The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

She left me.

I don’t blame her but a part of me can’t believe she left me.

It’s been just over a week since she’s been gone and both my apartment and my wolf are quiet. After rejecting her, I needed to get away. To think. The truth is, I regretted it the second the words left my mouth and I didn’t want her to accept it so I ran. I used a lame excuse to visit a neighbouring pack, hoping to hide out there for a day to gather my thoughts. As soon as I left the apartment, I had gone to my office and barely sat at my desk before Tasha had come in, her overly strong perfume making my head hurt.

“Did you see what he did to me Simon!!? Who the fuck was that?” She screeched

“That was my mate” I said calmly

“YOUR WHAT?” She screamed “Your gay?”

“What?” I asked, confused

“That guy Simon!” She said, coming closer to my desk “And what are you on about, mate?”

“Tasha you need to shut the fuck up for a while” I say aggressivly

“Simon!” She started “I leave for a few days and shit’s hit the fan”

“Look. All you need to know is I need space. Go home Tasha”

“I can’t Simon. You have some skank-”

“She’s my mate!” I shout at her, looking her in the eyes

“What? Th...that frumpy fat girl?”

“She’s not fat” I say standing up and walking towards her in measured steps “Nor is she frumpy. If I ever hear you call her names like that again, I will rip your throat out”

“B...B..But, we are dating. I’m your fiance!” She pales, taking a step back from me

“No. we were fucking. You knew that if I found my mate that we would end. And I never officially asked you to marry me. I brought you a ring because you wanted one but I never said it was an engagement ring”

“It was implied-”

“By you. Don’t think I don’t know that you used that ring to get your way with people in the pack and tried to assert yourself as my Luna. I said I would put it on you when you gave it in to be resized. It didn’t mean I was going to put it on your finger as an engagement ring. Now get out”

“You’re still my boo. I-”

“Fuck off Tasha. I told you I need space” I growled

My eyes flashed in anger at her, going wolf when she paled even further and took a step back, lowering her eyes. She puffed out a breath and walked to the door before turning back to me and looking at me

“Fine. Is the code still the same for the apartment?” She asked

“Go home Tasha. Your home, not mine”

“B...but I usually stayed in the apartment with you! The third bedroom was ours”

“The third bedroom was where we fucked and often than not I went back to my room to sleep. The code is different and unless you want another beating, you should go home”

I cut off when I see my phone flash and it starts to ring. Looking at the name, I see the name of a neighbouring alpha and answer the phone.

“Manning. What can I do for you?”

“Simon. Everything ok? You don’t sound like you” He said

“I’m fine. What’s up?” I ask

“Thought I’d let you know that the Aberford contract came in all ok and I have signed my part. I’m sending an Omega over to get you to sign it. If you have time to do it there and then, he can be on the way back home and we can get it processed tomorrow to start the ball rolling on our joint business”

“The contract. Right. Erm...don’t send the omega. I’m on the way”

You’re on the way?” He asked in an incredulous voice “Why?”

“I’ll explain when I get there” I say before I hang up

“Why are you going to see alpha manning?” Tasha asked me

“Tasha-” I growel

“I’m asking as you’re PA. You don’t have that in your diary” She cut in

“I have to discuss something with him. I’ll be back later tonight” I say as I pick my office keys

“Well, could we go back to the apartment? I-”

“No” I cut in


“Ask Sherry to get whatever you have left there. I want it out by today Tasha. Sophie and I may be arguing right now. But I don’t think my mate would appreciate any ex coming into the apartment”

“What about when I used to come around to discuss your diary” She asked, eyes wide

“Don’t do that for a few days Tasha. I think there’s going to be some adjustment that I need to arrange”

“Right. Well I guess if I really need to, I can just ask Sherry to come with me since she has a key and -”

“She doesn’t have a key anymore. Sophie does”

“SHE HAS A KEY?!” Tasha shouted

“She is my mate and your Luna!” I growel out to her

She cowers in fear when I use my alpha voice and lowered her eyes while tilting her head to the side, exposing her neck in submission. I nod once and move out the door, locking it once she has also come out.

