The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

I played with Sophie’s key which I kept with me always like a talisman. I don’t know why but it makes me feel closer to her. Three days ago, Tasha told me she was pregnant and I haven’t been able to process it in my mind. If my wolf was here, I would know better but right now, I am blind. My senses are not there. I miss my wolf but I miss Sophie more


Sherry said, bursting into my office. I leaped forward in shock, realising that in my deep thoughts, I didn’t smell her approaching the office. I blinked at her as I tried to understand what she said as she stood there like an avenging angel, fiery anger in her eyes

“I did what?” I asked, sure I heard wrong

“Don’t act innocent Simon. Just don’t! How could you?”

“Sherry what are you talking about?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know. I just spoke to Arik” Sherry said, her face red with anger “Sophie collapsed after you had sex with Tasha. How could you have not remembered that she didn’t accept the rejection so anything you did, she would have felt. How could you have been so selfish!”

“WHAT?” I jumped up from my desk and walked to Sherry. I grabbed her arms and shook her slightly “She collapsed? Why? How is she?”

“Simon, had sex so-”

“SHERRY!” I screamed “What are you on about? Sex when?”

Sherry looked at me for a few minutes in silence and before my eyes, she visibly relaxed and even though I wanted to shout at her for taking her time to answer me, I tried in that time to steady my rapidly beating heart. My worry for my mate is the foremost important thing on my mind.

“Sherry! Please!” I say

“Simon….be honest with me. After Sophie left, have you had sex with Tasha?”

“WHAT? Are you mad? Why...what would….Why would you think that?”

“Simon, Sophie collapsed as she was about to go get tea. Arik said she complained about fire in her body. That only happens when a mate is having sex with someone other than their mate”

“I NEVER touched her! Not in that way! After she told me she was pregnant, she threw herself at me and kissed me. I pushed her away and told her I would speak to her later once I get my head around her pregnancy”

“So she is pregnant then?” Sherry asked

“Yea” I say quietly “But Sophie….how is she? What happened?”

“Is it yours?” Sherry asks

“I….I don’t know” I whisper, stepping away from her

“How could you not know?”

“Because I can’t smell it. When I placed my hand on her stomach, I could feel the heartbeat. But, my wolf….I...I don’t know”

“What a fuck up Simon” Sherry said, her hand on her forehead as she closed her eyes

“Sophie….is she-”

“She said the word fire. They all think you slept with Tasha. There livid Simon and poor Sophie…-” She cut off

“What? What about Sophie?” I ask, scared

“Simon...she’s gone into a coma. They have been trying to revive her for four days”


Scott P.O.V

I walked into the room I was given while we visited the pack in Edinburgh, Scotland and I sat down on the bed, taking a deep breath. We had arrived here three hours ago and had been given our rooms and had a meeting with the alpha at dinner. Both Arik and I expressed the concerns regarding the rogue movements and spoke about what was due to be done.

It had been during coffee when Arik and I spoke about Sophie that one of the warriors heard what we said and expressed concern, saying that their healers was one of the top three and lived within the packlands. We were going to meet her later at 9pm and get some guidance on what to do to help Sophie.

“Can I come in Scott?” I heard Arik through the door

“Come in”

“The healer, Sienna will be here soon. Apparently there is another one called Celine in Carlisle but she has no association to one pack. She just helps as she pleases. The third top healer and seer is-” He hesitated before continuing “Mia. In Simon’s pack”

I laughed out humorously and scratched my hair, not surprised at Simon having such a powerful person in his pack. I thought back to when we visited and remembered being told that she was away on a calling, a pilgrimage to the moon goddess. I got up and walked towards Arik

“Ok then” I sigh “I guess it’s just we will just need to see what happens. I’m just worried”

“I know. Joe has said that Sophie is stable, she just needs to open her eyes” Arik replied back

“I wish she had never met Simon” I say quietly

“She was bound to at some point. She is his mate after all. These things always have a way of working out” Arik said confidently

“I was going to try and nap but I’m too antsy. We have an hour or so before meeting the healer. Fancy a Mcdonald’s ice-cream?and maybe a drink at a pub?. I just really need to get out of here” I say as I grab my black leather jacket that was hanging behind my door.

Arik nodded and told me he would pick up his own jacket and wallet and meet me downstairs. As I locked his room, I thought about my mixed feeling for Sophie and tried to understand where this protective desire was coming from. As I approached the living room where I could hear many pack members talking, I paused; unsure why I felt almost uncomfortable in approaching them. We had been introduced to most of the pack beforehand and had felt fine with them and yet when I approached them now, my heart started to beat faster and my palm became sweaty.


I heard Arik call out my name and walk closer to me. I met him halfway and smiled uncomfortably, walking towards the front door. I can hear children’s laughter coming from the living room and just as we opened the door, three youngsters, no older than twelve, maybe thirteen; came running out. Bumping into us in their eagerness to get away in some sort of chasing game, a little girl with blue eyes and blonde hair ran past me and tripped just as she tried to get past me, her foot catching on my sneakers. I reached down to catch her and almost let her go again in shock.

“Hey, hey. Be careful boys” I hear Arik say

“Sorry sir” One of the boys said

But I couldn’t respond, my eyes trapped in shock and confusion as I kept looking at this little girl. She wriggled out of my hold even as Arik bent down and touched her blonde messy pigtails and helped to tie one of her own shoelaces that had become undone in her game.

“You could have hurt yourself sweetheart” Arik said

“Jen hurts us. She never gets hurt” the other boy said

“What’s your name?” Arik asked the boy as he got up again

“Sam. That there is Peter” He said pointing to the boy behind him “That’s Jen. Your the pack that’s visiting us aren’t you. My uncle told me”

“Oh, You must be the alpha’s brother’s son? Beta Aaron?”

