The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

I opened the door after the constant banging and lifted my eyebrow at seeing Arik there with a goofy grin on his face.

“You do remember that we are pack and that you can mind-link me right?” I ask

“I figured you’d appreciate this in person” He smiled

He grabbed my arm to pull me with him and I opened my mouth in protest. Although it was almost dinner time, I had a fitful night and I had tossed and turned because I couldn’t sleep. I ended up falling asleep after lunch and was in my boxers when I had opened the door, My hair all a mess. Shaking his hand off my arm, I realised that we were walking towards the apartment and I quickened my pace, afraid of what I might find.

Arik knocked on the door and within seconds the door opened and a smiling Sherry answered the door, gesturing for them to enter, closing the door after them. Looking between them two, I knew something was up. Just as I thought that it might be something to do with Sophie, a russet/brown coloured wolf came trotting in, the paws quiet on the laminate floor. My mouth gaped open as I saw Arik beam with pride, his eyes lighting up in happiness and I knew only one person could pull that emotion from him when it was a wolf we didn’t know


She barked in happy yips, her tail swishing about, her happiness clear. She ran up to me and as I hugged her, she licked my cheek, her happiness infectious. I laughed loudly and both Arik and Sherry started talking over each other how this happened but all I could see was how beautiful she looked, how shiny her coat was and how stunning her wolf eyes were.

“You are beautiful Soph and you're eyes! Wow” I say with wonder

She licked my cheek again before bending her front paws down and lifting her rear end in a playful manner, her body posture obvious, an invitation to play. I smirked and started shedding my clothes. Arik and Sherry look at me with open mouth shock as I transform into my grey wolf. My tail looked like it had been dipped in black. I had various shades of grey and white running through my coat and even though I was a beta, my wolf was bigger than Sophie’s as if I was an alpha.

Hi Sophie I say through our mind-link

Oh my god, can you believe that I have a wolf inside of me!

I chuckled, my wolf rolling out his tongue. I always knew you had one. You were just too scared of our world, so she probably didn’t want to scare you

Oh my god! That’s what she said! How did you know that?

Because I know everything I smugly said, jokingly

Sophie yipped and trotted to the living room, her tail wagging in invitation. I followed her around, watching her explore in her new body. She sniffed and took in new scents, preferring some over others and yipping in happiness when she either brushed by my wolf or when she entered a room and liked the smell. When she eventually went to her room, her wolf took everything in by the door, her eyes darting about the place before lifting her nose in the air and taking a deep breath. Suddenly she darts forward and sniffs at the red male t-shirt sitting on top of the sofa, before she jumps on the bed and rolls around.

I assume it’s because their combined scents are on it and she likes the smell. I didn’t because it told me that they had sex not long ago in here. Even my wolf wasn’t too happy about that and I think that was mainly because Simon was treating her like a booty call. I step back from the room and turn towards Sherry and Arik who were back out in the hallway as they had followed us around. Sherry raised her eyebrows at me when I yipped and she chuckled when she saw Sophie rolling on her back in the bed, her paws up in the air, bent as she enjoyed the comfort of the sheets

“Soph, you might want to get off the bed. Wolf hair is hard to get out of egyption cotton” Sherry chuckled

Sophie sat up before looking around the bed and then, like a queen, lay on her front paws; her head up and looking smugly at us. I felt my wolf be proud of her for sticking to her guns. Acting like a true alpha. I knew then that her wolf was going to change Sophie. She wouldn’t stay the same scared female that she has been and I am looking forward to discovering who she will be

She’s not our mate my wolf reminded me

She could be

And you, WE could be dead. No mate allows his mate to be another’s, especially an alpha

He’s not good enough for her

Are you telling me, you would reject the one for us for Sophie and be willing to challenge an alpha?

Are you saying that you won’t support me, help me to try and win? Would you abandon me in the fight?

