The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

After almost two or so hours, I got to Carlisle and according to the satnav, I was only another three minutes away from this seer called Celine’s house. Just as I pulled up into the road where she lived, I saw someone who looked familiar but for a moment, I couldn’t place her. My sixth sense told me that this was something serious and I immediately turned into the parking space of the first house and turned off the car, waiting inside. After what must have been a few minutes of conversation, the familiar girl took a bag from who I presumed was Celine and then got into her own car. After she drove by me without looking into my car, I caught a glimpse of her and my wolf growled in anger.


Are you sure? I ask

Yes. The plastic doll is very easily defined.

I wonder why she was here? I thought they had a high level seer within their own pack

Something is wrong. My wolf said. Remember what Arik said? That Celine has no allegiance to any pack. What if she is not good?

Let’s find out shall we? I say

I get out of the car and walk a few steps to the house. As I walk closer to the door, I smell her scent and both my wolf and I growl as we acknowledge that it was indeed Tasha. I ring the doorbell of the house and wait patiently to be received. As movement from the other side becomes more obvious, I brace myself as the door opens, my wolf uneasy in my mind.

“Yes?” She said, opening the door

“Hi. Are you Celine?” I ask

“Who’s asking?”

She’s not trustworthy. My wolf said in anger Test her. See if she speaks the truth

Ok but we need to be smart about it. She’s a high level seer and healer for a reason. She’s not going to be stupid I reply

“I’ve been advised by the pack in Edinburgh that you are one of the best to go to?” I say, trying to act casual even though I wanted to interrogate her and question what I saw

“Oh. I see. Well” She said with a frown “They really should have told you to call first. I don’t like to receive guests late at night. Especially ones I don’t know”

“My apologies. I would have called if I had known. Do you see anyone at this time at all? Sorry, but what scent are you wearing? Its very….nice” I say

“I’m not wearing a scent. You must be mistaken” She said with a frown

“Hmm. I smell Lavender but then there is another scent. A stronger one. Maybe someone else in the house?”

“Why?” She asked with a raised eyebrow, her eyes narrowing on my face “There is no one else that lives here”

“My apologies” I say with a small bow “I just...erm..I think I smell my mate” I lie

“Oh really!” She says, part suspicion and part wonder “Well I’m not sure who that could be since I have no-one else living here nor any recent visitors. I had many during the day and I can’t be expected to remember all of them since some were new”

She’s lying! My wolf said

I know. We both just saw Tasha leaving.

Why would she be lying to us? She doesn’t know us

Is it possible they are working together for some bad reason? I ask

“Again, Sorry for the disturbance. Could I please have a contact number so I can call and arrange an appointment?” I say, pulling out my mobile from my jacket pocket

“You might as well come in since you are here already” She said

“No please it is understandable” I say “It wasn’t anything urgent anyways. More about finding a mate issue. But now that I smell this scent, maybe I will locate her” I lie

“Hhhhhmmmmm” Celine looked at me before nodding and then giving me her mobile number “I am not always available. I only take appointments according to my own schedule”

“Of course. Could I just ask how long it would take to request help in the location of a mate or something that will help me to get my mate the way I want?”

“That kind of spell and help require much of my time. I would need to know you were genuine and invested. It is not something that can happen with the click of your fingers” She said

“Of course. What would be required of me?” I ask, lying without batting an eye

“Much. But you are right. This conversation would be required another night. I am unavailable tomorrow. The day after, at 1pm if you want a consultation with me”

I nod and after we both talk about what I need to bring with me. She shakes my hand and I felt a spark travel up my arm right until it hit my shoulder. I acted calm and pretended I had not felt anything even though I heard my wolf howl in pain and I immediately put up a shield in my head, stopping her from reading anything.

Dark Magic! She reeks of it!

Why would Tasha be dealing with someone who deals with dark magic? My wolf asked

I don’t know but we are sure as hell going to find out!

As we each let the other hand go, we smiled and I walked away from her house and towards the car. I walked past the car I came in and around the corner from the cul-de-sac, knowing that she had been watching me. I walked in between the few trees that were clustered around the side and leaned against a tree as I pulled out my mobile phone, dialing a number even as I looked around to make sure no-one else was around


“Sherry” I say “Can I ask you a question?”

“Scott?” She breathed “Are you ok? Is Sophie? Why are you calling so late?”

“Why the fuck is he calling?” I heard Simon ask in the background “Is it sophie? Is she ok?”

“Listin Sherry. I don’t wanna get into anything. I just need to know something” I say


“Is it Sophie? Fuck! Giv...Sherry! For fuck sake!”

“Shut up Simon. It’s not about Sophie ok. You-” After a few seconds of muffled shuffling sound I hear her sigh “Ok shoot”

“Erm...are you ok?” I ask, unsure what was happening

“Yea. He tried to take the phone but I ran out of the office just as John tackled him. So what’s up?”

“Random question but….Tasha. Is she there just now?”

“TASHA” She squealed loudly. I winced at the volume “That’s what you’ve called about. Tasha? Why?”

“I’ll explain later. It’s important”

“No. She’s been gone for a couple of day’s”

“Where? Why?” I asked, sure she was seeing this Celine

“I’m not sure. She had a bust up with-Oh my god Simon! I swear, if you’ve hurt him, you can sleep with a crick in your neck, shivering buck naked next time and i’ll make sure no-one covers you up with a blanket or even attend to you!”

I heard more shouting and what sounded like someone being given a sore slap against either their head or arm; followed by swearing and a threat of castration before everything went quiet.