“Don’t make me tell you again Tasha. Sophie is in charge and while she adjusts, Sherry is. We are done. Do you hear me?” I say

After she looks down and nods, we start to walk towards the lift. As it approaches our level, I look towards my apartment door in sadness as I can feel Sophie’’s turmoil and upset through our partial bond. She didn’t bite me back nor rejected me so we were still connected through my bite. I sigh as the lift rings and we get into the lift. As the door closed, I heard the apartment door open and I desperately wanted to go back out and go to my mate but I forced myself to stay where I was. I was an alpha. How could I be acting so love sick, so foolish.

Convincing myself that we needed some time apart, Tasha and I stayed in silence until we both got to the ground floor. Stepping out, I could hear Betty talking about tonight’s menu and speaking to the staff about preparation. As Tasha and I walked out towards the main door, she stopped me just as we got to John’s office

“Can you drop me off home?”

“I thought you had your car with you?” I ask with a frown

“I do. I’ll leave that here for just now. I just want to go home for a think”

I frown and sigh before nodding and going to the garage, walking to my black Maserati and sitting in. Once Tasha is in and buckled in, I drive off and out of the garage and out of the gates of the packhouse. I can see people making their way up to the house for food and all I can think about is her face. Her eyes pooling with tears and how I felt when I rejected her.

After five minutes, I turn into a cul-de-sac and stop near the third house. I’m glad Tasha kept quiet through the drive because I just couldn’t think. I didn’t want to chat. As she got out, I could see her wanting to say something but I revved the engine to let her know I wasn’t in the mood and she closed the door. I did a three point turn and gunned the engine, not even checking to make sure she got into her house ok.

“Alpha. Alpha is that ok?”

I blink a couple of times as the faces in front of my eyes came back into focus. I can see John, Rick and two other pack members sitting in front of me and I remember that I am at a meeting discussing our progress regarding the new plant that is due to be built later this year. I clear my throat and shake my head.

“Yes. Rick, I trust you know what you are doing. I think for the next couple of meetings, if there’s anything urgent; you should approach John who will have authority to sign off on things”

I can see John’s surprised face which he immediately schooled and nodded, supporting what I said. I excused myself and told them to continue the meeting as I head out of the room. As i step out, I hear John come out behind me and I brace myself for his questions.


“Not now John” I cut in

“You weren’t even fully in the meeting there. Go to her. Speak to her. You can’t continue on this way”

“I can’t” I swallow “It’s too late”

“It can’t be too late since she hasn’t accepted or returned the rejection. I’m talking as your friend, not your beta. You’re a walking zombie. The pack needs their alpha”

“I’ll see you later John” I say as I sigh and walk away

“I’ll get Betty to send up food to the room”


“Because I’m your best friend and beta. Because you haven’t allowed housekeeping to clean the apartment nor wash the bedsheets so you can still smell her scent when you are in the room or lay on the bed” He said quietly

I walk away briskly, embarrassed that I was so obvious in my pain. I clench my fist harder as I approach the lift, not fully taking in the lunch preparation going on or the smells that were starting to come from the kitchen. Once in the lift I press the button to go back up to my level and I finally open my fist, allowing the built up pain to release as I looked at the key in my hand. The key Sophie had left through my locked office door before she left. I kept it like a talisman with me, sometimes catching the scent of her and her tears mingled in when she touched the key.

The lift door opened and I moved silently towards my apartment and opened the door to get in. As I close the door, the quietness is immediate. The lingering scent of Sophie’s perfume is barely in the air now and it saddens me. I walk quietly through to bedroom and enter it. I’m still gripping onto the key she left, the indention of the key now marking my hand. I sit on the bed and take in the scent of our mixed bodies, mine more stronger now since she hasn’t been in here for over a week. I place the key on the bedside cabinet and place my head in my hands. I can be stronger in front of people, but in here; I let go. My eyes close and immediately I’m assaulted with her image. Of when she first willingly put her head against my shoulder when we all sat eating dinner together. When I carried her in my arms to our room. Her shock and delight at the wardrobe and bags before she told me it was too much

All the times we made love. Goddess! Fucking her was just insanly hot as it was when we made love. The time we rocked against each other gently, so softly I thought I’d go insane. Then the time she changed into a wolf and licked me! How I had wanted to mate her fully then. I wish I had because then, I would have known how she felt properly when I made stupid mistakes like the one I did before. The doorbell sounds and I sigh, getting up, knowing that it is food John has sent up. Opening the door, I look at Sherry’s face in surprise as she carries in a big tray with another Omega behind her who pushes in another trolly with drinks and closh covered plates.