I would never abandon you my wolf said, offended at my words

I cut off my thoughts from my wolf and walked into the room, calling out to Sophie to come out and go to the living room. We walk there as Sherry praises Sophie for the way she handles her wolf while Arik gives her pointers on how to interact and coexist with her wolf. We have been teaching Sophie different things regarding being a wolf for the last 1 hour. She could now tug, play fight and understand what different postures and body languages meant when in wolf worf. The next thing she needs to know is how to fight. She is a dominant wolf and could be called upon in a fight. Even though Joe wouldn’t do that to her without training, if there was an attack, then she might not have a choice, Her wolf might take over, but the problem with that would be she wouldn’t know the way to fully defend herself and fight.

Seeing the time, and knowing Sophie would be hungry soon, I trotted over to her and she suddenly took a defensive stance, her body preparing to fight. Even though I know she is not serious, I tussled with her for a few moments and Sherry encouraged Sophie to go for the kill. I’m pretty sure she meant that even though Sherry seemed to like me. Letting Arik know I was going to encourage her to shift back to her human form, Arik let Sherry know, who then had come back to the room with a t-shirt for Sophie and a towel for me.

Sophie, I’m really proud of you for allowing your wolf out, but we need to change back now


Because the first shift, when done properly with an alpha present, allows the pack to see how the pup is and their possible rank. The alpha then, within an hour or so, has them shift back. Sometimes the animal form is so pleased to be out that it wants to take over completely and stay in wolf worm. If you don’t shift back, first there’s a possibility that your wolf could take over and keep you in the wolf form for days and weeks and secondly, it’s a way for us to dominate our wolf and let them know who is boss. So they understand that they have their time and we have ours in our human form.

Oh. Ok. But Joe is not here. What do I do now? She asked worriedly

Let me guide you. I may not be an alpha, but I am the beta. I’m next in command after him. I can help to guide you.

But if I need an alpha, wouldn’t Simon do?

As your mate, he can help. But if he wasn’t your mate, only your own alpha or beta could help you. Now you need to try to relax your wolf. Remember what we told you, great emotions trigger our wolves and their emotions. I need you to try and calm down and focus on your breathing.

Will I be stuck as a wolf? God! I can’t just shift into a wolf because I am pms-iing!

I chuckled at her thought process. Don’t worry. We will practice all of that. You won’t do that. Mother nature has been very clever so that female wolves don’t wolf out in their time of the month.

Let’s get you back to you first then worry about other things. Now, I want you to even out your breathing. Good, deeper and longer. Think of it like the breathing techniques those yoga youtube videos you watch, but for wolves. That’s good! Ok, now in your mind think about your human appearance. From the top of your head, your hair and facial features, to your arms and hands and then your legs and your pretty little feet. Ok good.

It’s not happening! She says after a few minutes

Sophie I chuckle. It can take more than a minute. It’s your first change. Give it some time and don’t panic. I would have been shocked if you had managed to get it done within the first few seconds. Now come on, let’s try it again.

Sophie whines, her eyes panicking as she tries to follow my instructions again

“What’s wrong Soph?” Sherry asks

“She’s scared and doesn’t understand why she can’t shift back to her human form. It’s ok Soph. You can do it. Just listen to Scott. There’s no rush and nothing to panic about. You can do it” Arik encouraged

“You’re such a good girl, but you need to let her be human again. I’m sure once she has a handle on this, she will let you out again and bond with you more” Sherry addressed Sophie’s wolf “You can do it Soph”

Come on Soph, you can do it. Even slow breathing. Good. I need you to breathe deeper. Close your eyes if it helps. Good. now if it helps, breathe so that your stomach expands and retracts as you breathe in and out. GOOD Soph that’s it! Now once again, think about your human form

After a few minutes of encouragement, and repeating the information over again, Sophie suddenly transforms into herself again, her wolf retracting. Sherry walked over to stand in front of her as she put on a t-shirt and I was irritated, even as I wrapped the towel around me. I get that Sherry sees Sophie as her alpha female and Luna, mated to Simon. But the reality is, while Simon had bitten Sophie, she hadn’t done the same back so they weren’t really mated.

