The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

It’s been six days since we have come back to the pack. I’m living with the pack in the pack house since I’m no longer afraid. At least not like how I was before. Joe and the rest met my wolf and after it, Joe went quiet on me. He told me he had to check something and this morning, left with two warriors to go to another pack.

My door is knocked again and I know it’s probably Scott. He’s been sweet and caring, but I really don’t want to speak to him, to anyone really. My wolf is hurting just now. She seems to have gone quiet. I don’t feel alone, but I do feel like she is giving me space. My door knocks again

“Soph, can I come in?” Amelia says

“Uh, sure”

“Hey love” She says, entering my room.

Closing the door, she walks in and sits on the bed, facing me. I sat up a little better as I had been slouching against the headboard. She took my hand, running one of her hands through my unruly hair, pushing it back from my face.

“How you doing?”

“I don’t….I”

“Oh love” She said, sighing

The next thing I know, I’m pulled in for a hug and there’s tears running down my face. I hug her back tighter, my body is shaking. It’s like a dam has broken down in me and I let it all out. For days I have been strong, not crying, not really saying much. But for some reason, even though many pack members have tried; I was numb until now

“Come on. Tell me what happened” She says

Like magic, she has a tissues paper ready to help dry my eyes and another which I use to blow my nose.

“You don’t know?” I ask

“No, not everything. Scott and Arik have said that it is your story to tell. What happened? I mean after he rejected you”

“My wolf was sad before she got angry. I slapped his face and ran to the door. Scott, Arik, John, Sherry and that skank Tasha were all standing there. Tasha was shrieking about how the apartment was her right and her place and that I had to leave. Scott came in and asked if Simon meant what he said and then….”

“Did you mean it?” Scott asked, getting into the alpha’s face

“Of course he meant it! I’m his fiance. She’s just a skank that-”

Scott grabbed her neck and the room erupted. John tried to contain Simon who was threatening Scott. Arik and Sherry tried to get Scott off Tasha. Everyone was swearing and shouthing, threatening each other and I just stood there in shock, numb. Feeling like I was having an outer body experience. Seeing Tasha’s face and her struggle to breath, I approached Scott just as Simon broke John’s hold and marched towards Scot.

“Please Scott” I whisper

Seeing he isn’t listening, I mind-link him and beg him to let her go. He listening to me and he eases his hold on her neck before throwing her away from him. Simon almost near Scott when I lift my hand and hold it out,


“Soph” He says “I

“You don’t get to call me that anymore” I say

He sighs before having a staring contest with me. Tasha is barely breathing and Sherry grabs her and pushes her out of the apartment. Scott, John and Arik are poised and ready waiting for something to happen but nothing does. Simon’s eyes turn dull and he walks by me and out the apartment. I can feel myself collapse but feel Scotts hands catch me. I hear Arik and John leave the apartment and I just sit there, on the floor in Scotts arm’s in the hallway. Scott’s so patient with me. I don’t cry, instead I just look out, empty and cold. My wolf eventually whimpers and I blink my eyes. I’m sitting on Scott’s lap, his arms around me and at some point, he seemed to have put a light blanket around me. I notice that I am actually pretty toasty. When I turn around, I can see he is asleep and leaning back against the hallway wall near the door. I look at his watch, and I can’t believe it! I’ve been sitting here for 3 and a half hours!

“Scott. Scott” I say, trying to wake him up

“Soph” He mumbles, his arms tightening around me

“Oh my god! You kept me on your lap while you have been cold on the floor”

“It’s ok Soph”

“It’s not. You-”

“It’s ok. Come on, you must be hungry-”

“What do we do now Scott?” I cut in

“What do you wanna do?” he asked me

“I...I don’t know. I...I guess i’m just not good enough for a wolf.” I laugh bitterly “I’m not good enough for a human guy because I am fat, and I’m not good enough for a wolf because I’m not purebred”

“Never say that again Soph!” Scott bit out “ You are more than good enough. You are perfect”

“Clearly not though” I say as a few tears slip out

He uses his thumb to brush some tears away and tilts my chin up. Kissing my forehead, he caresses my face and hugs me tighter before helping us both to stand up. My legs are numb from sitting and not on the cold floor so god knows how he feels. He takes me to the kitchen, sits me down on a chair and gets me both a glass of water and a diet coke.

