The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

“It’s been four days Joe. He needs to let me help”

I can hear our healer speaking to Joe about my presence getting in the way. Four days ago, Sophie collapsed because that dickhead Simon was having sex with someone who wasn’t his mate and because Sophie hadn’t rejected him, she was still connected to him and still felt the bond.

When he cheated, she felt it and it was so intense that she passed out from it. While it can happen like that, it is not the case most of the time. I had helped take her back to the packhouse and to her room while Joe called the healer to come help. She did, she helped Sophie open her eyes before once again slipping into unconsciousness. I had stayed by her side, my need to be close to her was a need I didn’t understand. I know she’s not my mate and yet, this pull is too great. I stayed by her side and the healer could still do her work yet for some reason, she felt I stopped her.

“Scott” I hear Joe call out to me, but I couldn’t move

“Scott” He commanded in his alpha voice “You need to come here”

I couldn’t ignore the command. For the first time in a long time, he had used his alpha voice on me. Making the command compulsory. I get up and look back at Sophie’s serene, peaceful face as she lay in the bed, before walking back towards my alpha. I left the room and the healer came in behind me, closing the door in my face.

“Scott. What are you doing?” Joe asked me with a sigh

“Joe, I can’t explain it. I have to be there; beside her” I reply


“I….I don’t know. I just know she needs me. I have to keep her safe”

“She’s not your mate Scott. We both know that”

“I know. I can’t explain it Joe. I just have this need to really be there and protect her. I used to feel like this when I first met her but in the last week; it’s gotten even stronger. I need her beside me, I need her well” I say

Joe shakes his head, his right harm coming to scratch the back of his neck. He looks at me in confusion and wonder and I can tell he’s going to come to some sort of dessission that I’m not going to like. I can see Arik standing not too far from Joe who had his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrows raised up at me.

“Look Scott, you need to go take a walk or something. Jen needs time to heal her and-”


“That’s not a request Scott. Healing can take time and if you’re underfoot, it’s harder to do. I want you and Arik to go to the Fang pack in Scotland and see if they can help with the intel we are getting about rogue attacks”

“WHAT?! Joe are you kidding me?! Why can’t Arik go on his own. I’m the beta, I should be here with you”

“Because you’re not here with me. You’re underfoot and being in the way”

“But that means I’ll be away for a week or so! That’s too long Joe”

“Too long for what Scott?” Joe asked

“’s just too long!” I say throwing my hands up in the air

“It’s not a request Scott. You leave tomorrow”

Saying that, Joe walks away. I stare at Arik, angry and confused. I don’t get where my feelings are coming from yet I know that they exist and I’ve always had this connection to Sophie. Arik walks closer to me and grasps my shoulder in support

“I think we need to visit a high level healer. What you are feeling is not normal, but does sound familiar. Pack for a few days and then get some rest. Tomorrow, I’ll

Make some calls and we will figure all this out.”

I nod in agreement and look longingly at the closed door, knowing that going back into the room tonight wouldn’t happen. I sigh and touch the door handle before turning and walking back to my room to prepare for tomorrow


Tasha P.O.V

I knocked on the door, my head tucked into my chest so no-one could see me. They couldn’t if they tried since it was 10pm and pretty dark outside. Especially because it was raining buckets and the wind was howling. I was bundled up in a thick winter coat with the hood covering my head. Ugh! I hate Scotland! It’s always so cold and dreary here!

FInally the door opens and the lady in front of me stands aside and ushers me in. I quickly step inside and shiver as the warmth of the heat hits my face, my body shivering as it adjusts to the temperature inside of the house. I pull off the coat and hang it on the hanger, little raindrops dripping down.

“What are you doing here Tasha?”

“It didn’t work” I say

Celine looked at me with a raised eyebrow before walking in front of me and then turning left. I followed her into the small cosy living room and took the chair closest to the roaring fire and placing my palms out close to the fire, appreciating the heat. I sigh as the warmth starts to help dry my damp top and jeans, my body finally not quaking from the cold.

“Why couldn’t you have just used the phone?”

“Because there’s eyes and ears everywhere” I say

“Even at your own place?” Celine asks

“Yes” I say

Celine leaves for a few minutes and comes back with a tray. Placing it in front of me, I take the cup of tea gratefully and add in the milk and sugar according to my taste. Taking a healthy sip, I sigh in contentment as the heat spreads inside.