I can tell Sherry wasn’t keen on me seeing Sophie naked but who is she to stop that? Being naked transformation is normal, I would have appreciated her form yes, but it is considered bad manners to just stare lustfully like that. I’m still her beta and protector, not some perv who would have violated her


Sophie P.O.V

After putting on the t-shirt, I scream and run over to Scott, jumping into his arms as he catches me, his body heat surrounding me.

“Ooooffft. Soph” He laughs at me “Better be careful. This towel isn’t the most secure”

I look down and see him grip the towel perilously and I can feel myself blush, my cheeks heat up as my eyes look anywhere else but at him. He chuckles and I let his shoulders go, stepping back from him. I feel Sherry’s arms come up from behind me before she hugs me properly and congratulates me on my shift, telling me how she had faith in me that I could shift back.

Arik comes over and gives me a side hug and congratulates me on being a wolf and being able to transform back without any problems. I look sideways at Scott and know that it is because of him that all this was possible. My wolf didn’t want to listen to Simon and felt he was acting arrogant about how he was the only one able to help me change.

“Where’s Simon? Does he know I’m a human again?”

“No. He’s in his office. He and John had contracts and paperwork to sign plus I think a conference call” Sherry advised me

“Ok, well I reek! I think i’ll have a shower and if possible Sherry, some food?” I asked boldly, at which she nodded “Then I think I’ll walk over and surprise him. Show him I managed to change into my human form”

“Ok sure. I’ll go down and speak to Betty. Are you craving anything in particular?” Sherry asked as she headed out of the apartment

“Anything but soup! I’m so done with liquid food” I chuckle, as do the others.

Stepping out of the apartment, the guys follow her too. I promise to meet them in the apartment after a while as Scott said he too would be showering and re-dress. I was about to walk back after closing the door, when I saw a pile of clothes sitting on a shelv at the side

“Scott!, you’re clothes” I say.

“Yea, i’ll get them later” He says with a smirk “unless you just want me to drop the towel and change into the clothes”

I blush and stick my tongue out at him, closing the apartment door. I sigh and pat my cheeks to try cooling them down before I walk to the bathroom. I swear, I’ve had more showers in a day here than in my life!

Well of course you do. That’s because our horny mate can’t get enough of us

True I giggle.

I jumped into the shower and after quickly taking care of hygiene and washing myself again, I wrap another towel round me and go back into the bedroom, taking out the hair dryer and started to use it to both dry and straighten my curly hair. It took me almost 15min when I heard a strange sound and looked around for the source of it. Realising that it was my mobile phone, I picked it up and saw Sherry calling me, the battery very low.

“Hey” I greet

“Hey. You know, It would be better if I could mind-link you” Sherry teased, her implication clear

I cleared my throat “So what’s up?”

“Bettery’s on her way up with some sandwiches, a big tray of chicken and sweetcorn pie with a salad, chips and garlic bread. I think she’s included a whole apple pie, double cream and cookies. But listin, I just saw John and he said he was having a bit of a problem with a couple of things so asked me to help sort it out. I’ll be about half an hour or so”

I groaned at the description of the dishes Sherry told me Betty was going to bring and my stomach started to rubble. Hearing that Simon and John were having work related problems, I decided I would get ready and eat; give them a few minutes before going to surprise him, try to cheer him up. I was just excited to show him my change,

“Don’t worry about it and take your time. I’ve just started to do my hair”

As we hung up the phone, I resumed straightening my hair. I had just ran the HD straughtern for the last time through my hair when the doorbell rang. Walking to answer in my towel, I saw Betty and let her in, another assistant behind her as they brought in the food and drinks and took them to the kitchen. I looked at the quantity of food and my eyes widened

“Just how much do you think I’m going to eat or is that for more people who have decided to join me?” I asked. Betty chuckled

“Good to see you up and about love. Heard congratulations are in order for your first change” She said before hugging me

“Thanks Betty. Hmmmmm this smells delicious!”

“Now, don’t eat too much at once. If you can, eat in small bites and pace yourself. Its normal to be hungry after a shift, especially the first one. But you don’t want to make yourself ill. I’ve also brought you camomile don’t make that face. It’s just because it helps to calm the nerves a little” She scolded in a motherly tone.

