The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

“Can you Soph?”

I hear the tailend of the question and shake my head, knowing that once again I had zoned out. I blink a few times to clear my blurry eyes, only to find Arik, Scott and Joe looking at me intently. I remember that I am at work and that due to an upcoming meeting with another wolf, we were deciding how to proceed now that I was less scared about being around strange wolves.

“I..I’m sorry. I didn’t.-” I stammered

“It’s ok Soph. You’re bound to still be a little off kilter. Look, it’s nearly lunchtime. Why don’t you go get something to eat and take a little longer. Take the day if you need it.” Joe said his eyes sympathetic

“I..yes. I think I need it. I’m sorry Joe”

“No, don’t say sorry. It’s ok. Scott, sit back down, I need to go over some figures with you” Joe said as he looked between us


“If Sophie feels she needs protection then I’m sure Arik could go with her. Otherwise I’m sure she would appreciate some time alone”

Scott clenched his jaw and sat back down while Arik looked at me, his eyebrow raised. I shook my head and walked out of the room, walking to my desk which was only a few steps away from Joe’s office. I grabbed my black Moschino bag and looked at my homemade salad sitting, limp and sad. My mind went back to Betty’s food and immediately my stomach growled, saliva pooled in my mouth and hunger pangs hit me hard. Forget it! It is so a McDonald’s and fatty food day today! Deciding to have my lunch from outside, I picked up the salad box and put it in the fridge beside my desk, thinking to leave it for another day. I picked up my jacket and took the lift down to the ground floor and waved to security as I walked outside, the sun bright on my face. I turned left and walked down the street, passing by my usual healthy options and baguette shops and instead walked the extra five minutes to the small McDonalds; standing in the queue inside the shop. I kept fluctuating between my usual, a quarter pounder or a fish meal. When it was finally my turn, I ordered the fish meal, a beef burger on its own and a malteser McFlurry. Sitting down I must have inhaled my food because a few minutes later, I looked at the finished meal and blinked in surprise before attacking my beef burger. It was after eating the ice cream that I actually felt full and pretty damn content. Getting up from the table and throwing the rubbish away, I walked out into the sunshine and decided to go to the mini Tescos and bought two packets of Galaxy White choc chip cookies, a cold bottle of pepsi max and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Looking at my watch, I was surprised to see only twenty minutes had passed. Deciding that I would take a break and sit in the small park not too far from the office, I walked there before finding a bench to sit on and took a large drink when suddenly my senses were alert and I smelled Simon!


Simon P.O.V

“This has happened before alpha, but there are many reasons. I would need to consult with the council and make offerings to the moon goddess to find out the real reason”

I looked at our healer in dismay as I listened to her explanation of why my wolf was missing. When I had told Sherry about my missing wolf, she had encouraged me to speak to the pack healer, except Mia, our main healer who was part wolf and part witch; was away on a moon pilgrimage. It is said that twice a year, there is an opportunity to go on this pilgrimage where the healer would be shown the journey through a dream and which healer has to take it. This year, Mia our head healer was the one chosen. She left a few days before I met Sophie and she wasn’t due back for at least five days. Because of how deep and intense the journey and seeking guidance was, distractions like mobile phones and mind-links were often blocked

“Ok Jen but please hurry. The pack doesn’t need to know or worry about this and I rather have my wolf there in battle than without” I say as I get up to leave.

I open the door and walk out of the healers cottage. I see Sherry standing chatting to another healer and can hear bits of the conversation, my mind constantly wandering. I can hear her ask questions about the ‘feeling’ and assume it is about her family. Sherry came to my pack with a guardian who had been severely injured and when she had brought a three year old Sherry, the guardian had passed her to a distant uncle who lived with us before dying from her injuries. Since she had been ten, she had been curious about finding her family but no one anywhere in the Uk had much information. I walked closer to them and Sherry finished talking and waved her off, her smile still in place. When she saw my face, she frowned before asking permission to see in my mind what the healer said.

“There has to be a quicker way to find out where he is” Sherry said

“I wish there was. God I could really do with Mia being here”

“Simon, maybe it’s time to ask your mum and d-”

“No. it’s taken me almost twelve years to convince them to take a break. Do you remember how reluctant they were to even move out of the apartment? They practically wanted to move into the second bedroom. I had to almost emotionally blackmail them to go to the level below never mind leaving on a break. That was even harder to convince them. There on the second leg of their cruise “ I say as she and I sit in the car

“But you can’t just wait for five days! Sophie-”

I know Sherry. I just-” I sigh deeply “look, call Rick and see if Jerrick is back in the Uk yet and if he can come back here. I could do with speaking to him”

I focus on driving back to the packhouse as Sherry call’s Jerrick. I can hear when the connection is made and Sherry tells him of my urgent request. Jerrick tells her that he will make his way over tonight with his wife and his wife’s younger cousin so was visiting them for a short period. Sherry immediately offered them a cottage to stay in for a few days and encouraged them that it would be a great way for his wife to enjoy healing with Betty looking after her with great meals. Jerrick readily agreed and started making plans. I had just pulled up to the packhouse and parked the car before Tasha bound out of the front door, her eyes lighting up when she saw me. Sherry and I both leave the car and Tasha runs up to me and throws her arms around my neck.