“What happened?”

“It didn’t work” I repeated back

“What exactly didn’t work?” She asked me

“The spell. It didn’t work” I say

“Impossible. It has always worked. You must have done something wrong for it not to have worked” She said, irritation on her face

“I did everything as you have said. I have done for the last four years! It didn’t work”

“Listen here Tasha. I am one of six powerful seers and healers in the UK and one of three who are at the top of the powerboard. My spells and positions ALWAYS work. When you approached me to help you obtain Alpha Simon four years ago, I gave you a powder which had to be mixed into his drink at least once if not more, everyday-”

“Which i have done! Apart from the occasional day here and there, I didn’t miss a day. At times I gave him three a day whenever I took a cup of tea or coffee to him”

“And that powder helped him to lower his resistance to you. We then changed his powder when you heard a conversation he had with his father and his father’s advisor” Celine said

“Yes. His father’s advisor, Soren was someone whose own father passed him down information and history. Soren said that whoever Simon mates with will make them both one of the strongest couples in the Uk. An equivalent to a king or queen but for England. There’s already an Alpha king and Queen here in Scotland”

“And you wanted to be that mate did you not?” Celine asked

“Yes and I agreed to every demand and every condition you placed if I took your help”

“Because” Celine said “You wanted the power. I told you Tasha, I told you that this would be a slow grueling process. When he was told that his mate would be one to be born from death and to lead the forgotten and that his children would then unite them as one; you had decided that you wanted this for yourself. But I warned you that you were not his true mate and that it could all change if he went with you”

“I know!” I say aggressively “But you also said that the powder I was giving him could alter his thinking. That it would make stronger his fear or that which he was unsure of-”

“And that you would need to stick by him so that if he came in contact with her, you would know and you were then meant to change to the third powder to dull his feelings for her. He would need to mate or at least have sex with you, so then she would feel the pain and reject him.”

“I know Celine and I tried!” I said, putting the empty cup down with a bang “But after searching for her for so long, he never even came in contact with her”

“Why didn’t you use the Gel? I added a tracing powder in it. As soon as you had smeared a little dot anywhere on his skin, he would have been repelled by his mate”

“But that’s what I’m saying Celine. I did!”

“Hmmm. Then something is amiss here. Let me see” She said

When she got up, she tilted her head to say I should follow her. We walked to a locked door where she ran her thumbnail in various directions, looking like it was just random slashes but I recognised one of the signs she made. The door unlocked and she pushed it open as we both entered, closing the door behind us. Inside, on the left wall was a stack of shelves with various jars, books, candles and nik naks. There was no window in the room and the only light came from the single naked bulb in the middle of the ceiling and a few scattered candles. On the floor, there was a circle and a pentagram with various symbols. Celine took a purple and then a black jar from the self and sat down within the circle. Unscrewing the caps off each jar, she started to chant and knowing from experience how long these things take, I sat down on a rusty stool and waited for her to speak again.

It must have been twenty minutes in which she constantly dipped her fingers into each jar at different times, chanted and made hand symbols. Finally she opened her eyes and gasped. She got up and started muttering before turning to me

“You fool!” She said harshly “I told you to put a dot of the gel somewhere on his body. On his skin. Instead, twice you put it on his jacket. The spirits have shown me that on those two occasions, he went to see Mia or had seen her in passing and she knew straight away what that gel was! She has been giving him a counter spell to take in medication form”

“Mia is involved?” I gasped aloud “That bitch has always hated me”

“She is also one of the three top Healers. Why did you never tell me that in the last five months his attitude has started to change towards you?” Celine asked

“Because I just assumed it was normal couples fighting. I mean I got him to buy me a ring didn’t I?”

“But he didn’t put it on as an engagement ring did he? You are a fool. There are consequences when you don’t follow the instructions properly. I stressed this to you!. This counter spell has kept his eyes opened enough to not only grasp who his mate is but to also have bitten her. He has marked her”

“No!” I shouted, shocked that such a thing could have taken place without my knowing “I...He-”

“Stop stuttering. This has complicated matters. He won’t touch you now. Each day, his heart will return to what it was before it was changed. He will remember and question why the hatred he had for humans or why he hated certain things. He only disliked them, not hated them as the powder made him feel”

“Well do something then!” I shouted, getting up from the stool “Give me something stronger! A stronger powder! An amulet! Anything!!”