Nodding and hugging her, I thanked both of them for the meal and walked them to the door before going back to get dressed. I threw on a pair of cropped black leggings and a white, black and purple patterned top before slipping on white ballerina shoes. She went to the mirror to put on some light makeup and I gasped.

Is this me? Wow! What the heck happened? I had changed. My body which has always been curvy and plump was now slender. I still had a belly, it’s not like magic and it’s gone….BUT, it was less. I didn’t have two bing typers and my ass wasn’t as big! Even my chest seemed to have become firmer and slightly smaller. My skin glowed, My eyes were brighter and my lips seemed to be more naturally pink….and my hair! Omgeeeee! It so thick and shiny. I mean, of course when my hair decides to behave and it is straightened, it looks good but right now, it looks freaking amazing!! This gloss is unreal!

It’s because you shifted. Our body is taking on its own form, adjusting to our wolves frame


Don’t worry. It’s not a bad thing. As we shift more, your body will change. Shifting consumes a lot of calories

Wow! No wonder female wolves can eat as they do and stay model thin! I think i’m going to like this shifting business!

I apply a light concealer and mascara with a little basic eyeliner, then go to the kitchen and start opening the tin foil covered food, taking in deep breaths and smells of the food in appreciation. Sitting down with generous helping of food on my plate, I place three cans of pepsi max in front of me and open one, taking a deep drink after every few mouthfuls.

Before long, my plate was clear, the three drinks finished and surprisingly very little left over. Apart from the deserts which I hadn’t touched yet. No wonder these guys eat like that! I never realised how hungry I was! I practically inhaled the food. Before my shift, I would have been lucky to have even half of what Betty brought me. Now? Jeez! I’m pretty sure there are like five spoonfuls worth only left.

I put the tin foil covering over what was left and picked up the dessert tray and a couple of plates and small spoons. This kitchen really is equipped with everything! I’m pretty sure that I am able to eat this on my own even though I generally don’t have a sweet tooth; but I want to share this with Simon. Leaving the apartment, I start to walk towards his office at the other end of the corridor when my wolf suddenly starts to growl. I don’t understand why or what’s going on, just that I feel antsy. I balance everything on 1 hand and open his office door

“Look what I - “ I stopped mid sentence and gasp

Simon was kissing a blonde girl, her body wrapped in his arms. My fingers went numb and the dessert and plates fell from my fingers and crashed onto his office floor, spilling around my feet. They broke apart and looked at me in shock

“What the fuck? You clumsy fool!” The girl shouted at me

“Soph! Y...Y....Your you” Simon asked as he pushed the girl away from him

“Soph? Wait! Haven’t I met you before? I thought you all left after the contract was signed?”

I couldn’t speak. I looked at Simon who was walking towards me and I was so upset, so angry that I just spun around and walked briskly out of his office

“Soph wait!” I could hear SImon call me

I turned to look at him just as I got out of the office and he took my hand in his. He looked worried but also in shock as he took in my appearance

“How have you changed? What - ?”

“Scott. He helped me. Guess it worked because we are pack. Who is she?” I asked, my anger slightly dissipating

“Scott?” Simon asked, his jaw clenching

SImon eyes flashed and I could tell he wasn’t happy, but neither was I and I needed answers.

“Who is she and why the fuck were you kissing her?”

I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me but what the real question the fuck Scott helped change you when that is an alpha’s job! I-”

“That’s not the real question. Who-”

“You better move away from my fiance you skank or I won’t hesitate to tear your eyes out!” The girl said as she walked up behind him Simon, placing her hand on his shoulders


“Fiance?” I whispered

Oh my god he’s engaged! When? Where? Why didn’t he tell me? Why did he claim I was his mate when he was already with some? So many different questions started running through my head. I started to feel faint even as I saw Simon tell Tasha to go back to his office while he dealt with this….i was a ‘this’ I didn’t even warrant a name…..or being called a mate. Seemed like I had outstayed my welcome. He obviously was a player and didn’t expect his girf no...his fiance, to come back home early.