“Soph, if someone judges you for your colour, creed, religious belief or appearance then they have no substance to them. They are not worthy of you. Never degrade yourself because of vermin like him, never bring yourself down because people like him-”

“He’s not vermin” I whispered.

I can hear Scott tighten his jaw and know he isn’t happy I defended Simon. Having a preference isn’t wrong. Like I prefer big muscled guys. That’s not wrong, or a guy prefers someone shorter than him. It’s just preference

There’s preference, then there’s Simon

Where did you go? You went quiet after he rejected us

I needed to preserve my energy


Because we are going to need it.

What do we do? I ask

We go home. We don’t beg for crumbs off someone’s table

I sigh. My wolf is more aggressive and less forgiving than I am. I did think that maybe I should approach Simon and try talking to him again but I have a feeling that my wolf won’t be too happy if I try that so I have made a decision

“I want to go home Scott” I say sadly

“Ok Soph” He says, folding his arms “But let’s grab some food before we do”

“I...I don’t want Simon to know, at least not till we leave”

He nods. When there’s a knock at the door, Scott goes to open it and I hear him talking to someone. I open the can of diet coke and take a couple of sips when Scott and Arik both come into the living room.

“Are you sure about this Soph?” Arik asks

“I am. Please Arik, I just want to go home. I can’t stand being in this apartment or my...his room”

“Ok then” He nods “I asked Betty to get us food. I’ll let her know we are leaving and will organise a car. I still think you should at least try talking-”

“Leave it Arik” Scott says

“She still needs to-”

“I said leave it” Scott cuts in again

I frown at both of them, knowing I am missing something but to be honest, I just can’t think. All I know is that my supposed mate has a finance that he clearly loves and wants to be with and that me being a turned wolf is a big deal because it makes me unworthy to be his mate. When I stop with my thoughts, I realise that Arik is gone and Scott is now speaking to someone on his phone. I get up and walk to my...his bedroom when Scott stands in front of me. I let him know that I’m going to pack my bag and maybe have a shower. I go into the room and immediately, my senses are assaulted with our mixed scent and I want to cry. My heart feels heavy and my vision blurs but a burst of energy from my wolf makes me become stronger. I go to the walk-in closet and pull out my suitcase and small bag and start to pack, only taking what I came here with. Nothing else really belongs to me. He brought them for his mate, the one he wanted and would love. Since that’s not me, then it’s not mine to take

You should still take the Chanel and a Hermes you know

I couldn’t, it’s not right

Screw right. He hurt us, he owes this to us


Your so stubborn

As are you I reply back

It doesn’t take me too long. Maybe twenty minutes, in which Scott had finished the conversation and told me Joe had been updated and is welcoming us home. I heard Betty deliver food but I couldn’t look her in the eyes, I’d break down and tell her everything which I didn’t want to do. I had just zipped up the last bag, looking at the clothes I had on the bed for my shower, when I heard Arik come into the apartment. Scott knocks on my door and takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen.

The food smells amazing. I’m going to miss this so much! There’s a pot of chicken casserole, Yorkshire puddings, fried chicken, home-made coleslaw, garlic bread and two types of dessert. I sat down and Scott made me a plate with a little of everything before placing more cans of diet coke in front of me. I pick at my food at first, not feeling hungry. I can hear Arik and Scott eating or rather inhaling the food as if they won’t ever get it again….well I guess in a way, they won’t. My wolf seems to decide she’s hungry and I start to slowly eat. I am just about to finish off the last mouthful when the doorbell goes again. I freeze because I really don’t want to think about seeing anyone, especially not Simon. Arik answers the door and I can hear him speaking, but just when I get up, Scotts grabs my hand and holds me back. He cuts a slice of cake and puts in some custard before heating it slightly in the microwave. I sit back down, my mind wondering who was at the door and where Simon was. As Scott places the bowl in front of me, I take a bite of the cake and custard and moan in appreciation, my taste buds exploding with the sugary goodness. I don’t know why but for some reason, while I don’t have a sweet tooth; this cake and custard combination is devine and I could have this all day.

