. Why not let him know it all

No! Not until he proves he is worthy of us! Because right now, he is not good enough! You deserve the best. His wolf apologises as he doesn’t like the way he treats you. You humans have much ego compared to us wolves. As a human partner, he is not worthy

Oh! Erm….I know we are still fucking him, but erm...could we get back to business here I chuckle quietly

She laughed. Oh by all means. Time we showed him who’s boss too

I accept the hammering and it feels so freaking good! He’s hitting all the good spots inside and his pelvic bone somehow hits my clit in such a pointed way that it tingles. I start breathing heavy, especially as the pressure from his knott starts to swell and lets me know that soon he will cum and he will be logged inside. I try to use my hands as a punishment but Simon grabs them and holds them captive above my head. His eyes are now black and his wolf is in his eyes. I can hear my wolf purr like a cat with appreciation as she seems to flirt with his wolf. I twist my body to try and get him off me but he holds my body down and piston in faster. He can’t move much because he is stuck inside and his knott has gotten so big that it would feel like I was giving birth if I tried to push him out. Suddenly he starts to move faster, his cock growing longer and hitting my cervix. I wince at the sensation when he increases his tempo and his knott seemed to grow impossibly big

“Don’t ever talk about fucking anyone else again!” He shouted “This pussy is mine and if I have to, I will keep you tied to the bed and fuck you raw”

“Just you try and see what happens to you if you try that you fucktard! I don’t share but if you want to play games and tease me then I will too” My wolf says

Simon went wild. Hammering into me, he lifted my legs higher and bent down to bite my neck, his body shaking as his cum hit my insides. I cry out as the bite is strong and deep and the pain is intense.

“FFFUUUCCCKKKKKK! Fuckkkkkk so good! So good! Your pussy is milking my cock so good kitten” He says as he keeps cumming.

My shoulder was throbbing at first. Then he started to lick it and I became hot. So hot that I started bucking against him but he couldn’t move. The more my walls tightened around him, the more he would cum and it would spark off a smaller climax, making me release…..only for his dick to get harder and the whole cycle starts again.

“So beautiful…..look at you. Filled with my cum and my scent. No man will come near you now. You’re pussy will always be full of my cum. Your body always carrying my scent”

“Fuck you” I say in anger

“Always” He replied even though in my head it didn’t make sense

Feeling his cock cumming again and now, being able to feel how wet the bed is under my ass, I moan and he kisses me while pushing in and out in a shallow movement. Feeling him lick and suck different parts of my body and then my nipples, I start to drift off, the intense orgasam draining me; my wolf seeming to be very content. I knew she wanted to tell me something, but I started to feel sleepy; so as Simon sucked on my nipple, I closed my eyes, enjoying the tugging sensation, his mouth putting me to sleep


Simon P.O.V

I’ve gone and fucking mated her! I didn’t plan to bite her so deep but the thought of anyone else touching what was mine made me insane. Once my knott pushed passed her, my wolf took over and I just had to have her. For the last hour, I’ve been lying on top and eventually on our sides, my cock and knott still hard and cumming inside of her. I’m drained because she’s been milking me, her body letting off mini climaxes which would then rouse my softening cock; only to harden and cum again. I feel like a hose, one that has been left on and just as if someone remembers to close if off, they then think the garden needs more water. I’ve been drifting to sleep on and off since I’ve been stuck inside of her. Sophie hasn’t woken apart from moaning or wincing when the knott either expended more or when I’ve set off the small climaxes after needing to move because her inner walls are messaging me so good! The room reeks of sex and our mixed scents which i’m conflicted about. I sigh and just as I think about what to do about our situation, John mind-links me and tells me that some important documents are needing signed and work with Rick can’t continue without it.

I let my beta know that I am knotted and plan to be there as soon as I am free. He laughed and congratulated me but I ignored it as I just can’t think about any of this. I tried to will my body to calm down but it wasn’t working. I think I must have dozed off because the next thing I know, I wake up feeling empty and that a very soft but delicate tongue was swiping at my cock. I moaned at the feeling, my wolf trying to tell me something extraordinary is happening but all I care about is the feeling of that tongue and the little sparks that ran over my body.