My wolf saw red. I think I would have fainted but my wolf was livid. With vicious yank, I pulled my hand out of his grip. He turned to look at me and opened his mouth when I raised my hand and slapped his face….hard. That girl Tasha gasped in shock and started telling me how I was dead and how dare I slap an alpha, but I didn’t care. I didn’t even cry! I moved away from him and ran towards the apartment, I could hear SImon’s feet not long behind me. I ran in and headed to our room, needing to be away from him.

Just as I got near the balcony in our room, I felt Simons hands on me as he turned me around to face him

“What the fuck was that?” He asked

“Are you fucking kidding me? I’m not the one who was kissing someone else!”

“I told you! I wasn’t kissing her, she was kissing me!”

“It sure looked like you were enjoying it. You had a fiance all this time and you never told me!”

“I had a past, partners before you. I never claimed to be a saint” he shouted

“I never wanted that. You went all possessive ass on me just because Scott is my friend but failed to mention you have a fiance? Who does that”

“Scott is more than a friend. Just because you are too blind to see it, doesn’t make it any less a truth”

“Your paranoied and stupid and-”

“Don’t ever call me stupid! It’s all obvious and-”

“YOU HAVE A FIANCE!” I shouted louder, my breath heaving

“I...not intentionally. I hadn’t met you then!”

“From the time we met till now, how could you have not said something?” I asked, my chest tight with pain

“Because i forgot ok!”

“Forgot? How could you have forgotten?” I asked

“Because, when we met. I didn’t expect to find my mate. Most mates find their other halves by 19/20yrs old. Tasha was my personal assistant-”

“Clearly doing more the personal aspect of the job” I snorted

“We became involved and one day while shopping, I got her a ring. I guess part of me thought we both haven’t found anyone and she was strong. She’s not a beta or enforcer but she is a strong wolf. I...I just...but that’s not the point. I wan’t to know how the fuck Scott was able to change you”

“Because he’s pack ok!”

“You don’t get it. It’s usually an alpha and his beta can only step in if an alpha is incapacitaed and has allowed the beta to take of his role temporarily. The only other way is if the person is her mate and-”

“Are you saying Scott is my mate?” I asked, shocked

“I don’t fucking share!” He growled out

“Clearly that is a lie since you kept me in the dark and was kissing another woman!”

“I didn’t kiss her. How many fucking time do I have to say it!”

Suddenly I could hear the apartment doorbell ring and knocking on the door. I knew it was Scott since he was trying to mind-link me but I wasn’t responding. I think Simon could tell it was him too because he stiffened up and gripped my arm tighter

“He fucking interferes every god damned time and you say that there nothing!”

“Well at least i’ve always been honest. You...You just kept all this hidden from me” I cried out

My heart was beating faster and I wanted to just close my eyes, wishing for the first time that I could faint but I knew that my wolf was boosting my energy and being. Her anger was so great that it felt like ants were crawling up and down my arms.

Soph, are you ok? I can feel your wolf. She’s not happy. What’s wrong?

I...Simon...he I just couldn’t form the thoughts

What did he fucking do now? Scott asked in anger

He was kissing another female

WHAT? Open the door and let me in

“Even now your fucking talking to him. Your my mate and we are fighting but you are speaking to him rather than me” Simon says in a jealous tone

“Because he is worried about me”

“And I’m not? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“Stop acting so jealous Simon. He’s my bestfriend and he-”

Simon laughed but it wasn’t a nice laugh. More like a sarcastic humourless laugh. I pull out of his arm and I can tell Simon wasn’t expecting that. He is measuring my stance up and down and there is lust in his eyes as well as wonder. I tell my wolf we should tell him about us being a strong wolf but she says he’s not ready to hear it.

“I’m not jealous of that pathetic weasel”

He’s not pathetic and considering he is almost the same height as you and just as muscly, he’s not a wease;”

“Goddess you are just so into him and you can’t even tell!”

“I’m not. He was there for me at a time that was traumatic and he had the decency to never judge me for it. He was the one I turned to when it was almost too hard to live at times!”