“What the fuck are you doing Tasha?” I ask in anger

“I missed you Simon”

“I told you-”

“It’s been two weeks Simon. She isn’t coming back. She’s refused to take your calls and isn’t her boyfriend-”

“He’s not her boyfriend!” I shouted back

“Not what I’ve heard”

“He’s a friend. She still wears my mark” I respond back, angry at her implication


“Shame your so desperate that you can’t see that you are not wanted” Sherry interrupts her

“Excuse me?” Tasha asks, her mouth agape

“You heard me. You’re like an STD. No one wants you around”

OUCH! Damn! When Sherry means to attack, she really let’s rip! With those parting words, Sherry bumps Tasha’s shoulder and walks past her and into the packhouse. I look at Tasha whose face has now gone as red as a tomato, fumes coming out of her ears.

“Did you hear what she said to me!” Tasha said, stamping her foot in anger

“You know I don’t get involved with female politics. That is why there is a Luna or a female beta” I push Tasha away from me as I start to make my way towards the packhouse

“I’m pregnant” Tasha says, her words causing me to whip around


Sophie P.O.V

Simon! He’s here!

No he is not my wolf said

He is. I smell him!

You smell his wolf

Aren’t they one and the same? I ask, confused

Yes to an extent. But right now you smell his wolf

Ok. Why?

Don’t worry about that just now. You need to take care of you. Sophie, understand that we will not beg for crumbs. There is a reason we are so strong but right now just know that need more than just a mate that wants us for power.

Is Simon ok? I ask shyly

You still care?

Yes. I do

Then you are a better being than I because I wish him to suffer. That is because of your humanness...the same trait that he belittles is what makes you care. As a wolf, we are basic creatures. We do not feel much compassion or empathy though we are great leaders and strong, brave warriors.

I wish I was more like you I say sadly

Do not say that. You have a brave, loving sensibility that we werewolves often lack. She sighs He is lost without us and his wolf

What do you mean? Where is his wolf? I ask

He is here, with me. He has been, for the last few days. Well, in spirit at least

What?! Why? Does that mean Simon is alone?

To an extent he is alone. He’s probably more worried and confused as to where his wolf has gone than being without his wolf

If you won’t tell me why he is with you, then please send him back.

You are too nice. But I have no say in this. It is his wolf who has made this choice. Not I. Sophie, go back to work.

I glance down at my watch and see that my hour lunch is almost up. By the time I would walk to the office and back to my desk, I’ll just get there in time. Even though Joe has said I could take longer, I wanted to be on time. I didn’t want to slack off. Within a few minutes, I was back in that same lift and heading out towards my desk, my mood already improved and my head wanting to focus. I can see that Joe and the guys are still in their meeting so I go to the desk and open up my laptop. As it rebooted, I went to the small private kitchenette that was a few steps away from my desk and put on the kettle, already looking forward to having the cookies and tea. I heard the door open just as the kettle finished boiling the water and I pop my head around to see the three of them coming out of Joe’s office

“Would you guys like some cookies and tea?” I ask, shaking the cookie box at them

“Damn! Where’d you find those? I’ve been looking for them everywhere and there so hard to get” Arik said, his eyes widening in delight

“Hell yea! Tea and cookies sound so good right now” Scott said

“Soph” Joe groaned “What are you doing to me?! You are such a feeder”

I chuckled, making my way back into the kitchenette and started pouring three extra tea’s into the cups as I took out two plates and split the cookies into two portions. I took out the cookie plate first and saw the guys go back into Joe’s office. Scott and Arik then walked with me, Arik picking up the sugar, milk and teaspoons while Scott took the other two cups of tea and I took my own and Joe’s. We sat down on the sofa and each took a few sips and a bite of our cookies, the guys each moaning in appreciation as the sugary goodness hit our tongues.

“Amelia is going to kill me since she’s on the way with lunch and I’m sitting here eating dessert” Joe said good naturedly

“No worries Joe” Scott said “I’ll eat your portion of the cookies as a goodwill to society”

We all burst out laughing as Arik and Scott argued who would have the most cookies and justifying their case. I chuckled as I got up, my tea needing refilled. As I took a step away from the couch, a blinding pain traveled up my spin, the suddenness of it making me gasp in surprise

“Soph?” I hear Scott say “What’s wrong?”


Unable to speak, I clutch my stomach as the pain moved to my front, almost as if someone went from punching me from behind, to hurting me in my ovaries and stomach. I cry out as black spots appear in front of my eyes. I felt the guys distress and heard them call out to me but all I felt was pain. Suddenly the pain changed and fire consumed my body, the heat starting from the inside before radiating outwards, my cheeks now aflame

“SOPHIE!” Scott shouted

“Soph. What’s going on love?” Joe asked kindly even as I felt someone arms hold me

“” I say

“FUCK!” I hear Scott shout “The fucker’s being intimate with someone”

“Shit!” Arik responds “He’s cheating on her and she can feel it because they didn’t complete the rejection”

My mind whirled as I took in what they said, my eyes filling with tears as both the pain and the thought of Simon cheating on me hurt me. Suddenly, I couldn’t breath, my breath hitching as it tried hard to take in air, my body now sweating, pale and in agony

“FFUCKKKK” Scott shouted “Sophie! Sophie Breath! GOD DAMMIT, BREATHE!”

But I couldn’t. My chest tightened further even as I saw Simon’s face. The way he would look at me when he made love to me, his smile, his tenderness. Now he was doing that to someone else; Tasha most likely. The dark spots appeared more frequently and my head began to swim.

I felt Arik try to fit a paper bag around my mouth to help me catch a breath but it was too late. The breathlessness and knowing that the pain I was going through was because my mate was with another was too much. My body couldn’t handle all the sensation together. It was too much. I heard Joe and Scott shout out as I fell into blissful unconsciousness, my wolf’s mournful howl loud and sad as we gave up our will to live

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