“That was susie” Arik said coming in with his hands full of big bags

“Susie?” I ask in confusion

“Yes. She’s the sous chef and under Betty”

“Oh” I reply, nonplused

“Apparently Betty sent up seventeen containers of different kinds of food to take back”

“Seventeen! What the he...wait! She knows we are leaving?” I ask in shock

“I guess so. Susie says there’s three portions of today’s meals. About twenty or so sandwiches with crisps and cookies for the ride. There’s apparently almost four days worth of meals for all three of us along with a few other things. I didn’t say we were leaving but“ Arik shrugged his shoulders

“She also said that apparently Simon has left the territory, went to visit another pack and he said he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow, maybe”

“Simon left?” I asked, my heart breaking more

At Arik’s nod, I got up from the table, my sorrow great at being left behind. Scott gets up too and comes round to where I am standing looking at Arik.

“Did she go with him too?”

Arik hesitated before speaking “I asked that question too. Susie doesn’t know for sure. She only said that after Simon left, Tasha hasn’t been seen around”

“So he took her with him” I whisper before clenching my jaw and nodding

“Soph, he may not have. You know she’s the type who would deliberately try to make you think-”

“I really want to go home” I say, my voice hoarse as if I spent the last few hours screaming and shouting.

“Oh Soph. Ok” Scott says, holding my hand “We are just waiting for the hire company to drop of a car”

I nod my head “I’m going to shower. I feel disgusting. Could we leave without anyone knowing, in the next hour or so?” I ask Scott

“Yea. Arik had checked with the company and they said the car is on it’s way so it shouldn’t be long”

I nod and turn to walk away. Scott grabs me and pulls me to him, his hug giving my body warmth that I didn’t realise I needed. I almost cry but know I can’t. I need to leave. Once I’m home, I can cry because if I do it now, I know I will break down. Then I won’t be able to leave. I go into my….his room and quickly take a shower. I do a quick wash and go with my hair instead of spending ages on it like I usually do and take off the clothes I have on, before wearing my new set. Pair of comfortable leggings and a blue and green top. My phone rings and I startle. I remember hearing it a couple of times when I was in the shower but forgot, taking it out of my mind. I grab it from where my side…..where I used to sleep, side table and see it is Sherry. I gulp as I really don’t want to talk to her just now but know I can’t avoid it


“Soph! Lisiten, don’t do anything drastic ok-”

“Sherry” i cut in

“Simon can be a hothead and an idiot” she continued

“Sherry please stop. I’m getting a headache” I say loudly. I can hear silence and what sounds like a sob but then nothing, so maybe I misheard “Could we talk later. I just...I need..”

“Ok Soph” Sherry whispers. “I’m here for you ok? When Simon’s back, we will sort this shit out. He’s being a pussy running away and using the alpha duties as an excuse but listin, I’m going home to grab some stuff for John because Simon has left him in charge and he needs to go patrol the borders for a bit”

“Ok” I say “Sherry….I..Thanks”

“For what?” She asks

“For being my friend” I reply

“Heyyyy” She says stretching the word “I’m your best friend and don’t you forget it”

I smile even though she can’t see it. I tell her I’ll speak to her later and end the call before it gets complicated with lies. I decide to be cautious, my wolf telling me I needed to do this; and I record a little message and video of all the items I left, showing and explaining in the video that I wasn’t taking anything he had given me, I kept recording until I got to the apartment door and then grabbed the bags again and open the door only to see Arik coming my way. I end the recording, making it obvious that I had walked away without taking anything.