“I never expected a human mate! I never wanted one so of course It was going to take time for me to adjust to it”

“Out of all I just said, that’s what you took from that? That’s the art you focused on?” I asked,my anger spiking

My wolf burst forward and my eyes shifted. While I stayed human, she came forward, her voice stronger than my own waivering one

“You dare to bring us down for being human?”

“That’s not possible. You are a new wolf” Simon whispered, his jaw slack as he looked at us

“You are not even worthy of being called a mate”

“Tone down your voice” Simon said, his eyes flashing “I am alpha, your alpha. You will obey-”

“I obey no one!” My wolf growled “You need to prove your worthiness before I obey you. Your hatred for her being a human was so strong that you brought her fever upon her. I suppose I am grateful as I now get to be with her. But not only do you not know the truth, but she is not so weak or so vulnerable that taking crumbs from your table will be enough for her”

“You are causing trouble for no reason” Simon says, inching towards me

“Why were you kissing that bitch when you had us here. You left my bed not long ago” My wolf growled

“I was not-”

“I dont FUCKING CARE WHO KISSED WHO! The point is you both were kissing. If I did that with Scott this would be a different story”

“Are you threatening me?” Simon growled.

Before I knew it, he had grabbed my neck and kissed, his body vibrating with anger. My wolf wasn’t having any of it. She pushed Simon back and after her second attempt, managed to dislodge his hands. She bit his arm as he tried to go near us and I looked on in shock

Stop! I get why he’s angry. We both are but this is not the way

He disrespected us! First with that skank and then questioning our loyalty!

In the background I can still hear Scott trying to get our attention and I’m pretty sure I can hear Arik and Sherry too. Simon growels in anger and tries to come near e again. I hold out my hand to ward him off, hoping both he and my wolf calm down

“See! This is what happens when humans get turned into wolves. Your votial! If you had been a full breed wolf, you would have challenged her, slapped her and showed her you were the Luna and that would have been the end of it! Instead your human weakness filters through and there games and silly emotions!”

Oh he didn’t! He called us weak! Because I was human!. My wolf was raging now and I could feel my heart stutter as he said the words. I started to retreat quietly even as my wolf spoke out

“Weak? You think because she was turned, she is weak? It is you who is a weak alpha and a weaker mate” She spat

“Be careful how you speak mate. You are on a fine line. I will have to punish you-”

“Punish me? You pathetic, weak, foolish male. You are not good enough for us, never mind thinking you could punish us”

Suddenly, we both changed into our wolf form, Simon wolf attacking us even as my wolf moved out of the way before turning around to attack us again.

Soph! Why have you changed? Open the fucking door!

He’s attacking us. Please Scott! She’s not listening, please make this stop!

FUCK! Ok ok, i’m going to try getting in. She’s a strong wolf and can fight without your input. Let her lead. I’m on the way

Simon snapped his teeth at me, close to my hind legs before my wolf swiped her claws down his shoulders. In the background I can hear people’s bodies hitting the door, obviously trying to get into the apartment. Simon grabbed the scruff of my neck and pinned me down, his grip hard, his growel threatening. I sobbed in the back of my mind while my wolf growled back at Simon. We both suddenly stopped. I assume it’s because Simon was being told off from his Beta or someone of importance since I could hear both Arik and Scott speak to my wolf to calm her down. Just as we changed back to our human forms, I could feel my wolf retreat fully. I stood up on shaky legs, a sob caught in my throat.

“Sophie” I could hear Simon say

But I didn’t look at him, instead, wrapping my arms around myself as I tried to cover some of my nakedness. I could see Simon limp slightly towards the bed side chair where he had a t-shirt and boxers pair lying about. He grabbed the t-shirt and held it out for me to take but I couldn’t. I stepped back from him, my eyes catching how the leg he limped on was now fine and the claw marks my wolf made on his shoulders bleed slightly, even as they knitted in front of my eyes.

I stepped back away from him and grabbed the slightly damp towel that was hanging out of the hamper and quickly wrapped it around myself. I tried to move around him so I could go to the drawer and grab a t-shirt but he kept stepping in my way.