“I’m here” She said after a few breathless seconds “Like I said, she had a fight with Simon a couple of days or so ago and he kicked her out of the packhouse. Told her to stay in her own place. We haven’t seen her since. She put in annual leave and said she was going away to a spa break somewhere. To be honest, I didn’t verify it. She spoke to one of the part-time admin staff. Why?”

“Ok. thanks Sherry. That’s all I wanted to check”

“What’s going on Scott? How’s Sophie?” She asked worriedly


“You can’t call me Sher like you’re my best friend and then keep me away from things”

I sigh and contemplate what she said.

We should tell her. She might be able to help my wolf advised

I’m not sure I want her help

Sophie comes first

I thought you didn’t want to make her our mate?

My wolf went silent. Even as a friend and pack member, she comes first He said

Ok I sigh

“Ok Sher. But you gotta keep this to yourself for just now ok?” I ask

“Ok Scott. Just tell me already. I’m imagining all kinds of shit here”

“Sophie’s still not awake although she is stable. But here’s the thing. Arik and I came to a pack in Scotland because there are three high level seer and healers in the whole of the UK. There’s one in Edinburgh which is tied to the biggest pack here. You-”

“Have one. Mia, who is on a pilgrimage, yes.” Sherry interrupted

“And apparently there’s one in Carlisle”

“I ...Would be wary of her Scott” Sherry said


“Because I’ve heard mixed things about her. She has no loyalty or affiliation with one pack. So if someone from the same pack went to her for anything and it contradicted something within the pack or even those two pack members, she doesn’t care. I’ve heard she dabbles in dark magic and I….Look, just be careful with her ok Scott?”

“Tasha was visiting her and walked away from her house with a bag”

“WHAT?” She shouted “Are you fucking serious right now?”

“Yes. I had to come here to see if I could help get some answers regarding Sophie and if there was a way to help her. Arik stayed behind in Edinburgh to speak to their seer. When I got near her street, I felt this need to hide in my car. I saw Tasha come out of Celine’s house holding a bag. That’s why I checked if you knew where she was”

“That bitch! I can guarantee that if Tasha is there, then it is not for anything good. If she really needed something done, Mia or one of the other healers would have helped her here”

“What do you mean?” I asked, intrigued.

“Mia is a very strict law abider. She lives and breathes for this pack and even the healers and training healers under her are kept on a tightrope. Oh she lets them learn at their own pace and help as they please. BUT only if it doesn’t negatively impact the pack and never does any wrong. She even places a spell before she leaves and reads the result after she comes back on how her healers do without her. Only Simon, John and I know of this. In the 10 years that she has been doing this, only one has been punished and exiled because that girl- Oh my god!”

“What?” I ask when Sherry stopped talking

“About four, four and a half years ago, the girl who was exiled; Laura. When Mia came back from her pilgrimage, she said that her spell detected someone trying to use the healing technique for a wrong purpose. Laura had been exposed and she claimed she had been trying to help a friend achieve a difficult task and there were no ill intentions”

I don’t understand” I said, confused as to why this was relevant

“Laura never said who it was she was trying to help. Even when threatened with exile. I just recalled that back then, a year before this happened; I had just been newly mated to John. He and Simon had left early that morning because they were practising with the warriors and I woke up too late because...erm..well”

“You had a night of x-rated loving going on” I said, laughingly

“Yes” She chuckled “Anyways. Like the besotted fool that I was-”

“That you still are” I cut in, laughing

“That I was and still am” She amended “I followed them to where they were training. After two hours of watching them, when I got hungry; I started to walk back home when I saw Tasha and Laura talking. Very far away from anyone or anything. I was upwind so they couldn’t smell or see me but after five minutes, as I tried to get closer to them; they parted ways. That was the only time I ever saw Tasha speak to any healer or anyone she deemed beneath her”

“Could she have been the reason behind the exile?”

“I honestly don’t know and up till now, I even forgot about that. You mentioning her going to see Celine….I mean, I don’t want to place undue suspicion or anything but-”

“Sher, when you see her next. Try and find out where this spa place is that she said she went to. Let see if she lies. If she does, then something suspicious is going on and we all need to be more vigilant and careful”

“This may mean that Simon’s behaviour may not be Simon at all!”

“Wow” I say “that’s a mighty big jump there Sher”

“You don’t know how...never mind. Let’s just say that small things are starting to make sense and making me question things. Be careful Scott. If Tasha is indeed into wrong doings, she may not care who she hurts”

“Let her try me” I say confidently

“Not you Scott. She may try to hurt the people we love and care about. Simon” Sherry says with worry in her voice. I scoff at hearing Simon’s name, but freeze up when she says “Sophie”

We both stayed silent for a few seconds before I started walking out of the wooded area and peaked around the corner, making sure it was clear. I walk as silently as possible and walk back to my car before unlocking it, sitting in and starting the car

“We keep this between ourselves for now Sher. I can’t put Soph in danger. I need her awake”

“I know Scott. I...i worry about her too. I’ll try to get more information on Tasha’s movements but just stay safe. Mia is back and I will speak to her about Soph too”

“Thanks Sher. I appreciate it” I say as I put her on speaker phone, now following the satnav out of the area and heading towards home, my only concern being Sophie

“Sure. Will speak to you soon”

“Bye Sher”

Hanging up the phone, I mind-link Joe that I had important information and a possible lead and betrayal and that I was on my way home. Joe tried to get me to speak about it via our link but I expressed concern that my lack of concentration could be dangerous while driving. After agreeing to see me back home, I closed off the link and concentrated on my driving, trying to get back to Sophie as quick as possible.

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