“The tray has pasta, quiche and salad. The tray has some soup and a platter of sandwiches for later if you want along with some tea and coffee choices”

“I have the making for tea and coffee in the kitchen” I say quietly as I watch them work around me

“I know” Sherry nods “But Betty said you may not be up for making it. This has already been done for you”

Nodding to the omega, they both turn to go out of the kitchen. As the omega opens the door and leaves, I call out to Sherry

“Thank you. I’m surprised you came to deliver it. I was expecting Betty” I said quietly

“Betty was stuck because one of the sous chefs apprentice hurt herself and she was dealing with it so-” She cut of, shrugging her shoulders

“So you got stuck with the task” I laughing humorously

Sherry didn’t say anything. Her eyes focused on the apartment door, waiting for me to dismiss her. While she was the beta female, she was also a friend and a sister to me. I knew she was hurting from Sophie leaving and blamed me.

“I never expected her to leave” I whisper

“How could she have stayed Simon?” Sherry sighed, her back still to me

“I....I just needed to think”

“You should have called her. You should have stayed instead of running away like a coward”

I couldn’t even muster up the feeling to get mad at her. Any other alpha would have ripped her throat out by now for calling him a coward and speaking disrespectfully to him, but my pack is not like that. We have always lived as a family. And that meant accepting that sometimes, family fights.

“You should have made sure someone knew that you didn’t leave with Tasha” Sherry said, finally looking at me properly “That’s what broke her Simon. You picking-”

“But I didn’t!” I shouted “I left Tasha at her-”


“Because I was being stupid! I wasn’t thinking! I’m a guy and we can be idiots. Take your pick Sherry!” I reply, throwing my hands up in the air

“She was my best friend Simon” Sherry said quietly after a few moments “And then she left...because of you”


“I don’t need you to say sorry. I need you to bring her back. I’ve never had a sister and when Sophie and I connected, I felt her not just being my Luna but I felt like she was a part of me. I dont get why or how I”

“Sherry” I start to say

She sniffs and shakes her head. I stay quiet for a while before I hold her hand for a little bit, squeezing it to give her support and then let it go. I gulped, not sure why I felt I could admit what I was about to.

“Why did you do it if you didn’t really feel like that?” She asked quietly

“Because in my anger, I frightened her. She started to have a panic attack. Her breathing changed and all I thought in my head was a true mate wouldn’t be afraid of their own mate. That I was the one causing her pain. What kind of mate was I to do that?”

“Then you walk away from the conversation. You don’t be an idiot and reject someone in anger Simon!”

“I know...I..” I stop to huff out a breath

“Is her being a turned human really so awful? Really?” Sherry asked quietly.

I hesitated. I couldn’t answer because I had so much turmoil inside of me and I was alone. I didn’t have my wolf to talk to. I gripped my hair and turned away from her, taking a few steps back and forth before stopping to face her. When I opened my mouth to speak, she stopped me

“Don’t answer that. You’re clearly in turmoil and can’t decide. Who is saying what Simon. What is your wolf saying?” She asked

“Nothing” I say looking at her sadly

“What do you mean nothing. I’m sure he has plenty to say-”

“He did” I cut in “But after three days of not listening to him, he stopped talking to me”

“What?” She asked, puzzled “Well he’s obviously angry with you so shake him and-”

“No sherry that’s not it” I say quietly “He hasn’t not just spoken to me. He’s also missing” I say

“What do you mean missing?” Sherry asked, her hand over her rapidly beating heart

“I didn’t want to admit it but….Sherry. He’s not here. Inside. I feel empty”

“No, I saw you. You shifted just yesterday” She said, confused

“Yea, I had the wolf’s body. But he wasn’t the one taking over or chatting. The truth is, I lost my wolf and I don’t know how to get him back”

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