“Sophie” He sighs

But I shake my head, my body shaking as he edges forwards towards me. I hold out my hand and finally meet his eyes

“Stop” I whisper

He freezes “Your neck looks like there might be a bruise. In a couple of days-”

“I hate you” I whisper

Simon stiffens and the voices get louder outside the apartment. He tries to come forward and when I whimper and move away, he stops. He runs his hand through his hair and I can see him look at me from the corner of his eyes

“Your a monster” I say, my old fear of alpha’s coming back

Simon must have been able to smell the fear because he stumbles back a little before moving away far enough from the cupboard that I was able to get a night shirt and slip it over my head even while trying to keep an eye on him. He could see that my fear of him made me be cautious as I tried to wear my clothes and he sat at the edge of the bed and wore his boxers, trying not to appear threatning.


“Stay away from me” I say, running to the otherside, trying to keep the bed between us

“I..didn’t mean for this to go so far...when you ran from me, from the office-”

“I don’t care! There’s never an excuse to hit a woman….especially w....when sh..she-”

“I didn’t!” Simon says, his face pale

“It was the same as. I knew I was right to hate alphas except Joe”

Simona pales further and I can see his body shake. I can hear the guys in my head trying to talk to me but I feel like I can’t breath. All the fear of the past, all my insecurities and worry come flooding back. My breathing hitches Simon tries to come close, trying to calm me down. Moving away from him, my heart hurting, I trying to suck in air but I feel like it’s all gone; that there’s no more air left for me.

“Sophie….shit...sophie! Breathe! I-”

“Ss..s.tay...aww...way” I try to say between taking deep breaths

Seeing I was struggling, Simon tried to stay back while trying to encourage me to take air, but because I was so stressed and anxious about him, I couldn’t think. I couldn’t function. Dots started to appear in front of my eyes.

“I thought we could do this. That I could do this. But it’s clear I can’t. A true wolf wouldn’t have this effect on their mate like this. Breath Sophie. I won’t come near you. Just breath”

“Wh...what… you m..ean?” I ask in between gasps

He looks at me and shakes his head. Hearing the door being tried again, Simon finally snaps and tells them to all ’fucking wait’ I can Scott and Arik demanding to be let in and Sherry trying to calm them plus try to ask Simon to let her in. We both don’t move our eyes from each other’s faces as my breathing slowly tries to come back to normal. Simon looks both pale and ill at the same time, running his hand through his hair and gripping it tightly. Looking at me, his normal bright eyes dull he sighs and squares his shoulder

“It shouldn’t be this way. This is not right and it because of this foolish-” He breaks of in anger before looking my way

Oh No! My wolf says

What? I ask

She whimpers, her sounds long and mournful. I feel cold, as if I was standing outside with the wind blowing, my limbs feeling heavy, my head light as if I’m about to faint. I will never be good enough for him. I’m just some pathetic human who in his eyes was weak, foolish and pathetic who was turned. He said all this before and compared myself to that girl...Tasha...She’s stunning. From the top of her perfectly styled hair, to the tips of her manicured toes sticking out of her heels. I have been frumpy with tummy fat around me and big breasts. She was the epitome of a pocket venus. How could he want me when he had her. Tears gathered in my eyes as I saw the situation from his point of view and my breathing started to escalate again

“Stop Soph! God, you haven’t heard anything I’ve just said have you?” He asked me sadly

He was talking? I didn’t hear him. I was struggling with my own demons. I took more steps back and towards the door, my hands now shaking

“You didn’t hear me because you are trying to breath and stay far away from me. Look at you! Your”

I guess he’s trying to say pathetic or disgusting….trying to say how I am unsuitable and unworthy of him.

“There’s only one thing I can do now” He sighs looking away before squaring his shoulders and looking at me

“” I ask

“Your humanness is-” Shaking his head, my heart pumps harder painfully against my chest

“I, Alpha Simon Richmor of the Black Moon pack, Reject you; Sophie as my mate and Luna”

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