“Yes sir. My uncle said you are here for important information. I know it’s because of the rogue attacks”

“You are smart. You know a lot for a little kid”

“I want to be a beta someday too. I should know these things”

Arik laughed, I had yet to say anything. I couldn’t. I still felt sick and confused. Looking at Arik as he spoke to the now well behaved kids; I felt my legs shake, my breathing hitch and a sick feeling in my stomach

It’s not possible

I….I don’t understand My wolf said

If you tell me it is, I will kill myself

I..we both know it is true My wolf said in confusion

It’s sick! How? I can’t! It’s wrong!

The moon goddess knows-

She’s wrong in this case! I say, cutting off my wolf

“Scott” I hear Arik call my name but I can’t respond

She can’t be wrong. We know this was bound to happen

How is this right? She’s a kid!

“Scott. Are you ok?” Arik asked

I shake my head, feeling ill. I want to throw up and run away and yet the scent holds me close to her. I look at Jen and look at Arik. When Arik looked into my eyes, his own widened in shock, his mouth falling open even as he shakes his head; his face pale.

I will reject her I said, my head dizzy from the pain

You will not! My wolf shouted “We were given her and we have been waiting for her for so long-

I am not a peadophile! She is thirteen at most! I am twenty three!! Explain to me how this is meant to work!

I….We wait of course and -

Wait? I scoff there’s at least a ten year difference between us!!!. You’re telling me that you will wait until five years at least before mating?

At his silence, my head started to buzz again, even as my eyes took in the children now talking animatedly with each other as Arik kept up the conversation with them and looking at me, trying to comprehend what he now knew

Even if you thought you could wait, I couldn’t do it. It’s too sick. It’s not right! I am not a pedophile and I will not take a child as a mate! I tell my wolf

“Scott” Arik said “It’s not possible. You-”

“I will reject her. I’m not going to do it. I can’t. It’s sick Arik!” I said loudly

He nodded at me, swallowing before looking away. He cleared his throat and glanced back at me, his eyes sorrowful, his eyebrows drawn into a frown

“I...I don’t understand how this has happened. Are you sure it’s the right scent?”

“Yes. My wolf was yipping in excitement when I started walking towards the living room. When she ran out of the room and near my arms...I….I” I took a deep breath and walked towards the door and opened it “I can’t have a child as a mate. It’s too sick to even think about. My wolf is just as confused but in this regard I will not accept his wishe’s. I will reject her once we come back”

Arik followed me, the fresh air hitting my face and making me take a deep breath of air as I walked away from the smell of my mate. My child mate. A mate so young that I would be a monster to take her at her age. We both silently got into the car, out minds both whirling with the information we had both witnessed. Arik drove the car as I contemplated my life. What a fuck up!

The girl I want to mate to is not my true mate but the true mate I have been given, is a child! A child far too young to even be able to complete a mating and yet I am expected to act on it. For once, both me and my wolf are in confused agreement about the choice the Moon Goddess has selected for us. Just the thought of taking a child so young...I shudder. If I had been, say only two or three years older than her, even though she was young, it would be acceptable. To an extent, even now it would be acceptable for me to approach her parents and tell them who I am to her and they would ask me to wait until she is at least sixteen.

But the thought of touching such a young, innocent child! Because that’s what she is to me. A child! I would kill someone if they were that old and approached me regarding a mating with my daughter being that young so how could I? Goddess! I can’t even think about it,

As we turn into the food street where the eating places are, I see we are not too far away from McDonald’s and I sigh, feeling sick at even the thought of the ice-cream.

“I can’t stay”

“What?” Arik asks me

“I can’t stay here Arik. After we go back, I’m going to speak to Joe and get a car and drive back. I can’t stay here”


“NO!” I shout “Don’t Scott me. This is so fucked up! I just can’t….I need to leave”

“What about helping Sophie?”

“FUCK!” I shout, sighing in frustration

“We can sort it Scott. Let me ask around and-”

“No Arik” I cut him off “I need to go back. You stay here and get the information from this pack. I will find out from Sherry about her healer and get help from them too”

“I thought you didn’t want anything to do with them?” Arik asked as we drove through the drive-through, now behind a car before being able to order

“I rather talk to Sherry than deal with this” I say

Arik was silent as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I thought of the pain Sophie went through and how she needed me and I decided to leave once I got back to the pack house. I would hire a car or borrow one and drive to- Wait!

“Arik, didn’t you say that there was another high level witch in Carlisle?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Ok, well that’s about a couple or so hours away from here right?” At his nod I continued “I can say I’m going to speak to her and check her out to get information so we didn’t waste time. This way I would be able to go without offending anyone here and without-”

I cut off. I swallowed and then looked at Arik who was just looking at my face in silence. He nodded in understanding and moved his car forward as the line moved and suddenly we were in front of the box. To my surprise, Arik ordered not just our desserts but a couple of wraps and burger meals. I lifted my eyebrows in surprise

“For your journey”

“Arik” I say, surprised. “I can feel your turmoil and I have to be honest, I am just as shocked and confused as you. I understand your need to be away. I will manage it here. Don’t worry. You go. The beta has two spare cars. I’m sure he would be happy to lend you one”

“Thanks Arik” I say

As we pay for and await our order, I mind-link Joe and give him an update, my mind now in turmoil as my wolf demands that, while he is unhappy and unsure about our mate being so young; he didn’t want to leave her here. I block him out, my mind making plans as now, I know I can reject her and be with Sophie.

That’s what I’m going to do now. I am going to ask Sophie to be my mate and to reject Simon because I plan to reject my mate and mate with Sophie as soon as she is awake

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