Opening my eyes, expecting to see Sophie kneeling at my thighs; my eyes widen when I see that it wasn’t her…...well not her human body at least.

“Sophie?” I ask, even though it could only be here

She raised her cornflower blue eyes and looked at me, a self satisfied smile on her face. I looked at her lying there, a stunning russet coloured wolf, her front two paws with white socks which I have a feeling her back two legs would have too. Her cute nose is the only mix of black and brown on her body, her fur looking so soft and inviting. I reach out my hand to stroke her fur and she nips at my fingers before yipping and bent her head down. I couldn’t contain my shock as she licks my cock with her tongue and my body vibrates with pleasure. My wolf starts dancing around like a puppy in my head, excited to meet her in her wolf form but the only thing I think about is that she survived the shift! She came out of the fever!

“Sophie, kitten. You’re a wolf”

She yips again and wiggles her tail but stays where she is, her paws now rest on my thigh and her head close to my cock. Her puff of breath caressing my cock lightly and making me shiver

“Kitten, you’re out of the fever. You should see how amazing your coat is and your eyes! My god, your wolf had blue eyes kitten” I say, my heart trying to jump out of my chest.

Again she barks happily before resuming her licking and I groan out. I don’t think she understands what she is doing but it’s so fucking hot, her doing this to me while I’m human. To others this may seem as if it is a form of beastiality but it’s not. We often mate in our human or wolf form, but at times an alpha will mate with his mate being in her human form and him in his wolf as a sign of dominance and love.

She is strong. A worthy mate

I stay quiet, not wanting to discuss this with my wolf. My head is about to explode with what I have just seen.

Admit that you were wrong and go to our mate. I know those eyes. You have seen them.

Shut up. I can’t think about all this now

You are being ridiculous. I know the dreams, I was there with you, remember? My wolf taunted

It can’t be and this doesn’t make sense! It’s not possible.

And if it is? He asked

It’s not. These dreams will only ever be about a true blessed mate. She was changed and that doesn’t count.

I never thought you were stupid but clearly, in this instance you are My wolf said

I cut off my thought because at one point as I spoke to my wolf, Sophie had gotten up and placed her wolf back side against my cock which jumped against her. I wanted to enter her in her wolf form and take her, but I stopped myself. I needed to think

Just take her. Like this

No. shut up!

Then let me out. Let me take my mate. I’ve waited forever for her!

Sophie whined as she realised my attention wasn’t on her

“You’re such a good girl Sophie. I…..I’m really glad that you fought the fever l-”

Sorry alpha, but we have a problem John interrupted and mind-linked me

What’s wrong?

Rouges are on the move. Alpha Colton has a message for us, but need your input John said, worry in his voice

Fuck! That’s all I need! Ok, give me half an hour. I need to shower and change. Get some food and I need a hot coffee. Tell Colton to get the others for a conference call in the next 1hr. I’ll be in the office in 30min

Yes alpha

Cutting off the mind-link, I see Sophie looking at me patiently.

“I need to go” I say apologetically

She whines, walks to me slowly and licks my jaw. Before I get a chance to touch her fur, she turns around and walks back towards the end of the bed, then stops before licking the underside of my cock one last time. My body jerks and I look at her in surprise before she licks her muzzle and hops off the bed.

“Tricky little bitch” I say affectionately

She looks back at me with a self satisfied smile and I swear she flicks her tail and struts away. I don’t know where she is going but I quickly get up and walk to the bathroom, my cock still sensitive and slightly hard, my wolf demanding to rut on Sophie in wolf form.

We just spent over two hours fucking non-stop and cumming for the last hour. Aren’t you fucking tired yet?

Her pussy would be so wet right now. It wouldn’t be much effort to slip into her. Her body would welcome us my wolf said

I groan as my cock throbs. I jumped into the shower and set it to cold because I needed to cool down but I knew my cock wouldn’t go down so I palmed myself, gripping my cock from the root and using some soapy gel, sliding the fist to the tip, the mushroom bulbous head red and angry looking. I pump my cock over and over and reach down to play with my balls, my cum boiling as my spine tingles, letting me know I am about to cum. My breathing quickens as i fist and jerk my thick cock harder, my body taunt as with one last jerk, my cock spews out cum, the long creamy ropes decorating the tiles in front of me as copious amounts come out.