“The car got here a few seconds ago and Scott and I are ready to go too. I’ve got the food bags, Scott cleaned up the kitchen and took both of our bags down.”

“Won’t people notice?” I ask

“The dinner rush will be starting soon and there’s a lot of workers in and out of the building and the office downstairs. I think there some sort of paty phappening soon because there loads of stuff being delivered” Arik explained

“Ok” I sigh deeply and nod my head, handing him the bags. I turn to look at the inside of the apartment before closing and locking the door behind me. “Let’s go. But we need to be careful, Sherry is running about helping John. I really want to try avoiding people if I can”

“No worries” He says as we start to walk

“One second” I say as I get close to the lift.

I tell Arik to wait there and walk up to Simon’s office and knock on the door . Not hearing anyone inside, I try the handle and it doesn’t open the door so I know he has locked it. I sigh and shake my head before bending down and slipping the apartment key he had given, under the door and push it until I was sure it was safely inside. I can feel my eyes blur but try harder to hold myself together, walking back to Arik. He silently enters the lift and together we go down, exiting and walking into the main foyer.

Arik moves forward, trying to distance himself from me so as not to arouse suspicion. I follow quietly behind, nodding and smiling at people who call out to me, even though I don’t know a lot of their faces. It’s surprisingly easy leaving the packhouse as so much is going and so many people are around because of food. I slip out of the main door unnoticed and open my mouth in shock. The there’s almost fifteen cars in front or around the packhouse. Three cars away, there’s a black BMW SUV which Scott is packing. No-one really pays attention to us as I make my way over. Arik helps put the bags away and encourages me to sit at the front so I get in. Arik and Scott talk about logistics and what if scenarios including designated stops in the almost five hour drive, but I tune most of it out. I can feel the bag of snacks near my feet and just as I reach in and pull out a butterscotch cookie, both Arik and Scott get in and Scott starts the car. I look up at the packhouse in sadness as we pull out, turning the car around and driving down and out of the packlands.

My phone rings just as we catch the motorway back to London and I glance down. Sherry.


“Where are you Soph?” she cut’s in


“Because Claire said she was sure she saw you and Arik with some bags, going out and I said no. Because my best friend wouldn’t just leave without telling me”

“I couldn’t stay sher” I respond back

“B….But...He’s being a dickhead, a typical stupid guy. He’s back tomorrow Soph! We coul-”

“I can’t, I’m so sorry! Please...Please just….I need to go home”

“This is your home. Your my Luna and bestfriend” Sherry said, and I could hear tears in her voice

“I will still be your best friend but this can’t be my home. I ...with him and...I can’t. I’m sorry” And I hang up, turning my phone on.

Scott and Arik stay silent, not even trying to engage me in speaking. My eyes closed after the call, a headache already building as I start to move further away from my mate’s places, my heart now breaking as silent tears slip between my closed eyes.

“The rest you know” I say, coming back to the present

“That’s it?” Amelia asked me

“Yes” I nod

“B..but….your telling me, you never spoke to Simon since then?”

“No. There was no need to. I sent both him, John and Sherry the video so they know I never took anything and let them know where I put my key. Sher messaged to say they got the video and that was it” I said sadly

“That’s not it SOPH!” Amelia shouted

I winced at her voice “Why-”

“Because you never responded”

“What do you mean?” I ask

“When he rejected you...did you say I accept or that you rejected him too?” She asked me, her hands gripping mine

“Well, no. I was so shocked. I didn’t know I had to respond. We both just walked away from each other so I just assumed-”

“Assume makes an ass out of you and this case you and him! There’s a reason that saying is correct”

“I don’t get why?” I ask, confused as I dry my tears “What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal, Soph, is because you neither accepted the rejection or rejected him….it is a one sided rejection”

“What does that mean?” I ask, my voice shaking

“That Simon is still your mate and a right to come get you” Amelia whispered

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