“It’s not that easy you idiot” She shouted “These things take time to make and then time to work on the person it’s given to. And I have to be careful. I do not want trouble at my door….at least not until I am ready!”

“What do I do till then? I can’t lose him. He’s mine! I;ve had my eyes on him since we were sixteen. I’ve scared all these other bitches away.” I said, my eyes flashing wolf

“Keep your mutt on a leash or i’ll do it for you” Celine gripped, her hands whizzing about in the air

Suddenly I couldn’t breath. My hands clawed at my neck, trying to tear at the invincible strands choking me. Just as I started to get dizzy, I could finally breathe again and took deep dragging gasps of air as I collapsed on the floor; my body shaking from the assault.

“Don’t forget who you are speaking to. You are pathetic and weak. I needed you to complete your task for my own gains but you couldn’t even do that. I gave you everything so easily and you couldn’t even follow simple instructions”

I got up and started to shake, my eyes fearful even as I stood taller. I shook my head and sat back on the stool, my body still spasming intermittently as it tried to calm down. My wolf cowering in the corner of my mind

“Celine. Please!” I cry “I just want him back. I want the power but...but”

“But somewhere along the way, you fell in love with him. FOOL! Your dead mother had so many plans for you. It is because of her and our friendship that I agreed to always help you. When you came to me with what you heard, I knew that it was time. We have been hiding in front of humans, cowering like animals and they think they are the rulers. I told you that I needed your first born, given willingly; in order for me to be the selected seer for the king and queen. You agreed to do my bidding and in return, you would be granted all the power, the man you wanted. And now you have thrown it all away for nothing!”

“I can still do this!” I shout

“With great difficulty. He will never touch you now that he has bitten her”

“I am pregnant!” I shout out again

Celine stops for a moment and looks at me, her eyes wide. Approaching me, she tells me to stand and places her hand on my stomach. I thought that she would be happy as she smiled for a while. But then her eyes turn stormy and she growls in anger before slapping my face.

“It’s not even his!”

“What?” I gasp “How...who could you possibly-”

“The spirits. Whoever you slept with while you were away from him, it is that bastard’s child he….My goddess! You fool!” She shouted louder “You are carrying your true mates child! You did not reject him?”

“I….I….did” I said weakly

“But not until you allowed him to fuck you!. You are done and I will find another-”

“No!...please...please Celine. Please” I cry, tears now falling faster “I made a mistake. I started to fall in love with Simon. After London, I had to go to Leeds and then Plymouth. One night, the pack took me out and I met my true mate. But he is a low level wolf, a station above an Omega status. I...I was weak for a moment Celine! My wolf took over and we had sex but when I woke up the next morning, straight away I rejected him!”

“But you conceived in that time. Because you are also taking a powdered drink which helps you to smell more appealing to Simon, your body didn’t tell you that you were pregnant until later so you thought it was Simon’s. It’s not and he is no fool. He will figure it….he already suspects doesn’t he?”

“I….I kissed him and he pushed me away, saying if I had been pregnant by him, he would have smelled it on me because we didn’t go to London until four days later”

“FOOL” Celine shouted again as she paced back and forth “You will only be able to hide the scent so he doesn’t know it isn’t his for sur”

“Anything. Anything. Please” I say

“Mess up again and I will hang you out to dry! Go and stay in a hotel tonight. I will need to make a brew which will hide the scent of the child but help him think it is his. We have to confuse his wolf so that he still takes you as a mate. This will be harder to do now”

“That’s the other thing Celine”

“What now?” She asked in disgust

“His wolf. I heard him tell John that his wolf is missing”

“Missing? What do you mean missing?” She asked

“I don’t know. I’ve seen him shift yet his wolf is not there” I say “He said he is missing his wolf”

“I need to find out what this means. Wolves don’t just disappear, unless they die. Go away Tasha. I need to do some work. You have caused a lot more problems than I anticipated. This will now take time to resolve. I will see you tomorrow”

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