My body felt drained yet at the same time, surprisingly energised. I washed my body and hair within seconds and I was out of the shower. I worried about Sophie. It was her first shift and I wanted to help her change back to her human form so I quickly wrapped the towel around me and walked out to the room. Sophie was lounging on the bed in her wolf form, spread out with her paws in front of her,looking majestic

“Soph...Kitten, you need to know how to change back. I need to go soon but let me help you change back”

She shook her head at me. I quickly took off my towel and walked naked to get my underwear when I yelped in surprise. Sophie was now standing behind me and her tongue had licked my left ass cheek. I couldn’t believe it! What astounded me more was that I didn’t hear her move! What was going on here. I was both proud and uncertain.

“Naughty girl! But we don’t have time. There’s so much you don’t know kitten and I am needed right now. You need to change or you will be stuck this way until your emotion calm down”

She jumped away from me and ran back on top of the bed. I sighed and quickly pulled on black jeans and a fitted t-shirt and casual vans shoes. Fixing my wet hair in place my wolf spoke

Touch her. You know that if you touch her like this, all will be revealed.

I don’t have time for this.

Pansy ass.

Besides, it unlikely

Then touch her and see. Stop stalling

Fuck off! We have time for this later.

Do it now and stop procrastinating. It will make you feel better when you know too

I hesitated. “Sophie. Let me help you to change”

She shook her head and backed off from me. I don’t know why. She was being so stubborn. She doesn’t realise she can’t do this without me. She needs an alphas command to help with her change. When pups change for the first time at thirteen years of age, they do so in a gathering with the pack; the alpha helping them through the process. She’s never had that so at this age, she will need not just my guidance but also my strong will to help her with her change. I sigh as I look at the clock. I really do have to go. Going into the kitchen, I grab a bowl and fill it with water. I put in some leftover chicken from the food Betty brought in for me earlier into a different dowl and put them on the table after pulling out a chair. I looked at Sophie as she looked at me and cocked her head.

“You’re going to be in this form for a while since I am going to be stuck in the office for about three to four hours. I’ll call Sherry and speak to her to come check on you”

She barked in happiness before wiggling her tail and walking away. I sigh and quickly let Sherry know what has happened. I winced when I heard her squeal in my head and just from her tone, I can tell she’s doing a silly little jig and made a promise to bring Betty with her. I desperately want to touch her but equally worried about it,so before I do anything stupid; I leave the apartment.

I walk into the office and see John there on the phone, organising the conference call that will take place in a few minutes. He smiles at me with a goofy grin and I know Sherry has spoken to him already. I shake my head at my beta and beta-fem’s reaction as John starts heading to the door. He tells me he needs to pick something up from his office and that Claire was running an errand so he wouldn’t be long.

I mind-link Betty to let her know what happened with Sophie and asked her to have the pack doctor come and have a look at her just in case. I had just finished having a conversation when the door knocked.

“Come in”

But the door remained closed. I figured it was John and he must have his hands full if he couldn’t open the door and come in. I walked over and opened the door, ready to tease him about multitasking when a body slammed into me and my lips were molded to others.

“I’ve missed you lover”

My eyes widened as I looked at Tasha. My ex-girlfriend? I totally forgot about her! Ever since meeting Sophie, my whole brain has been revolving around her. When we came back, I forgot she even existed because she was away. Now, being here, I couldn’t believe it! Kissing me again, she smiled at me

“How about we go back to our room. It’s been ages since i’ve seen you” She purred


“Oh I forgot to tell you! Look what I got” She said as she reached into her blue skinny jeans pocket that looked like they had been painted on her. She took something out and opened her palm. My body froze in shock as everything I had said before, started to come back to me.

“My engagement ring. I got a call from the jewelers saying that the ring was fixed and ready. So now you can put it on me properly”

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